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LIFE Winter 2018 Edition Issue 39

A view from City Hall • Police funding

Champions of our community • Celebrating women in 2018

Changes to Energy Performance Certificates • Could your rental property be affected?

Hedge Lane in 1927

the mid 1930’s Hedge Lane by

welcome I hope that you had a wonderful break and enjoyed special time with friends and family. Time away from our everyday tasks can be remarkably restorative. I have returned to the office with a spring in my step, very much looking forward to the year ahead. 2017 was a challenging year with regards to the property market. However towards the end of 2017 we saw a stabilising of activity and I anticipate that property prices will hold their own in 2018. If you are considering selling in 2018 please give us a call for some friendly advice and a market appraisal on 020 8882 7888. 2017 has been a tough year for landlords, with the introduction of new legislation and taxation. Landlords need to be more conscientious now to ensure that properties reach their full potential. It's more important than ever before to have a managing agent looking after your property so that you can feel confident that all aspects of legislation are ticked off. Our detailed inventories and referencing checks ensure that your property is protected and that yours and your tenants interests are looked after. Vanessa Gills joined Anthony Webb towards the end of 2017, with over 20 years’ experience she now heads up our property management department. Please ask us more about our levels of service and how we can help you maximise your portfolio in 2018. Please pop into the office to take a closer look at our community art gallery this January and February. Find out more about our artist, Patrick Samuel on page eight. Lastly, thank you to everyone that has supported our magazine over the last five years. During this time it has developed into a fantastic local resource for our community.

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Anthony Webb supporting local schools, charities and local action groups to enrich our community


348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

A view from City Hall

by Joanne McCartney AM

Police funding E: joanne.mccartney@london.gov.uk www.joannemccartney.com Tel: 020 7983 5524 Unsurprisingly the issue of policing is a regular issue raised by constituents, and so I was very disappointed to see that there was no mention of extra funding for our police service in the Chancellor’s autumn budget. Both the Mayor of London and the London Assembly have called on the government to give additional resources to the Metropolitan Police Service which has had to make £600 million of cuts since 2010, and must find a further £400 million of savings by 2021. Most of the Met police budget comes from central government. These government cuts have already led to the loss of 30 per cent of police staff and 65 per cent of police community support officers, plus most of the capital’s police station front counters since 2010. This is unsustainable and it will inevitably lead to fewer officers at a time when crime is rising across London and the rest of the UK. We will continue to make a strong case to government for proper funding.

A Knife Crime Strategy for London For many young Londoners, knife crime and the threat of violence is a part of everyday life, ruining lives, blighting communities and wasting potential. The Mayor has launched a new Knife Crime Strategy which includes a new anti-crime campaign aimed at young people. The ‘London Needs You Alive - don’t carry a knife’ campaign works with some of London’s most influential young artists and campaigners to put forward a positive message and to influence young Londoners to make an active choice not to carry a knife. The message is clear carrying a knife is more likely to ruin your life than save it. For more information on this work see: www.london.gov.uk/london-needsyou-alive

The London Plan The new draft London Plan has been launched for public consultation. This Plan is the planning bible for London and sets out the Mayor’s ambitions for more genuinely affordable housing, transport, better design standards, green infrastructure, social infrastructure and business space. There is much more emphasis on the health and wellbeing of all Londoners and on the sustainable growth of our City than previous plans. The draft Plan can be found at www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/ planning/london-plan/new-londonplan and the closing date for comments is the 2nd March 2018. *Joanne is the London Assembly Member for Enfield & Haringey and is the statutory Deputy Mayor of London.

Hazelwood Schools – Classrooms and Halls available for hire Hazelwood School has 720 pupils and is based in Hazelwood Lane, N13 5HE. We are very much a school for the community and it is a privilege to take children from such a multicultural and vibrant area as Palmers Green. We have grown considerably over the last few years, now that we have a nursery that feeds into our primary school. We are proud of the range of activities we offer at Hazelwood, outside of school hours, as we like to provide as wide a range of opportunities to further develop children’s passions, skills and knowledge. However, we are keen to see if more of our accommodation could be made use of outside of school hours – especially by our local community. Like, many schools, we have been left in a very difficult financial position following the recent funding cuts and so we want to spread the word about the facilities/space we have available for hire. This will help us to minimise the impact that these cuts will have on our pupils and will benefit others who have not been able to find the right or affordable accommodation to run their sessions.

8882 7888

We are able to offer hall spaces and classrooms from 6.00-8:00pm from Monday to Friday and from 10am until 5pm on a Saturday. If you are interested in discussing one of these options for a long term booking or a one-off event,

please call our letting agent: Jill Bukin, at School Hire, on telephone number: 07855 042027. We look forward to working more closely with our local community.




348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Past Times... Hedge Lane, from a leafy lane to Palmers Green as we know it today by Ellie Sales It’s been five years since the first issue of Palmers Green and Southgate LIFE was published and to celebrate this milestone I want to concentrate the historical feature closer to my own home on Hedge Lane. In 1871 the railway line from Wood Green to Enfield was opened and a station was built in Aldermans Hill to serve Palmers Green. Despite the advent of the railway this did not immediately lead to mass building. At the time Palmers Green consisted of wealthy landowners who resisted the change which they had witnessed to the east. Building therefore, usually followed the sale of an estate after a death and things started to change dramatically in 1902 when large tracts of land formerly owned by the Taylors of Grovelands were sold off. The first area to be developed was the Old Park Estate between Fox Lane and Alderman's Hill (now known as the Lakes Estate). This was rapidly covered with large semi-detached houses which were built by a great variety of small builders. At the same time building work began on the Hazelwood Park Estate, between Hazelwood Lane towards Hedge Lane. Hedge Lane, now a busy arterial road, was aptly named, for the old photographs in 1927 show it as a rutted track, with no pavements or lights and lined with dense hedges. Beyond on either side was open countryside and farmland. The lane was just a track for haycarts to wend their way between the hedges, down to Huxley Farm, situated where Ash Grove lies today. Apart from Huxley Farm in 1927 there was only one solitary dwelling on its northern or left hand side, and none on the right and a narrow bridge would take you over the New River. Owned by the Huxleys of Weir Hall in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Huxley Estate was at one time immense, stretching to Silver Street though by 1920 it had been reduced to 179 acres. Huxley Farmhouse may still be remembered by some of our older local residents? The farm house was a fine looking two-story building. Spacious

8882 7888

Huxley Farm situated on Hedge Lane

Huxley Farm

and roomy, it had a porticoed entrance (a porch with a roof supported by columns), shaded by trees, its front wall clad in greenery. Its distinctive white picket fence lined the edge of the lane. It survived longer than most farms in the area, finally yielding to developers in 1931.

users through the last remaining toll gate in North London and over Pymmes Brook, into Blind Lane, to emerge into Kings Arms Lane.

The one road, on the southern side of Hedge Lane was Kings Arms Lane or Honeysuckle Lane, as it was more popularly known. It meandered northeast towards the farm from the site of Truro House. This lane entered where Connaught Gardens does today. It was an important lane in many respects, for its track led from Green Lanes, along what is now Oakthorpe Road, across the New River eastwards, through the hamlet of Chequers Green to emerge in Hedge Lane opposite Huxley Farm. From here, the route could continue northwards, via Firs Lane towards Bunce’s Farm, or east towards Edmonton.

Housing building stopped during World War I and was not resumed in Palmers Green until the mid nineteen twenties. Gaps left on earlier housing estates such as The Old Park Estate and The Hazelwood Estate were filled. The builders then turned their attention towards the Edmonton border rapidly developing the Hedge Lane and Firs Lane area. The 1936 edition of the 25-inchto-the-mile Ordnance Survey map shows Palmers Green fully built up.

Similarly, Tile Kiln Lane, now Tottenhall Road, plotted a winding course. It took

Rumour has it that the site of my home today on Hedge Lane, which used to be garage plots was used during World War II. Eye witness reports recall seeing aircraft wings being transported in and out of the units. As the years go by I wonder what other interesting facts will be lost forever…if you have any stories to tell please get in touch with me.

Toll Gate, located on Tile Kiln Lane

Garages on Hedge Lane used during WWII



Parliamentary Comment by Bambos Charalambous MP

‘No’ to Education Cuts bambos.charalambous.mp@parliament.uk Tel: 020 7219 3460 Ahead of the General Election held in June last year, I joined teachers, parents and pupils in Palmers Green to campaign against education funding cuts. In my maiden speech, I said: ‘Education is the cornerstone of success in life. It plays a key part in breaking down inequalities and promoting tolerance and understanding, but unless we invest in our schools and children, those aims will be lost’. I also said ‘I will challenge the cuts to education funding and champion a properly funded education system’. As education is one of my top priorities, I’ve continued to put pressure on the Government in Parliament. In July, I asked the Minister of State for School Standards, Nick Gibb MP about school funding and that same month I asked the Rt Hon. Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for Education, about the impact of National Insurance contributions, pension contributions and payment of the apprenticeship levy on school budgets. The responses were disappointing and failed to understand the financial pressures faced by schools.

I was lobbied in Parliament on 24th October by concerned teachers, school governors, parents and students and we were all united in our serious concerns about school funding. Nick Gibb wrote to all MPs stating that the Government would be making more investment in education. But this simply isn’t what is being felt on the ground. Twenty-two schools and academies in our constituency are facing budget cuts under the Government’s plans and even those making gains from the new funding formula face real terms cuts when inflation and increasing school costs are factored in. I have received loud and clear messages from our schools that class sizes are increasing; extra-curricular activities are being cut; parents are being asked for money; teachers and support staff are dipping into their own pockets to pay for supplies and equipment; schools are being forced to cut back on the curriculum and staff are being made redundant or not being replaced if they leave. Support for SEND children is being slashed and local authority funding has been severely reduced affecting

schools’ key support and improvement services. Chronic, historic underfunding of our schools is not being addressed by the Government and our children and school staff are suffering. When I contacted the Minister to raise these concerns, I received another disappointing response ignoring the experiences that I relayed to him and shifting the blame on to individual schools’ own financial management. I went on to question the Minister about the adequacy of the capital funding for schools and about the real-terms funding shortfall. As for higher education, which is saddling our young people with astronomical debt, I questioned the Government on whether they plan to cap or reduce the interest rate applied to student loans. Unfortunately, the answer in short was no. Education will remain a priority for me and having benefitted from a good local education and free university tuition, I know the difference it has made in my life. Our young people deserve the same.

Quieter Neighbourhoods, is this another fake consultation? by Cllr Ertan Hurer, BSc (ECON) FCA Cllr.Ertan.Hurer@Enfield.gov.uk Conservative Councillor, Winchmore Hill ward Firstly may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you all had a good Christmas. On a positive note to start the New Year the cycle lanes are now nearly complete (despite numerous corrections and modifications to faults in the original design) and the temporary traffic lights and road closures gone. On a negative note however the predicted traffic building up behind buses and bus stops is slowing traffic down and I personally have seen many irresponsible drivers taking risks and overtaking the buses when there is oncoming traffic. As a result of the increased number of traffic lights, crossings, extended bus stops some drivers have taken to use minor residential roads and are avoiding Green Lanes altogether. In addition our once wonderful iconic Palmers Green Triangle has been reduced to a glorified traffic island. This now leads me on to the recent Quieter


Neighbourhoods “Consultation”. If this is the first time you’re heard about the “consultation” then I’m afraid I have bad news, the consultation ended in November 2017. Whilst there is much to the scheme that warrants merit, such as 20mph zones, it also proposes the installation of speed humps, road narrowing, no entry points and new one way roads. This will lead to a significant loss in the number of parking spaces available in these roads. Both I and numerous others, including local resident associations, requested that the “consultation” was premature as Cycle Enfield works were still being undertaken and traffic patterns not fully established. I also requested that the consultation period be extended and that Council Officers agreed to a Public Meeting with residents for a Q & A session. The response was a simple “NO”. It therefore looks like this is simply another fake consultation from the London Borough of Enfield and that the ruling

administration will simply impose its will (again). Sadly a few more shops have closed down in Palmers Green, including Starbucks, which was a destination for many of us needing a coffee fix. There are rumours that others may also be leaving, with some blaming the effect of the loss of parking along Green Lanes and the loss of footfall. I hope the rumours are untrue and that the vacant shops are also let as soon as possible. I would encourage everyone to use our local shops as much as possible, I certainly do. Finally could I take this opportunity to warn all local residents that there have been a number of break-ins and attempted breakins in the area with one of them resulting in a resident being attacked with a screwdriver and requiring hospital treatment. I would urge you all to ensure you keep all your windows and doors locked and if possible install security lights, alarms and CCTV.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888



Introducing Patrick Samuel Asperger Artist, patricksamuel.net, 07757 395 049 We welcome Patrick Samuel, an emerging artist with Asperger’s Syndrome to our Palmers Green Community Gallery this January and February.

A time of prolific work as well as recognition followed, and Patrick has embraced his neurodiversity as a gift rather than seeing it as a disability; he’s found his voice and his calling. Marking one year of his creative journey, Patrick hosted his first solo exhibition at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield, which ran from November 7th through December 2nd. With 66 paintings and drawings on display, Escape and Return was an overwhelming success. The private view was chosen by Enfield to launch its bid to become London’s Borough of Culture, and the exhibition was visited by many people from the North London area and beyond. Patrick’s work resonates with people a lot as more than 30 of his artworks have found a new home. Art has changed Patrick’s life for the better, not least thanks to the strong support of the community in Enfield. Many residents have helped him with art materials, frames and canvasses, and local art fairs have provided him with a place to present his work and practice social skills, something very important to a person on the autistic spectrum. Escape and Return wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Dugdale Centre, the sponsorship of businesses

both local and national, and the backers on Kickstarter, many of whom are Enfield residents as well. Patrick has produced an extensive portfolio in a wide range of genres and media. He is stimulated by bold, contrasting colours, intricate details, multiple textures, and varying shades of light and dark. Patrick is working primarily with pastels, graphite pencils and acrylics, but he also enjoys experimenting with water colours, glass and oil paints. Patrick’s work and his story have been recognised in local media, and meanwhile featured in magazines as well as on BBC Breakfast and BBC News online. As a spokesperson for autism awareness, Patrick has been giving talks about the benefits of art therapy, and hopes that by sharing his work and his story he inspires other people who are thinking about venturing into art. Patrick is currently preparing for two more solo exhibitions. Clash of the Icons, which opens on December 12th, celebrates the clash of iconic movie characters and scenes. An ironic look at cinema hits, the exhibition also reflects on Patrick’s favourite stories.

Please pop in to see Patrick's exhibition throughout January and February at Anthony Webb Estate Agents

Award winning Cyplon Travel moves to Palmers Green 246 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5XT 020 8340 7668, www.cyplon.co.uk After 45 years in Haringey, Cyplon World Wide Travel a family run operation, have moved to new, superbly refurbished, high-tech offices located on the Palmers Green Triangle. With its prime location in the heart of North London, their new Worldwide Travel Store features an open bar, offering clients hot and cold drinks, a large Video Wall, and Virtual Reality technology allowing their clients to view their holiday and hotel on screens. The new Cyplon Worldwide Travel Store offers worldwide holiday destinations as well as cruising, tailor-made tours, escorted trips, car hire, flights and much more. Cyplon Holidays is the largest leading Specialist Tour Operator / Travel Agent to Cyprus. Over the last few years Cyplon Holidays has diversified its Tour Operation program to incorporate other



popular destinations and they are now successfully featuring package holidays to a number of other hot-spots in the Mediterranean and beyond, which they sell to Travel Agents across the United Kingdom. These destinations include: Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, The Canary Islands, Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Dubai (and rest of UAE), Israel and Jordan. Cyplon Holidays own tours, has recently won the prestigious ‘Star Specialist Operator award for family Holidays“ at the 20th prestigious Travel Bulletin Awards. Held at the Landmark Hotel, London, in September 2017. At the same prestigious Travel Bulletin Awards, Cyplon Holidays had previously won the best "Specialist Independent Operator to Cyprus award" in 2012 and 2013 and 2014. We also won ‘ Top Specialist Operator award to the Mediterranean

2015 ’ voted by over 5,000 UK travel agents. Cyplon is ABTA & ATOL & IATA bonded so you can feel confident that your money is safe. We are members of Association of British Travel Agents and Members of the Association of Independent Tour Operators. Come in for a coffee and let us help you plan your next holiday adventure.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ





OCATION! LOCATION! A beautifully presented three bedroom Edwardian period property minutes' walk from Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station (Moorgate). The property benefits from two receptions, a morning room leading to a modern kitchen, spacious modern bath/shower room, two double bedrooms and one good size single bedroom, gas central heating, front and rear gardens.

ERIOD HOUSE CLOSE TO WINCHMORE HILL GREEN. A three bedroom Edwardian end of terrace house located on this popular residential turning within easy reach of Winchmore Hill mainline station and The Green. Benefits include two receptions, kitchen, first floor bathroom, gas central heating, many original features, off street parking and garden to rear.

£725,000 Freehold

£650,000 Freehold F SA OR LE

Hoppers Road Winchmore Hill, N21


Riverway Palmers Green, N13



HREE BEDROOM HOUSE CLOSE BROOMFIELD PARK. A well presented end of terrace house located in a popular residential turning within easy walking distance of Palmers Green's shops and mainline station. This CHAIN FREE property consists on the ground floor of a spacious open plan through lounge with wood parquet floor and double doors to a conservatory/lean to, a fitted "country style" kitchen. Block paved drive to front and a 78ft garden to rear.

NE BEDROOM GROUND FLOOR GARDEN FLAT. Located close to Palmers Green's shops and mainline station into Moorgate. The property, which is offered CHAIN FREE, benefits from its own front door, a generous living room with a stripped wood floor and bay window, a bedroom with doors to garden, a separate bathroom and w.c., a kitchen, a long lease with 133 years remaining, and own section of 40ft rear garden. The property is currently let at a rent of £1,100 pcm.

Broomfield Avenue Palmers Green, N13

Park Avenue Palmers Green, N13

£735,000 Freehold

£389,000 Leasehold

8882 7888



Well Done to Gonul Dogay, who organise FREE Christmas lunch d for 40 local elderly res a idents with the help of her lovely volunteers.

lma Lyons, on the Congratulations to Se y, Unmade at the pla her production of London. in e Kali Theatr

Congratulations to Wa lker Primary Schoo l in Southgate on winnin g Asda’s charity tok en competition. Their PTA raised an incredible £39,000 last year an d Paula Christodou lou Ch of the PTA was award ed by the Mayor of En air field for her voluntary wo rk, well done Paula.

Smith who raised Well done to Susan 0 miles in one g over £600 runnin 10 (Babies born ss. Bli month for the charity premature or sick).

10 |

Thank you to Yasar Halim and Sainsbu rys in Palmers Green for the ir generous donations towards the Hazelwo od Christmas Bazaa r which raised over £7 ,880.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Engineered or laminate flooring, which should you choose? by Mick Lawton your local Palmers Green DIY Doctor In my article this month I define the difference between engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring so you can be clear of the pros and cons before making your choice. Engineered wood flooring Engineered wood flooring is a man-made product that is made from natural materials. Commonly made up of layers of ply that are bonded together, engineered wood flooring is always topped off with a layer of solid wood, it’s thanks to this solid wood finish that engineered wood looks so convincingly like solid wood. Engineered wood flooring has the advantage over solid wood that its stable structure means that it is much more resistant to expansion and contraction than solid wood. What this means is that it can safely be fitted in rooms where temperature and moisture fluctuations are significant, like bathrooms and kitchens. Engineered wood flooring can also be installed over under floor heating. Laminate flooring Laminate flooring on the other hand is a synthetic, man-made product that is made up of

various layers that are fused together using a lamination process. Made up of typically five (or fewer layers), laminate flooring can be made to look like any material the manufacturer wants, because effectively the layer which makes up the image is just that, an image. Cost comparison Laminate flooring is often thought of as a cheaper option than engineered wood flooring however you should take into account the fact that engineered wood flooring is likely to last significantly longer than laminate flooring. It’s also worth remembering that many laminate floors require investment into an additional layer of underlay to make the floor stable and look good and this element can significantly increase what appears to be a low cost floor at the start. Ease of fitting Both engineered and laminate flooring are relatively quick and easy to install. It’s always

beneficial to employ a specialist to lay your flooring to avoid problems in the future. Maintenance Each option only needs a regular vacuuming and, in the case of engineered wood flooring a light, moist mopping on a regular basis. With laminate flooring, you can afford be a bit more enthusiastic with your use of water. When it comes to significant maintenance, this is where the differences become really apparent. With engineered wood flooring you can re-sand and re-finish your floor 3-4 times during its lifetime. This simply isn’t possible with laminate flooring. In very general terms when you buy a laminate floor, you can expect a maximum life expectancy of around 10-15 years, whereas a quality engineered wood floor should last twice as long.

If you’d like to discuss which flooring option would suit your project best, please give me a call. I'm both local and affordable. Visit my website to see examples of my work www.micklawton.com, or contact me on 07985 412 599

8882 7888



Going for Growth in 2018 by Riffat Harris, Director of Ledgers 4U It’s the start of a new year and you may have plans to grow your business, you may be focusing on expanding into new markets and increasing your customer base. Going for growth has its own challenges, the biggest of which is lack of financial resources. If you don’t have access to funds you can’t take up new opportunities. Control of cashflow is going to be crucial because shortage of cash can destroy any hope of growth and even the business itself. All too often entrepreneurs find cashflow difficult to monitor and don’t know how to rectify the situation when things go wrong. This is where employing a bookkeeper can help. They can help provide a complete overview of the finances of the company at any one time. This will enable to business owner to plan action. At Ledgers4U we provide expert bookkeeping services for small and

12 |

medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Recently we worked with a client who wanted to double their turnover and staff. Initially we worked with them to put figures to their plans on a month by month basis. That let them know what resources were required and the timing. Any constraints were highlighted which made them refine their plans. We were able to show that while they needed extra funding from the bank it was not as much as they had feared. A lot of the expansion could be funded from cashflow. We produced management accounts for the client to show the bank as a part of their loan application.

Like many SMEs they often had late payers. We worked with the client to list all the persistent late payers and offer them a discount for early settlement. This reduced the need for borrowing from family / friends / bank overdraft. The client had been fixated on turnover, which is good but doesn’t take into account the increase in operating costs. We produce management accounts on a monthly basis and the client can see if they are making a profit. They can go forward with their plans with confidence. At Ledgers4U we think the financial numbers are the heartbeat of the business. Please contact us on info@ ledgers4u.com to talk to us about how we can help.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

HMRC investigations by Alex Chrysostomou Alexander Associates, your local accountant 24A Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4PN Tel: 020 8882 6611 Fax: 020 8882 6621 Email: alex@alexassociates.co.uk Website: www.alexandersandco.com

HMRC have charged the way it deals with investigations. They are using a more consultative approach to track any potential unpaid tax liability. If they are made aware of an individual potentially underpaying tax, they will typically send a letter to the tax payer prompting them to bring their tax affairs up to date. You are likely to receive a letter of this kind if they are made aware of you earning income and not paying the correct amount of tax. The tools that HMRC use to obtain information on underpaid tax are becoming more advanced. A new initiative called “Connect” is a sophisticated system used to gather

information and target enquiries. This system uses a range of third party data sources, including banks, insurers, Land Registry and even details of the local golf club that you’re a member of! They have even been known to use social media sources to select businesses for an inspection. Inspections could be prompted by an anomaly in your accounts or tax return, typically if there are inconsistencies between each year. An example which sparked an investigation recently was where a client bought a new investment property, despite showing very modest earnings each year. HMRC queried how

the individual was able to afford such a large investment. This resulted in a long drawn out and very intrusive investigation, which was very stressful for the individual. Our advice is always to bring your affairs up to date, before HMRC find out using their own means. In addition to this, by us bringing our tax affairs up to date, rather than HMRC prompting us, we enable us to argue a far reduced penalty and interest charge on any tax liability owed. If you require any advice on tax investigations or any other tax matters, please feel free to contact us.

If you have an accounting question for Alex please e-mail him directly he will be happy to assist you, alternatively Alexander Associates offer an initial free consultation, please contact them to find out more. Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified accountant on any specific accountancy enquiry.

Palmers Green Business Network by Riffat Harris If you’re running your own business and based locally in Palmers Green, Southgate or Winchmore Hill, why not come along to one of our monthly networking meeting. It’s a chance to network with other independent business people in the area. You might feel that you’re too busy, however it's a great opportunity to take a break from work. We meet early in the morning and our participants share their knowledge and ideas freely during these meetings.

Next Meeting: Time: Place:

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 8:00am to 9:30am My Time Café, 375 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 4JG

Our members are a diverse group and include a hairdresser, café owner, accountant, Amatsu practitioner, structural engineer, marketing consultant, a martial arts instructor, an independent midwife, The Sound Learning Centre. The knowledge and the help of the community can pay dividends to your business. Unlike other networking groups we have a casual and friendly set up, open to everyone.

8882 7888



Grange Park Prep School

Grange Park Prep School is becoming Co-educational It is with great pleasure that we can now share with you the exciting plans for the future of Grange Park Prep School.

Since the introduction of the coeducational nursery in 2015, we have had increased interest of boys attending the nursery. Parents of these children were so delighted with the nursery, they would have liked their boys to continue at GPPS for their prep education and the question that keeps reoccurring is; would we ever revert to a coeducation school? In 1924 the school opened as a coeducational school, and it was in the early 1980s that it became a single sex school. The early pictures of the school all show boys and girls being educated together. Following extensive research and evaluation, the Governors and teachers have decided to introduce

14 |

co-education from September 2018. This means the new Reception intake will be a mixed class.

enable more families to benefit from a Grange Park Prep School education.

Therefore in September 2018 we will have a co-educational setting starting with Key Stage 1 Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

The move to co-education will strengthen the School’s offer for current and future pupils. The academic, social and developmental benefits of a co-educational environment will bring a more diverse and challenging curriculum; extracurricular opportunities and experiences will be enhanced by the presence of both girls and boys and all pupils will leave the school better prepared for secondary school - and life.

The move will be phased in gradually over four years and every year group will have both boys and girls by September 2024. Research has shown that there is growing interest in co-education locally, as indeed reflected nationally. The Governors recognise that parents are increasingly seeking a school that can serve both their sons and their daughters and we are delighted to be in a position to

We would of course be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the change.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Grange Park Prep School

Se p t e m b e r 2 0 1 8 Grange Park Prep School will be Co-educational

From September 2018 we will be welcoming boys into our school Accepting entry into Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to continue their education through to 11+ • • • •

Small classes • High academic standards Subject specialist teachers • 11+ preparation Extensive extra curricular programme • Competitive fees Wrap around care 7:45am - 6:00pm

Please contact us to arrange a visit 13 The Chine, Grange Park, London N21 2EA T: 020 8360 1469 E: office@gpps.org.uk


8882 7888




16 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Three simple steps to enable children to learn a second language by Laura Scaramella Children’s brains are designed for learning and languages come naturally. Here are three simple tips to help them enjoy learning. When it comes to languages children are like sponges, they are able to learn simply by being in the environment where the language is spoken. Even when living abroad, if both parents speak their mother tongue, at home, the child will speak it as well. So they are natural learners and learning languages have huge benefits for them. But what about those children who are not raised in a mainly bilingual environment at home? Are they doomed? Of course not!

start. In this setting, the language needs to be presented in context, for example with a story, with a task, with a game, etc... The class must be fun. Let’s be clear here, fun in class is not a desirable element but is essential, without it the children will switch off. Moreover, the language needs to be perceived as useful by the child. The skill of the teacher is to make those tasks/games/etc, irresistible for the children, so that they can’t wait to get stuck in.

Step No1. Give children enough exposure to the language. To enable them to learn, children need enough exposure to the language and the right type of exposure. A class is a good way to

Step No2. Support your child. Although children’s brains are designed to learn and especially to learn languages, we also need to recognise that learning is an effort for the children, especially if they

cannot rely on it being spoken continuously at home. So they need to be well supported in their endeavour. Parents needs to be aware that learning a language is a commitment for both the children and themselves. Step No 3. Be patient. To learn a second language takes time and it takes dedication for children and families. It happens but not overnight, so be patient! At Parla Italiano, our school of Italian in Palmers Green, we strive to understand the process of learning so all the activities that we design reflect all of the above and more.

Please visit our school if you wish to see our teachers in action or write to us to find out more about how we teach. Our new classes (for children and adults) start in January. For more information email laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone 07941 092593

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

New legislation to Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) could affect your rental property by Vanessa Gills Anthony Webb’s Head of Property Management

Vanessa is Head of Property Management and Anthony Webb, with over 20 years’ experience in the field. She has extensive knowledge in all legal aspects of property management and keeps abreast of the new legislation and regulations. With a flexible approach to lettings you will be sure to find the right level of service that suits you without comprising on service at Anthony Webb. What is an EPC? An EPC gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). As a general rule, an EPC is required every time a home is put up for sale or for rent. So, a newly constructed home will have one, a landlord will need one to show potential tenants, and a seller must have one to show to potential buyers. The information provided on EPCs is also helpful for tenants looking to improve the energy efficiency of their rented home. As of April 2016, tenants can now seek permission from their landlord to undertake energy efficiency measures on their privately rented property.

Changes to EPCs for landlords and tenants From April 2018, landlords will be required to achieve a minimum rating of E on the EPC for their rental property. Unless there is an accepted exemption, landlords face a penalty of up to £4,000 for failure to meet the minimum efficiency requirement. Furthermore from 1 April 2020, landlords with an existing EPC must not continue letting a rental property if that property

has an EPC rating of band F or G. Where a property is rated band F or G a landlord will need to make improvements to the property to raise the EPC band to a minimum level of E. Anthony Webb have our own in-house qualified energy assessor, Martin McKelvey. Should you have any questions or concerns relating to EPC’s or a rental property that you own please do not hesitate to contact the office on 020 8882 7888.

The requirement for an EPC has been the law since 2008, meaning that if your home has been let or sold since then it should have one. They remain valid for 10 years. The energy survey required to produce an EPC is performed by an assessor who visits the property, examines key items such as; loft insulation, domestic boilers, hot water tanks, radiators, windows for double glazing, and so on. He or she then performs the calculation and rates the property on energy efficiency. The program gives a single number for the rating of energy efficiency, and a recommended value of the potential for improvement. Section 21 – QUICK UPDATE As a result of changes made by the Deregulation Act 2015 and The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Notices & Prescribed Requirements (“the Regulations”) from the 1st October 2015 no notice under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 may be given at a time when the landlord is in breach of a prescribed requirement. By virtue of the Regulations, all landlords are required to provide tenants with an Energy Performance Certificate and Gas Safety Certificates free of charge. Similarly, tenants must be provided with the prescribed document, which is in effect for the time being, entitled “How to Rent Guide”. The Regulations don’t specify a date by which the documents must be given to tenants, but it’s clear that a notice under Section 21 will be invalid if served prior to the documents being given. It would therefore be best practice to ensure that the prescribed documents are served on the tenant at the inception of the tenancy, alongside the agreement. Disclaimer: This article is provided as information only and should not be construed as legal advice

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Stress-free vet visits AT HOME. Your pet will thank you. Taking your pet to the vet can be challenging and stressful. Our vets come to you - treating your pets in the comfort of their own home.

Health Checks Blood Tests

Medications Vaccinations

Diagnostic Tests Microchipping

...and more, from just £48* for a 30-40 minute consultation. You can also use PawSquad alongside your current vet if you wish. Don’t need a vet visit now? Register with us for when you do! Just head to pawsquad.com/signup

Call 020 3322 5381 or book online at Pawsquad.com 97% of pet owners rate us 5 stars *Prices may vary per location. Medications, vaccinations & other procedures incur additional costs.

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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two/three bedroom house to let located within easy reach of Silver Street and Edmonton Green mainline stations and shopping facilities. The property is set back on a slip road of the A10 so provides excellent road and bus links into London. Benefits includes a good size living room with laminate floor, a kitchen/diner, a utility room, a ground floor bedroom, w.c and rear garden. The property is available now and is offered part furnished.

refurbished three double bedroom, two bath/shower room converted property over four levels. The property is located on Green Lanes a few minutes' walk to Palmers Green's mainline station into Moorgate. Benefits include own entrance hallway, 18ft living room, modern kitchen/diner with appliances, modern bathroom and separate w.c., three good size double bedrooms, one with en-suite shower room, gas central heating and double glazing. Would be ideal for a FAMILY or PROFESSIONAL SHARERS.

Green Lanes Palmers Green, N13

£1,500 per calendar month

£1,775 per calendar month







Kipling Terrace Edmonton, N9



ANTASTIC EDWARDIAN FLAT. A Beautifully decorated and furnished two bedroom flat occupying the first floor of this well presented Edwardian property. The flat is ideally located on a desirable LAKES ESTATE turning with an easy walk to Palmers Greens shops, restaurants, Broomfield Park and Mainline station into Moorgate. The property consists of lovely communal entrance hallway, a spacious living room, a dining room, a modern fitted kitchen, a modern bathroom and two good size double bedrooms. FULLY FURNISHED.

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TUNNING CONVERTED ONE BED FLAT TO RENT IN HIGHLANDS VILLAGE. Beautifully renovated and located on the ground floor of this converted grade II listed building. Benefits include a secure entry phone system, 20ft living/dining room, new kitchen and bathroom, double bedroom with fitted wardrobe, laminate/tiled floors throughout, and two allocated parking spaces. Highlands village has its own Sainsburys, a parade of shops and buses services to Enfield Town and Southgate underground station. FURNISHED.

Derwent Road Palmers Green, N13

Penrose House Winchmore Hill, N21

£1,450 per calendar month

£1,150 per calendar month

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

New Year, New Family Adventures by Andrea Krase, Sophia’s Diary, Enfield only directory for children and families Website: www.sophias-diary.com Email: contact@sophias-diary.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/sophiasdiary Are you feeling a bit gloomy now that the Christmas break is over and it is back to business as usual? Making plans and booking new things to do can add some excitement back into family life. Here's my top tips this January; Book a Local Show We are extremely lucky that we have local theatres that produce fantastic family shows and with talented cast members too. • Really young children would thoroughly enjoy Planet Play and Tales of the Shed at Chickenshed (on until 10, March). They are fantastic at being interactive and getting the whole family involved. • A Fairy Tale, will be on over half term at The Dugdale Centre (10 and 11 February). An unlikely Fairy earns the greatest honour that can be granted in all of the magical Kingdom of Enfield. She will go on a journey with Pixie and her friend Puck, as they help some familiar characters. • Lost and Found will be showing at Millfield Theatre during half term (15,

February). Children will enjoy puppetry, songs and music in this tale about a boy and a penguin. • Get your tickets for Puss in Boots, Panto at The Dugdale Centre 28 March – 15 April. Enjoy music, dance, comedy and of course some audience participation. Explore New Indoor Venues Burn off some extra energy at some of these local indoor activity centres; Jump In Trampoline Park, or how about a roller skating lesson at Rollerstation? Softplay maybe more suitable for younger children. Happyland in Edmonton, Southbury Leisure Centre, and Fun Junction in Cheshunt are always fantastic choices. Some kids just like to sit down and be creative, so painting at Going Pottery or Messy Play at Pots of Art are good choices. For those that are willing to brave the cold, Forty Hall is a beautiful place to visit and they organise fantastic events too. Go to an Easter Egg Hunt All Chocolate lovers must get the date in the

diary now as Easter is early this year. Forty Hall have organised a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt from Friday, 30 March – Monday 2, April. Capel Manor Gardens also sees the return of their popular Easter event on Friday, 30 and Saturday, 31 March. Eat Out at a Family Friendly Venue The Plough in Crews Hill is absolutely fantastic for families as there is an outdoor area for kids to play. The Winchmore have regular classes for children, and a few books and toys to keep them amused. Families can also enjoy a lovely lunch, coffee and cake or afternoon tea Aroma Tea and Coffee House and they also offer a kids menu, and are extremely hospitable to children. Find a new hobby or class for your child After School activities are so popular in Enfield, and we are extremely lucky that there is so much choice. Whether you child is interested in art, learning a language, sport, dance, music, or you want to find a Baby or Toddler Group, there is so much listed on Sophia’s Diary.

Have a fantastic start to 2018 and create some more family memories. All the businesses, groups and events mentioned can be found on our website www.sophias-diary.com

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Hair trends in 2018 by Kiri from Fabulous Hair Company Fabulous Hair Company 382 Green Lanes, N13 5PD Tel: 020 8886 7070 What a fabulous year 2017 was for Fabulous Hair. We were pleased to have sponsored the Palmers Green Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas Tree Lights plus many more local community events & charities’ including working with Hazelwood and St Monica’s school at their successful ladies nights! What’s new for 2018? There is so much to talk about and only a small amount of space available to me, so a quick look at this year’s must have trends. I’m personally in love with this year’s short hair trends. Textured bowl cuts and a strong move towards a boyish look, a throwback to Linda Evangelista’s career changing haircut of the 80’s with an up-to-date feel and guys a hipster bowl cut is going to be the look for 2018. Less is more

this year! After a year of colour overdose, I’m glad to see richer velvety browns and sweet honey blondes will be this year’s trend. The trick is have healthy hair with maximum shine, think red carpet, and leave this to your hairdresser and not a box colour from the local supermarket. Metallic colours were new to last year, but this year we will see metallic colours complimented with a pastel

tone. Metallic silver with yellow is something I recently did for a hair show in London. The Balayage technique is still going strong, with new variations for 2018 to keep it modern and current. Blonde balayage are now much cooler in colour and border towards a grey/charcoal grey. A Californian balayage is much lighter and cooler all over and will be a big hit this summer.

Haircut & color by Kiri, Chelsea Pestana Hair 2017

If you have any questions that need answering quickly, please email me at kc@fabuloushaircompany.com and I will get back to you soon as I can. If you enjoyed my article let us know, like us on Facebook and we will enter you in our monthly competition for a chance of winning 1 in 10 Paul Mitchell in-salon Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin treatments worth £25. Just go to our website and www.fabuloushaircompany.com, or click the Facebook icon to Like.

Are you in pain? by Nicola Forward, your local Amatsu Practitioner Are you suffering with a pain that is stopping you from living your life as easily as you would want? Are you tired of wondering if today will be a good day or a bad day? Are you looking for a new approach to your health and wellbeing?

If your answer is “Yes”, then Amatsu may be what you have been waiting for. Amatsu has its origins in Japan and, although it has only been available in the UK since the early 1990’s, it has already helped countless people who are suffering from physical pain such as back, shoulder, hip or knee pain, stiff neck, digestive concerns, migraines, sports injuries etc…and often where other approaches have not worked. Amatsu is a relatively gentle experience in that there are no cracks or crunches and as a client you remain fully clothed, usually lying on my therapy couch. Amatsu Therapy International UK is running its third #AmatsuAwareness month in January 2018 to help spread the word about this highly effective hands-on physical therapy. During January 2018, people interested in trying Amatsu can have a taster session by contacting their local practitioner, or if you know somebody who currently has Amatsu,

32 |

why not tag along to their session (with their permission) so you can see for yourself how it all works…you could benefit from the “3 for 2 Offer” during #AmatsuAwareness January. You can contact your local practitioner, Nicola for more information or to book a session. Mobile: 07720 81 01 01 Email: nicolaforward@aol.com Website: www.amatsutherapyintl.com Local resident, Nicola Forward has been working as an Amatsu Practitioner, here in Palmers Green since 2009. She says “I have worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds - artists, accountants, nurses, students, builders, sports people, parents and carers, children, the retired and many more. “And like my clients, pain also comes in many shapes and sizes! You may have a severe pain right now, or it might come and go. Pain might have been a part of your life for years or

you might have had a number of issues over the years and wonder if they are connected. “If any of this feels familiar to you then please do give me a call and find out how Amatsu could help you. “I believe in a collaborative approach and I encourage my clients to work with me towards their health goals.” Are you ready to tackle your pain issues in 2018?

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ


Considering Conside ering a car care re franchise franchise? e? )URPKLJKSUH )URPKLJKSUHVVXUHFDUHHUVWRDKLJKO\UHZDUGLQJ HVVXUHFDUHHUVWRD DKLJKO\UHZDUGLQJ franchise, Ho Home ome Care Preferred Preferred ticked all the boxes. box xes Franchisee Carole e and her business partners, partnerss, a family member and two friends f – one of which she wentt to school with– had been discussing discussing going into busines business ss together for several years. After Afte er assisting with caring for a termin nally ill relative, terminally &DUROHVDZ¿UVWKDQGZKDWJRRG &DUROHVDZ¿UVWKD DQGZKDWJRRG quality care at hom home me looked like, worked and how well it wo orked when caregivers were ccompassionate, clients professional and treated t with dignity. dignity.

Following this exp experience, perience Carole perience, and her partners d decided to look at purchasing a ca care are business with which they can ca an make a GLႇHUHQFHZLWKLQWK KHLUFRPPXQLW\ GLႇHUHQFHZLWKLQWKHLUFRPPXQLW\ Here, Carole discusses discu usses the experience and w why it was a good decision. What did you do prior to opening a franch franchise hise and why careers? did you change c I worked as an IT consultant for 20 years. I loved m my city job, but I wanted something somethin ng that would give me more free freedom edom to enjoy life. I changed to a career in care and, recently recently, y, our franchise business was born. born n. What do your business business partners bring to o the business? A combined experience experrience of over 30 years within the e care industry, industry, including studying g community

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development develo opment and public policy, policy, working working in social care, managing managing mental mental health services, and manag ging children’s children’s services; managing ZHDUHDOODEOHWRRႇHURXU ZHDUH HDOODEOHWRRႇHURXU knowle edge and experience. knowledge What appealed a to you about franchising franch hising to start with? We W e init initially tially wanted to open a care home, although, after investigation, investi gation, we realised it wass costly. too cos stly. We We met with Home Care Preferred P and decided that tha at DIUDQFKLVHZDVDEHWWHU¿WDVLW DIUDQF FKLVHZDVDEHWWHU¿WDVLWW comes s with the brand, experience experience and support, su upport, which is invaluable. invaluable e. Why d Wh did you decide d id on a Home H Hom me Preferred franchise? Care P We W e loo looked oked around and we did our o resear rch but it really came down down research to valu ues. Caring for my family values. in the past p d led me to understand that it is i the quality of care that makes s the experience and we want to o be able to give this to our ou ur commu unity. What really sold the e community. franch ise to us were Home Care e franchise Preferr red’s values, company Preferred’s ethics and ethos – they surpasss com mpetitors’. its competitors’. +RZG +RZGLG\RX¿QG\RXU GLG\RX¿QG\RXU experience experi ience of opening a franchise? franch hise? So eas easy! sy! Home Care Preferred was more more than accommodating and we e never felt rushed to make o our decisions. I think there e has been be een a lot of negativity surrounding surrou nding the care sector, sector, butt Home Care Preferred is breaking breakin ng those stereotypes s to uphold the e best in n care. h you found the How have support suppo ort from Home Care Preferred? Prefer rred? Great so s far! We We are really enthusiastic enthus siastic to start working on our new w venture and the ongoing ongoin ng

relationship that will develop with the team at Home Hom me Care Preferred. What are the challe challenges enges of becoming a franchisee? franchisee? Starting your own bu business usiness can EHYHU\GLႈFXOWEXWZHKDYH EHYHU\GLႈFXOWEXWZ ZHKDYH Home Care great support from H gives Preferred and that g ives us great comfort. How will you use this th his business venture to improve e your worklife balance? I think it’ it’s s important for all of us WRKDYHDJRRGZRUN NOLIHEDODQFH WRKDYHDJRRGZRUNOLIHEDODQFH :HÂśYHDOOKDGKLJKSUHVVXUH : HÂśYHDOOKDGKLJKS H SUHVVXUH j b in jobs i the th pastt and d recognise i a need to change ou our ur lifestyles. We’ve look W e’ve e agreed to loo k out for each other ’s wellbeing. We We will make other’s VXUHZHWDNHWLPHRႇDQGVWHSLQ VXUHZHWDNHWLPHRႇ ႇDQGVWHSLQ to cover when requir required. red. Finally, what advice Finally, e would you considering give to someone co onsidering a franchise? Find your market an and d do your to walk research. Don’t be afraid a away from somethin something g that doesn’t feel right. W We e contac contacted cted other franchisors but didn’t didn’t see a good ÂżW:KHQZHFDPHDFURVV+RPH ÂżW :KHQ ZH FDPH D DFURVV +RPH Care Preferred, the s synergy was instant, and after we e conducted our own research we e knew they were right for us.

Home Care Preferred Preferre ed For further informatio information on contact a member of our friendly friend dly team: T:: 020 8364 3670 T E: nav@homecarep nav@homecarepreferred.com referred.com A: 49 Station Road, Winchmore Hill, N21 3NB www.homecarepreferredfranchise.com www w..homecarepreferre edfranchise.com



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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

In the Garden with Paul Knight Transform your garden in 2018 Contact Paul on 07957 942728 info@outside-designs.co.uk or visit his website www.outside-designs-shop.co.uk We were asked to design a garden in North London and the brief was to create a garden within a garden. Meaning that there was to be separate area to relax, meditate and gather your thoughts. A place where you could hear water flowing and watch the light reflects off the water, surrounded by lush, tropical like, planting whilst attracting a rich variety of wildlife. The final design decided on involved constructing two distinct areas linked by a pergola walkway. The first half of the garden was a traditional lawn area, making use of the existing mature shrubs and borders. The other half of the garden that you have to enter through the pergola consisted of a large water feature, with a deck built around and lots of planting. The site was in a poor state, with poor soil, changes in level and shabby fences, which the eye was drawn to. With the aid of a digger we set about clearing and leveling the site, removing many skip loads of waste. The pond was also dug out with the digger and a underlay and butyl liner

were installed. To disguise the fences, bespoke slatted screens were built in front of the existing fences, which gave the area a sense of unity. The decking was constructed in curved shape following the contour of the waters edge and is large enough for a table and chairs. The pergola was constructed from thick timbers to give a sturdy appearance and will eventually be covered in plants, creating a natural barrier between the two areas and forming a path to the watery garden beyond. Lots of lovely plants were planted. Ferns and Hostas near the water, Acers, viburnums, grasses and lots of low growing plants such as Ajuga and sedums. One very interesting plant used is Gunnera manicata. This herbaceous will grow really huge leaves, up to 2m wide. It requires lot of water so we installed and underground reservoir for it tap in to. We really enjoyed building this garden and ultimately the client was delighted with the end result.

Call us for all your garden needs; Garden design • Planting design • Landscape construction • Irrigation • Maintenance Follow us on Twitter outsidedesigns1 See our range of bespoke garden furniture at www.outside-designs-shop.co.uk

David Williamson Coming up at Talkies…. So much to see in 2018… BBC correspondent Kurt Barling kicks off 2018 introducing ’I am not your Negro’, inspired by the writer James Baldwin, which explores the historical prejudice and violence against black Americans. The travails of love feature highly in the 2018 programme with ‘Loving’ ‘A United Kingdom’ and “Trishna’. Christ Church, Southgate Green, hosts a screening of Mathew Bourne’s spectacular gothic ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’. At Bounds Green you have another chance to see the mind-blowing skill of animators as they use Vincent Van Gough’s work to illustrate his last days. Finally we have a decadent feast of live cabaret before glimpsing a view of a vanished 1920’s London in ‘Picadilly’.


I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO Oscar-nominated film about historical discrimination and violence in the USA. THURS FEB 1 THE DUGDALE CENTRE


LOVING The story a couple whose arrest for interracial marriage in the 1960s led to changes in the American constitution. SAT FEB 10 WATERHOUSE HALL, N21



Heartfelt movie about a young woman who rescues her grandfather’s olive tree, sold to a German company as a green symbol. SAT FEB 24 CHRIST CHURCH N14

The story of King Seretse Khama of Botswana and his controversial marriage to a British white woman challenged conventions. THURS MAR 1 THE DUGDALE CENTRE



A sumptuous, gothic fairy tale with a twist on the classic story, Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty will delight dance fans of all ages.

Adaptated from ‘Tess of the D'Urbervilles’, Trishna is a story set in India about a tragic love affair across the economic divide. SAT MAR 31 WATERHOUSE HALL, N21


LOVING VINCENT Stunning animated film about the complicated life and controversial death of the artist Vincent Van Gogh.

PICADILLY Talkies creates a 1920’s cabaret evening with live burlesque before a classic of British Cinema, starring Anna Mae Wong.


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A Worthy Cause

Healing at Sylvan Sanctuary A local gem you may not have come across For over 50 years, Sylvan has provided energy healing for people local to its premises in Winchmore Hill (formerly The Mall, Southgate) and for many from further afield.

Sylvan’s team of healers runs four healing sessions weekly for anyone needing help and support for physical and mental concerns ranging from stress to breathing difficulties, muscular, bone and gut problems etc. through to cancer and even for those in an end-of life situation. Our work is often to give additional help to people already in the care of doctors and specialists. Healing energy is always given to mind, body and spirit – a thoroughly holistic process as these parts of each of us are so closely connected. Energy, also known as spiritual healing, is given by gentle touch of the hands by our healers and, though so gently administered, its effects can be profound. Each person is welcomed on arrival before being taken through to one of the healing rooms. Having made sure that the client is relaxed and ready to receive the healing energy, the healer will begin. Some people may feel heat or cool from the

healer’s hands and afterwards the feeling is often of deep relaxation or uplifted energy. Some clients experience improvements to whatever ails them after a few healing sessions and some continue to come regularly as they find that this maintains their improved wellbeing. All that is discussed at the Sanctuary remains completely confidential. Our healers will never promise a cure, only that they will give their best efforts to do so, to help with pain, to give help to cope with whatever the situation might be, to uplift – whatever is sought and needed to bring each person to a happier, healthier state of being. On Sylvan’s website (www.sylvan healingsanctuary.org) you will find comments from some of our clients that will tell you how they feel about the healing they have received and the ways in which they have been helped. Anyone in need is welcome to make an appointment. Our healers do not charge but

the Sanctuary does rely on small donations from those who are able to go towards our premises running costs. If you have health concerns and would like to come along to Hoppers Road (Winchmore Hill, London N21) for healing, please call 020 8920 6554 for an appointment.

Palmers Green Tales by Jenny Bourke www.palmersgreentales.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/331208790354294/ or just go to Facebook and look for Palmers Green Tales and ask to join the group. Our twitter address is @PGTales Palmers Green Tales has been very busy since my last article. John Sollis made a film about the redevelopment of the Fox Pub which lots of you have seen.

Meanwhile Susan Mehmet and myself have made two films about some very interesting developments in our local area. The first one was an interview with Ian Puddick who has set up Old Bakery Gin, www.oldbakerygin.com in Pymmes Mews N13. Ian found an illegal gin distillery whilst he was renovating some

36 |

premises which used to be a bakery and the rest is history. The gin is now stocked in some extremely prestigious places such as Fortnums as well as being sold at local markets, Majestic and is of course stocked by The Winchmore. The pub was one of the first places to stock the gin and suggested to Ian that he sold it at the N21 festival, which is where Susan and I met Ian. This film has become our most popular to date and has over 3500 views in just under a month! One of the shops in Pymmes Mews was owned by Tom Maysh, who was a famous bicycle maker and according to Ian tourists come from

Japan to be photographed under the Tom Maysh sign. Please let me know anything you remember about Tom Maysh and his bikes as we would like to make another film about the restoration of the mews. Our third film is about Laura Scaramella who has set up Parla Italiano, www. parlaitaliano.co.uk in Palmers Green. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful facility in our area and Laura tells us why she decided to set up her language school and how successful it has become. The latest venture for the school is classes for children which should prove to be a wonderful extra curricular activity.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Your Legal Questions Answered

by Fariz Uvais

Fariz Uvais is a Consultant Solicitor at Fahri LLP based in Whetstone North London. Write in and ask your legal questions. Fariz will try and answer your questions in Palmers Green LIFE each month. Send your questions to Fahri LLP, 1268a High Road Whetstone, London N20 9HH or by email to fariz@fahrillp.com. Tel: 0203 813 8457

I am a private landlord and one of my flats has had the same tenant for over four years. I provide a new Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement every year but will there be a time when they will acquire additional rights to my property due to the length of occupancy please?

automatically be presumed to hold an Assured Tenancy Agreement. Since this is a rebuttable presumption if the tenant has been given a different type of tenancy, he or she will be able to establish the true nature of the tenancy by referring to a written contract with the landlord.

With the introduction of the Housing Act 1996 (which came into effect in early 1997) any residential tenancy created after the effective date was by default deemed to be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. So since early 1997 even if a tenant has no written tenancy agreement, a tenant will still

In your case, since you began your tenancy after 1997 and in any event under a written Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, the tenant will not acquire any additional rights regardless of the length of time they remain in occupation of the flat.

Even if you did not renew the written agreement every year, on the expiry of the last written agreement, the tenancy would be deemed to be Statutory Periodic Tenancy. The tenancy will continue on the same basis as the last written agreement, with all the same clauses and conditions being operative. The period of the tenancy will depend upon the rent payment clause in the written agreement. Therefore, if the rent was paid monthly under the original fixed term, this will become a monthly periodic tenancy or a weekly periodic tenancy if the rent became due on a weekly basis.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry.

Fahri LLP L

Specialist affordable af fordable e property property

Law L aw Firm aw Firm advice is only a pho phone one call away

We act for clients We s across London on C Us Call all types of property property matters. Our focus at all times is to keep the client 0203 3 813 8450 updated by communicating comm municating regularly FFax ax Us: via email and by y telephone telephone and we 0203 3 745 7370 aim to achieve the best possible results at a re easonable cost. reasonable

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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! We hope that you have all enjoyed the festive season and you are raring to go in 2018! We all had a lovely break and are all ready and set up for the year ahead as our regular readers will know that January is one of our busiest months. I can hear the readers groan already “not another article about how divorce rates spike in January after a stressful family Christmas!” This year readers, I am bucking the trend – Hooray did I hear you say? For readers out there, who found Christmas the topping Marion Foley on a miserable marital year, you are not alone but it doesn’t have to end up in divorce. In my twenty plus years as a family solicitor, I have found a common reason for break ups is the breakdown in communication between a couple. Words exchanged can become misunderstood and can lead either to raised voices or unhappy feelings left unsaid because you can’t face the reaction if you say them out loud. Communication takes many forms. Couples should feel as free and physically and emotionally safe to express unhappy as well as happy feelings but this can sometimes get lost as the relationship matures. The arrival of children can make it harder to find time to be a couple, to talk and to share feelings. When communication breaks down, your hackles can rise and it is easy to become defensive, to withdraw affection and to retreat into oneself. Sometimes the relationship gets so bad that neither wants to open

up discussions for fear of what they will hear about themselves and worried that discussions however well intended may turn into rows which can be exhausting. In my professional life there has been a number of times when, after listening to my client’s marriage woes, I have asked them to think about breaking the marital ice and being the one to open up communication. Fear of rejection and humiliation can be a bar to starting a conversation but you will never know how your other half feels without some honest dialogue. Sometimes couples need help to open up which is where a couple counsellor can be invaluable to end the deadlock. If you have invested years of your adult life in a relationship or marriage you might feel you owe it to your other half and your children to explore all avenues before you decide that your relationship has ended. There are, of course, relationships where this is not possible because it’s not safe and when action needs to be taken quickly.

Chapman and Pieri Solicitors are here when all avenues have been exhausted and you need professional support to help you navigate what may be a very emotionally challenging time ahead. We have a team of experienced family lawyers chosen for their warm approach to help you through your journey. If you want to speak to a solicitor please call on 020 8882 9850. We offer a no obligation initial consultation for £75 plus vat.

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YOUR FIRST CHRISTMAS POST-DIVORCE OR SEPARATION It’s that time of the year when most of us sit down and reflect. If you have recently gone through a divorce or separation without settling the arrangements for your children, you may have found that your first Christmas post-divorce or Martha Koumbas relationship breakdown did not go as well as planned. Perhaps you had a dispute with your ex about who the children should spend Christmas day with. You want to do your best by your children but at the same time, you may feel a sense of loss because inevitably, your children now have two homes to divide their time between. Maybe you and your ex agreed to spend Christmas day together with the children to try and keep some form of “normality” and/or to try and avoid disputes but this just gave you the realisation that you need to create a new “normal” and your own traditions. Sorting out the arrangements for your children when going through a divorce or separation is very important. This does not mean that you have to rush off to Court. There are many different ways in which

child arrangements can be settled, including by way of agreement through direct discussions between you and your ex, Mediation or negotiations through solicitors. Court proceedings should be viewed as a last resort. The benefits of drawing up a Parenting Plan in the event that you and your ex are able to agree should not be underestimated. Whilst Parenting Plans may not be legally binding, they work for many families. They provide a clear structure and routine for both parents and the children during term time and school holidays and often remove the stress of worrying about the practicalities of when the children will be with whom and who will be responsible for handovers. Parenting Plans can also deal with the best way to share information concerning the children’s welfare and upbringing and to consult the other parent on any significant issues which may arise. I am not saying that a Parenting Plan will solve everything. Children grow up and their routines change. Therefore, it is important that any Parenting Plan is kept under review and varied if necessary, just like a Court Order can be. As a parent, it is very important that you are able to work together with your ex to try and agree a routine which suits both of you and which is in the children’s best interests.

At Chapman Pieri Solicitors, we practice exclusively in all areas of family law including the arrangements for children post-divorce or separation. Please feel free to give one of our solicitors a ring on 0208 882 9850 to arrange a fixed fee initial consultation.

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Palmers Green & Southgate LIFE winter 2018  

The only free community magazine in Palmers Green featuring local articles, features and property. Brought to you by Anthony Webb Estate Age...

Palmers Green & Southgate LIFE winter 2018  

The only free community magazine in Palmers Green featuring local articles, features and property. Brought to you by Anthony Webb Estate Age...


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