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AC Guards And Using Them To Safeguard Your Investment When considering a home's security, the air conditioner is often not a top priority on the list of items you will need to protect. Nevertheless, as copper prices continue to escalate, thieves all across the nation have discovered the potential value of the elements inside your AC. About $40 at the scrap yard might cost a homeowner thousands regrettably due to the fact the damage caused by a criminal is costly. Tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs could result for those companies who find themselves victimized by criminals all because someone stole vital pieces of the air conditioning unit. A practiced thief often needs only a few moments to dismantle and damage your air conditioning box. You may not even realize a theft is going on while you sleep or work. To safe guard the major investment and to eliminate costly repairs, there are a few easy steps you can take. Firstly, give thought to placing items such as motion detectors around the unit to activate when movement is sensed, resulting in a light on the area robbers would be deterred by. Thieves often perform best under a cover of night. While a simple light may be somewhat of a deterrent, it may not be enough to totally keep the criminal away if they are determined specifically since it only takes them about 5 minutes to get what they are after. There are also guards that you can place around the unit to keep the bad guys out. A steel cage that easily wraps around your unit and locks securely often tells thieves that your unit isn’t worth the hassle to break into. Very easy to install, the cages can be modified to fit practically any size unit whether it is a smaller home unit or a large commercial system. Surprisingly inexpensive, these cages can be easily taken off for maintenance. Additionally, they offer a nice appearance, or at least a no less pleasing appearance than an exposed air conditioning unit. When examining the cage and the air conditioner, you may wonder why a criminal wouldn't just cut through the cage and try to get the copper inside. The response is rather simple. Criminals however, need to work quickly and try to get out fast which the cage hinders. Any air conditioning unit would probably be unchanged verses one that is left to chance where thieves have easy access. The likelihood is the thieves would target the units that are unprotected rather than spend some time to cut through the AC cage, leaving them at risk to be caught in the act. Generally, air conditioning units are placed in out of the way places outside of homes or businesses, which burglars find attractive. Once an air conditioning unit is damaged during a burglary, it could perhaps cost thousands of dollars to get it back up and functioning if it can be serviced at all. A protective cage or guard costs a fraction of what you would have to pay to replace your unit. If the air conditioning unit can be repair, you would still be looking at about $700 or even more with all the parts and labor. With a modest investment, you can have an AC cage installed for the unit, protecting your air conditioner whether it is for home or business use. Wouldn't it be better to secure the unit to begin with as opposed to having to pay a large amount of money repairing or replacing the air conditioner should a criminal decide to target it. With a specifically designed guard, you can easily protect the device, deterring thieves from targeting an important piece of equipment.


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AC Guards And Using Them To Safeguard Your Investment You should be aware that as this type of theft grown in frequency, it does feed more problems and creates a mess when the unit is sabotaged where you would be at the mercy of others. Frauds and cons concerning the device are also prevalent when the unit needs repaired after a robbery. If you have become the target to this type of wrongdoing, where your air conditioning unit has been stripped of the valuable copper, once you have the unit repaired, consider putting an AC guard over the unit to prevent this from happening again in the future. An efficient way to supply protection for your unit is through a very easy to install, AC-Guard air conditioner security cage. To get more particulars on AC-Guard, view them at their site,

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AC Guards And Using Them To Safeguard Your Investment