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Il mio taccuino /

collecting leaves, drawing and using the “frottage” technique

Julija Gleizde, Ibai Lazkano, Mattia Nobile

Milano, Italy 2011

Contact Davide Fassi Liat Rogel

Politecnico di Milano – INDACO - Milano, Italy

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Project leader

Starting motivation

Users & context

Julija Gleizde, Ibai Lazkano, Mattia Nobile

It was created to make people (non-university community) interact with Durando- Bovisa Campus of the Politecnico di Milano that is mostly used by university community (staff, students). The campus is a public space.

For children between 5-10 years, but it can be used by people that are out of this range of age. The book encourages also the collaboration between parents and children.

Scenario of use The main purposes are to let children understand what is the design process and get in touch with the natural side of the public space, with a series of guided exercises inspired by some activities. Other than new techniques, kids will learn how relate with reality with a different approach. The sketchbook also encourages children and parents to come back in visiting the university Campus.

Benefits Toolkit components The toolkit consists in different elements: The sketchBook, materials to do some exercises (wood paper, aluminium paper, leaves...), a crayon and a marker.

Communication support It was presented and tested during a one day event (http://cespaziopertutti.

- Enhancing a family activity - Get in touch with nature - Use design tools - Get to know the public space

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