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A garden for all /

Let’s start creating your shared garden

Arianna Biamonti, Matteo D’Amanzo, Gustavo Primavera, JoAnne Sim, Kristin Thorisdottir, William Kempton /

Milan, Italy 2011

Contact Davide Fassi Liat Rogel

Polytecnico de Milano

Milan, Italy

The Toolbox is a production of the Human Cities Network. It has been created and developed to inspire everyone to undertake projects and actions in the public space. The Human Cities Toolbox is proposing a selection of European existing examples, inviting those who wants to reclaim public space to start action. The entire Toolbox can be browsed on the website www.sustainable-everyday-project. net/ humancities-toolbox/



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Scenario of use


Arianna Biamonti, Matteo D’Amanzo, Gustavo Primavera, JoAnne Sim, Kristin Thorisdottir, William Kempton.

Enhancing and transgenerational exchange and promoting a sustainable lifestyle could be done through creating activities to share with your neighbour. Choose a public area where gardening is permitted, get in touch with other people and start cultivating your own garden according to the handbook given. You may personalize your own plant with flags with your name, plants names and day of planting.

- Enhancing and transgenerational exchange

Starting motivation It was created to make people (non-university community) interact with Durando- Bovisa Campus of the Politecnico di Milano that is mostly used by university community (staff, students). The campus is a public space.

Users & context Toolkit is made for small communities that would like to have a garden and share their skills. It helps people creating a garden by themselves, maintaining it and understanding the main issues.

Toolkit component Handbook with rules to start a community garden. Cardboard flags.

Communication support It was presented during a one day event (http://cespaziopertutti.posterous. com/) where you may find infos about the prototype.

- Promoting a sustainable lifestyle - Get to know each other - Take care of a public space

Human Cities Toolbox > presentation of C'é giardino per tutti