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ALMA’S 100!


GAWLER Belt resident Mario Vaiana has fond memories of his father, Salvatore, a hardworking and creative man who was interned at Loveday in South Australia’s Riverland during World War II. The Vaianas, including mum Maria, brother Joe and sister Josie, were living in the northern Queensland town of Babinda when war broke out. While life was hard as a contract canecutter, the migrant Italian who became a British Subject in 1926 had set roots in his new country and was busy working and raising a family. When Italy entered the war, the Vaiana family’s lives were to change forever, despite them living on the other side of the world from their place of birth.

Salvatore was now an ‘enemy alien’ and despite being held in high regard in his community, and breaking no Mario and Joe Vaiana with a photograph of their parents, whose lives were changed forever when World War II broke out. law, he was to be interned for the duration of the war because of government support. Maria was Province of Catania, Silicy, Italy, to discuss it with his family when they unfounded and malicious allegations able to care for her three children, Salvatore was one of eight were finally reunited after the war. made against him by a neighbour. all aged under four at the time, children – and the only boy - to with the assistance of the Salvation migrate to Australia in 1925. “Keeping a record of what happened Salvatore was interned for three years, Army and other family friends. to my father was difficult as he initially in Gaythorne in Queensland Despite being released from never spoke of it,” said Mario. and then transferred to Loveday. With poor English speaking skills, internment in 1945, Salvatore was three young children and no income, so demoralised by his experience, he “He was too ashamed and With Salvatore the breadwinner life was difficult and lonely for Maria. never returned to his home in Babinda. was too embarrassed to interned, Maria found it difficult ever return to Queensland.” Continued page 9 to make ends meet as there was no Born in 1902 in Linguaglosso, Such was his trauma that he refused Light Electorate Office 148 Murray Street GAWLER SA 5118 p. (08) 8522 2878 f. (08) 8523 1392 e.


Historic ride on the 5.03

WELCOME to the 18th edition of Enlightened. With Father’s Day around the corner we thought it opportune to bring some focus to men’s health and general men’s issues in this edition; it complements our earlier edition this year highlighting International Women’s Day. Our lead and exclusive article, A Father’s Pain, is a poignant story about the negative impact on a family by a policy developed in a heated political environment. Ostensibly, in trying to save the nation, the government of the day was prepared to sacrifice the lives of thousands of families. We always need to be vigilant against allowing public discussion to be fuelled by fear and scapegoating. Our democracy works best when our debates, although rigorous and robust, are respectful. All in society are entitled to hold and convey their views, being mindful that we demonstrate the same respect for the views of others as we expect for ours. The


growing tendency by both the libertarian left and radical right to try to shut out views they don’t like should be a concern for us all.

Gawler East resident Desslyn Mo- “The buses will be great to move around rey became part of the town’s his- the town,” Mrs Morey said. tory when she was the first person to board the new bus service in Gawler. While a few residents were not happy with the location of some bus stops, Mr Catching the 5:03am on Monday, July Piccolo said the department would ex25, she travelled from Gawler East to plore options to improve the service or the Gawler Railway Station via Murray address nuisance issues arising from the Street where she was greeted by local location of particular bus stops. Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo. Enquiries or complaints should be diMrs Morey said the new service was rected to the infoline on 1300 311 108. great for the town and she woke early to Timetables are available from Mr Piccatch the first service available. colo’s office or at

Our other feature brings together all the good things happening in the Playford area of the electorate. Playford Alive is certainly a good news story worth telling. We hope you enjoy the eclectic array of stories ranging from roads to Rotarians, from rail to Roseworthy, and of course some reflections. Tony Piccolo, Member for Light

Tony Piccolo MP greets Desslyn Morey as her bus arrives at Gawler Railway Station.

‘Great start’ to bus service AMID a little uncertainty about tick- Mr Piccolo said he had received some et pricing and route details, the new feedback regarding the ticketing prices. bus service has had a promising start. “To ensure residents purchase the corIn its first week the new buses clocked rect ticket I would urge them to tell the up to 1000 trips, with just below 700 driver their destination to make sure boardings and just over 310 transfers. they purchase the cheapest ticket possible,” said Mr Piccolo. “Tickets could be Willaston and Hewett passengers (route as low as $2.00 for a single trip ride for 491) are leading the passenger list. up to two sections inter-peak.”

Alana’s students are dancing for joy HAVING recently moved to new premises, the students of Alana’s Dance Studio are dancing for joy.

Only a few weeks ago Alana moved into a disused warehouse in Paxton Street, Gawler. The building was previously used as a warehouse by Meznar Furniture.

McDougall. The 14-year-old recently impressed her examiners to such an extent she won a scholarship to study dance in Sydney.

They celebrated their new facility with outstanding performances in Alana said Peter Meznar had “bent their recent exams. over backwards” to convert the warehouse into a dance studio. “I am so proud of them,” said Alana Coleman. “I had 84 students “The parents now have a comfortundertake exams and 47 of them able waiting area. Peter installed a obtained a distinction and another new floor, mirrors and handrails 22 gained honours. for us. We now have large storage areas for costumes and equip“Having so many students perform ment,” said Alana. so well is a great reward not only for them as individuals but also for One student to appreciate having our Studio.” such a high class facility is Tayla

Tayla, a highly gifted student who practises for at least two hours a day and sometimes as many as five, has danced with the Australian Ballet Company and the Australian Youth Ballet Company.

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Edition 18,

September 2011

“I appreciate the recognition this studio gives to the arts and in particular dance as an art form,” said Alana. Parents interested in enrolments can contact 0405 459 848.

Dancer Tayla McDougall is making her mark.


Town buses at your service THE public has embraced the new Gawler Metroticket bus service, which was launched in July by Transport Minister Patrick Conlon and local Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo. The service operates weekdays, providing public access to the town centre as well as the three local railway stations, Gawler Central, Gawler and Tambelin. “The buses providing the service will clock up about

327,000 kms a year and maximise the number of local pick up passengers at 124 residents who can access it. bus stops,” said Mr Piccolo. Mr Piccolo said the need for “The new service is additional public transport testament to the State was raised during the Government’s commitment community debate for the to improve public transport Gawler East development. in the Light electorate and growth areas like Gawler.” “The State Government listened to the traffic The service will cost concerns of residents and about $3.6m annually to has responded with the new operate with a set up cost Metroticket bus service, of about $2.6 million. which gives local passengers the same rights and privileges It has been designed to as others who use the

Dial-a-Ride seeks more passengers

existing metro buses, trams Department for Transport, and trains,” Mr Piccolo said. Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI), service providers, The service operates between the Office of the Minister for 5.30am and 8pm Monday to Transport, Gawler Council Friday throughout the urban officers and his electorate areas of Gawler and Hewett. staff for their efforts to get the buses on the road “The new service will be of in Gawler and Hewett. particular interest to eligible Seniors who can travel free Meanwhile, the existing on the service between 9.01 Dial-a-Ride service will be am and 3 pm weekdays and all retained but modified to day on weekends and public complement the new service, holidays,” said Mr Piccolo. so places like Hillier Park have a more comprehensive He thanked the staff at the choice of services.

By Ben Twigg THE Angle Vale Dial-aRide Service has had a modest but promising start since it was introduced last December, according to State Member for Light Tony Piccolo.

Tony Piccolo MP says the platform upgrades will improve safety.

Rail upgrades boost safety

Mr Piccolo said while the uptake had been less than hoped, those who use it are finding the service invaluable. Angle Vale resident Mr Chris Venizelos has been a regular customer of the Angle Vale Dial-a-Ride for over two months and described the service as “very efficient, excellent and reliable”.

By James Agness LOCAL rail commuters will benefit from major upgrades at the Gawler and Munno Para railway stations, courtesy of State and Federal Government funding.

Mr Venizelos uses the Diala-Ride service for his hobby in design as well as his job on his family’s vineyard. Mr Venizelos uses the Dial-a-Ride bus service daily to get to Smithfield Interchange and to Gawler. Mr Venizelos said from his experience a lot of Angle Vale residents were not aware of the service and more promotion was required. Mr Piccolo has taken the feedback on board and

Chris Venizelos about to board the Angle Vale Dial-a-Ride Service. said he will promote the service is provided by a availability of the service private operator it is funded over the next few months. by the State Government through its Public Transport Mr Venizelos said it was a Division of the Department great service and it would of Transport, Energy and be sad for Angle Vale to Infrastructure (DTEI). lose it because of a lack of sufficient patronage. Phone 1300 642 604 if you have enquiries about Mr Piccolo said while the Angle Vale Dial-a-Ride.

“The new platforms have been designed to reduce the step and gap between platforms and trains.

“Significantly, security will be improved with updated lighting and CCTV cameras that provide coverage of access paths, Local State MP Tony Piccolo platforms, said the $293.5m overhaul access ramps and car parks. of the Gawler rail line includes extensive capital “The upgrade of Gawler works to improve communter Station will have essentially safety and security. the same enhancements, but works will not involve “The new station at Munno or affect the Heritage shed Para will have a fully enclosed over the main platform.” pedestrian overpass with lifts and stairs to provide Mr Piccolo said the Munno commuter access to platforms Para upgrade is significant and facilitate pedestrian in light of its proximity crossing of the rail to the Playford Alive development. corridor,” said Mr Piccolo. residential

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August 2011


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More education for foreign drivers THE State Government has introduced a new strategy to remind overseas visitors about the driving rules on South Australian roads, according to Member for Light Tony Piccolo. The move comes after the State recorded five fatal crashes - two last year and three this year - involving international drivers, compared to only one in the previous ten years. “The Road Safety Minister, Tom Kenyon, has introduced a series of stickers to be placed inside hire cars and

initiatives to point-of-sale material to existing remind international drivers educate international drivers. to keep to the left hand side of the road,” Mr Piccolo said. “In popular tourist localities, individual attractions such “Drive On Left in Australia as wineries and restaurants windscreen stickers, rear- have installed their own vision mirror stickers, posters, directional signs to assist counter cards and brochures overseas drivers as they are being sent to hire car exit the venue - Jacob’s companies, visitor information Creek in the Barossa Valley centres and Service SA is a case in point,” he said. centres across the State. At present visitors to South “The RAA will also make Australia can drive with the material available at their an international driving Adelaide retail branch outlets.” permit, accompanied by the driver’s licence from the Mr Piccolo said the new driver’s home country, or measures will complement the orignal licence plus an

approved English translation. much information as possible to reinforce the need for them “Australian tourists driving to be aware of our basic road overseas are expected to rules, particularly the need familiarise themselves with to drive on the left hand the road rules of the country side of the road,” he said. they are visiting, and Australia expects its visitors to do Mr Kenyon has written the same,” Mr Piccolo said. to Ministers in all states encouraging them to adopt Mr Kenyon said the changes the measures, and said he will improve driver is also considering rolling awareness for overseas out more roadside signage drivers and demonstrate the in tourist “hot spots” that State Government’s ongoing remind drivers to “Drive commitment to improving on Left in Australia”. road safety for all road users. For further information “We want to provide visit the website at www. international drivers with as s a . g o v . a u / m o t o r i n g

Crime rates fall as police numbers rise NEW data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows criminal offences in South Australia continue to fall. The victims of crime data shows there were fewer homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, unlawful entry, motor vehicle and other thefts in SA in 2010 compared with the previous year. The figures confirm incidences of these offences have fallen dramatically since 2002 when the Rann Government came into office, with unlawful entries such as break-ins almost halved to 16,380.

“We have opened more police stations, put more police on the beat and armed them with the laws and modern crimefighting equipment they need to get the job done,” Mr Foley said. “This government will continue to support SAPOL with additional recruits taking the number of officers to more than 4,700 in the next three years - about 1000 more than the previous government,” he said. Light MP Tony Piccolo welcomed the new ABS figures, but said there is no room for complacency when it comes to crime.

“We know our law enforcement officers here in Gawler do a tremendous job, often in difficult circumstances, which is why we need the public Government strategies to remain vigilent about introduced to help tackle community safety and crime crime head on include: prevention,” Mr Piccolo said. Neighbourhood Policing Teams; hoon driving legislation; “Many crimes are solved with random drug testing; liquor the assistance of members licensing initiatives; community of the public, who really crime prevention programs and are the ‘eyes and ears’ on second hand dealer legislation. the ground for our police.”


Slow down to save lives, says Minister

And he said people who make the wrong decision and speed will be caught. THE most effective way to reduce the “In particular, we need to reduce young state road toll is for motorists to accept men’s risk taking behaviour,” he said. greater responsibility for their driving, says Road Safety Minister Tom Kenyon. Responding to a question regarding driver training, Mr Kenyon said the Speaking at a recent road safety forum State Government is reviewing the hosted by the Gawler Road Safety various driver training programs to Committee, Mr Kenyon said the fatal ensure they are working effectively. five factors that lead to road deaths or significant injury are speed, drug and In response to a question from Dr Bill alcohol consumption, driver inattention, Geyer, Mr Kenyon said he would be failure to wear a seatbelt and fatigue. happy to forgo all the revenue from speed cameras if people just slowed down, as “Almost every crash involves one or the cost of rehabilitation from car crashes more of these factors,” Mr Kenyon said. far outweighs any speed camera revenue. By Caleb Flight

Minister for Police Kevin Foley said the Government’s ‘tough on crime’ stance is evident in the new figures.

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Minister Tom Kenyon (centre) and Light MP Tony Piccolo (second from right) with members of the Gawler Road Safety Committee.

Edition 18,

He said only about 10 per cent of crashes Local MP Tony Piccolo said the senseless are caused by hoon drivers so 90 per cent are loss of life “can be avoided” if people caused by other people’s everyday driving. drive according to road conditions.

September 2011


Willaston roundabout on the way by congestion at peak times and traffic issues are made THE long-awaited worse by the number of Willaston roundabout will businesses located at, or near go ahead after a funding the intersection,” he said. announcement of $2.8m in the State Budget. “The roundabout will make entering and leaving the petrol The roundabout at the station and hotel safer for all. intersection of Redbanks Road and Main North Road “Importantly, it will make it will not only make the junction easier for people trying to safer but also improve traffic enter the Main North Road flow in the general locality. from Paxton Street South. By Caleb Flight

begin early this financial year and is part of a three pronged strategy to improve traffic movements around the township. “I have always maintained no single strategy will improve traffic flows around Gawler,” Mr Piccolo said.

“Traffic needs to be tackled by improving the existing road network, building new roads and infrastructure appropriate, and State Member for Light Tony “It has been a long battle to where Piccolo has welcomed the get the roundabout funded, reducing car usage by funding after lobbying long but it has been worth it – improving public transport. and hard for the upgrade. perseverance has paid off.” I am pleased to say all three strategies are being utilised to “The intersection is plagued Construction is set to improve traffic in the town.”

Tony Piccolo MP at the notorious Willaston intersection, which will be upgraded courtesy of State Government funding.

School keeps watch HEWETT Primary has become the School Watch school in the Barossa LSA. first regional school to gain Level 1 accreditation in the School Watch program. “School Watch assists schools to improve the safety and security of their site as well as The certification program encourages facilitating a safe and secure environment for schools to take a more active role in their students, staff and visitors,” said Mr Wills. own safety and security, using a problem solving approach and becoming involved “Our Student Representative Council in school safety decision making processes. will take an active role in monitoring the school environment and raise issues Senior Constable Ian Skewes, Crime with staff and Governing Council. Prevention Officer, Barossa Local Service Area (LSA), said Certification aims to reduce “They will also try to improve on the already offences against staff, students and property. good relations with the school’s close neighbours and encourage them to report “Level 1 Certification should be viewed as any suspicious behaviour to the police.” an effective strategy for schools to address bullying, assaults and create safe places,” he said. Interested schools and students can contact Senior Constable Ian Skewes Hewett Primary School Principal Geoff Wills by email: said they were proud to be the first accredited for information on how to get started.

From left, Barossa Crime Prevention Officer Senior Constable Ian Skewes, Principal Geoff Wills, Barossa Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Liz McGregor, students Chloe Pratt and Amber Bradshaw and local MP Tony Piccolo.

Minister Tom Kenyon, Light MP Tony Piccolo and MFS fire fighters at the Xavier College “RAP” presentation.

Road respect THE Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is taking a “commonsense message” to schools in a bid to keep young people safe on the road.

safety is their responsibility and gain a clear understanding of the consequences of their actions in relation to road safety,” said Mr Piccolo.

Fire fighters recently delivered their Road Awareness Program (RAP) at Xavier College, educating students about the dangers of excessive speed, alcohol and drugs, and the trauma suffered by people involved in fatal and serious injury crashes.

He said the video footage and photographs of real crashes and real victims is particularly confronting.

Road Safety Minister Tom Kenyon, who also attended the presentation, said the program gives students a hard-hitting, realistic insight Light MP Tony Piccolo into road crash trauma. said RAP is a powerful and interactive presentation An essential part of the by experienced fire presentation is the talk fighters explaining the provided by a young crash reality of what happens victim who speaks about at road crash incidents. the circumstances of their crash and the lasting effect “Students learn that road on family and friends.

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August 2011


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Post office gets stamp of approval By James Agness WASLEYS residents have given the new post office their stamp of approval. Describing the re-opening of the post office as a “confidence boost” for the town, local State Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo said he was very pleased about the wide range of services it offers. “Residents are now able to access a wide range of postal services including bill

payment, banking, phone re-charge cards, stamps and pre paid packaging products including Express Post as well as being a point for collection and lodgement of mail,” he said.

to working with the community to explore additional services could provide, such high speed internet

local what they as a cafe.

Mr Piccolo said Australia Post has also upgraded its The post office has relocated post office box suite, with to new premises at 37- additional boxes available 39 Annie Terrace. It was for rent and boxes now previously co-located with undercover to make it more the Wasleys General Store. convenient for customers to collect their mail. The new licensee and local resident, Dawn Richter, The post office is open from said she is looking forward 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

(From left) Australia Post Retail Manager, Kym Altman; Dawn and Lew Richter; and Light MP Tony Piccolo at the opening.

Local MP: Don’t rush Roseworthy development By Ben Rillo

Welcoming the new centre were Tony Piccolo, Member for Light; Mayor Bill O’Brien, Light Regional Council; Mayor Brian Sambell, Town of Gawler and Tom Koutsantonis MP, Minister for Correctional Services.

Offenders adding value to community THE newly opened Community Corrections and Rehabilitation Office Gawler will improve the rehabilitation of offenders who live in the area, according to local State Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo.

The new office will serve offenders who reside in areas such as Gawler, the Barossa Valley, Mid North, Yorke Peninsula, Two Wells and Virginia.

Mr Piccolo said while compliance will continue to be a key focus, it goes Mr Piccolo said the new Gawler office will hand in hand with rehabilitation, make it easier for offenders to meet with reintegration and skill building through corrections and rehabilitation officers and involvement in community projects. thus get their lives back on track quicker. “The local office will also expand the possibilities for local community service work projects and give more opportunity for local offenders to repay their debt to their society, and in particular, the communities they live in,” said Mr Piccolo.

“Overall more than 1450 hours of community service are performed in the Gawler/Elizabeth region each month, 800 of which are dedicated to the removal of graffiti,” he said.

“The value of this work equates to The seven local staff include case more than $150,000 each year, but managers, social workers and the benefit to the local community in psychologists who monitor and support terms of creating a safer and more offenders with their rehabilitation. productive environment is invaluable.”

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September 2011

THE Roseworthy development should only be given the green light once infrastructure requirements are fully understood and agreed to, local State Member Tony Piccolo told Parliament recently. While Mr Piccolo said that “... done well (the development) will add to the financial sustainability of local government and the communities in the area they serve, done poorly we will burden future generations with huge infrastructure costs.”

infrastructure required to ensure that future budgets cater for it.” Mr Piccolo stressed that in his view both public transport and road transport need to be fully planned and budgeted for before any development plan amendment (DPA) is authorised to enable the development to go ahead. “The proposed train and complementary transport services need to be agreed to before the development gets the green light,” said Mr Piccolo.

“Equally, agreement needs to be reached on the location and construction of the north-eastern Mr Piccolo told parliament that connector for Gawler to ensure while he was satisfied Light that east-west traffic generated Regional Council has endeavoured by the Roseworthy development Gawler.” to make the process as transparent does not engulf and accountable as possible, he has concerns in two key areas. Mr Piccolo also said for communities to be sustainable, “First, the provision of Just- they require a level of local opportunities. in-Time infrastructure; and, employment secondly, the provision of Justin-Time employment,” he said. “In my view, any residential DPA for Roseworthy must be “Infrastructure will require simultaneously complemented major investment by the by an Employment Lands Mr Piccolo said. developer or developers and DPA,” appropriate support from state and local government. “Local people will need jobs locally, so an Employment “Accordingly, both state and Lands DPA must be central local government will need to any structural planning for to know the extent of the the Roseworthy development.”


Big-ticket projects in Budget By David Pedler MAJOR transport and education projects in the local area will go ahead after funding was secured in the 2011 State Budget. Local State Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo said the Budget directs funding to crucial areas of need in our community, including a brand new $14.44m Birth to Year 12 school at the Gawler High School site. Work is due to start shortly and Mr Piccolo said it was fantastic to see his old school being revitalised, incorporating his old primary school and his children’s pre-school at Evanston. “The new school will cater for 1200 students at primary and secondary level with 45 preschool places, 15 occasional care places and a health care facility for the Gawler community,” he said.

“There will also be a new “I’m very pleased that junior school oval and Budget funding continues covered outdoor play areas. the $293.5m Gawler rail upgrade,” said Mr Piccolo. “A major element of the new school will be a children’s “Upgrades to both Gawler centre that will provide access and Munno Para stations are for families to a range of on track and will improve services to support children.” safety, security and comfort of train passengers ahead The works will be further of the new electric trains enhanced with an additional which arrive in 2012.” $2m in Building the Education Revolution funds. Mr Piccolo said the Budget funding is critical to ensure Also included in the Budget is infrastructure is in place to $2.8m funding for the much- support the planned growth needed Willaston roundabout, for the town and Gawler area. while $500,000 will be allocated for the planning “Personally I have worked of the south east connector hard, in some cases for road to service the new many years, to ensure that Gawler East development. funding for these projects will be delivered,” he said. A new $35m computerised train protection system In other Budget inclusions, will be implemented to Mallala to Gawler Redbanks improve rail safety, while Road and Hamley Bridge station upgrade work at Road will be upgraded Gawler and Munno Para as part of a $25.6m will get underway shortly. shoulder sealing program.

Tony Piccolo MP outside his old school which is set to receive a $14.4 million injection after the State Budget was announced.

Tour a ‘deLight’ FIFTY FIVE local community leaders recently joined the Deputy Premier John Rau on a tour of the Light electorate led by State Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo.

Tony Piccolo and participants on board the bus.

Light MP Tony Piccolo (second from left) and Deputy Premier John Rau (second from right) with (from left); Brian Carr, CEO of Light Regional Council; Martyn Evans , Director of Community Relations, University of Adelaide; Mayor Bill O’Brien, Light Regional Council; and David Morcom, CEO, Barossa Council.

from the Town of Gawler, the Land Management Corporation (LMC), the University of Adelaide and the Light Regional Council. Mr Piccolo said the LMC presentation provided an overview of the Playford Alive project which involves a $1 billion investment by the State Government over a 10-15 year period and an additional 27,000 people.

From the rebuilding of the suburbs of Peachey Belt to the country townships of Angle Vale and Wasleys, the tour highlighted the various issues facing the electorate and how the State Government is tackling them. “Many community leaders did not know that Playford Council “The tour was about explaining were spending about $30 the full story behind the million to support the Playford headlines and to provide a greater Alive project,” Mr Piccolo said. context for it,” said Mr Piccolo. “Importantly, the tour gave Dubbed “Tour deLight”, the event the Deputy Premier a chance was attended by school, service to see firsthand the various club, church, youth, health and local issues I have raised with him; government and business leaders. particularly the challenges that urban development will have Mr Piccolo said the feedback for the region,” said Mr Piccolo. from participants was very positive with many saying they Because of the positive had no idea of the extent of new response from participants, developments within the electorate. Mr Piccolo is planning to The tour included presentations conduct the tour annually.

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September 2011


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Free check-ups keep dads healthy health by offering a free health check with a practice nurse for existing and new MEN need to stop ignoring their patients in the week following Father’s Day. health and undertake a check to ensure they are aware of where their The basic health check includes body is at, according to local State blood pressure, blood glucose level, mass index weight and Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo. body free advice on health issues. Speaking recently to coincide with Men’s Health Week, Mr Piccolo said Dr Peter Jefferies, a doctor at the practice, men have a higher death rate for most said “recognising and preventing men’s of the leading causes of death, including health problems is not just a man’s issue.” cancer, heart disease, diabetes and suicide. “Because of its impact on wives, mothers, “One in two men will develop cancer daughters, and sisters, men’s health is in their lifetime and men make only truly a family issue,” said Dr Jeffries. half as many visits to the doctor for prevention compared to women,” he said. Mr Piccolo has welcomed the initiative by Hyde and Partners and encourages to make an appointment. Local medical practice Hyde and men Partners is making it easier for men to have a basic health check. “It’s great to see local doctors doing what Hyde and Partners are promoting men’s they can to promote good health,” he said. By David Pedler

Practice Nurse Jayne Tonkin checking Tony Piccolo’s blood pressure.

Gawler ambassador shines on state stage By Ben Rillo ENTHUSIASTIC and community minded teenager Aaron Bain from Gawler has been announced the 2011 Young Rural Ambassador state winner.

At the conference (from left), Tony Piccolo MP; Professor Gary Wittert, Head of Discipline, University of Adelaide; Sean Martin, PhD Student, University of Adelaide; Dr Peter Sutherland, Head of Urology, Royal Adelaide Hospital; Professor Villis Marshall AC, Centre Director.

Research agenda State Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo has called for a greater focus on men’s health, and more support to help men make lifestyle choices that impact positively.

“Research is a core focus and helps to raise South Australia’s profile as a place of research excellence, particularly in prostate cancer, which we know is among the top 10 causes of premature death in men.

Mr Piccolo made the comments as he opened the recent Freemason’s Centre For Men’s Health research conference.

“Additionally, men must be supported to make healthier lifestyle choices, and to regularly visit their GP.”

As a member of the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health Board of Patrons, Mr Piccolo said on average men live about five years less than their female counterparts.

The State Government is addressing men’s health with a network of GP Plus Health Care Centres across the city as well as two GP Super Clinics.

The centres provide a range of “This Centre has an important services, including GP, health role in bringing focus to men’s promotion and chronic disease health,” said Mr Piccolo. management, under one roof.

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September 2011

The 18-year-old was among eight South Australian regional finalists vying for the title at a presentation dinner held at the Grand Chifley Adelaide in July. Representing the Gawler Show and Northern Show Association, Aaron is currently undertaking a graduate program at the Ahrens Group after previously completing a Certificate III in Business. He is heavily involved with harness racing as a driver and is the Harness Racing SA Media Liaison Officer.

Young Rural Ambassador winner Aaron Bain with runner-up Sarah Horne.

“He is a deserving winner and we Within the community he plays know he will do Gawler proud football and cricket, is a member of at the Royal Adelaide Show.” the Xavier College Board and has exhibited poultry at the Gawler Show. Now in its sixth year, the Young Rural Ambassador Award continues As part of his major prize Aaron will be to encourage willing young people a special guest of the RA&HS during to become more involved with their the 2011 Royal Adelaide Show in local country show, show associations September when he spends a weekend and the Royal Adelaide Show. with the Rural Ambassador state finalists. Other regional finalists were Joel Member for Light Tony Heinicke (Murray Lands); Harrison Piccolo applauded Aaron’s win. Berry (South East & Border); Jacinta Ferguson (South East & Border); Justin “Aaron is a remarkable community leader Clarke (Northern); Jacqueline Lintern for a person of such young age,” he said. (Central) and Tom Hastings (Southern).


Reflections of a fatherhood worker By David Pedler ‘HELPING Dads establish better relationships with their children’ - this is how Aaron Phillips (pictured) sums up the role of a Fatherhood Worker. Aaron held this position with the Gawler Health Service from 2006 to 2011. “Dads have an important role to play as parents,” Aaron said. “Having an influential, good father figure is important for the healthy development of both girls and boys.

But fathers need support as behind the hassles of work they transition from the old and switch on to the needs to the new understanding of the family and home. of being a good Dad. Aaron said such sharing “One of the biggest issues and display of teamwork positive outcomes Dads face is developing has their children. and maintaining a for work-life balance.” Aaron is taking up a No longer can today’s Dads new role as Community expect, as maybe their fathers Development Co-ordinator did, to get home from work at the Elsie Ey Children’s and find dinner cooked and Centre but plans to continue the kids bathed and fed. his work in encouraging men to be active fathers. Chances are their wives are When asked what advice he arriving home at the same would offer fathers he said: time as they are. They “Be emotionally available both have to rapidly leave to your children. Listen

attentively to their stories. Let Provide your children with your children lead you in their a safe haven. Show them play, especially imaginative. you love and respect them.”

The link between men and their sheds WHAT is it about sharing their current projects blokes and their sheds? which have their genesis in the “shed” in the backyard. Listen to a conversation between two or three men Communal Men’s Sheds now and invariably they will be exist in many of our towns,

including Gawler, Kapunda, providing a safe, friendly Nuriootpa and Craigmore. environment where men feel they belong and are “Men’s Sheds primarily aim able to work on meaningful to improve the health and projects,” said Convenor of wellbeing of members by the 4th National Men’s Shed

A father’s pain

Conference, Graeme Curnow. For details about your local Shed visit or call the Light Electorate Office on 8522 2878.

Continued from Front Page BY now Salvatore was living and working in Terowie in the mid North of South Australia, where his wife and three children joined him.

SSG aims to meet the needs of individuals and families in our community. Courses and services that are offered by SSG are determined by the junction point of the community demand, recognition of needs within the local community and the function and purpose of the church.

Salvatore worked on the railway so the family moved on a number of occasions firstly to Peterborough, then Pt Augusta, Furina and Maree, finally settling in Adelaide. Salvatore and Maria had five children, with the younger two daughters born in Pt Augusta.

* * Salvatore with his three children born before he was interned.

Barmera on a tour of the Loveday Mario and Joe recall moving to internment camp sites in June to Adelaide and living at the west commemorate the 70th Anniversary end of Hindley Street next to of the camps opening in 1941. a shoe store in the early 1950s. Mr Piccolo has recently given notice They briefly lived in Gouger Street of motion in State Parliament that and then Coughlin Street, Brompton seeks to shed light on the plight where Salvatore worked for A.R.C. of internees and their families. Fences in the factory for 18 years before they relocated to Dry Creek. “The motion does not seek to attribute blame or elicit a Salvatore retired to Campbelltown formal apology, but rather it is a until he passed away in 1995 statement about acknowledging aged 93, outliving his wife the experiences of the internees Maria who died at age 75. and their families,” said Mr Piccolo.

* * * * *

Walk in Robe (Op-Shop) - quality second hand clothing in all sizes and house hold goods Emergency Food Assistance - catering to the size of your family and material assistance. Emergency Financial Assistance - criteria assessment Counseling and Recovery Courses - aimed to meet the needs of hurting people in our community Breakfast Club / Lunch Assist / Christmas Hampers The New You Weight Management Group - offers support, nutritional information in a friendly environment. Referrals to other community agencies We are open from Tuesday to Thursday 9:30 am - 4 pm To access the services we provide, please visit or contact us at: 27 Northside Court, Evanston Gardens SA 5116 PO Box 629 Gawler SA 5118 P : [08] 8522 0077 F : [08] 8522 0099 E : W :

Local State Member of Parliament Mr Piccolo’s motion will be debated Tony Piccolo met Mario and Joe in in Parliament on October 20.

Edition 18,

September 2011


Page 9


New image for the northern suburbs By David Pedler THE face of the northern suburbs is changing. Playford Alive, one of the biggest urban renewal projects in Australia, is rejuvenating around 1,000 hectares of land in the north of Adelaide. Developed in joint partnership with the State Government, the City of Playford and the local community, this is one of Australia’s most ambitious development projects to date.



and facilities that will be safe and convenient, At the moment there are along with brand new and 13,000 people in the target upgraded sporting clubs.” area, but by the time the project is finished around Playford Alive will also be 40,000 people will live at the centre of a new era in the new community. in education and learning in the northern suburbs. Member for Light Tony Piccolo said the major “Four new state-of-the-art development would create an schools either have been “attractive and liveable city”. built or will be built, offering better public and private “Over 70 hectares will be education,” Mr Piccolo said. dedicated to parks, wetlands and reserves – all linked with “New childcare centres and kilometres of bike and walking adult education opportunities trails,” said Mr Piccolo. will also be available to all.”

Over a 10 – 15 year project new and existing suburbs will enjoy will be joined through “Residents best practice in urban and improved sports grounds

Information about the Playford Alive project is available from the service centre. investment in infrastructure, training and services in the northern suburbs, creating jobs for thousands of South Australians.

Mr Piccolo said Playford Alive will drive major “We stand on the cusp of

a very exciting period in the history of the northern suburbs, which stands to gain socially, environmentally and economically from this major urban regeneration project,” he said.

A one-stop shop for healthcare needs and three registered nurses. It also offers RDNS services, THE UniHealth Playford a pathology collection service SA Pathology GP Super Clinic has through imaging services officially opened its and doors, and will greatly through Benson Radiology. improve health services for people living in the north. Professor Beilby, representing the University of Adelaide, Federal Minister of Health said the clinic was “a muchNicola Roxon officially needed facility for the northern community”. opened the facility on June suburbs 10, describing it as “a great win for the local community”. “Moreover it is a great outcome for our students. Boasting five general Linking the University’s practitioners, the clinic broad-ranging health science From left, Member For Light Tony Piccolo, Administration and also has two psychologists, teaching programs with day physiotherapist, to day clinical services will Reception Administrator Ursula Landsborough, Harvey Soper and a pharmaceutical consultant ensure the next generation mum Jodene Soper. By James Agness

Services for youth UNITING Care Wesley Alcohol and drug counselling Adelaide (UCWA) is working focused on harm minimisation; to establish a community hub offering a range of services.  Family counselling where there is a young The Smithfield service already person with mental health offers a range of youth services or alcohol and drug issues; free of charge, catering for young people aged 12 to 25  Sexual abuse counselling and those who are homeless for victims of abuse, or at risk (see advert opposite). assualt or violence; While the staff are based  Family counselling for at the Smithfield office, in people who are homeless or many cases they can meet at risk of homelessness due to people in public places, family conflict or breakdown. schools, detention or at home. For more information Youth Services include: please phone 8202 5980.

Page 10


Edition 18,

September 2011

of health professionals benefits from training at the Playford clinic,” he said. Professsor Allan Evans, representing the University of South Australia, said the completion of the adjacent Teaching and Training Facility will give students “excellent opportunities to engage in interprofessional education.” Local MP Tony Piccolo said the clinic was an “invaluable investment in the north”. “People living in Playford now have a one-stop shop for all their health needs,” he said.


Super school opens for business By Caleb Flight

those various years of schooling,” said Member for Light Tony Piccolo.

MUNNO Para West is now the home of South Australia’s first purpose- “Mark Oliphant College is 21st century built birth to Year 12 School. ready, equipped with modern technology such as wireless networks throughout the Named after the former South Australian school to support e-learning of students. Governor, Mark Oliphant College is the fifth of the state government’s “The school has almost 500 MacBooks, $200m program of education works. personal computers, iPads and iPods being used by students from birth to year Designed to cater for 1375 students, it is 12, and this will increase to a further the first birth to 12 school purpose-built 900 devices by the end of the year.” to teach across all of the school years. Mr Piccolo said the school has been “It combines childcare, preschool, primary designed to provide four schools in and high school all in the one location and one - for the early years, primary provides a seamless transition between years, middle years and senior years.

Tony Piccolo MP with students from the special class as they undertake a music lesson, Trey Redden, Jake Arnold, Josephine Brougham and Tracy Lemin, and teacher Brett Madigan.

Local Aboriginal jobs at Superway LOCAL Aboriginal people are getting real job opportunities through the Urban Superway Project, according to local State Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo.

its base on Coventry Road at Smithfield Plains.

Mr Piccolo also commended the John Holland Group for giving successful participants an opportunity for a fulltime position in the local Mr Piccolo recently visited construction industry. the dedicated training facility and met with local Aboriginal He said the program people benefiting from the boasts “a remarkable ‘Constructing Roads to a completion rate.” Bright Future’ initiative. “The State Government Mr Piccolo said this State is committed to Closing and Federal Government- the Gap on Aboriginal funded initiative engages unemployment,” he said. participants in practical and technical training in civil “This Government-funded, construction with the Mining, pre-employment program Energy and Engineering proactively supports Academy (MEEA). Aboriginal people and prepares them for work on a The training takes place major infrastructure project.” onsite at the Urban Superway Project from Mr Piccolo said he was very

(From left) Leanne Coaby, Tony Piccolo MP, Cassie Wanganeen, Kathryn Bullivant (mentor), Colleen Stewart, Gail Gago MLC, Sasha Needer (standing),Toni-Lee Miller and Zoe Saunders. impressed with the unique 10-week pre-employment program which delivers job-readiness training, employment opportunities,

cultural awareness training, Aboriginal people an ongoing support and opportunity for long-term, mentoring for participants. sustainable employment, plus personal and professional “The program gives mentoring,” he said.

Starting from the ground up LOCAL young people are getting their hands dirty to build the Transport Oriented Development (TOD) at Playford Alive, according to local State Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo.

Tony Piccolo with (back) Andrew Haste, Business Manager Training; Christopher Reynolds, CCF SA President; Mathew Blackbourgh, Live Works Site Manager; and (front) Van Dong Dang, Trainee and Peter Nolan, CEO of CCF SA.

Mr Piccolo recently visited the Playford Alive Works Training Hub, a dedicated training facility at Munno Para. The site on Coventry Road is run by Civil Train SA - a division of the Civil Contractors


SA. training and licensing on an actual functioning Mr Piccolo was very civil construction site. impressed with the facility and commended the work “Civil Train SA is up-skilling of the CCF through the workers, getting them work Civil Train SA program. ready, and providing hands on experience on the important “Civil Train SA is the TOD, which will service the State’s leading registered Playford Alive development.” training organisation, and I can see why,” he said. The site will be a blueprint for future TODs, which are “Trainees have the opportunity the backbone of the 30-Year to gain hands-on earthmoving Plan for Greater Adelaide.

Edition 18,


September 2011


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Adopting healthy attitudes for life A PROGRAM aimed at helping young people make positive lifestyle choices is one of the latest projects to benefit from the Playford Alive Initiatives Fund. The YWCA recently received grant funding to deliver the ‘Go Girls! and Game On! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’ mentoring project at both Mark Oliphant College and John Hartley School. YWCA Program Manager Amy Bruce said the initiative focuses on active living, balanced eating and positive self-image for young people aged 11 to 14. “The primary goal of the

GG and GO programs is to develop an appreciation of the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle among adolescents,” she said.

Piccolo applauded the health initiative, and the support of the Playford Alive Initiatives Fund to make it a reality.

“This is a great example Ms Bruce said the program of community goodwill helped female students in action, and will help from John Hartley College our young people get the change their attitudes best start in life,” he said. towards new foods. The YWCA has recently another grant “By the end of the program, received they had become quite through the Playford Alive creative with trying different Initiatives Fund to deliver food combinations - even the Game On! program at trying strawberries with John Harltey School with 20 Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty, Member for Light Tony Piccolo, salsa! This demonstrated Year 6/7 boys in term four. YWCA Program Manager Amy Bruce and Ann Boyd, with they had opened their participating students from John Hartley School. minds and attitudes to Obesity Prevention and trying new things,” she said. Lifestyle (OPAL Playford), The Playford Alive Initiatives Reference Group, the Land Corporation and John Hartley School are Fund is a collaboration Management between the Playford Alive and the City of Playford. Member for Light Tony also contributing funding.

Community members at the heart of Playford Alive By David Pedler RESIDENTS of the Playford Alive community are being given a real voice in the development of their region through the Members of the Peachey Belt Residents Association help foster Playford Alive Community community spirit in the area. Reference Group (CRG).

Local residents are ‘peachey’ keen

the residents ensure representatives of Local, THE Peachey Belt State and Commonwealth Residents Association Government are informed of (PBRA) takes pride in their concerns and triumphs. keeping community spirit alive in the City of Playford. Representatives from the South Australian Police are The band of hard working also invited to report on residents meets monthly policing matters in the region. to promote and foster the health and wellbeing Representation on other including the of their community. groups, Playford Alive Community Through activities such Reference Group, add to the as the Peachey Belt Fun breadth of influence this Day and Christmas Lolly group has on developments Run, the PBRA helps within the local community. develop a community seeking more spirit that is not always People easy to find in the suburbs. information can contact Chairman Shaun Barby on At regular meetings 8254 9961 or 0415 868 953. By David Pedler

Page 12


Edition 18,

Chairperson Betty Alberton said the CRG advocates on behalf of the Playford Alive community. “The CRG was formed more than four years ago and gives us a real voice in the development of the Playford Alive Urban Renewal Project,” she said. “Through the CRG we can provide advice to the Playford Alive Coordination Management Group on how best to share information with the community.

or have the CRG represent children’s sport locally. a particular point of view. “We are proud of our Members are drawn from community and proud of the Playford Alive Project the developments that are area and nominations for making this a better place membership are advertised to live,” said Mrs Alberton. through the local print media. Light MP Tony Piccolo Mrs Alberton said the praised the achievements CRG has achieved a lot of the group and also in its four years. It played acknowledged the role of a pivotal role in securing the State Government. a more comprehensive public bus service and “The formation of this group expanded car parking at clearly demonstrates that the Smithfield Railway Station. State Government values community voice,” he said. The CRG was also instrumental in the The CRG meets on the second establishment of the Wednesday of the month. GP Plus Super Clinic For information contact and the development of Silvana Cusack on 8256 0155.

“The CRG also provides advice on the best ways to engage the wider community in the project.” The group wants to hear from those who have a strong interest in the community – either to join the group

September 2011

Community Reference Group members, from left, Betty Alberton, Shirley Harris and Geoff Pope.


Vietnamese centre is social hub improves the liveability Australians to share and of regions and regional enrich each other’s cultures. WORK has started on towns,” Mr Champion said. “It will also help preserve the proud history of Vietnamese the construction of the Vietnamese Cultural Virginia is home to more settlement on the Northern 500 Vietnamese Adelaide Plains and provide Centre at Virginia, than which is set to become a Australian farmers and the a service centre for the community community meeting place. area produces a significant Vietnamese amount of South Australia’s and a hub for community social activities.” The centre is being built cucumbers and capsicums. and on land purchased by Hoa Hao the Vietnamese Farmer’s Member for Light Tony Meanwhile, Religious Association from the Piccolo, who represented Buddhist Government of South the State Minister for Congregation recently held Australia in 1990. Multicultural Affairs at their festival at the Nash the construction ceremony, Road Centre in Virginia. In officially launching said the site will become Piccolo attended the construction of the a meeting place for the Mr community. the ceremony on behalf cultural centre, Federal Vietnamese of the Minister for Member for Wakefield Nick Champion said he “It will provide a link with Multicultural Affairs and was pleased the Australian government agencies and commended the society. Government was able to be a place for Vietnamese “Their spirituality helps and enrich the culture of the make this dream a reality organisations by providing $100,000 individuals to maintain their local community,” he said. towards the project. national heritage and culture for future generations,” Mr Phung Phuong Duy Piccolo said. is the leader of the local “The Better Regions Mr congregation, which upholds Program is providing teachings of important community “The centre will enable both the Hao Buddhism. infrastructure that Vietnamese and Anglo- Hoa By Caleb Flight

Dr My-Van Tran; Member for Croydon, Michael Atkinson; Member for Light, Tony Piccolo; Hoa Hao Buddhist Society Leader, Mr Phung Phuong Duy; Member for Taylor, Leesa Vlahos; and Jing Lee, MLC.

At the launch, (from left) Federal Member, Nick Champion; President of the Farmer’s Association, Phu Thanh Nquyen; Mr Duy P Phung; local MP Tony Piccolo, and Playford Mayor, Glenn Docherty.

Health is top priority By Barry Neylon COMMUNITY members are making a difference to local health services through the Gawler Health Advisory Council (GHAC).

This includes making recommendations to the Health Minister on key issues identified by the community, such as transport, Aboriginal health and mental health.

staff, a medical practitioner, local government representative and local MP Tony Piccolo.

Mr Piccolo said being involved in the GHAC was very rewarding and encouraged suitable people to The GHAC advocates The GHAC also aims to consider becoming involved. the importance on behalf of the local promote community with Country of carers and volunteers. “The AGM is held in November and interested people in the Health SA to plan, support and provide for the health and The Council is made up of community are encouraged to wellbeing of the community. community members, hospital apply for membership,” he said.

Rotarians in action ROTARIANS from the Rotary Club of Gawler Light recently got their hands dirty to refurbish a house in the James Martin Village at Willaston. The house will become the Administration Centre for the Gawler & District Aged Cottage Homes Inc (GDACH). The club also provided a barbecue lunch for the residents, with meats donated by the Gawler River Cattle Co. The GDACH began as a combined service club project in the 1960s to provide housing for the elderly, and with the acquisition of James Martin Village now provides 140 community retirement homes in Gawler.

Council members (back from left) Karen Redman, Sue Maksimovic, Barrie Haynes, Josie Burns, and (front from left) Katherine Krollig, Mary Coffey, and Claire Hogarth.

Edition 18,

September 2011


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100 candles burn brightly for Alma CELEBRATING a birthday was no ordinary event for Eldercare resident, Mrs Alma Thom, who blew out 100 candles on June 23. Light Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo paid Alma a special visit to wish her well for the occasion. Born at home in the main street of Jamestown in the mid north to George and Ruth Noble, Alma was one of six children and spent a great deal of her life in rural farming communities. While her mum ran a boarding house, Alma attended Jamestown Primary School, then onto Darke Peak Primary when her family moved to the Eyre Peninsula area in 1920. “The trip with horse and dray

took 32 days!” said Alma. The couple stayed in Darke Peak until about 1954/55 Alma’s dad drove a truck when they came to the local that took flour from the area. Alma ran the Rowland mills to the railway station. Flat shop/post office for about eight years, later moving to While she played some Gozzard Street, in Gawler. tennis and basketball, a lot of Alma’s early years was They had five children but spent housecleaning as she sadly, Frank passed away left school after completing in 1968, the years of hard year seven. At age 21 she work and a work related got a job as an assistant accident taking their toll. in a local shop/post office. Mr Piccolo said Alma had Alma married Frank survived many challenges, Thom, who was born in including the death of her husband and son at early ages. Willaston but moved to Darke Peak with his brother “Despite many challenges to work on his uncle’s farm Alma still has found time when he was 13 years old. for community; she was a foundation member of the “The wedding ceremony Gawler Women’s Probus took place in the Dark Peake Club and supported Meals Hall as the town had no on Wheels as a driver dedicated Church,” Alma said. for 25 years,” he said.

BELOW: Alma Thom (centre) with daughter Maureen Pinch and Light MP Tony Piccolo. RIGHT: Alma and Frank Thom on their wedding day.

grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren and 12 grandchildren, Alma has certainly created a wonderful legacy for her “With eight great, great, family,” said Mr Piccolo. Alma is enjoying her retirement after moving into Eldercare, Evanston Park, about two and half years ago.

Ian’s a top cop By David Pedler

committees and organisations in the local community is outstanding.”

STATE Member Tony Piccolo has congratulated Ian Skewes (pictured below) of Roseworthy for being joint winner of the Police Officer of the Year award.

Lisa’s care rewarded Lisa was registered as a midwife in 1993. She worked in Eudunda and LOCAL midwife Lisa Frahm Kapunda hospitals before commencing (pictured above) has been publicly work at Gawler Hospital in 2000, and in acknowledged for her commitment 2004 gained her Masters in Midwifery. to midwifery at the Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards. Lisa particularly has a strong interest in the continuity of In a recent speech to State Parliament, care of women throughout their Member for Light Tony Piccolo pregnancies and has been working personally acknowledged Lisa’s as a case load midwife since 2009. hard work, describing her as a trusted and respected professional. She also works as part of the “One on One” program, based on the premise “Lisa appreciates the opportunity that developing a relationship between to get to know women and their the client and the midwife improves families during their pregnancies satisfaction and outcomes during till birth,” said Mr Piccolo. pregnancy, labour and early parenting. By Ben Twigg

“Her hard work, commitment and professional approach are deeply appreciated by her clients and the community, and we congratulate her on her award.”

Page 14


Lisa also received the Australian College of Midwives Johnson’s Baby Midwife of the Year National Award for 2011, which Mr Piccolo said “further underlines the quality of her care.”

Edition 18,

September 2011

Ian has been involved in numerous community fundraising drives, has worked tirelessly for the betterment of youth through the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Speaking in State Parliament, has encouraged younger SAPOL Mr Piccolo said Senior Constable recruits through Blue Light. Skewes was a worthy recipient Constable Skewes of the prestigious award. “Senior is known for his acts of The award recognises his untiring kindness, courtesy, courage and work and leadership in the region. understanding,” Mr Piccolo said. “I am very pleased to see Ian’s good work being recognised by this prestigious award,” Mr Piccolo told parliament. “His work on a large number of

“Along with his wife Suzie, Ian was recognised by the Gawler Council when they were named Citizens of the year for 2011. They are a remarkable couple.”


Carpenters build a strong tradition grew its name did not reflect its capacity to build larger projects. GAWLER-based building “We were keen to move into architectural projects company GC&J Constructions the added Harry. celebrated its 50th Birthday market,” in July with a function at the Gawler Arms Hotel. Harry’s son and current general manager of the company, Paul Over 130 people attended Brown, said the name was the dinner to pay tribute to changed “to ensure people knew Harry and Paul Brown, their we were a construction company families and co-workers for 50 and we didn’t just do joinery.” years of “building” Gawler. While Harry reminisced about Company founder Harry how in the old days business Brown talked about the humble was done on a handshake, Paul beginnings of the company. said that “larger projects now require formal systems in place Mr Brown said he and his such as Quality Assurance, wife Ruth were building their Occupational Health and Safety own home, brick by brick. A and Environmental Systems”. qualified tradesman, Harry would often help neighbours Both Harry and Paul paid and friends build their homes. tribute to all their workers who had been very loyal “Before I knew it I was to the company through quoting for work to build both good and bad times. homes and later commercial buildings,” said Harry. “A company is only as good as its people,” said Paul. The company started as Gawler Carpenters and Joiners but as it Harry talked about the lean By Ben Rillo

days when not much work was around and how he, the family and workers all pulled together to keep it going. “The ‘Building the Education Revolution’ program has been a godsend for the company and building industry generally,” said Harry. “It has been well managed and good value for the schools,” added Paul.

At the 50th birthday dinner (from left) current Light MP and previous mayor Tony Piccolo; Harry Brown; previous mayor and Light MP Dr Bruce Eastick; current Gawler Mayor Brian Sambell, and Paul Brown.

Local State Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo said the Brown family had succeeded where many have failed and paid tribute to their hard work and willingness to modernise their practices. “GC&J Constructions have built so many buildings around Gawler that they have earned their place in the history of the town,” he said. “GC& J have provided valuable employment to many tradesmen in the area over the 50 years.”

Tony Piccolo MP (right) presents founder Harry Brown (centre) and current Manager Paul Brown with a certificate of achievement to mark the 50th birthday occasion.

A spirited centenary

Ted and Joyce Hopkins, the longest serving members of the Gawler Seventh Day Adventist Church, unveil a plaque to mark a centenary of worship at the site.

THE Gawler Seventh Day Adventist Church has become more community focused and reached out to the people of Gawler, according to local State Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo.

The hall is used for lunches and educational services, including health and nutrition classes, smoking cessation courses, anti-stress programs as well as arts and crafts classes and community sing-alongs.

Speaking at the church’s recent centenary celebrations, Mr Piccolo said every faith group appreciates hearing a reference to the relevance and benefit to the community from a Christian presence.

The hall has been used as a venue for an “op-shop-of-sorts” to sell goods as a fundraiser for the needy. It is also a base for the distribution of bread to the less fortunate citizens of Gawler. Food parcels

and Christmas hampers are prepared there as well. Mr Piccolo said the Church is doing all it can to make it a community-friendly place. According to Coombe’s history of Gawler, worship began in Gawler in January 1900 and parishioners organised into a church on July 23, 1904. The original Church building is believed to be the oldest (at 1986) existing church in SA built by Adventists.

If you would like a photo taken for your 90th or 100th birthday or 50th or 60th anniversary, contact Light Electorate Office.

Premier Mike Rann congratulates Robert and Kathleen Bothe on their 50th wedding anniversary at a visit to Hillier Park, as Tony Piccolo MP looks on.

Tony Piccolo congratulates Len and Joyce Cockerill on their 60th wedding anniversary.

Edition 18,

Tony Piccolo congratulates Joyce and Norman Thompson on their 60th wedding anniversary.

September 2011


Page 15


A Premier occasion for community Cabinet at Immanuel Lutheran Primary School, LOCAL State Member of the Premier then planted a Parliament Tony Piccolo tree for National Tree Day, recently hosted Premier which was held on July 31. Mike Rann on a major tour of the local area. The Premier emphasised the importance of sustainability After meeting local as he planted a significant residents at the Munno Para tree in the school grounds shopping centre, the Premier on the lower oval play space. visited Mark Oliphant College, which is part of Deputy Principal Julian the biggest investment in Helbig said it was great South Australian school to see the student leaders infrastructure in a generation. interact with State leaders in a relaxed forum. The Premier enjoyed morning tea with more than “Our students have taken 70 people at the Hillier Park something valuable from the retirement village and had the experience,” Mr Helbig said. pleasure of greeting a happy couple celebrating their “Hopefully seeing students 50th wedding anniversary. in their own environment deepens our politicians’ and Greeted by the Student understanding By Caleb Flight

Premier Mike Rann (front left), Tony Piccolo MP (second from right) and Immanuel School Deputy Principal Julian Helbig (far right) with the Immanuel School leaders - “school cabinet”.

Premier Mike Rann addresses residents at Hillier Park.

Local councils in meet and greet A RECENT roundtable discussion with key representatives from local councils was a great success, according to Local State Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo, who hosted the forum.



Page 16




Mr Piccolo said the roundabout will help make that intersection safer. The Premier was also briefed on the $12 million Gawler Racecourse upgrade, and was impressed with the results of the State Government’s $6m investment. The final stop was the Amcor glass factory where the Premier inspected the $150m furnace installed in 2008.

Tony Piccolo MP and Minister Russell Wortley with council representatives.

Gawler Rotary Club Needs You

“Mayors and CEOs genuinely appreciated the opportunity for direct engagement with the Minister,” he said.

Are you looking for an opportunity to help others in your local community? Do you enjoy meeting with people from different backgrounds? Do you like sharing ideas with others? Do you enjoy listening to a variety of speakers talking on wide ranging topics?

Mr Wortley was particularly interested to find out more Mr Piccolo agreed with local about Light Regional Council’s councils that it is essential to governance advisory panel model better use publicly owned facilities which hears complaints from the to avoid duplication and gaps community about the Council’s in basic community facilities. decision making processes. “We need to make our facilities more accessible to the community irrespective of which government agency or council owns them,” Mr Piccolo said.

The Premier inspected the site for the new $2.8m roundabout at the Redbanks and Main North Roads intersection.

important given the anticipated growth in this area in coming years including Playford Alive, Southern Gawler, Gawler East, Concordia and Angle Vale.”

The City of Playford said that Minister for State/Local while they would in the long Government Relations Russell term benefit from population Wortley met with Mayors and growth, in the short term it placed CEOs from Light Regional Council, pressure on current budgets. the City of Playford and the Town of Gawler while Barossa Mr Piccolo said there was Council tendered an apology. quite robust discussion. Various issues were canvassed, such as waste management, governance, grant monies, public integrity in local authorities and leveraging existing community facilities to reduce pressure on council budgets.

appreciation of our education system to assist future decision making, as I believe children are a valuable source of learning for adults as well.”

Mr Wortley said he was keen to meet with other local government forums in the region to get a better understanding of issues affecting local communities in the area. He will shortly be attending a meeting of the Wakefield Group.

Edition 18,

September 2011

Are you motivated to assist people less fortunate than yourself? Do you want to become a member of the largest volunteer organisation in the world? Would you like to be involved with like-minded people in local community projects? If your answer to any or all of these questions is YES you may satisfy your wishes by contacting Brenton Hill on 85224689 or 0400937064 to discuss becoming a member of the Rotary Club of Gawler The Rotary Club of Gawler Inc. has been serving the local community for 56 years and is well known for its participation in: x x x x x x

The Village Fair The Christmas Street Festival The Quality of Life Foundation assisting people who cannot find help elsewhere The provision of seating in various locations The development of Clonlea Park Supporting Youth

Enlightened 18  

Issue 18 of Enlightened, the newsletter for the people of the Light Electorate, South Australia. Published by Tony Piccolo, 148 Murray St, G...

Enlightened 18  

Issue 18 of Enlightened, the newsletter for the people of the Light Electorate, South Australia. Published by Tony Piccolo, 148 Murray St, G...