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The online telework application Don’t miss your connection.

We’re passionate about creating happier, healthier, and more productive individuals, companies and communities via telework. Toogo’s mission is to improve trust and communication between employers and teleworkers with real-time, dynamic connectivity online, anytime and from anywhere. About Telework Telework is an umbrella term for work that takes place in any location other than a traditional office. Thanks to telework we are finding new solutions for many of our collective work-life balance, expense, ecological, and social challenges. Benefits of telework Employers Attraction & retention of talent, savings on overhead, continuity assurance, reputation enhancement, increased productivity.

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Teleworkers Work-life balance, less stress, work anywhere, save time & money on transportation, save on clothes, time with family.

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Employee benefits attract & retain

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Enjoy reliability and peace of mind

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Watch productivity rise

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Ensure the continuity of your biz

Community More time & money spent in community, less deterioration of roads, fewer car accidents, less local pollution, less gridlock. Environment Less pollution, fossil fuel consumption & corporate energy use, & better air quality.


is Michael Kerr,

Save on overhead and other costs

programmer, and

Sabrina Rowe, designer,

and they are both

experienced teleworkers who were won over and became telework evangelists. Contact Michael or Sabrina at 514-660-1741 address address Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue QC Canada H8Y 1S7 Twitter & linkedIn: ToogoTelework Your Representative is Alex Fletcher 514-782-1875

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Telework helps the environment and improves your image too

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Save on overhead and other costs Without the need to provide office space for employees you can save money on your office space & associated costs. Telework can cut real estate costs up to 90%, and other expenditures like supplies & heating by ____%. With Toogo you can oversee your teleworkers at a distance with some of the same traditional methods, while increasing your profit margin. Employee benefits attract & retain Modern knowledge workers are looking for flexibility. According to __________ , __% would seek employers that offer teleworking as a work-life balance benefit, and another ___% would stay in their job if they could telework. You can get the talent, keep turnover low and save on retraining costs, while looking like the good guy. Enjoy reliability and peace of mind Nothing is missed, nothing gets lost. Get your instructions, your info & your data from point A to point B flawlessly. Toogo’s interface lets you communicate with your teleworkers the right way. Each tab and the at-a-glance reporting boxes keep you informed, and keep things clear and ordered, and you can rest easy knowing it got there. Watch productivity rise Ease your recruitment and retention challenges by letting employees work from home. Get a free worker for every five teleworkers - teleworkers are 20% more productive on average. So not only will converting some jobs to telework positions help your botom line, it will also boost it through big productivity improvements. Ensure the continuity of your business Telework offers a contingency plan in the event of disease, natural disaster, or acts of violence, helping you ride over unforeseen events to profitable days beyond. Let your eggs work from home; one basket is too risky. Having your assets, including your workforce, in different locations makes your company much less vulnerable. Telework improves your image as well as the environment Letting employees work from home means they don’t burn fossil fuels or contribute to gridlock, they saves roads and lives, and you’ll be preventing unecessary pollution. As a green employer you will not only increase your corporate reputation, you’ll attract more socially conscious talent.

Improve trust

Managers and employers often feel like they’re out of touch when workers aren’t in the office. Toogo was created to help you feel more at ease with the distance, and bring you closer to your teleworkers. It has multiple features built in to improve your communication and trust, like the Q&A that lets you virually tap a teleworker on the shoulder, and the Check In/Out feature that tells you they are working when they said they would. There is also a customizable reporting box that lets you keep on eye on things, like tasks that are important to you, viewed by priority, due date, or by completion rate (in %).

We’ve fine-tuned communications in Toogo Improve communication far beyond what email can accomplish. There’s a place to delegate in Tasks; Q&A for questions you need an answer to pronto; Google Chat for one-on-one or group meetings and brainstorming; Google Docs so your team has access to the most up to date document; Resources for info your team can access anytime; and a cute Bulletin board for general notes or group events like an award ceremony or team pizza party. All of the tools can be turned on and off at your discretion. Tabbed interface All our great tools have been integrated into a tabbed interface that is at-a-glance easy and efficient. You can keep Toogo open in a browser tab as you work and pop in and out of all the features quickly. That means you and your team maintain your productivity because you’ll never have to leave the Toogo interface while you you oversee your team and your work. Reporting panel The highly customizable reporting panel lets you oversee the tasks you want to keep an eye on, based on team member, priority, due date, or how close they are to completion. Each task shows you a bar representing the percentage of completion, as updated by the team member. You can also see who has checked in to Toogo. Help & resources If you or your team are in a bind, there are several different ways to work it out: in Resources you can input text, links, and videos as anytime resources for yourself and your team. And in the help tab you’ll find instructions and video tutorials on all the features on Toogo, along with our LiveHelp ticket system to reach us just in case - but with Toogo’s highly intuitive design, chances are excellent you won’t even need it. Toogo costs just $100 per year per employee - yeah that’s right, about $2 per week - which is a vast savings over the other telework communication options out there. Toogo require no IT maintenance or costs for you, and can be used alone or in conjunction with other access technology like VOIP and VPN.

Toogo Telework Brochure 2009  
Toogo Telework Brochure 2009  

Toogo is an online application that connect employers and their teleworkers, building trust and improving communication.