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around Yateley 2016 February 1

Yateley Green pond in midwinter 2 around Yateley February 2016

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© Harvey Young 2016

Yateley Clean for The Queen Keep Britain Tidy

4 the happy hedgehog rescue new life for hedgehogs in Yateley 16 the Tythings coffee club group meets for tea and coffee every Thursday morning 17

what’s on this month

20 what’s on feature a right royal clean up of litter on Yateley Common 22 walks around Yateley a gentle winter stroll around Yateley Green 28 clerk wise the town clerk Jane Biscombe has her say 30 May Fayre now is the time to book your stall for this community event 33 Yateley library celebrating National Libraries Day 2016 with meet the author 34 the war memorial an insight into The Fallen from a hundred years ago, continues 38 Willow Gardens, Hampshire Lakes the new retirement village care home launches this month 40 Burns night at the Dog & Partridge celebrated in style with 6 ales to sample and free haggis 45

contacts, activities and societies

47 local breweries brief report on Philip Todd’s talk to The Yateley Society 48 acknowledgements writers and photographers in this month’s issue

Clean for The Queen is the watchword for the big spring clean-up of the United Kingdom in celebration of The Queen’s 90th birthday in June. The Yateley Common Rangers have organised cleaning up the Common, Saturday 27 February. The following Friday, on 4 March, Yateley Town Council will join the rest of the nation clearing up its back yard, with a litter pick and roadsign cleaning exercise. All volunteers are welcome at both events. See the special feature on page 20.

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The March issue will be ready to view on on 1 March. The copy date is the same as every month, despite the early finish to February. Indication of articles by the 20th of the month and final copy by the 25th, in order to have the publication ready for the 1st.

Cover photo by Harvey Young around Yateley 2016 February 3

The happy hed

Hedgehogs in recovery at The Happy Hedgehog Rescue in Yateley 4 around Yateley February 2016

dgehog rescue by Jayne Morgan

This month’s issue features our very own hedgehog rescue – that some of you may have heard of – The Happy Hedgehog Rescue. HHR is a small self-funded hedgehog rescue that takes in poorly, injured and orphaned hedgehogs and rehabilitates them for a full release back to the wild.

© Harvey Young 2016

around Yateley 2016 February 5

Š The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016 Š The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

The rescue is now in its sixth year and helps several hundred hedgehogs each year. It was founded by a Yateley resident, Mrs Jayne Morgan, at her home and is run out of her converted garage, which is now The Hogspital.

6 around Yateley February 2016

The Story So Far...

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

A long, long time ago in a far off village (Sandhurst), a then-younger lady had her first hedgehog encounter close up, whilst she was feeding a local neglected cat in her porch. She had been feeding the cat dried cat biscuits for quite a while but the cat was elusive and never seen eating when the porch light came on. And the cat wasn’t getting any fatter. Somewhat puzzled by this, Jayne drove her husband crazy by jumping up to the window, every time the porch light came on, looking for the cat. One day she opened the door and looked down at the food. To her delight and amazement there was a hedgehog munching away, and that, as they say, is history. Jayne had the hedgehog bug and became a truly hogified person, by making holes in and under the fences to Left top and bottom: Silver Ghost, an give the hedgehogs access to the garden. unusual beige-coloured hedgehog The garden was very small but Jayne Above: hoglets are often tiny when changed the three established shrubs they come in and cannot survive unless helped. Hedgehogs have declined an into interconnecting wildlife borders. estimated 97% since the 1950s She followed three simple rules: Access, Housing and a Reason to visit her garden, by giving them food in a feeding station. Within three years the garden had turned into an idyllic oasis of wildlife, with many hedgehog visitors amongst many other creatures, including frogs, lacewings and even a hawk moth. Jayne would sit quietly in her patch of paradise watching and learning about her prickly friends whilst the human critters got their beauty sleep. This really was where Jayne learnt the most important lessons on Hedgehog ecology, which became vital later when setting up the rescue. Jayne says “rehabilitating any animal isn’t just about fixing their injuries etc, but it’s about how you manage their stress levels in a captive situation, and how you prepare them for a release after being pampered at the hedgehog hotel. Knowing how a around Yateley 2016 February 7

species exists in the wild makes a huge difference to how well you rehabilitate them. A cuddled and overly nurtured animal may not do so well upon release: the wilder they are, the better.” The cat now lives with Jayne and her family after the owner left him behind after moving house. Jayne had had her forms to become a carer for The British Hedgehog Preservation Society for some years but sadly, after an attack, she suffered from PTSD and became a recluse. “I tried to hide from the world, and could barely string a sentence together ... and that wasn’t anything to do with my Welsh accent!” she says cheekily. “I already suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia, so life was already interesting but I am not one to give up and have battled through these setbacks with the help of my spiky friends. If you have children and animals that depend on you, then you pick yourself up and battle on. The hedgehogs in all truth saved me, so I owe them an awful lot. “Mental health issues affect an estimated 1 in 4 people nowadays and, having suffered a bit, I am now in a privileged position to be able to help others. It has been scientifically proven that working with animals can have a positive 8 around Yateley February 2016

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

Left: what could be more pleasing than a rescued hedgehog? Below: The Hogspital

Knitted hogs

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

made by our very own Jackie Ward of Yateley, perfect fundraisers

effect with mental health. With so many hedgehogs in our care we rely upon our volunteers and they come in many different guises. We are borrowing people for a short time who are often on a journey elsewhere, whether they are looking for employment, just want a few hours’ respite from the world or are part of our younger crew who are often tackling the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and help out feeding our spiky residents. We are very much a community based rescue and rely upon the kind souls who support us in many ways and not just volunteering. “Many Yateley residents save newspapers for us, which we use to line the cages of the hedgehogs, some donate monthly via PayPal on our website, or donate via our Amazon Wishlist, and others make us hedgehog craft items as part of our Hoggycraft group, to sell at the up and coming Yateley May Fayre. Lots of people help us in many ways and we always appreciate anyone’s support. “You can’t save a species singlehandedly,“ says Jayne, “but together we can make a real difference.” “In my short time rescuing there are many memorable stories to tell about hedgehogs that come into the rescue in unusual circumstances. Sadly, sometimes not happy ones, with kicked and stoned hedgehogs last year, or a kidnap attempt on a hog a few years’ prior. around Yateley 2016 February 9

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016 © Harvey Young 2016

Thor, a hedgehog out in the day, needs help. Capture, secure, and call a Rescue!

10 around Yateley February 2016

“One that we have at the moment, called Thor, is a lovely story. I had a call from Shepperton Film Studios about a hedgehog they had found, out and about in the day, on one of the stages. No local rescues could help so one of our supporters saw my Facebook plea and rushed off to collect the poorly hog. “There were nearly 25 guys working at the paint shop where Thor was found and they were amazing! They took the time to find out that a hedgehog out in the day is in trouble, and then offered basic first aid for a hog. They picked him up with gloves, put him in a high sided box and wrapped him loosely in a fleece. They found some drink bottles and filled them with hot water and surrounded him on three sides to raise his body temperature.

© Jayne Morgan 2016

Above: Snowflake, a speckled beige we are helping

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

Below: Angel, a small hoglet we hand reared

around Yateley 2016 February 11

Silver Ghost playing hide and seek 12 around Yateley February 2016

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

They gave him room temperature water and wet cat food and even knew not to give fish flavour and definitely NOT BREAD AND MILK. “Most importantly, they acted quickly, and he arrived here within hours of being found. The hog needed a decent name that Thor reflected where he was found, so the guys had a brainstorm and decided on Thor, which I think is really fitting as he is strong and mighty, and gorgeous.” Little Thor had a broken leg and too many internal microscopic parasites to cope with, which they get from eating slugs, snails and earthworms, but he is doing really well and should be released into the wild come spring.

“As a small rescue we are always learning and improving and are currently hoping to finish Phase 2 of the Hogspital, with a complete refurbishment of the cages. “I’m really hoping that all the new bespoke

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

“Let me in,” the hedgehog says, so make holes in or under fences

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

polycarbonate cages will be fitted in the next month, fingers crossed. We are just trialling a new tagging system which we hope to make available via the BHPS for UK

around Yateley 2016 February 13

Left: don’t feed hedgehogs bread and milk, but cat and dog biscuits. Supplementary feeding really helps our prickly friends and using a feeding station keeps the food safe and dry Below: an armful of prickly hoglets Top right: fund raising at May Fayre

Š Harvey Young 2016

Bottom right: Patrick Ellis may be just 15 but is an amazing volunteer, completing his Duke of Edinburgh Award

14 around Yateley February 2016

© The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016 © The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 2016

rescues and, similarly, we have been working with a veterinary supplier to source a suitable feeding end for hoglets. “We are working on lots of other exciting ideas,” says Jayne, “that will hopefully help all rescues and improve standards. “Lots to do and never enough hours in the day,” says Jayne. Anyone wishing to help the rescue can e-mail via the website or can find them on Facebook

around Yateley 2016 February 15

The Tythings Coffee Club The Tythings Coffee Club meet in The Tythings on Yateley Green every Thursday morning between 10.45 and 12.45 for tea, coffee and occasionally something stronger. On one such occasion I dropped in, along with our Town Clerk Jane Biscombe, and discovered that a welcome to 2016 celebration was in full swing. As, busy bee that she is, Jane had several other meetings planned during the day, she declined her glass of sherry but as I, a recent adjunct to that joyful band of men of leisure, was not under any such restraints. Besides, I am of the view that to decline such offers risks falling within the charge of possibly causing offence. So, a second glass followed the first without any difficulty. As well as my role of Deputy Town Mayor, I was originally invited along to share Yateley’s new “around Yateley online magazine” with those in attendance, and a very good turnout there was indeed. My “sermon” on the subject was delivered with consummate and welcome brevity, so that the remainder of that meeting was mainly about small groups of friends having a chat about the events over the festive season. The organisers issued a warning about using the new cash cards, which can confirm an imprudent and unplanned transaction if waved within a yard or so of the sensitive cash till, so beware any unwarranted exposure. The Tythings Coffee Club started as an informal drop in centre, after The Tythings opened in 1996, but has evolved into a very friendly and accommodating group of friends. As well as a good chin-wag and the partaking of refreshments, the club hold raffles and bring and buy sales, painlessly raising money for the YELAbus, Frimley Park Hospital Eye2Eye Appeal, Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Cows in Africa, and other good causes which arise during the year. They have guests in for short talks, hold games, quizzes and raffles, organise outings to garden centres. So, if you are looking to enjoy a relaxing couple of hours in good company, this gathering is well worth adding to your social diary each week. To check whether the Club are on one of their galavanting trips or not, on the Thursday you have set your heart on visiting, the Secretary Ann Kern, can be contacted on 01252 872975 or on email I am told that they only bite biscuits, but don’t just take my word for that, go along and find out for yourself! 16 around Yateley February 2016

What’s On in February Monday 1 February Line Dancing Classes 10.00-12.15 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG advanced and beginners classes (Every Monday) Monday 1 February Little Miracles 13.15-14.45 St Peter’s Church GU46 7LR a new group for mums or dads and their babies (Every Monday) Monday 1 February Children’s Dance Class 18.15-19.15 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG children’s classes (Every Monday) Monday 1 February INSANITY 19.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG NEW fitness class, PIYO is a mixture of yoga and pilates (Every Monday) Monday 1 February Air Training Corps 19.30 Air Training Group building GU46 6NG teenage activities (Every Monday) Tuesday 2 February Dog Activity Class 18.30-21.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog activity classes (Every Tuesday) Wednesday 3 February PIYO 09.00-10.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class, PIYO is a mixture of yoga and pilates (Every Wednesday) Wednesday 3 February INSANITY 10.00-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class (Every Wednesday) Wednesday 3 February K9 Planet 18.30-19.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog training classes (Every Wednesday) Wednesday 3 February Cheese & Wine Evening TBA Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR enjoy some fabulous cheeses matched perfectly with wines from Auriol Wines based in Hartley Wintney. Call 01252 870648 for details and starting time Thursday 4 February Tai Chi Class 10.00-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG tai chi class (Every Thursday) Thursday 4 February Yateley & District U3A 10.00 Sandhurst Community Hall GU47 9BJ Frost, Freezes and Fairs, talk by Ian Currie Thursday 4 February Tea and cakes 09.00-13.00 All About Feet, Plough Road GU46 7UW in aid of Time to Talk Day 2016, a campaign to get the nation to talk about mental health, funded by Department of Health, Big Lottery Fund and Comic Relief Thursday 4 February Tythings Coffee Club 10.15-12.30 The Tythings, Reading Road GU46 7RP Coffee morning (Every Thursday) Thursday 4 February Air Training Corps 19.30 Air Training Group building GU46 6NG teenage activities (Every Thursday) around Yateley 2016 February 17

Thursday 4 February Author Event 19.30 Yateley Library, School Lane GU46 6NL local author Annie Watkinson talks about her first novel “Faith Under Fire”, which will be on sale. Refreshments provided. Entrance by ticket only, £3, pop in for a ticket or call 01252 875728. Part of Libraries Day *** see feature on page 31 *** Friday 5 February Senior Citizens’ Keep Fit Classes 09.30-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class (Every Friday) Friday 5 February K9 Services 12.00-15.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog training classes (Every Friday) Saturday 6 February Lou Taylor 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR Lou Taylor’s Soul Train returns to caress your eardrums with his soulful, smooth voice Sunday 7 February Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 15.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 2nd Team (Rise) home match against Woking Blackhawk Thunder Sunday 7 February Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 17.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 1st Team home match against Woodley Thunder (lost by 6pts last meeting) Sunday 7 February World’s Biggest Quiz TBA Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR Monday 8 February Y&D Gardening Society 19.00 Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane GU46 6JW From Seed to Plate, Paolo Franchi will cover vegetables from Roman times Tuesday 9 February PANCAKE DAY Friday 12 February Gary Roman as Elvis 21.00-11.30 The Cricketers, Cricket Hill GU46 6BA rock & roll solo artist Saturday 13 February Vince Freeman 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR singer-songwriter from BBC1’s The Voice UK 2012, acoustic rock for St Valentine’s Sunday 14 February Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 15.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 2nd Team (Rise) home match against Aztec Falcons Tuesday 16 February Endeavour Reading Group TBA Yateley Library, School Lane GU46 6NL daytime reading group. Ask staff for details. To book a place call 01252 875728 Wednesday 17 February Yateley Womens Institute 14.00-16.00 WI Hall, Reading Road GU46 7UH The History of Hairdressing. Competition: a hair decoration Thursday 18 February Yateley Womens Institute 19.30-22.00 WI Hall, Reading Road GU46 7UH Women of wax. Competition: an exotic candle Saturday 20 February The Turn 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR four-piece band, classic rock, 3 part harmonies, guitar solos and tight rhythm section Sunday 21 February Yateley Ladies United FC 14.00 Sean Devereux Park GU46 7SZ Thames Valley Counties Women’s Football Division 2 South v Wargrave Ladies Res 18 around Yateley February 2016

Sunday 21 February Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 17.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 1st Team home match against Windsor Warriors 2 (won by 15pts last meeting) Wednesday 24 February Fun Family Fitness 17.30-18.15 Yateley School Gym GU46 6NW for one parent and one 8+ child (every Wednesday for 5 weeks) cost £37.50 email or call 01252 877190 Thursday 25 February The Yateley Society 1930 Red Cross Centre, Monteagle Lane GU46 6LU Annual General Meeting Friday 26 February Who Are You? 21.00 The Cricketers, Cricket Hill GU46 6BA “The Who” 5-piece tribute band playing 2 hours of greatest hits 60s to early 80s Saturday 27 February Yateley Common litter pick 10.00-13.00 Yateley Common Country Park Yateley Common Big Spring Clean 2016 Clean for The Queen email or call 01252 870425 *** What’s On Feature on page 18 *** Saturday 27 February Quiz Supper 19.00 for 19.30 St Peter’s Church GU46 7LR quiz includes a two-course supper, price £10, to raise funds for the Building Project Saturday 27 February Robbie Lee 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR rock covers Sunday 28 February Yateley Common Conservation Volunteers 10.00-13.00 Yateley Common Country Park (location varies) monthly practical conservation on Yateley Common, volunteers welcome email or call 01252 870425 Sunday 28 February Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 17.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 1st Team home match against Aztec Lemmings (won by 24pts last meeting)

around Yateley 2016 February 19

What’s On Feature Clean for The Queen is a campaign launched by Country Life magazine, in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy, to clean up Britain in plenty of time for The Queen’s 90th birthday in June 2016. Volunteers all across the country will hopefully be cleaning up their local areas during the spring and will include a special clean-up weekend on the first weekend in March. The clean-up campaign has the support of several well-known national organisations, with a total membership in excess of 1.5 million, as well as individual ambassadors. They are hoping to have 1 million volunteers out litter picking that weekend. Apparently 2.25million pieces of litter are dropped onto the streets of the UK every single day, amounting to 30 million tons a year, enough to fill Wembley Stadium four times over! Yateley Common is being litter-picked by conservation volunteers on Saturday 27 February, from 10am for three hours, therefore leaving all the rest of us free to clean up the more urban areas of our neighbourhoods on the following weekend, 4-6 March. The last campaign to spring clean for The Queen was made for the Diamond Jubilee on 1 June 2012, when over 25,000 people were involved in a hastily arranged campaign launched only four weeks previously, in response to the state of litter across parks, pavements and waterways. Yateley Town Council are coordinating the litterpick and clean-up of identified grotty areas for Clean for The Queen, including cleaning road signs. Meet up at The Tythings, gloves, litterpickers and bags provided, plus tea, coffee and biscuits.

Yateley Common Country Park There will be various starting points on Yateley Common, please email northern.sites@ or call 01252 870425 for more information and register that you are coming. 20 around Yateley February 2016

What’s On in March Wednesday 2 March Yateley Common Management Committee 19.00 The Rose Rent Room, The Tythings, Reading Road GU46 7 RP come along and hear what is happening on the Common and ask questions Friday 4 March Clean For The Queen TBA Yateley Town Council Offices, Reading Road GU46 7 RP major litter pick of areas of Yateley Green and the Conservation Area, coordinated by Yateley Town Council, in time for The Queen’s 90th birthday. Clean road signs. Friday 4 March See Me Excel Charity Quiz Night 19.00 Bistro 19, Blackwater Valley Golf Centre, Chandlers Lane GU46 7SZ £10/person, includes fish & chip supper and quiz entry. Call 07775844951 for details Saturday 5 March Leech 21.00-23.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR five-piece covers band playing REM, White Stripes, Kaiser Chiefs, Oasis, Blur, Kings of Leon, The Killer, Green Day, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Police, The Clash Saturday 12 March Blonde Ambition 21.00-23.30 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR four-piece covers/function band who will provide an amazing party atmosphere, to get you up and dancing Sunday 13 March Yateley Ladies United FC 14.00 Sean Devereux Park GU46 7SZ Thames Valley Counties Women’s Football Division 2 South v Flackwell Heath Ladies Monday 14 March Y&D Gardening Society 19.00 Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane GU46 6JW 49th AGM, followed by YDGS Quiz, with potpourri of questions to tease brain cells Tuesday 15 March Endeavour Reading Group TBA Yateley Library, School Lane GU46 6NL daytime reading group. Ask staff for details. To book a place call 01252 875728 Saturday 19 March Off The Record 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR 4-piece band, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s covers Sunday 27 March Yateley Common Conservation Volunteers 10.00-13.00 Country Park practical conservation. email or call 01252 870425

Yateley Town Council wants Volunteers



Come to the Council Offices on Yateley Green during Monday 4 March and help with the litter pick and sign cleaning. All equipment needed will be supplied by YTC and there will be tea, coffee and biscuits for the volunteers. around Yateley 2016 February 21

Walks around


The Tythings 22 around Yateley February 2016

This walk was rather restricted due to the amount of rain that had fallen so recently. I was actually hoping to watch a football match, a spectator activity which involves more hand movement than lower limb exercise. No, not so much in the way of applause, more head cradling is involved in the sides I support, but that is ever the fate of the true football fan! So, to fill about half an hour of moderate exercise I decided to walk part of the way around Yateley Green, some 1.5km. The

green is one of Yateley’s proudest assets, some 64 acres of flat, mostly open space, with a number of areas which have been allowed to revert to light woodland The village green is usually the only remnant of original Saxon

The path is good but stout boots needed village settlements. Fortunately those like Yateley, that survived the 17th century enclosure acts and industrial town and city expansion, are protected by the Commons Registration Act 1965, the earlier 1857 Inclosure Act and the 1867 Commons Act. The village green was used as a shared facility by

The playground

A peaceful place to rest around Yateley 2016 February 23

The pond is a wonderfully peaceful part of the village green scene the commonality of the village to graze animals, to assemble for open air meetings, for recreation and sport and to hold May fairs and other trading opportunities if the village was royally chartered to do so. Punishments, like stocks, were often kept on the green. Yateley Green preservation is vital to continue its “village” feel. So our walk starts in front of The Tythings, its very name a harking back to the old Saxon system of local tax collected by the Parish. “Tything” means the same as “tenthing”, i.e. a tenth part, or ten percent of each household’s harvest was exacted by the parish to pay for the Parish Constable, maintenance of the Church and to pay its priest. A contribution would have been sent to the Bishop and the ultimate Bishop of Rome. Flooded path, the rain extraordinary this month 24 around Yateley February 2016

This “tything� was collected as produce and was often stored in a tything barn, with a portion held back for hard times. Start the walk by heading towards the playground, then skirt the edge of the pond, and up towards Firgrove Road. Being village green, the paths have to be gravel rather than tarmac, usually dry, they were wet today because of the recent and persistent rain. You come to a T-junction in the path, turn left here and follow the line of small trees and ditch, which dissects the green in a West-East direction.

This path was badly flooded, with the ditch dry for part of its length. Keep heading East until you get to the roundabout

The pond is definitely good for ducks

Flooded path, but the ditch ahead is dry!

at the foot of Hall Lane. The cut off area of green next to the old Barclays Bank (or the new Greggs, by the time you read this), was part of the green before the path of Hall Lane was changed and the roundabout built. Go back along the path a short way until a junction around Yateley 2016 February 25

The green extends to the edge of the village conservation area heading South, and follow this to Old School Lane and the Village Hall. I took a detour to check out the Hall and the new Air Cadets’ building. The village hall dates back to 1864 and was refurbished in 1984. Return to the lane and continue South towards Firgrove Road. Cross the road The Village Hall, orginally built as the village school to walk West along the South side of Firgrove Road. There are excellent views of the green from here, including looking back at the cottages in Old School Lane. There are more cottages, of various vintages, along Firgrove Road, overlooking the pond. When you reach level with the pond this is your crossing point. Ahead of you is a road which connects Firgrove Road to the Reading Road, The Link. This dissects the Green, the area in front of Primrose Walk and Robin’s Grove has long been planted with light woodland. Cross the road towards the pond and head back towards The Tythings and the Town Council offices. A gentle stroll which should take less than half an hour. 26 around Yateley February 2016

Old School Lane on the eastern perimeter of the green

Over the pond towards The Link, with wood in front of Robin’s Grove around Yateley 2016 February 27



Yateley Town Clerk Jane Biscombe clerking about

“Speak up caller, you’re through…” I remember at the age of 14 being distraught that someone at school had read my diary. My diary! My innermost thoughts, my hopes and my dreams (including the full action plan to marry George Michael). I felt betrayed, exposed and disrespected. Fast forward then to last week when second born threw herself down on the couch with all the elegance and grace of a rather animated sack of potatoes. Apparently no one had “liked” her post on facebook. She had been shunned, her voice had not been heard and her friends had not logged their approval and endorsement of her thoughts. It suddenly stuck me what a difference there was in teenage life now. Before, we wrote our innermost thoughts in a diary and hoped no one would read them, now we do the same on the internet and pray people do. There is now almost a right to be heard, a belief that because we say something, someone has to listen and if not they’re just plain rude. But not everyone “does” social media, not everyone has the time or the inclination to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and goodness knows what else. This is especially true with Councils and businesses. I know we 28 around Yateley February 2016

should prize every interaction with residents, but sometimes, in the busy days at the office, we don’t get to check everything and we miss information. I worry that we’ll miss something on the quite wonderful “Yateley Community” Facebook page (if you’re not a member it’s a shining beacon in the dark mists of community Facebook pages). Luckily we’ve spotted a couple of posts from public spirited members about incidents in the area that we could help with. But what if we hadn’t? What if we’d missed it? We would have lost an opportunity to put something right, to help improve the environment and keep our area the wonderful place it rightfully is. (Hart has been named the best place to live in the country for the last five years running! Take that South Oxfordshire!!!) Social media is taking over the way we communicate. But it’s more difficult for some of us, so don’t forget the old ways. Yateley Town Council is committed to keeping our little corner of Hampshire clean, green, happy and healthy. You are our eyes and ears in the community when we can’t be there ourselves, our early warning system, our look-out posts. If you need to contact us you can Facebook us or tweet us but if it’s important we still operate the oldfashioned way on 01252 872198 or Hands up who thought they’d ever see the day when e-mail was referred to as oldfashioned? I still remember the day we got email in my old office and we all stood around one computer before running to the next to see if we could beat the email! Oh, the follies of youth! Anyway, I must get back to my spreadsheet (marryaidenturner.xls.) See you in the next issue. around Yateley 2016 February 29

May Fayre May Bank Holiday on Yateley Green

Book your stall at the voluntary action event of the year on The Green Once again this year the May Fayre will be held on The Green on May Bank Holiday, organised by Yateley & District Lions. This free to enter community event will commence with a Car Boot Sale opening at 8:00am. We have some great acts for the arena .

STANNAGE INTERNATIONAL STUNT TEAM The Stannage International Stunt Team Presents a True Family Affair. Team Leader, Mark Stannage, started his professional career at the tender age of fourteen, specialising in car, motorbike, fire and high fall stunts, performing some of the most spectacular stunts ever seen on film or TV. Mark and his family will be performing 30 around Yateley February 2016

their spectacular High Fall, Flaming High Fall Show and various motorbike, quad, fire and ramp jumping stunts. RIDGESIDE FALCONRY An educational and humorous display, with audience hands-on sessions in between the flying displays. One of the largest displays of falconry in the UK, with a Static Display of around 15 different Birds of Prey from all over the world.

SANDHURST & DISTRICT CORPS OF DRUMS The Sandhurst & District Corps of Drums was formed in 2005. The band caters for the age range 10-18 years and welcomes both boys and girls. Their uniform is based on the Royal Marines Band, including a white pith helmet. The band will perform many favourite tunes such as The Great Escape, Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, Yankee Doodle, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Wipeout, Goodbye Dolly, Congratulations and Dambusters, whilst carrying out a marching display. around Yateley 2016 February 31

In addition, local dance acts will be performing in the arena. OTHER EVENTS The arena events will finish with the very popular Open Fun Dog Show, where a large collection of pampered pooches will set out to win classes such as dog with the waggiest tail, the best behaved, most like their owner, most laid back, the most appealing face and the loudest bark. Don’t forget to bring your dog along and enter the competition on the day – no need to book. Eagle Radio will once more be our excellent MCs for the day, supplying background music, announcements and commentaries.

Parking will be available on the Firgrove Road side of The Green; and a donation to park would be appreciated. Yateley & District Lions hope you and all your family will join in the fun and support all the attractions on The Green on May Day Holiday and have a great day. Go to to download stallholder forms. 32 around Yateley February 2016

Yateley Library National Libraries Day celebrates why libraries matter. Saturday 6 February 2016 is the fifth National Libraries Day – a day of events and activities promoting the difference that modern libraries make to people, families and communities across the UK. With over 280 million visits in 2013-14, going to the library is one of the most popular activities in the UK. More people went to the library than to Premier League football matches (13.9 million), the theatre (22 million) and cinema (165.5 million) combined! That is a staggering figure, one everyone who works in a library should be proud of, and should be cited every time one hears stories about library closures and general decline. We all know times are tough, but the services libraries provide are more vital and wide-ranging than ever before. At 19.30 on Thursday 4 February Yateley Library stage an Author Event, with local author Annie Watkinson and her first novel “Faith Under Fire”, set in rural Hampshire. Entrance by ticket only, £3, at the library or call 01252 875728. Her book will be on sale and refreshments provided. English village life centred on its church opens up a story that you can’t put down. Kate Hartwood seeks to escape to a country cottage bequeathed to her by an aunt. Initially the perfect chocolate box scene is set, the village is a close and happy community but changes abound and race along at a pace that is almost breathless. People’s lives are brilliantly and cleverly intertwined with a true, typical, village lifestyle, but remain faithful to the support of the community. around Yateley 2016 February 33

Yateley War Memorial

Wynyard K Brown Captain Wynyard Keith Brown 1/5th Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force) was killed in action on 4 June 1915 at the Dardanelles, Turkey. “In early June the 1/5th 2/10th Gurkhas arrived, but they soon discovered the difficulties, if not the impossibilities, of attacking an enemy lodged in well-hidden nests while the only protection to troops below was in the shadow of overhanging rocks…. Within a few hours the 1/5th lost 129 men and 7 British officers.” [“The Gurkhas” John Parker, London 1999, p118] He was awarded Victory and British medals plus the 1915 Star, issued by the Government of India. In the 1 January 1912 Indian Army quarterly lists he appears twice as Brown, W.K.: with 1/5th Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force), as “Double co. Officers-With 2/6th GR”, 1st commissioned 24 January 1906, rank Lieutenant from 24 April 1908 (on page 439). On page 441 he is listed as commissioned 4 January 1906 and with 6th Gurka [sic] Rifles and Attached--1--5th G.R. for Chitral Rebels. The town of Chitral, which was annexed in 1895, is high in the Hindu Kush, where Russia, China and Afghanistan contested “no man’s land” and had been a region of unrest since the 1870s, ever since Britain kept the commercially important 140 mile road from Peshawar ro Chitral open, as well as the 600 mile road to Kashmir. Captain Brown was the son of Colonel Francis David Millett Brown VC, and born in Kasuli Punjab in 1880, according to his will probate on 21 January 1918, and on active duty with the 4th Gurkhas [sic]. Administration to widow Mabel Louisa Brown, effects £503 2s 9d. Further research reveals that he was born on 28 October 1887 in Lucknow, Bangal, India, although he did live at Kasuli, Punjab. His mother was Jessie Doris. His 34 around Yateley February 2016

widow Mabel Louisa Brown briefly emigrated to South Africa in 1925. His mother Jessie Doris Brown and sister Jessie Vera Lawford Brown were boarders with Yatelely carpenter James Bunch in 1911. James was an uncle of Bert Bunch (see below). On 5 September 1914 he married Mabel Louisa Seymour (1873-27 March 1951), daughter of General Lord William Frederick Ernest Seymour (1838-1915) and the Hon. Eva Anna Caroline Douglas-Pennant (1853-1934). Mabel Brown died at Chapel House Nursing Home Speldhurst, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Her effects were £10727 13s 11d. Their only son, Francis David Wynyard Brown, born between October and December 1915 From the Illustrated London in Kensington, London, was a member of HM News, 28 August 1915, p280 Diplomatic Service (Gazetted on 24 September 1938 as a Third Secretary, he was Assistant Private Secretary to Winston Churchill in 1941, and honoured on 13 June 1959 as Third Class of the Distinguished Order of St Michael & St George). Interestingly enough, he accompanied Churchill on 6 January 1942 on the very first Transatlantic flight by a Head of State, in a BOAC Boeing 314 ,which had a range of 3600 miles for a trip of 3300 miles, with no fighter escort and within range of the Luftwaffe for the last two or three hours of the flight. Unfortunately, the navigator forgot to allow for wind and they were 100 miles off course, and only 90 miles from Brest. The Luftwaffe scrambled and Captain Kelly steered north. Then the radar at Devonport caught them, and scrambled fighters, thinking it was a German bomber! Fortunately the fighters from either side missed them and Captain Kelly landed at Mountbatten flying boat base at 10am, after a 17 hours and 55 minutes’ flight. Captain Wynyard Keith Brown is buried at Gallipoli, Canakkale, Turkey.

“Herbert” [Bert or Bertie] Bunch Bert Bunch, bricklayer, born November 1888, and baptised in Yateley on 23 June 1889, son of Daniel Bunch (1850-1928) and Emily Lunn (1855-1917). Daniel Bunch was born in Yateley, while Emily Lunn was born in Cove. In 1891 Bertie lived with parents and six brothers, Alfred George, Walter, Edwin, Samuel, William T, George Daniel, in Blackwater Road, his father a general labourer. In 1901 he lived with parents, four brothers, including younger brother Frederick John and sister Emily May. His father and older brothers were bricklayer’s labourers. Bert Bunch lived with his parents in Plough Road, Yateley as a general labourer, born in Yateley, age 22 on 2 April 1911 . around Yateley 2016 February 35

He emigrated on 2 May 1911 from Southampton as a 3rd class passenger on the Cunard ship Albania to Quebec from Southampton as a 22 year old labourer. He arrived in Canada on 16 May 1911 as Bertie Bunch age 22, with $25 in cash, going to Georgetown as a farm lab, domestic, having worked, he said, as a farmhand since 1905 and gardener since 1908, religion Methodist. Two weeks later, in the 1 June 1911 Canadian Census, Bert Bunch states that he is a boarder with Wm Carl and family, age 22, single, born November 1888, emigrated from England in 1911, nationality Canadian, religion Anglican, and that he had been a bricklayer since 1 June 1904, a house builder, who worked a 44hr week at 54 cents per hour, and that he could read and write English. At the outbreak of war he joined the Canadian Infantry 15th Bn (1st Central Ontario Regiment) No 27706, but was “killed in action” on 15 August 1917, his unit based at Lens (Hill 70), and his name entered on the Vimy Memorial.

Charles A Butler Charles Albert Butler, son of George Edward William Butler (1863-??) and Eliza Fraser (1863-??) of Blackwater Road, Yateley. He was born 1896 in Yateley. His parents having married in Easthampstead in 1886. His eldest sister was born in Warfield, but all his four brothers were born in Yateley. In 1901 Charles was 4, living in Blackwater Road, Yateley, with father working as a gardener and bailiff, his parents, a daughter and two brothers. When aged 6 he was one of 23 boys out of 150 praised for not missing a day of school (H&BG Saturday 1/8/1903 p7) In 1911 he lived at Manor Lodge, Yateley with parents, three brothers and one sister. He was 14 and working as a house boy. Charles Butler’s father was a farm bailiff, born in Warfield on 30 November 1863, son of William Butler (1834-1914) and Jane Tickner Bowyer (1836-1911), and his mother was born the same year in Cholsey, Berkshire. Charles joined the Hampshire Regiment as No 3230, then transfered to 28th Bn Royal Warwickshire Regiment as No 307201. He was killed in action on 14 April 1918, in the France and Flanders Front, when his rank was L/Sergeant. He was awarded the Victory and British war medals. [Verschoyle Crawford Climo] He is not on the Memorial, but his grave in St Peter’s churchyard is listed by Commonwealth Graves Commission, as VC Crawford, Major, Manchester Regiment. Died 19 February 1919, age 51. We do not know if he actually served in WW1. He was son of Surg.Lt.Col. WH Climo, AMS (retd) and Margaret Jane Gouldsbury. In 1906 on 14 June he was initiated into the Freemasons, the Kitchener Lodge, 36 around Yateley February 2016

passing on 26 June and raised 3 September. His age was given as 39 and address as Simla, Punjab, rank Major in the Manchester Regiment, certified on 13 November 1907. He paid 7/6 subs for the last quarter of 1906. In 1881 he lived with his mother Margaret H Climo in Mynston House, Belle Vue Road, Shrewsbury. His entry was Verschoyle C Climo son 13 scholar India. His eldest sister was also born in India, one brother in Ireland, another in Devonport, and the youngest brother and sister in India. Hart’s Army List 1908 he was p.s.c. Verschoyle Crawford Climo, Major, Manchester Regt, 2nd Lieut 22 Aug 88, Lieut 8 Jan 90, Captain 16 Jan 95, and Major 27 June 00. In the 1911 census he was a boarder at 64 Guildford St, St Pancras, WC, with 19 other guests. Vershshoyle [sic] Climo boarder 43 single, Major Retired Pay, born India Calcutta, British. The administration of his will was granted on 8 January to his brother William Hill Climo, Major HM Army and sister Dorothy Ker widow [of Cecil Howard Ker who was killed in 1914), effects £1726 8s 11d. Cemetery: St Peter’s churchyard, Yateley, ref I. Memorial inscription: “Gladys Helen Lyon [nee Geaves] widow of Lieut.Colonel Percy Hill Climo late RA born March 10 1884 [in Fleet]-August 14 1955” [Gladys lived in Manor House, Yateley from 1901 to 1911] Henry Cotterill Henry Cotterill was a Private in The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 1st Bn, No G/3740, formerly 4463 RW Kent Regt. Born Otford (or Shoreham), Kent in 1877, he lived in Singlewell, Kent, and married Lilian Jewiss in 1899 in Dartford, Kent, having two children (Violet Minnie May in 1899 and Henry in 1902). In 1911 he was a farm labourer. He died at Loos on 25 September 1915. His sole heir was widow Lilian. She had remarried by 16 September 1919, as she was Lillian Bennett when sent his £3 war gratuity. (She had married Henry Bennet in 1918 in Wandsworth.) Henry Cotterill’s Yateley connection is presently unknown. Loos Memorial, grave reference Panel 13 to 15. around Yateley 2016 February 37

WILLOW GARDENS Care Home at Hampshire Lakes

My wife and I Iooked over the Willow Gardens Care Home in the centre of the £37 million Hampshire Lakes retirement village in Sandhurst Lane, not because we needed to, but because we are naturally nosy. Not surprisingly, County Councillor Adrian Collett was also looking around at the same time, the occasion being an open day on Saturday 23 January. Anchor Trust, a registered charity, and England’s largest not-for-profit provider of care for the over-55s, operates the Hampshire Lakes Village. Anchor run over 100 care homes around the country and provide services to over 35,000 older people.

38 around Yateley February 2016


We were shown around by the Care Home Manager, Angie Slade, who has over 20 years’ experience in this field. We can honestly say that we were both impressed by the standards. The care home is specifically designed for dementia sufferers. Memento displays help residents find their rooms, and has a feel more like a luxury hotel. Rooms are fully furnished, alarmed, each with en suite wet room bathroom. There are 36 individual apartments, in three households of 12, to encourage a neighbourhood atmosphere. Each floor has a dining room and lounge, with tea, coffee and snacks to encourage eating between meals to maintain residents’ weight. Onsite care is 24/7 with trained staff, plus external medical care provided by Oaklands. Located in the centre of the village, close to leisure facilities and on-site hair salon. Residents will start moving into the retirement village from the middle of February. This is a real asset to the town, a luxury resource fit for a population that is living longer and needs these facilities.

around Yateley 2016 February 39

Burns night at the Dog & Partridge The Caledonian Brewery, based in Edinburgh and founded in 1869, brought six of their beers down for the delighted drinkers of Yateley, on the night when all Scots celebrate their favourite poet. Our hosts at the Dog & Partridge, Mark and Tania and their family, usually stock “Cally� ales, to the extent that they

above: hosts Mark and Tania pour out the samples for tasting right: tasting in progress 40 around Yateley February 2016

above: piper Jim Reid welcomes in the arrival of the haggis

even have a house Dog & Partridge Ale brewed for them to order. The first beer poured out into one third of a pint tasting glasses, was Deuchars IPA 3.8% bitter, that in 2005 was voted World Champion Beer and was first choice of CAMRA for the following two years.

above: drinkers break off from their usual drink of choice to taste the samples right: happy tasters salute the ale below: host Mark hands out more samples to enthusiastic imbibers

around Yateley 2016 February 41

right: another tray of samples gratefully received below: haggis welcomed bottom: Jim Reid regales us with his piping

Edinburgh Castle followed, a 4.1% brew of russet hue, a complex ale made of five malts, formerly known as their 80/- Ale. The third taster was Golden XPA, 4.3%, an old style Exceptional Pale Ale with malted wheat for a smooth finish. The fourth ale was Auld Lang Syne, a warming draught winter ale of 4.5%, a dark amber ale which was my personal favourite.

42 around Yateley February 2016

A 4.5% lager came next, the first bottled beer, Three Hop Craft Lager, a refreshing brew with a sharp citrus finish. The sixth and final brew was an unusual bottled beer. At ABV 4.6%, Coast to Coast Pale Ale is an American-style ale using hops from the West Coast of America married with East Coast maritime hops from Scotland. This ale had a deceptively light and flowery flavour which disguised the fact it was the strongest beer of all. My second favourite from the tasting. It was time for the grand entrance of the haggis and associated vegetables, and the usual recitals followed some enthisiastic bagpipe music. Not sure about the interpretation of roasted potatoes and parsnips for “neeps and tatties”, but they certainly tasted good. The haggis was as superbly delicious as any I have ever tasted, so long as you never resort to imagining what has gone into making it! above and left: Jim quotes the Scottish bard in homage to the noble meal of haggis, neeps ‘n’tatties around Yateley 2016 February 43

left: the nobly cooked haggis, ready to serve

below: the tasting of the haggis in progress, and appearing to go down just as eagerly as the Caledonian ales

44 around Yateley February 2016

Essential Contacts GOVERNANCE Member of Parliament, North East Hampshire (Yateley) Ranil Jayawardena MP House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. 020 7219 3000 Member of Parliament, Aldershot (Frogmore & Darby Green) Sir Gerald Howarth MP House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. 020 7219 5650 Hampshire County Council The Castle, Winchester SO23 8UJ. 0300 555 1375 Hart District Council Civic Offices, Harlington Way, Fleet GU51 4AE. 01252 622122 Yateley Town Council Council Offices, Reading Road, Yateley Green GU46 7RP. 01252 872198 EMERGENCIES Fire, Polce and Ambulance 999 Childline 0800 1111 Silverline (helpline for older people) 0800 4 70 80 90 Samaritans 116123 UTILITIES Southern Electric (SSE) 0800 783 8866 Gas 0800 111 999 South East Water 0333 000 0365 Southern Water 0330 303 0277 or 0800 0270800 Thames Water (sewerage) 0800 3169800 Floodline 0345 988 1188 TRANSPORT Hart Shopper (book 1 to 6 days ahead, cost £5 or £2.50 concessionary) 07719799263 Sainsbury’s Watchmoor Park (Thursdays only, pick up Vigo Lane 09.47, Monteagle Lane 09.48, St Swithun’s 09.55, Manor Park 09.59) YELAbus Tracey 0771 9799263 Yateley Neighbourcare 03000 05 05 05 around Yateley 2016 February 45

Activities & Societies Camberley & Yateley Friendship Centre for over 50s Meet third Thursday each month 14.00 Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane GU46 6JW and first Thursday for pub lunches at 12 noon. Contact Barbara Brown 01252 876615 Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust Organise monthly walks during the summer. Contact Lyn Deavin 01252 879255 K9 Planet dog training Dog training at Yateley Village Hall, every Wednesday 18.30-19.30. Contact K9 Services dog training Dog training at Yateley Village Hall, every Friday noon-15.00. Contact Primrose Club For senior citizens, meet WI Hall, Reading Road GU46 7UH Contact Ann de Courcy on 07913 633790 or 01252 501182 Ramblers Association (NE Hants) Rotary Club of Hart Meet Thursdays 19.30 for 20.00 North Hants Golf Club, Fleet GU51 1RF Theatre 64 Theatre drama group, meet Monday & Friday evenings Frogmore Junior School The Yateley Society Meet monthly except January 19.30 for 20.00 Red Cross Centre, Monteagle Lane GU46 6LU and at Yateley Green for May Fayre. Tythings Coffee Club Meet every Thursday morning for a gentle chat, quizzes and raffles, and regular outings 10.45-12.45 The Tythings GU46 7RP Contact Ann Kern on 01252 872975 or email: 46 around Yateley February 2016

Yateley & Crowthorne Big Band Society Meet monthly second Tuesday 19.45-22.30 The Tythings GU46 7RP 01252 661037 Kay Sealey or Yateley & District Gardening Society Meet monthly except January 19.30 for 20.00 Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane GU46 6JW and at Yateley Green for May Fayre. Yateley & District University of the Third Age (U3A) Meet first Thursday each month 10.00 for 10.30 Sandhurst Memorial Hall GU47 9BJ Yateley & Hawley Bridge Club Meet Wednesdays and Fridays 19.20 Memorial Hall, Fernhill Road, Hawley GU17 9BW or contact Alan Brown 01276 27354 or Judy Douch 01483 475133 Yateley Choral Society Rehearse monthly Mondays 19.45-21.45 Drama Hall, Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ email: Yateley Morris Men Meet Tuesdays (October-April) 20.00 Drama Hall, Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ email: Yateley Neighbourhood Watch Assists residents in reducing the opportunities for crime and passing info to police.

The Yateley Society TA L K

Local Breweries

The 28 January meeting of The Yateley Society, held at the Yateley Red Cross Centre, was so well attended that it was soon standing room only at the back. Philip Todd’s talk on local breweries went down as smoothly as a bottled India Pale Ale as he compared the intertwined farming, milling, malting, meal dealing, brewing and innkeeping families over the last 400 years in our locality.

Philip began with the recently demolished Duke of York in Camberley, built in 1816 by William Belsher Parfett, a brewer based in Eversley, partly financed by a legacy from his father in law, William Terry, a Yateley innkeeper. In due course, Philip demonstrated that the various trades involved in getting the product to thirsty customers were very much a family affair down the years. The talk was certainly well received and we will hopefully find a little space to expand this report next month. The AGM next month, see Events. around Yateley 2016 February 47

aroundYateleyacknowledgements All photographs, artwork images and writing contained in “around Yateley online magazine” is the copyright (© 2016) of each individual contributor. If you are interested in using any of the above material, please contact the editor on with your contact details and your request will be passed on to the copyright holder.

February 2016issue


Cover, Harvey Young 2,22-29,34,37,40-44, Tony Spencer 4,10b,14b, Harvey Young 6-10t,11-14t,15, The Happy Hedgehog Rescue 30-32, Yateley & District Lions 38-39, Anchor Trust


4-15, Jayne Morgan 16,22, Tony Spencer 28, Jane Biscombe 34,38,40, Tony Spencer

THEaround YateleyTEAM Paul Amey, reporter, gardening Chris Barnes, writer (planning, building) Iain Bloor, writer, blogger, programming Simon Bool, photography Jane Biscombe, writer, reporter Jenny Cole, writer, reporter Lamorna Harpin, writer, fitness coach Penny Hopkins, proofreading Kerry Sheils, writer, environment Tony Spencer, writer, editor, photography Karen Spooner, writer, editor, proofreading Harvey Young, photography

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