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Palmers Green Bus Garage, 1920 ŠTransport for London. Collection of London Transport Museum

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welcome As this year comes to a close we are all looking forward to Christmas, please join us for a festive mince pie at our office! We have had a very busy year with the introduction of our new community magazine and building strong links within the community. We have received many positive comments in relation to our magazine and thank you for taking the time to read it. This month we feature the interesting history of the Palmers Green Bus Garage plus we have a competition for the children with a chance to win a £30 Skate Attack voucher!

Next month we will be featuring Ruth Winston House, if you have any memories that you would like to share with us we would love to hear from you. Contact us at tonyourris@palmersgreenlife.co.uk.

There was a great atmosphere at the switching on of the Palmers Green Christmas Lights and the Hazelwood Choir received a warm reception. On Sunday 17th November we visited the Designer Craft and Art Fair at the St Monica's Parish Centre and were especially proud to support this event. It was nice to see so many local people admiring the work of local artisans.


At this special time of year it was heart warming to see the generosity of the British people in supporting the Philippines typhoon appeal and Children in Need. We wish you all a happy festive season and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Tony Ourris Director Anthony Webb Estate Agents

Anthony Webb supporting local schools, charities and local action groups to enrich our community

Contents Welcome ................................................2 Creative Exchange ................................ 3 Past Times - Palmers Green Bus Garage .........................................4-5 Councillor Bambos Charalambous .........6 What’s On ..............................................7 Palmers Green Lights .............................8 My Hair and Beauty ...............................9 Baskervilles Blog ..................................10 Palmers Green Jewel in the North........11

FOR SALE - Connaught Gardens ........12 FOR SALE - Dryden Road ....................13 Testimonials and Successful Moves..14-15 Drape Masters Interiors by Julia Sondack ..................................16 Fabulous Hair by Kiri ............................17

FOR SALE - Powy’s Lane .....................18 Talkies..................................................19 Savour the Season Recipe ....................19

TO LET - Arnold Gardens .....................20 TO LET - Hazelwood Lane....................21 TO LET - Broomfield Avenue................22

Left to right: John Constantine, Nick Fitzsimons, Susan Babaie, Tony Ourris, Anthony Georgiou, Martin McKelvey, Panayiota Kyriakides

TO LET - Hazelwood Lane....................23 News from Hazelwood Schools............24 Christmas Competition ........................24 Property Matters – Help to Buy............25 Charity in the Community ....................26

Ellie Sales, Joint Editor

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Ask a Local lawyer by Fariz Uvais.........27

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Creative Exchange News by Dan Maier Creative Exchange Founder and Event Organiser Designer & Business Coach to Creatives

Coming soon - a gallery in Palmers Green! Our Network for Creatives is growing daily with now over 80 members, from ceramists and glass artists to painters and photographers, textile and graphic designers. There’s a fabulous mix and collaborations are forming with lots of experience sharing, all helping lone workers to achieve more. Part of our mission is to create exhibiting opportunities for members and from January 2014 we are delighted to announce that Anthony Webb will be sponsoring us with exhibition space in their offices. We will have a programme of monthly exhibitions to brighten up the high street and make a visit to this particular estate agent a unique experience! Each exhibitor will also be featured in this magazine so watch this space… The network is about engaging and getting stuck in, the old adage “you get out what you put in” rings very true here. Members who volunteer always say how much they’ve gained. We are delighted to have an intern, Dominique working with us, who is not only learning about event management and administration but is also teaching us a few things! Another student, Mason, from Winchmore School assisted us over the summer and at the Fair so if you’re a young person looking for work experience, get in touch.

Designer Craft & Art Fair Report by Dominique Duong

Last month Creative Exchange held its first ever Designer Craft & Art Fair. On Sunday 17th November, St. Monica’s Parish Centre was a hive of activity, packed with a constant stream of visitors from 10am until 6. Around 1500 visitors came through! Fine art, jewellery, leatherwork, ceramics, glassware, graphic prints, fashion accessories… There was something for everyone! From Cheryl Powling’s stained glass pieces to Katherine Bree’s exotic, colourful semi-precious jewellery, the fair was brimming with a multitude of crafts and disciplines, alive with colour and artistry. Thirty artists and designers were featured that day, all of them specially selected for their first-class Here’s what visitors and exhibitors thought… handmade crafts and fine art. Most were local “Really good quality at all price ranges… so much to see I had to walk round 3 times!” creatives, but our events are now attracting “Hope this event becomes a permanent Southgate fixture!” exhibitors further afield. Jade Telles brought her “The event was magic!” Tami St. George Hedley beautiful textiles from Kent with Victoria Goddard “Proud to be part of it” Mary Marmery and Lindsay Duff coming all the way from Oxford “Totally blown away by how many people came!” Gaby Gassner and Cambridge respectively with their exquisitely “Just brilliant, far better than any event I’ve sold at before” Richard Crutchley handcrafted jewellery! “Such a great atmosphere and the visitors were so nice” Jo Angell Lots of creatives also joined the network on the “The amount of people who came was phenomenal” Angela Dierks day. The fair couldn’t have been realised without the hard work of Creative Exchange’s founders, Dan Maier, Christina Stavrinides, Denise Ryan, Ruth Berenbaum, Rachel Lee and Dan Skipworth-Michell as well as our team of volunteers. They worked tirelessly to bring this fair to life with months of preparation and planning, setting up from 6.30am on the day, welcoming visitors and looking after exhibitors with copious cups of tea to keep them going in the rush. Many thanks to everyone who made a donation on the door. All of your donations go towards funding future events to make our area more vibrant. We are also really grateful to all of our partners and supporters, most notably, Anthony Webb, Waitrose Palmers Green and Sainsbury’s Winchmore Hill. Some of the early bird set up team

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Past Times in Palmers Green ... Next time you find yourself sitting at the traffic lights at the Green Lanes / North Circular Road junction take a trip back in time and try to imagine how the Palmers Green Bus Garage would have looked some 100 years ago when it started life as “The Rosalie Skating Rink”. John Cathles Hill was born in Scotland in 1857 the eldest of 5 children. At the age of 17 he left home and set upon a career as a self employed Carpenter and Joiner. In 1878 he moved to London and it was not long before he established himself as a Master Joiner. In the 1890’s Hill was responsible for building a good part of Haringay including the Grand Parade and the wonderfully ornate Salisbury Public House and, when he experienced a shortage of bricks, he established his own brink manufacturing facility, later to become the London Brick Company.

Rosalie Skating Rink Courtesy of Enfield Library Studies

It was in 1910 that he built the ‘Rosalie Skating Rink’ opposite the Cock Tavern (now TFC supermarket) but in May 1912, only 2 years after the rink had opened, the financial climate had changed and at the age of 55 John was declared bankrupt. When dilapidation beckoned it was the London General Omnibus Company (LGOC) that stepped in and purchased the rink for £4,000. Late in the 19th century, the need to carry London’s increasing numbers of passengers faster, farther and more efficiently, spawned a variety of ingenious mechanical buses, steam, electric, a combination of petrol and electric - and petrol, which swept the last of the horse buses from London streets by 1914. An electric tram way had been installed along Green Lanes from Turnpike Lane up to Winchmore Hill and was completed in 1907.

Palmers Green Train Station 1905 and horse buses. Courtesy of Enfield Library Studies

At the time of purchasing the rink in 1912, 100 new B type buses had been supplied to Palmers Green for use on routes 21 and 29, the latter route down Cannon Hill known as the “wiggle woggle” due to the uneven road surface. The increasing number of buses needed to be stored under cover, a pressing concern given the fact that they were not allowed to have covered roofs at the time! Buses were developing and by the end of the 1920s they boasted covered top-decks, softer-ride, pneumatic balloon tyres for improved passenger comfort and drivers’ cabs with a windscreen against the weather. Although these developments were necessary they were not without problems as at the time the 4000 sq yard roof of Palmers Green Garage was too low to allow access to the new buses. Not to be defeated they simply raised the roof, 300 tons jacked up 10 inches using four jacks at 40 selected locations, the whole process taking a little over 20 weeks.

This picture was taken from the spire of St John's on Bourne Hill looking north. The tram ran along Green Lanes from Turnpike Lane to Winchmore Hill by 1907. The street in the background is Stonard Road. Photo dates between 1909-1910.

In the 1930s, the pace of development increased dramatically and the London bus began to look like those we all still recognise today. A 1933 Act of Parliament compulsorily purchased all London’s bus companies to form the world’s biggest public transport undertaking, the London Transport Passenger Board (“London Transport”). In 1938 the electric tramway gave way to trolleybuses powered by electricity obtained from overhead wires by means of a pole. These in turn gave way to conventional diesel buses in 1961.

NS-type double deck motor bus introduced in 1923 (Actual restored Palmers Green Bus) This vehicle is in the London Transport Museum collection.*

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One of the many drivers who served with distinction at Palmers Green was William "Bill" Barrett. At the outbreak of World War One Bill volunteered to join the Army but was not accepted because he was married with two young children. Instead he was employed to drive Soldiers to their embarkation ports in open top buses.

AnthonyWebb palmersgreen@anthonywebb.co.uk

5 He was on the buses from 1915 and worked at Palmers Green driving B type Buses on the route 21 from Wood Green to Sidcup. A man committed to his job, his son recalls that before windscreens were introduced his father would cover his eyes with Selotape to protect them from the driving hail. His talents came to national recognition and he appeared in a 1950 London Transport Magazine as well as the Television shows "In Town Tonight" and "What's My Line". When he retired in 1954 after 39 years service he Palmers Green Bus Garage 16 Jul 1936* Palmers Green Bus Garage today was the only holder of a 35 year safe driving award as well as receiving the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents highest honour, the Bronze Badge, having driven 630,000 miles (more than 25 times round the World) without an accident. In 1969 the Route Master buses we see today began to arrive. Palmers Green garage was further modernised in 1974 by which time 60 buses were allocated to the garage. Information source Palmers Green Bus Garage book, by Mike Wormall, Edward Simpson, Maurice Cullum

London Transport and the War effort Back home London's transport systems had to cope with rapidly growing passenger traffic due to troop movements. The London General Omnibus Company's bus manufacturing concern, the Associated Equipment Company (AEC), turned to the production of military vehicles and was only able to provide a few replacements for the commandeered buses. The result was service cuts and considerable overcrowding on those buses that did run. There were soon serious staff shortages on the buses, trams and Underground as men enlisted for military service. The obvious answer, the employment of women, was not immediately welcomed by either the trade unions or male management. Women undertook all sorts of transport work, usually at equal pay with their male colleagues, but had to give up their jobs when the men came home at the end of the war in 1918-19.

World War I Unmistakable in sight and sound, the B-type bus was still in its infancy when war in Europe erupted in 1914. Less than 48 hours after the outbreak of war on 4 August 1914, a large number of London buses and their crews were commandeered by the Government for home troop movements. Within a few weeks over 300 London buses with volunteer drivers were being used in France and Belgium to carry troops to and from battle areas. The vehicles became the workhorses of the Army Service Corps, they were painted khaki, and were used to lug heavy equipment and turned into ambulances and makeshift hospitals. The B-Type could carry 24 fully equipped infantrymen and their kit. Some were even converted into pigeon lofts enabling a crack team of messenger birds to carry vital information to and from the frontline. They served until the end of the war when they were used to bring troops home.

World War II The mass evacuation of London's children, hospital patients and expectant mothers took place in the first few days of September 1939. In four days more than 550,000 evacuees were conveyed out of the danger zone by London Transport vehicles, either to main line termini for transfer to trains or direct to the country. Some buses travelled as far afield as Northampton and Weston-super-Mare. Blackout restrictions were applied immediately across London and bus services were restricted or withdrawn altogether to save fuel and limit blackout working.

was severe but never crippling. A service of some kind could nearly always be maintained as buses could always be diverted. London Transport staff had been receiving regular training in rescue, fire fighting and first aid since before the war, but in May 1940 the Board also formed its own Home Guard unit, in which nearly 30,000 employees served. As growing numbers of male staff were called up for service in the Forces, the Board began to recruit more female staff to replace them, but on a much larger scale than in the First World War. Women now took on virtually every job previously carried out by men, including labouring and heavy engineering work, but not driving which was a 'reserved occupation' and therefore less subject to staff shortages. Victory in Europe (VE Day) came on 8 May 1945, ending six years of conflict, which had taken a considerable toll on London Transport. 699 members of staff were killed on active service in HM Forces. In the air attacks on London 426 staff were killed and nearly 3000 injured. 241 road vehicles and 19 railway cars were totally destroyed by the enemy action and many others badly damaged. A war memorial was subsequently erected by the staff at Palmers Green Bus Garage in memory of fellow workers who died for their country while serving with the colours during both world wars. Keeping daily life moving during the worst days of the First and Second World Wars was an extraordinary achievement for London's transport operators and their staff.

During 1940/1941 the Luftwaffe’s bombing of London wrought devastation, killing and injuring thousands and destroying hundreds of buses across London. On the 5th March 1941, tragically, 41 people lost their lives on a bus that was bombed on Green Lanes, not far from the present day Junction with the North Circular. The damage and disruption to the London transport system

*Images courtesy of ŠTransport for London. Collection of London Transport Museum

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CouncillorĘźs Corner by Cllr. Bambos Charalambous Cllr.bambos.charalambous@enfield.gov.uk Tel: 020 8351 1362

The burnt ruins of Broomfield House have for too long been a blot on the landscape of Broomfield Park and the surrounding area. I was at secondary school when the first fire happened in 1983 and have fond memories of the House, in particular one room where you could see the bees making their honey through glass and another room full of stuffed animals in glass cases - a fox carrying a dead pigeon in its mouth being one of the scarier exhibits. Since 1983 there have been subsequent fires which caused more damage resulting in the ruins that remain today. There have been many failed attempts to restore Broomfield House, including plans for a pub, banqueting suite and more recently housing. Things have gone on for so long that some have joked that even the scaffolding must be listed by English Heritage now. Despite all the setbacks and failed schemes of the past there are a number of positive things happening in the park that bode well for the future of the House. The first is that there is an amazing community spirit

in the park. Much of this is down to the excellent work of the Friends of Broomfield Park, the organisers of the Palmers Green festival, as well as the Conservatory and Orchard and the Palmersgreenery cafĂŠ, which should hopefully open next summer. Secondly the Council is actively engaging with park users and the wider community about progress with the House.

raising this sum. In order to try and bridge the gap the Council has obtained the services of a highly experienced fundraising and income generation adviser, Marilynn Scott, who has an outstanding background in heritage and culture. This way forward has the backing of the community. We remain cautiously hopeful that this might well be the solution to this intractable problem.

Everyone was bitterly disappointed when the Council’s bid, supported by the local community, to the Heritage Lottery Fund for over £4million submitted in October 2012 was turned down earlier this year.

Meanwhile, you may be interested to know that the bees have returned to Broomfield Park, making their honey in the Orchard hives; and as for the stuffed fox and pigeon, it is now on public view at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town. All that remains is for the House to be restored and my happy memories of 1983 will return.

The present situation is that the Council has agreed to match up to ÂŁ1million for a fully funded project and the Heritage Lottery Fund has indicated that an application to a regional fund for up to ÂŁ2 million would stand a far greater chance of success than the previous failed bid. This would leave a funding shortfall of approximately ÂŁ3-4 million and no amount of street collection tins would come near to

Please get in touch if you want more information about Broomfield House or any other matters to do with the Council.




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Local Events Whatʼs going on in and around Palmers Green See page 19 for information on our local Talkies Community Cinema Santa's Workshop At The Little Teapot

Christmas Wonderland in Crews Hill

The Little Teapot, 792 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill London N21 2SH Date: Mon 18th Nov 13 to Tue 17th Dec 13 Drop-in sessions run on Monday and Tuesday mornings from 9.30-11.30. Price is £4 per child, which includes a gift bag to take the pressie home in.

Springtime Nurseries, Cattlegate Road, Enfield EN2 9EE Date: Sat 23rd Nov 13 to Tue 24th Dec 13 Once again, Santa's Express has arrived in Enfield. No booking required. Jump on board, ooh and aah at over 20 Christmas scenes before arriving at Santa's Workshop. Don't forget to bring your letter to Santa with you!

Rowantree Christmas Concert Arranged by Jonathan Rathbone

Chickenshed's Christmas Show The Night Before Christmas

Sat 14th & Tues 17th Dec at 7.30pm United Reformed Church, Fox Lane N13 4AL £12 Adults £6 Kids Tickets: boxoffice@rowantreechoir.org.uk 020 8360 7602

Hazelwood Players Panto – Robin Hood Hazelwood School, Hazelwood Lane, N13 5HE Date: Thurs 19th Dec 6.30pm and 8pm Adults £3 Children £1 Book: hpsa@hotmail.co.uk

Chickenshed Theatre, 290 Chase Side, Southgate, London N14 4PE Date: Wed 27th Nov 13 to Sat 11th Jan 14 This will be a magical and festive family treat for everyone aged 5 and above. Tickets: £11 - £20. Telephone: 020 8292 9222 Email: bookings@chickenshed.org.uk Website: http://www.chickenshed.org.uk

Chickenshed's Christmas Tales Sit back and let the brilliant Tales characters bring you a sackful of silly songs with plenty of potty puppeteering and festive fun. Get ready to laugh, sing and join in with Can-Can, The Thing That Goes Blurgh and the laid back Lion Down and all their fun and games. Date: Wed 4th Dec 13 to Mon 23rd Dec 13 Tickets: £8 / free to babies under 6 months Running time: 50-60mins Age recommendation: 0-7yrs

Dick Whittington @ Millfield Theatre Silver Street, Edmonton N18 1PJ Date: Thurs 28th Nov 13 to Sat 4th Jan 14 Telephone: 020 8887 7313 Website: http://www.millfieldtheatre.co.uk Book your tickets for the best Christmas Pantomime in North London. The Millfield pantomime is a show for all the family

You can now collect a copy of Palmers Green Life magazine at the Millfield theatre and Dugdale theatre

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Christmas has arrived in Palmers Green Christmas has officially arrived in Palmers Green with the switching on of the festive lights on Thursday 14th November, at the newly refurbished Triangle. This year we even have a real Christmas tree! The choir from Hazelwood School received a warm reception, singing Christmas carols and getting everyone into the festive spirit whilst mince pies and balloons were handed out by Anthony Webb.

who organised the event, said: “It was absolutely full of people, the best event we have had so far”

At 4pm, Mayor of Enfield Chaudhury Anwar, turned on the lights, at The Triangle, in front of the crowds of people that had gathered, which included MP David Burrowes and Costas Georgiou.

The Green Lanes Business Association, who have organised the Christmas lights for the past 16 years, together with the Enfield Business and Retailers Association want to encourage more people to shop local and re-establish community spirit within Palmers Green.

Costas Georgiou, chairman of the Green Lanes Business Association,

Think Local – Buy Local – Be Local

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Baskervilles Tea Shop Blog by Diane We have been busy making Christmas cakes and they are now nicely wrapped up and maturing. The puddings are done and tucked away in the cupboard. Now it’s time for Mince Pies. I heard this morning on the radio that the sales of mince pies are falling. There is nothing like homemade mince pies, shop bought are really a different thing altogether. Homemade mincemeat is full of flavour and a real delight. I like a really light and fruity mix and use one that has no suet and is suitable for vegetarians. You can make this in advance and it will keep for up to 6 months. If you run out of time however, it can be made a few days ahead of time. You can always make a bit more and use for cakes in the New Year. I use a light and crumbly pastry and either top with a star of pastry or a crumble topping. Homemade mincemeat 200ml dry cider 150g soft brown sugar 1 kg cooking apples, cored and chopped 1 tspn mixed spice 225g raisins 100g sultanas 100g currents 50g mixed peel 50g flaked almonds Grated rind and juice of 1 lemon 2 tbsps brandy

Special shortcrust pastry (makes 12) 225 g self-raising flour 25g caster sugar 50g butter 50g stork block margarine 25g flora white or Trex 1 egg yolk Milk to mix Crumble Topping 25g cold butter 25g plain flour Mix together then add 1 tbsps muscavado sugar 1 tbsps ground almonds

1. Heat the cider and sugar together and stir until dissolved 2. Stir in the rest of the ingredients (not the brandy) and simmer for 30-60 mins, until the liquid has absorbed 3. Take off the heat, add the brandy and spoon into sterilised jars, seal and label.

1. Using a mixer; mix the flour, sugar, butter, stork and flora white together until it looks like breadcrumbs 2. Add the egg yolks; and enough milk to make soft dough 3. Knead lightly until smooth. Put the dough in the fridge for 30 mins to make it easier to handle 4. Roll out on a floured surface and cut circles to size for whatever baking tin you have 5. Make sure you grease the tin well, place your pastry in carefully, add the mincemeat, don’t overfill them or it will ooze out 6. Cut enough stars, moisten the pastry with milk before putting on the star on top, firm along the edges, brush with egg and milk to glaze, or fill the case with crumble topping 7. Sprinkle with caster sugar and bake for 15-20 mins in a hot oven.

Festive greetings to you all and see you in the New Year Diane 66 Alderman’s Hill, N13 4RE 020 8351 1673 mail@baskervillesteashop.co.uk www.baskervillesteashop.co.uk Monday – Friday 9-5.15 Saturdays 9.30-5.30 Sundays and Bank Holidays 10-5

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Palmers Green Jewel in the North In praise of Palmers Green’s jewels Suzanne Beard of Palmers Green Jewel in the North wanders the winter streets

Why on earth call a website about Palmers Green ‘Palmers Green Jewel in the North’? Frankly, sometimes it makes me blush just a little. I don’t believe that in every respect PG is a jewel (though I don’t see why we shouldn’t love it anyway).

I chose the name for two reasons. First of all, after novelist Paul Scott, who lived in Palmers Green when he was growing up from the 1920s onwards. Scott was born at 130 Fox Lane but his writing career began in earnest at 63 Bourne Hill, where the family moved in 1939, having rallied after a period of financial difficulty. Scott took the themes of his childhood – class, financial precariousness, and the feelings of being an outsider they caused – and relocated them to India, to the fictional town of Mayapore and the last days of the Raj for his 1966 novel Jewel in the Crown, the first of the Raj Quartet. But there’s another, more personal reason. It was autumn when we first arrived in PG. The nights were drawing in. Many was the time we nearly collided with trees that winter, walking along looking at all the beautiful stained and coloured glass, shining out of cosy interiors in the falling dusk. We were giddied by the colours, shapes and the sheer variety of designs, and the fact that, one hundred years after they were installed, so much of it was still there. So why was decorative glass so popular in the years when most of Palmers Green was built? It was attractive, of course, and provided a simple way for builders to make their new houses appear fashionable and up to date. It enhanced the appearance of the interior, and with the coming of electric light, it created a new and distinctive kind of ‘curb appeal’.

But there was also the small matter of privacy to be considered in respectable, straight laced Palmers Green. In the new suburban streets, long rows of houses faced each other, and curtains twitched from time to time. Stained glass let in light, but not the prying eyes of neighbours. It was used as standard in doors and in the large flanking windows used to light halls and stairwells, sometimes known as ‘cathedral windows’. It was also used where the ‘service’ parts of the house met the living accommodation, such as the entrance to the kitchen. In locations where privacy was less of a concern, such as the french windows connecting the drawing-room to the back garden, coloured glass was valued simply because, well, it looked nice. We shouldn’t get too dewy-eyed. Like many of the other ‘craft’ features of Edwardian speculative housing, decorative glass could be got relatively cheaply ‘off the peg’ from building suppliers, in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some were already turning up their noses at the proliferation of coloured glass before PG was even built. Said the architect M H Baillie Scott in 1895 (quoted in Helen Long’s The Edwardian House), “the average stock patterns of the manufacturer are more suggestive of the gin palace than the private house, and should be carefully avoided”. Palmers Green, your houses look like pubs! Thankfully, hopefully not. Simpler designs had become fashionable by the Edwardian period, partly influenced by the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements. A stock version of Art Nouveau is probably the most widely seen type of decorative glass in Edwardian Palmers Green, with a variety of greens, mauves, yellows and reds set into clear leaded panels which suggest stylised, symmetrical flowers and semi-heraldic motifs. If you find someone standing looking at your house one evening, they may not be casing the joint. But true enough, they may be looking at your Palmers Green jewels.

Merry Christmas!

Palmers Green Jewel in the North is creating an online gallery of the stained and coloured glass in the area. If you would be interested in contributing pictures, please email us at palmersgreenn13@btinternet.com or get in touch via the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PalmersGreen. And if you would like to know more about Palmers Green history and people, have stories of your own, or would like to get involved in the new oral history project, Palmers Green Tales, why not visit http://www.palmersgreenn13.com

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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent




well presented three bedroom end of terrace1930s built house located in this popular residential turning between Hazelwood Lane and Hedge Lane. The property, which is within easy reach of Palmers Green's shops,

restaurants and mainline station, benefits from a spacious 30ft through lounge, a modern kitchen with breakfast bar, two double bedrooms and one good single

Connaught Gardens Palmers Green, N13 3 bedrooms, through lounge kitchen, bathroom

bedroom, double glazing, gas central heating, laminate flooring, a garage via rear access and front and rear gardens. An internal inspection is essential to fully appreciate this family home.

ÂŁ379,995 Freehold More properties urgently required, visit us today! Like us on Facebook

AnthonyWebb palmersgreen@anthonywebb.co.uk

AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent




substantial five bedroom semi-detached period house located ina popular road off Wellington Road and within five minutes walk of Bush Hill Park's local shops and mainline station (Liverpool Street). The property, which is

offered CHAIN FREE, benefits from two spacious reception rooms, a fitted kitchen, a utility room, a ground floor cloakroom, a conservatory, a spacious family bath/shower room, a second floor shower room, many original features, gas central

Dryden Road Bush Hill Park, EN1 5 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms kitchen, conservatory, bathroom shower room, cloakroom utility room

heating, a carriage driveway for several cars, a garage to side and a good size rear garden. Dryden Road is within easy reach of Enfield Town's shopping and transport facilities and has excellent road links into London via the A10 and A406.

ÂŁ849,950 Freehold

More properties urgently required, visit us today! 020 8882 7888


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Anthony Webb

& Successful

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b’s Testimonials

l Moves 2013

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Embarassing Homes ... A study by Dulux claims to have discovered that we are so ashamed of the state of our homedecorating that we don’t invite anyone over! Sadly a quarter of us never host a social gathering in the property we live in due to the way we feel about it. In fact the average Brit is embarrassed by at least one room in their house to such an extent that 66% wouldn't allow this room to be seen by anyone and 34% were found to not want anyone to see two or more rooms. Astoundingly 1 in 10 was found to not like a single room in their current property! Despite our discontent, the average household only undergoes a decorating task once every four and a half years at an average cost of £590 each time, per room (decor only) but interestingly 54% of Brits also admitted to leaving a decorating task they'd started unfinished for more than six months. Believe it or not this means approximately 13.5 million rooms are currently left unfinished in the UK. It seems the room we are most embarrassed about is the bedroom; 31% of singletons felt that their love life suffered as a result of thinking they were not able to invite a partner back to see it. However, the good news is 32% of those polled said they felt a lot happier in life generally once they had completed a decorating task and 62% were eager to show off their home's new look to friends

and family. As a matter of fact 5% of men surveyed said it made them feel better than their football team winning! Having worked in home interiors for over 18 years we know the true impact decor can have on our lives. It’s a great achievement to have your own property but furnishing it to reflect your own personality, putting your individual brand on it is what really makes it a home. A couple of years ago we were privileged to take part in a 60 Minute Makeover programme locally and, to see the joy new decor and our furnishings brought to the family’s home was truly wonderful. Akin to this family we may not all have time to pick up a paint brush or choose furnishings ourselves but we can call an expert to help turn ideas into a reality empowering us to do as much entertaining as we care to or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of our own home. For further furnishing help & advice contact: Julia@Drapemasters.co.uk 020 8360 3082 www.drapemasters.co.uk



48 Vicars Moor Lane,Winchmore Hill, London N21 2QH

020 8360 3082 • info@drapemasters.co.uk • www.drapemasters.co.uk

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How to keep your hair looking beautiful by Kiri from Fabulous Hair Company

Hello and welcome back to our 4th article. Previously, we have covered the advantage of using salon professional products, I then followed on with how to look after your coloured hair, and spoke about the best way to protect your hair in the winter. These articles can be found on our website www.fabuloushaircompany.com or email me @ kc@fabuloushaircompany.com and I will email you a copy. Male grooming is a market that seems to continually grow with an estimated 61 billion spent by men annually. We have never had as many guys in the salon so regularly, and more than ever, we now offer additional service’s in the salon, from a manicure, hand massage, colour and eyebrow tidy, there's even a return to a wet shave.

One of the hardest questions I find answering is, what is fashionable for men’s hair; with so many trends right now, there is no correct answer. The one thing I have noticed is that guys want different looks from the same cut, one look for work and another for a night out. With so many great products available this has never been easier to achieve. Guys are wearing their hair short, very tailored through the back and sides, with a strong parting and leaving the top long and slicked back for a smooth polished look, reminiscent of an era when a man wanted to look dapper, a smarter appearance for work. With the sides and back cut tight and the top left long and using the right product,hair can be worked up into a pompadour for a night out. A pompadour or quiff is the iconic rebellious

rockabilly look of the1950’s worn by legendary musicians like Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and the actor James Dean. The look itself can be traced back to the mistress of Louis XV, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, also known as Madame De Pompadour, who wore her hair brushed high and back from her face, in a larger than life statement of grandeur. Guys are wearing their hair higher and bigger than ever before and we have even seen a resurgence of guys perming their hair. This is one of numerous looks and not for everyone. To show you a collection of men’s looks, I have added an album on our facebook page and we also have a youtube channel attached to our website page, click the link and take a look at some great styling ideas. Ladies why not check out our youtube channel for some tips on styling your hair for a night out, especially now Christmas is nearly here.

If you have any questions that need answering quickly, please email me at kc@fabuloushaircompany.com and I will get back to you soon as I can. If you enjoyed my article, let us know by liking us on facebook and we’ll enter you in our monthly competition, for a chance of winning one of many Paul Mitchell travel size Mitch men’s styling product, perfect for your gym bag. Just go to our website at www.fabuloushaircompany.com click the facebook icon to like.


Boiler servicing and maintenance Landlords gas safety certificates Gas fire and cooker installations Tel/Fax: 020 8372 0726 Email: info@mkgasservices.co.uk

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substantial CHAIN FREE five bedroom, semi-detached, period house located in this desirable residential turning overlooking Broomfield Park. The property, which requires updating boasts a spacious hallway with

original wood parquet floor and cast iron fireplace, an 18ft living room, a 19ft sitting/dining room, a morning room opening to kitchen, a cellar, a bathroom with

Powy’s Lane Palmers Green, N13 5 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms kitchen, bathroom, large garden

original tessellated tiled floor, five good size bedrooms, recently re-wired, partial gas central heating, a spacious front garden offering potential for off street parking (SSPP), 150ft South facing garden with a good size garage to rear.

ÂŁ749,950 Freehold More properties urgently required, visit us today! Like us on Facebook

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Talkies Community Cinema – One Year On Buy your tickets at Anthony Webb THURS 5 DEC 7.30PM

David Williamson, founder

Seasons Greetings to you all and best wishes for 2014!



Talkies Community Cinema is now one year

old! From our first tentative screening at St Monica’s Social Club, in the past year we have held over 20 varied film events in our community. We want to thank you all for your wonderful support. We encourage you to get in touch and become involved by having a say in what we do. We have two more great evenings in December and an amazing programme for you as we go into 2014…. check out the website and sign up for the mailing list at www.talkies.org.uk

Ai Wei Wei, the internationally acclaimed artist has been highly and openly critical of the Chinese Government's stance on democracy and human rights. Acclaimed filmmaker Alison Klayman provides this detailed, intimate and stirring portrait provides a nuanced exploration of contemporary China and one of its most compelling, amusing, impassioned and original public figures. Tickets £5 Dugdale Reservations 020 8807 6680 Book online www.talkies.org.uk

Sam Bern and Stefan Georgiou are Palmers Greenies .... they will introduce their first feature length film together and answer Q&A. Familiar London locations, including Palmers Green, set a backdrop for this quirky Christmas rom-com. Michael and Kristen were childhood sweethearts that have not spoken in 10 years. Thrown back together as they both begin their thirties, is there still anything between them? With nothing but a gang of dysfunctional friends as allies will they discover if this second chance is love or just nostalgia? Tickets £5 Book online www.talkies.org.uk Tickets also available from Anthony Webb Office

Savour the Season by Shelley Shapir

Butternut Squash Soup Come this time of year, I look towards my shed. Yes, it does lean, and yes, it needs a new roof. But that’s not my job. I look towards the large pots that are stored within. My ‘Chicken Soup Pots’. These are the big, bad boys I bring out when the leftovers need reducing after a Shapir Feast. And when the Hazelwood Christmas Bazaar requires some serious soup. Say hello to my dear friend, the butternut squash, and a recipe that is requested time and time again. This recipe will give you enough soup to either feed a group, or the family and another portion for the freezer. • 2 large butternut squash • olive oil • sea salt • 3 celery sticks, chopped • 1 sweet onion, chopped • 3 cloves garlic, minced • 2 tbsp each; (ground) cumin, coriander, turmeric, & mild curry powder • veg stock cube around about 1.5 litres water • 350 ml reduced fat crème fraiche (optional) • grated parmesan, to serve

I start by roasting my squashy babies. Now, you can just pop them in the bottom of the oven when you are making something else. They need a good hour and a half, until they are nice squishy squashies. You can then let them cool down enough to handle, and then just ease the skin off and scoop out the seeds. Place the flesh to one side while you get on with your other bits. I do like to overcomplicate things in the name of a bit of extra flavour, though. When I roast my squash, I usually cut them in half, lengthways, and scoop the seeds out. Then I pop them in an ovenproof dish (lined with foil), drizzle with the olive oil, and a really good sprinkle of sea salt. Then roast them (175 fan) until they look nice and caramelised around the edges. Let them cool down a bit, then scrape the guts out and set aside. In a good size ‘chicken soup pot’, heat a glug of olive oil, and toss in the celery, onion and garlic. Also add in all your spices, and on a low heat sweat the veggies, stirring constantly until clear NOT brown. Don’t be tempted to skimp on the spices, especially the curry powder. It gives this soup its life and punch. Boil the kettle. Now is the time to add the squash into the pot, give it all a nice stir to incorporate the tasty

oniony goodness. Pour over the water and add the stock cube. I usually start with about a litre of water, as I prefer my soup thicker. You can always add more to thin it out, up to you! Time to simmer, and let the flavours do their thing. I simmer for a rather indeterminate amount of time. Depends on what else I am doing. So, say, anything from 30 minutes to an hour. At this stage, I suggest donning an apron, and possibly protective gear. The soup is going to be molten, and you are going to wiz it. I have a lovely Braun hand blender, which I use on low speed to blitz all that yum up. Now you will really see if you want to add a bit more water to thin it. At this stage, I add my crème fraiche. This is totally optional, and a matter of personal taste. The soup is pretty creamy without it. Season with salt and pepper. Slop some into a bowl, sprinkle on some parm, and have a cook’s sample. This golden bowl is really flexible, so add some brave additions….croutons, perhaps. Or some crispy sage leaves. I would be intrigued to hear what you come up with!

Keep on Veggin’!

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one double bedroom maisonette occupying the ground floor of this 1920s built terrace house. The property, which is within easy reach of Palmers Green's shops and mainline station, benefits from a spacious living room

with feature fireplace, stripped wood floors and original French doors to own rear garden, a modern kitchen, a modern bathroom and gas central heating. Furnished

Arnold Gardens Palmers Green, N13 1 double bedroom, living room kitchen, own rear garden

to a high standard and available in January 2014.

ÂŁ1,000 per month More properties urgently required, visit us today! Like us on Facebook

AnthonyWebb palmersgreen@anthonywebb.co.uk

AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent





ffered to let this incredibly spacious, luxurious, two double bedroom apartment located on the 2nd floor of this modern purpose built block. The property is five minutes walk to Palmers Green's shops, restaurants

and mainline station (Moorgate). The apartment benefits from a spacious living/dining room with wood floor and remote electric fire, a fitted kitchen/diner with integrated appliances and granite work surfaces, a utility room, a contemporary bathroom with Jacuzzi bath, an en-suite shower room to the master

Hazeltree Lodge Hazelwood Lane Palmers Green, N13 2 double bedrooms, living room kitchen, bathroom allocated parking

bedroom, double glazing, a storage shed in communal gardens, secure gated parking space and video entry phone system. The apartment is offered unfurnished and is available in December 2013.

ÂŁ1,400 per month

More properties urgently required, visit us today! 020 8882 7888


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ffered to let a spacious two bedroom first floor flat located within easy walking distance of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station (Moorgate). The property benefits from a large living room, a

Broomfield Avenue Palmers Green, N13

modern kitchen, a modern bathroom, one double bedroom and one single

2 bedrooms, living room kitchen, bathroom

bedroom, gas central heating and double glazing. The property is offered part furnished and is available now.

ÂŁ1,100 per month More properties urgently required, visit us today! Like us on Facebook

AnthonyWebb palmersgreen@anthonywebb.co.uk

AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent





ffered to let this spacious well presented two double bedroom flat located five minutes walk to Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station. This first floor property benefits from a good size living room

with parquet flooring, a kitchen with appliances, a modern bathroom, two good

Hazelwood Court Hazelwood Lane Palmers Green, N13

size bedrooms, gas central heating, double glazing, balcony area with stairs down 2 double bedrooms kitchen, bathroom

to communal garden area. The property is offered furnished and is available now.

ÂŁ1,200 per month More properties urgently required, visit us today! 020 8882 7888


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News from Hazelwood Schools by Ellie Sales

It's Panto Time! The lead up to Christmas at school is a magical time for the children, as the excitement builds for our Christmas Bazaar the kids really begin to get into the Christmas spirit. The year 3 Choir sang beautifully at the switching on of the Palmers Green Lights, joined by the Mayor, MP David Burrows and Costas (Chair of the Green Lanes Business Association). The school is always happy to support local events, encourage community spirit and support our High Street. We would like to pay special thanks Yasar Halim Supermarket on Hedge Lane for their continued support for our School events, as an independent business the amount of support we receive from Yasar Halim goes a long way to boost our fundraising efforts. Sunshine Garden Centre on Durnsford Road, N11 2EL are also supporting our school, from 18th21st December they will have a Christmas tree in store and the profit from any Christmas decorations purchased off the tree will be donated to Hazelwood School. Pop in and visit their fantastic garden centre and cafe! HPSA writes and preforms an annual Panto its actors made up of parents, teachers and staff at the school. This years Panto is "Robin Hood". The script is still in production, and the scenes are being painted however the show never fails to be an excellent conclusion to the Autumn term. The show is preformed during school hours to the children and again on Thursday 19th Dec (the last day of term) in the evening. The show lasts about an hour with no interval and is perfect for kids. For tickets please contact hpsa@hotmail.co.uk Thanks to everyone who has supported HPSA this year including our lovely volunteers, and thanks to Anthony Webb for sponsoring our events.

We wish everyone a very happy holiday!

Christmas Competition Can you find all the hidden words in our Palmers Green word search? For your chance to win a ÂŁ30 voucher please send us your successfully completed word search by Jan 1st. Good Luck!

Skate Attack has a great range of skateboards, scooters, figure skates, ROLLER DERBY & MORE... Please return your entry to our office or post it to us at Anthony Webb Estate Agents 348 Green Lanes Palmers Green London N13 5TJ Name ........................................................................... Email............................................................................ Contact Telephone Number .....................................................................................

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Property Matters According to the Government its Help to Buy scheme will assist people trying to get on the housing ladder who can afford mortgage repayments but are struggling to raise a deposit. The first phase started in April in England and saw the Government offering a 20% equity loan to buyers of newly-built properties. These buyers must offer a 5% deposit. The second phase of the scheme, originally planned for January 2014, has been brought forward and mortgage products are available now. Under this system, borrowers across the UK can put down a deposit of as little as 5% of the property price. The lender offers a mortgage covering the other 95%. Lenders can sign up to the Help to Buy scheme and pay a fee to the government, which will provide a seven-year taxpayer guarantee covering 15% of the loan value. That guarantee can be called in if the borrower defaults. It is available for properties sold for up to ÂŁ600,000 in the UK. The scheme is expected to continue for three years. RBS and Lloyds Banking Group - both of which are taxpayer backed - are participating in the second phase of Help to Buy. Smaller lenders Virgin Money and Aldermore have announced that they will be involved as well, from January. However Barclays and Santander have also said they would join, but have yet to give details. Nationwide Building Society have yet to decide. There is fear from many commentators who say that Help to Buy is simply going to help some relatively well-off people move up the housing ladder. Critics, including Labour, say that this does nothing to tackle the shortage of affordable homes to buy, so it wants more focus on house building. Treasury officials suggest that the system will correct a failure in the market and stimulate builders to get going again with bricks and mortar.


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Charity in the community Could you cook one extra portion of food for an older neighbour in need?

Casserole Club (www.casseroleclub.com) is an exciting new local community project. We connect people who love cooking and want to meet new neighbours in their area (Cooks), with an older neighbour (Diner) who could

really benefit from an occasional home cooked meal delivered to them.

www.casseroleclub.com or call us on 020 3475 5471.

Social isolation and loneliness are growing problems for a number of older and younger people in the UK, particularly in the run up to Christmas. The Casserole Club is trying to tackle these issues by connecting neighbours through food.

“My daughters and I feel like we have gained so much from spending time with Big Munna (Casserole Diner). We get to spend time with someone who has had a very rich life, who has grown up children, who’s travelled, is well read and loves life. I think Big Munna is the one who’s gaining the least actually, come to think of it, because all she gets is my cooking!”

We’ve been connecting amazing Cooks to new Diners in Barnet, Tower Hamlets and Surrey. If you can spare an extra portion of food everynow and again for an older neighbour, or if you know an older person who might benefit from the project please get in touch by signing up today at

Oruj, a Casserole Cook

Mick Lawton GENERAL BUILDING & PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Decorating • Plumbing Electrical • Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting • Tiling • Plastering Carpentry


M 07985 541 599 T 020 8245 9146 E micklawton@live.com

We deliver the highest levels of expertise and attention to detail and deliver up-to-date advice in what is a fast-changing and challenging area of the law. Including:

• Residential & Commercial Conveyancing - Freehold and Leasehold • Wills • Probate Call for more information on:

020 8884 6707 Email: r.dawson@barnesandpartners.com 60 Fore Street, Edmonton, London N18 2TT

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Ask a Local Lawyer by Fariz Uvais Fariz Uvais is a partner in the law firm Harper & Odell and has a consulting office in Palmers Green. Write in and ask your legal questions. Fariz will try and answer your questions in Palmers Green LIFE each month. Send your questions to Harper & Odell, 348 Green Lanes, N13 5TJ or by email to farizu@yahoo.com. I purchased my leasehold property in June 2008 and since that time the freeholder has been non contactable. Since then I have had a number of problems caused by disrepair to the structure of the building. All these problems I had to take action and correct myself. A few months back I received a letter from a property management company demanding arrears of ground rent, insurance premiums and service charges. I ignored the letter thinking that it was a hoax. Recently I have again received the letter demanding payment of these arrears. I have spent over £2000 repairing my property due to what I feel was complete negligence from the freeholder and he is demanding money in excess of £3000 for the period in which the freeholder was not contactable. In all that time the property has been neglected and I had no contact details for the freeholder. Please can you advise? There are a number of statutory requirements that a freeholder must comply with before any sums demanded become due and payable. In the context of your inquiry, at least two such provisions need to be looked at closely: 1. Since the 28th of February 2005 any demand for ground rent by a freeholder, or their managing agents, must be made in a “prescribed form”

as set out in Section 166 of the Commonhold & Leasehold Reform Act 2002. If the ground rent is not demanded in this prescribed form, and completed in accordance with section 166, the leaseholder is not liable to make payment unless, and until, it is properly demanded. 2. As from 1st October 2007 it has been necessary to give leaseholders a summary of their rights and obligations relating to service and administration charges when they are sent their service and administration charge demands. The leaseholder is not obliged to pay the sum demanded until a demand with a summary is given to him or her. Therefore, unless the freeholder has complied with the above two requirements the sums claimed are not due and owing. There are other statutory requirements which also need to be satisfied, but they are too complex to be covered here. Lastly, under Section 27A, Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 an application may be made to the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) for a determination of the reasonableness of the service charges being demanded and in this context all the points you have raised relating to the landlord’s disappearance and neglect of the property, as well as the expenses you have already incurred would be taken into account by the Tribunal when it makes its determination.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry.

Blitz Kleen C a rp e t & U p h o l s t e r y C l e a n i n g PLUS End of Tenancy Cleans for Landlords, Tenants & Letting Agents Please call for a FREE no obligation quote Telephone: 07973

419 028 www.blitzkleen.co.uk

Specialist Restorers in Fire and Water Damaged Properties Typical examples of services we offer: ✔ Water Damage Restoration and Structural Drying ✔ Fire Damage & Smoke Restoration ✔ Odour Removal Service ✔ Damp & Condensation Control ✔ Mould & Bacterial Remediation

Harper & Odell Solicitors Property and Litigation Solicitors Established 1948

Specialist affordable property advice is only a phone call away. We act for clients across London on all types of property matters. Our focus at all times is to keep the client updated by communicating regularly via email and by telephone and we aim to achieve the best possible results at a reasonable cost.

✔ Air Decontamination post Mould and Bacterial Exposure ✔ Specialist Brickwork and Stone Renovators ✔ Full Refurbishment Programmes ✔ Surveys & Insurance projects undertaken for Insurance Claims

Tel: 020 8886 1524 Fax: 020 7490 8040

W: www.spectrum-propertycare.co.uk E: enquiries@spectrum-propertycare.co.uk

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5TJ law@harperandodell.co.uk

Office: 020 3700 6913 Mobile: 07931 920 193


IICRC Certified

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