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In senior high school Alison Brie confesses she was really a drama geek, “I was a drama dork. By senior year I'd been president in the Drama Club. My father and mother were always incredibly encouraging, so long as I went to university, which I did”. Right after she managed to graduate from South Pasadena Senior High School Brie joined the California Institute of the Arts where by Brie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts college degree in performing in '05 while there, she was on the list of original cast members in the world premiere of "The Peach Blossom Fan.” Her mother directs a non-profit kids services company and her pops is known as a singer song writer. In addition to her regular role on "Community," Brie often appears on the Emmy Award-winning AMC drama television series "Mad Men" as "Trudy Campbell," which not long ago made a comeback for a fourth season.Trudy Campbell the a social climbing wife of Pete on Mad Men, Trudy is obedient to her spouse, even when Pete asks her to visit an old lover to get a short story publicized. They reside on Park Avenue. Trudy is a 60's house wife, born into money, whom wishes to make a home and a family with very few queries asked. Brie admits that she sees it demanding going from the high drama of mad men & the more laid back commedic environment in Community, “It's quite different. I think because of the nature of the television shows, 1 is a hard-hitting drama and the other is a comedy... And also, so yeah, that, and they're so different... On 'Mad Men,' to me, in my experience, it's just very focused. We all have such a great respect for the work and the writing and everything, as well as for each other & everybody that's doing work on the tv show that there is this sort of tranquil intensity on the tv set. And everybody is so nice & good hearted, but it's merely that the content is so serious.” Alison Brie is a self revealed sentimentalist recognizing she cries quite effortlessly in movies or even trailers. When questioned in a recent interview what the last motion picture to make her cry she pointed out “a good tune really does the trick” or a Sandra Bullock movie preview as another example! On a more serious note she also named the motion picture Inglorious Bastards as a film that touched on her Judaism history. Although her mum turned out to be not necessarily rigorously religious Alison maintained she was brought up by a ‘proud’ Jewish mother & the World War 2 mentions within that specific motion picture were really important to her; “It made me consider of all the individuals, Jews and also different minorities, which were locked in burning up complexes, or showers packed with poisonous gas and put in that same position,” says Alison adding, “Never have I experienced such gratification or retribution watching a film”. Community sees Alison Brie represent Annie Edison an cute yet firmly wound straight laced former prescription medication abuser. The tv series focuses on Jeff Winger (played by Joel McHale) a discredited lawyer going to Greendale Community College right after he is caught out for falsifying his law diploma. Alison thoroughly loves her role on Community acknowledging to playing to songs from the tv show on her way to work, “I'm such a jerk to other types of people seated in traffic heading to these kinds of jobs which they can't stand, & I'm like "I love my job! I am so happy to go to work! We've been just enjoying the best time”.I love these individuals, we all felt immediately interconnected immediately after we shot the pilot, & now after 5 months of working together I believe all of us really feel even closer. It truly is amazing”.

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