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September / October 2017 Edition Issue 38

A watercolour by Edna Clarke Hall

Past Times • Edna Clarke Hall

Allan Jay Paine Solicitors • A new era et ll, artist and po Edna Clarke Ha n, the home of Southgate Gree

ll Edna Clarke Ha

The DIY Doctor • Could painting your home improve its value?

welcome During August, even though it is traditionally a quiet month, we noticed an increase of properties coming onto the market. I am sure this will continue through September and October with the market picking up after the slower than normal months in the spring. You may be considering school catchments areas, whether you are moving in or our of catchment. We are incredibly lucky to have fantastic local primary and secondary schools in and around Palmers Green that continue to make it a very popular destination for families. London house prices have continued to increase, albeit more steadily over the last year, with an average of 3-5% growth, this is good for buyers as they don’t have to hurry too much because price increases are manageable and it is also good for sellers as the market is stable and confidence is up. If you are thinking about selling and would like to get an accurate valuation on your home please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team for a no obligation valuation on 020 8882 7888. We have also enjoyed a very busy period in lettings with demand continuing to outstrip supply and we are always looking for properties for our professional and corporate tenants. If you have a vacant property or are thinking about letting your home please contact us to find out more about the services we can offer you. My experienced letting team can help guide you through the legislation and regulation ensuring both your property and your tenant are in safe hands. As I write this there are two community events on the horizon, the Palmers Green Festival and the annual Talkies outdoor cinema in Broomfield Park, screening Jurassic Park. We hope both events are a great success and thank all the volunteers that enable these community events to take place on our doorstep. If you want to find out more about what's happening locally don't forget to check out Love Your Doorstep, a local community forum. Find out more about them on page nine.


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Anthony Webb supporting local schools, charities and local action groups to enrich our community


348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

A view from City Hall

by Joanne McCartney AM

London’s Green Infrastructure E: joanne.mccartney@london.gov.uk www.joannemccartney.com Tel: 020 7983 5524 I was delighted to speak recently at an event to mark the 50th anniversary of the Lee Valley Regional Park highlighting the importance of London’s parks and green spaces. Those initial founders of the Park had a vision of what could be achieved – ‘a playground for London’. They set about transforming the Lee Valley which was “pock-marked with rubbish dumps, scrap metal yards, gravel pits and old industrial buildings” into London’s largest park offering sporting, leisure and family activities, as well as being the ‘green lung’ of the city. We need that same vision again. London is growing - our population is expected to reach 10 million by 2030, and possibly 12 million or more by 2050. This significant population increase will require thousands of new homes, as well as associated schools, healthcare centres and places of work. Pressure on land is inevitable. But we must ensure that higher density does not compromise quality of life and liveable

neighbourhoods, and instead protects our green spaces. Our green infrastructure needs to be secured and enhanced. Both the Mayor of London and the London Assembly are examining how this ‘good growth’ can be achieved. The Mayor has made a commitment to make London a National Park City and to ensure that at least half of London’s area is green by 2050. Full details are set out in the Mayor’s draft London Environment Strategy and I encourage you to respond to this consultation so that we can capture all of the ideas and information we need to ensure the strategy delivers on its ambition. The London Assembly Environment Committee has recently published a report, ‘Park life: ensuring green spaces remain a hit with Londoners’ which looks at what measures should be taken to protect and improve the capital’s green spaces. Our call for evidence for this investigation received more responses from the public on this issue

than for any other investigation to date – surely an indication of how important green space is to our city. Details of the Mayor’s consultation and the London Assembly report can be found at www.london.gov.uk.

ETACHED FAMILY HOME on the sought after Meadway estate. A beautifully presented mock Tudor four bedroom detached house with GARAGE to side located in this popular residential turning forming part of the Meadway conservation area. The property is conveniently located for Southgate’s shops, restaurants, and underground station (Piccadilly line) with Grovelands Park within a few minutes walk.

Greenway Southgate, N14

New bus route to North Middlesex Hospital For the past few years, along with local residents, I have been campaigning for better bus services to our local hospitals, and especially for a direct bus route from our area to the North Middlesex Hospital. I am delighted that the Mayor has announced new plans for improving buses to London’s hospitals and that our area will be a priority for a direct link to the North Mid in the coming year. There will be a consultation on the exact route so please let me know if you have any views on this.


*Joanne is the London Assembly Member for Enfield & Haringey and is the statutory Deputy Mayor of London.


• Stunning four bedroom home • Detached house, excellent location • Beautifully presented with garden • Garage & off street parking

8882 7888

£979,995 Freehold |


Palmers Gr Palmers Green een an and nd Southgate LIFE welcomes w elcomes Hugs and Mugs to our street! high str eet!

s & Ğƌ g u H Ʃ ƉůĂ ϵϵ Ɛ Ő DƵ άϮϲ͘ ĨŽƌ lus p ĂƐƐĞƐ Őů ͊Ύ  Z Ϯ& ĨǁŝŶĞ Ž

Owner, Owner r, Stelios great Greek brings his passion ffor or o gr eat Gr eek entertainment ffood ood o and enter tain nment to Palmers Green with extensive P almers Gr een wi ith an e xtensive menu events menu and special e vents planned throughout year thr oughout the y e including a ear weekly night. w eekly comedy ni ght.. Look out ffor o or professional belly Samsara a pr offess e sional bell y dancer coming soon! They The y have ha ave an fresco outside al fr esco area dining ar ea at the rrear ear and a bar perfect perf fe ect ffor o or private functions.

* Exclusiv Exclusive e ma magazine gazine off offer fer e

366 Gr Green een Lanes,, London L N13 5PE Fri Mon - F ri 10am to o 10.30pm Sat – Sun 10am to o 1am To T o book please call calll 020 8245 2338


348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Past Times... Edna Clarke Hall, artist by Joe Studman, local historian Joe conducts guided talks and tours across London, to find out more please visit www.jaywalks.co.uk I always knew that Edna Clarke Hall had lived on Southgate Green and include a couple of anecdotes about her on my tours of Southgate. I relate how the noisy plumbing in the family home used to frighten her at bedtime and when her father was a nonconformist minister at Friern Barnet her mother would bake jacket potatoes for the children to put in their pockets to keep them warm on their Sunday morning trek to Christ Church. But it was only recently when I discovered her watercolours that my interest in her as an artist was aroused. Born in Kent in 1879 the family moved to Southgate when she was two and for the next eight years lived in the house that later became a branch of Barclays Bank. It was rebuilt in 1927 and is now the home of Salcombe Day Nursery and Preschool.

co-founder of NSPCC, Benjamin Waugh. Photo’s of Edna at 16 reveal a natural beauty and it’s easy to see how the barrister was beguiled by this fun loving, talented young woman. He encouraged her art and became her mentor and confidant for the next six years. Edna married Willie after she graduated from Slade with a series of prizes and scholarships. She was 19 but instead of embarking on an artistic career Willie expected her to take on the role of housewife. Despite producing two sons the intimacy between them cooled much to the distress of Edna. Willie did provide financial security and the family home moved to Upminster Common. First to a house called Great Tomkins and then to larger Great House which remained her home for the best part of 80 years. It was the former property that inspired her most famous works. She possibly saw her unhappy relationship paralleled with Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights and over the next 20 years she produced a series of drawings and paintings based on the novel. She rarely showed her work and the introspection led to a breakdown in 1919. Years of experiencing the heartless indifference of her spouse she was also devastated by the death of her close friend the poet Edward Thomas. The depression was lifted when Henry Tonks introduced her to the psychologist Henry Head. He was able to lift her spirits and throughout the 1920’s and 30’s Edna finally produced work that was regularly exhibited. The newly opened Redfern Gallery made her the first artist to have a one man show where most of the 89 exhibits were sold. A third were

etchings from her newly developed skill of engraving. When arthritis threatened to end her career she spent three months living among the locals in Egypt. Not only did it cure her ailment but it also produced a series of delicate watercolours. Edna began writing verse and produced two books of poetry. This motivated her to create Poem Pictures, a series of paintings incorporating poems that must have been influenced by William Blake. William Clarke Hall’s career as a barrister and reforming magistrate led to him being knighted in 1932 and Edna became Lady Clarke Hall. Willie died of a heart attack soon after and the liberated Edna continued to produce work until her studio in Gray’s Inn was bombed in 1941. After the war Edna continued to maintain Great House as a commercial farm and her niece became a live-in companion as old age approached. Edna Clarke Hall lived to reach 100 and her watercolours, etchings and Poem Pictures live on in The Tate, V&A, British Museum and galleries throughout Britain although unfortunately none appear to be on show in London at present. Perhaps now is the time for a retrospective of Edna Clarke Hall?

Wuthering Heights

Girl Leaning on a Gate on Display at The Tate

When she was fourteen she was enrolled at The Slade School of Art and was fortunate enough to study under its greatest tutor, Henry Tonks, who remained a friend for life. Among her contemporaries at Slade were Gwen Salmond, Ida Nettleship and Gwen John. All four became acclaimed artists, remained friends for life but suffered ill-fated marriages or relationships. William Clarke Hall was 26 when he was first encountered the 13 year old daughter of his

8882 7888



Parliamentary Comment by Labour Cllr Mary Maguire

Fly tipping, what a load of other people's rubbish! Cllr.Mary.Maguire@Enfield.gov.uk Mary Maguire has kindly submitted this months article on behalf of Bambos Charalambous, Labour Party MP for Enfield Southgate

One of the biggest collective gripes I hear from residents is about other people dumping their rubbish in places other than a bin. I must say I share their irritation at this anti-social behaviour. All of us want to live in a place where our streets are clean and safe. We don’t want to be greeted by a pile of stinking rubbish or discarded fridges on every street corner. Here in Palmers Green, we have our share of offenders and I wish I could catch them in the act. Whether its furtively offloading old furniture and mattresses, or placing bursting black bin bags beside the road or discarding fast food wrappings, it’s hazardous, unhygienic and irresponsible. Some offenders are caught and handed a fixed penalty fine or prosecuted, but many just dump and flee. You have to wonder where all this rubbish comes from. It would be easy to blame it on too much packaging, or our throwaway society – both of which I think

need looking at. But I think it’s a bit more than that. After all, we have weekly bin collections, recycling centres at most supermarkets and at Barrowell Green. How much rubbish does each of us need to generate? I think it signals a lack of care about our environment, a lack of personal responsibility. There’s a mentality that you can leave your mess anywhere and someone else will clean it up. And everyone expects that “someone else” to be the council. Each year, Enfield Council clears up a mountain of illegally dumped waste across the borough – and it costs a lot of money to do so. It’s not so much a case of: “where there’s muck, there’s brass”, but “muck costs brass” – our brass. Enfield works flat out to clear up the muck – it aims to clear waste that obstructs pavements in 4 hours, other waste takes a bit longer. But, considering the amounts involved, our teams of rubbishbusters are doing a good job.

In the 12 months to July, our street cleansing service identified and cleared 6734 fly tips in Palmers Green alone. A further 232 were cleared following reports from residents. That is a lot of rubbish. And the huge cost in time and money could be much better spent elsewhere in this time of Government cuts. Unsurprisingly for those of us who care about this sort of thing, the places worst affected are Green Lanes and the streets surrounding. And it can’t all be people from other wards coming here to pollute Palmers Green life. Just over 50 % of rubbish is domestic and a third is in black plastic bin bags. Enfield is not unique. It has a better clear-up rate than most other councils and is vigorous in pursuing litterbugs and flytippers. Solutions are never simple. But a change in attitude is needed and we should call out those responsible. We in Palmers Green don’t want our clean streets to be spoiled by a few selfish or careless acts.

Cycle Enfield reaches Palmers Green but at what cost? by Cllr Ertan Hurer, BSc (ECON) FCA Cllr.Ertan.Hurer@Enfield.gov.uk Conservative Councillor, Winchmore Hill ward After many exhibitions, debates and “fake” consultations Cycle Enfield finally comes to Palmers Green. Sadly the Council did not listen to the views of the majority and apart from a few minor changes and alterations construction work commenced. The experience of the works in Winchmore Hill, which are still on going, has so far been negative. Traffic delays have increased and local traders report that their sales are down by over 30%. Unfortunately some have just given up and shut up shop. I hope that Palmers Green traders and businesses do not face the same problems. Sadly however we have also lost the iconic Palmers Green Triangle as part of the so called High Street improvements and to make


it a safer junction for cyclists. Speaking to local traders one of their biggest concerns is that even when works have been completed most cyclists will simply be cycling through Palmers Green and not be using Palmers Green as a destination and they will not benefit from the scheme. On a positive note I have certainly seen more cyclists on our local roads, the only problem is that most of them are not using the cycle lanes but Broad Walk, Hoppers Road, Bourne Hill, Southgate Green and other adjoining roads. Like every other user of our public highways cyclists also simply wish to get to their destinations as quickly and as safely as possible; unfortunately a cycle route from

Enfield Town to Palmers Green costing millions of pounds is not really it. Now we come to one of my other biggest concerns, money or rather the lack of it. Despite not having any spare funds the Labour led Council was keen to progress with Cycle Enfield the total cost of which to local tax payers will be close to £10,000,000 and London taxpayers a total of £30,000,000. Since coming into power the Labour led Council has gone on a borrowing spree to finance much of its spending. It now owes more than half a billion pounds and the projections are that it will increase further. At a fraction of this cost we could have restored our much beloved and missed Broomfield House.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Flat rate scheme, simplifying your VAT returns by Alex Chrysostomou Alexander Associates, your local accountant 24A Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4PN Tel: 020 8882 6611 Fax: 020 8882 6621 Email: alex@alexassociates.co.uk Website: www.alexandersandco.com Question: I am a freelance worker in the city and understand that the rules with the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) for VAT have changed. I currently use the FRS and am slightly confused on the correct FRS percentage to use. Can you help clear up how the new rules work? Answer: If a business has annual turnover above the VAT threshold (current at £85k), they have to be registered for VAT. There are various VAT scheme’s which you can adopt when registering and it is always important to seek advice to ensure that you’re using the correct one. We deal with a number of freelance workers and virtually all of them who are registered for VAT use the FRS. This scheme was purposely set up by

HMRC to help businesses simplify their VAT returns. In most cases, the FRS has been adopted for this reason. In short the FRS takes a percentage of your gross earnings (the percentage used is dependent on the industry you’re in) and you pay this across to HMRC, usually every quarter. (There is a cap on the level of turnover you earn on whether you can use the FRS). There have been a number of businesses who have seen their VAT liability be lower as a result of being on the FRS (rather than the normal VAT scheme). In the most recent budget, HMRC have sought to close this ‘loophole’. For example, many contractors we work with, use a flat rate percentage of 14.5%, which potentially results in paying less VAT than being on the normal VAT method.

From 1st April 2017, HMRC have targeted lost cost businesses (known as limited cost traders) such that if their VAT inclusive expenditure on relevant goods is less than 2% of their gross turnover (or less than ÂŁ1k, whichever is higher), then they will have to use a flat rate percentage of 16.5%. You will need to perform this calculation each time you submit your VAT to see if you fall foul of the new limited cost trader rule. If so, then you may see that your VAT liability has now increased! At this stage it becomes important to analyse whether you should continue to use the FRS or revert to the normal VAT scheme. If you require any advice on VAT or any other tax matters, please feel free to contact us.

If you have an accounting question for Alex please e-mail him directly he will be happy to assist you, alternatively Alexander Associates offer an initial free consultation, please contact them to find out more. Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified accountant on any specific accountancy enquiry.

Riffat Harris, Director Email: info@ledgers4u.com Phone: 07842 588608 When you’re running your own business it often seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day. With too many things to do and not enough time many people end up working very long hours. When that happens, you need to delegate, and free yourself up to focus on running your business. Bookkeeping is one of the essential tasks of a business, but all too often it’s seen as a chore and left to the last minute. While it’s tempting to put things off it can mean that you don’t have accurate information when you need it. All too often people can run their business EOLQG DQG GRQ¡W NQRZ LI LW¡V PDNLQJ D SURÀW or not. It’s also one of the jobs that can be delegated. Most business people have an accountant who produces their yearly accounts and calculates tax due. The problem is that annual accounts provide historical information. If you’re running a business you need to know how things are going now, so you can make necessary changes. It could KHOS\RXLQFUHDVH\RXUSURÀWDELOLW\DQGWDNH advantage of opportunities.

8882 7888

In the recent years there has been a new trend in cloud based software to help you keep on top of your accounting information. Many small businesses are using packages such as ;HUR)UHH$JHQW.DVKà RZRU4XLFNERRNVRQ line. This allows them to have access to their information on the go via apps on their smart phone or tablets. To get the most from these systems consider working closely with an external bookkeeper. For the small business there are many advantages of working this way: 1. 7KH RZQHUV KDYH PRUH FXUUHQW ÀQDQFLDO information such as their income, costs, SURÀWFDVKLQEDQN 2. The owners can react quicker to situations and make decisions based on more up to date information. 3. Less time is required to input information 4. Saves accountants time at the end of the year. 5. The owners of the business don’t have to spend lots of time keeping up to date with how to categorize a particular expense or income. The bookkeeper takes care of that. 6. It will make quarterly reporting much simpler for Making Tax Digital

So if you’re looking for ways to save time then you should consider outsourcing your bookkeeping. At Ledgers4U we provide bookkeeping services to small business. So whether you’re a limited company needing regular assistance with VAT returns, payroll and management accounts; or you’re self- employed and just need a hand to set up your accounting package or advice from a bookkeeper ‘every now and again’ we can help. We take care of the bookkeeping to leave you free to focus on what actually makes money for your business!



Viking ng Star: Empires of the th he Mediterranean Viki Cruise, ise, Athens to Venice by Liz Storey Crui I have havve been fortunate to ho holiday liday previously on a cruise cruis se ship but The Viking Star S experience went far beyond b my expectations. As soon as we arrived in Athens we were met by the crew of The Viking Star and immediately fel feltt as if we were lifted up and taken care of, not to be put down again n until we DUULYHGDWRXUČ´QDOGHVWLQDWLRQRI DUULYHGDWRXUČ´QDOGHVWLQ L G Č´ O G LQDWLRQRI L I Venice 10 days later. The ship was beautiful an nd and oozing luxury, immacula tely clean immaculately with helpful crew availab ble at every available turn. After settling into our o cabin, with a balcony, we e toured the ships several restaurantss (formal to casual), bars, shops, sunsun-decks -decks and two pools as well as a sp pa with a spa snow room! We sailed through each night n and evenings during the preceding eve enings we enjoyed a short Port talk k detailing the next town on the itin nerary. itinerary. After the talk we could en enjoy: njoy: a movie under the stars (lying on a sunbed with your own personal earphones e and popcorn), listening tto o a Rat Pack cabaret in the bar or o a musical presentation in The Star Theatre. In addition to these delig delights ghts were daily lectures on various subjects, as well as wine and Armagn nac tasting, Armagnac Martini Nights and much h more. Dancing was possible ev ery evening every with a variety of residentt musicians to entertain us.

“We have already y booked next year year’ss cruis cruise se with the e Nile Viking down th Petra!� and on to Pet tra!�

Our it itinerary inerary Day 1-2) Pira Piraeus aeus (Athens) Greece Day 3) Thira (Santorini) Greece Day 4) Katak Katakolon kolon (Olympia) Greece Day 5) Kerki Kerkira ra (Corfu) Greece Day 6) Kotor r, Montenegro Kotor, Day 7) Dubro ovnik, Croatia Dubrovnik, Day 8) Zadar r, Croatia Zadar, Day 9) Kope r, Slovenia Koper, Day 10) Dep art from Venice, Italy Depart

As we left th the he ship each day to on-shore enjoy the on n-shore excursions a member b off the th crew would ld b be waiting to pu put ut a bottle of water in our hand and if the t sky looked grey, an umbrella. No Nothing othing was left to chance. We each had d a QuietVox system of earphones, ensuring e we could all everything hear everyth hing the local guide had These to tell us. Th hese tours were very informative and really enhanced our trip. On returning g to the ship, and after a light lunch of our choosing, the afternoon was w spent swimming or sunbathing, enjoying a full afternoon tea and liste listening ening to the afternoon musician. casual The smart ca asual dress code took usual away the us ual anxieties and reduced the need for a wide wardrobe off clothes. The food was without exce exception eption both tasty and appealing. We W left the ship relaxed, and heavier than when we arrived!

This trip was booked by Scott’s Travel, Southgate. After A an early booking discount it cost £3,500 per p person travelling in Apri April. l. This included all food, wine at meal times, a gu guided ided shore excursion in each h port, and talks by resident historians. ΖI \RX ZRXOG OLNH WR ȴQG RXW R PRUH YLVLW XV DW  %URDGZ ZD\6RXWKJDWH1 3- ΖI\RXZRXOGOLNHWRȴQGRXWPRUHYLVLWXVDW%URDGZD\6RXWKJDWH13- call 020 8882 0141 or visit vissit www.scottstravel.co.uk..


348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Athens Acropolis



On deck

y n Koupparis, Bradle Congratulations to Joh s and Luke Wintour llin Co ew Gardner, Matth ent golf nds of golf at 4 differ who completed 4 rou part of as e, Jun st 21 on ) ggies courses (without bu They ge. llen cha lf' Day Go Macmillan's 'Longest Club, Enfield Golf Club, lf Go od Wo played Hadley lf Club b and Crews Hill Go Whitewebbs Golf Clu 0! ,80 ÂŁ3 r and raised ove ra ie Ashton, from Zeb Congratulations to Jam intment as President of po ap UK. Childrens Club, on his field Chase, London, the Rotary Club of En proud and honoured to ls very Jamie personally fee this Rotary year. take over as president

Graduates of 2017 Inspiring Women's Course run by Enterprise Enf ield are now ready for their next step in starting their own business. The course run by Enfield Enterp rise has given these 23 women a wealth of business knowledge and contin support to pursue the ued ir dreams to become confident and successful in the ir chosen paths.

8882 7888

Congratulations to Mi lan Trajkovic (13), win of 2016 & 2017 Midd ner lesex Athletics Cham pionship in Javelin throw. Barne t schools champion, schools current record holde r for 2 years and als o the youngest team memb er representing Midd lesex Athletics Team in rec ent English Schools Athletic Championship in Bir mingham.



PawSquad’s stress-free home vet visits are the purrfect solution PawSquad, is a complete veterinary service, enabling pet owners to book a dedicated local vet to visit their home - making pet healthcare more convenient, accessible and stressfree for both pets and their owners. see in practice. Our consultation times are 30-40 minutes which gives us enough time to talk through preventative care and for you to ask any questions. Plus any medications are delivered straight to your door, making home visits much more convenient for both pet and owner.” Dr Peter Hiscox covers north London. He said: "Home visits allow me to spend that vital extra time with you and your pet, so I can provide quality veterinary care without causing the inevitable stress to your pet that we

Peter can provide all kinds of routine care including health checks, vaccinations, medications, microchipping and minor procedures in the home, providing owners with both flexibility and peace of mind. Partner

clinics are also in place to support any pets that need further treatment that cannot be administered at home, and video calls and messaging allow vets to best manage their patients and time. Pet owners in London are already recommending PawSquad to their friends. Local cat owner Elizabeth says: “Peter was great, he arrived on time and was able to give my cat Max his check-up in the comfort of his home, where he feels safe. He also gave Max his annual vaccination and treatment. Such a great service.”

You can book with Peter by calling 0203 322 5381 or by booking online at www.pawsquad.com. Evening and weekend appointments are also available, with home consultations costing just £48 for a 30-40 minute appointment (medications, vaccinations and other procedures incur additional costs).

10 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888





• Two double bedrooms • Ground floor apartment • Very spacious living space • Modern kitchen & bathroom

• Spacious ground floor flat • Two double bedrooms • Large living room • Kitchen/diner

£375,000 Leasehold

£320,000 Leasehold F SA OR LE

North Circular Road, Palmers Green, N13


Hertford Court, Palmers Green, N13

• Two bedroom flat • 25ft living/dining room • Modern kitchen and bathroom • Own front door

• Three bedroom, 1930’s built house • Extended to rear • Excellent decorative order

Hamilton Crescent, Palmers Green, N13

£525,000 Freehold


Offers in excess of


£439,950 Leasehold

Harlow Road, Palmers Green, N13

• Four bedroom house • 1930s built terrace • Extended spacious kitchen/diner • Living room

• Three bedroom, Edwardian house • Two receptions • Kitchen

12 |

Kenmare Gardens, Palmers Green, N13

Hoppers Road, Winchmore Hill, N21

£600,000 Freehold

£625,000 Freehold

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888



Taking Taki ing a 360 approach to training i i and d well-being ll b i Using g exercises to in increase strength and the cardiovascular system, whilstt maintaining a equilibrium being. Integrating a variety of therapy therap py techniques including massage, manipulation and corrective movement. move ement.



07985 734277 | pcunsamy@googlemail.com pcu unsamy@go |


Group Family Fitness sessions come to Broomfield Park by Piere Cunsamy All round exercises for the family, with some 'old school' playground games and some healthy competition games. As a fitness professional and parent myself I have recently set up weekend group exercise sessions in local parks encouraging parents to participate with their children, increasing an active bond. These fun sessions are designed to help to develop confidence in children that are and those that are not sporty. My mission is to help increase family

activity in a fun and enjoyable way, spending time together and ultimately working to strengthen the heart and lungs. In return this will cut down on the risk of diseases we are currently seeing in the 21st Century due to the sedentary lifestyle we now lead thanks to technology, safety concerns and transportation accessibility. I am in the process of coordinating new

after-school sessions for parents in Palmers Green at Broomfield Park. Cost for adults is only ÂŁ5 each and your KIDS GO FREE! Tailored to help enhance movement, increase speed, balance, agility, strength, coordination and flexibility whilst having fun doing a variety of activities. There is something for everybody. Most importantly, the children will leave with a smile on their face :)

To find out more please contact me. Check out my Facebook page for useful information and videos. Hopefully see you soon! Piere Tel: 07985 734 277 Email: pcunsamy@googlemail.com Facebook Page: PiereCunsamyFitness

14 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

by Brian

At My Time we have been busy bedding in the new “made to order” menu.

Our hot and cold wraps are proving very popular, offering a lighter but tastier lunch option. The wider but different breakfast offering has seen the Huevos Rancheros become another popular choice, with the chorizo supplied by SJ Smith butchers in Enfield. The addition of our Freak Shakes and Smoothies has seen us widen our cold drinks. The smoothies are all made to order with fresh fruit and veg and are juiced based, really delicious and healthy. A fourth Freak Shake has been added to the selection and we are finding that just as many adults are getting their “freak shake on” as kids. The delighted look on our

customer’s faces when we present their freak shake is a joy and has become a real talking point. My Time cafe has hosted a few successful events such as a christening, anniversary party, and business meetings. We have catered these and this has encouraged us to open up for Christmas party bookings, we think My Time has a cool, relaxing and different ambience, so if you are interested please call, we can tailor to your needs. September sees the return of our Vinyl evenings where we spin records, have a music quiz and everyone with a love for vinyl records has had a great time. Sunday afternoon live music sessions are getting

popular with some fantastic local musicians such as Maz, Cat, Zoe, The Rocca Brothers and BlackDogHat. Look out for more of our special events by visiting our face book page or checking out the events page on our website. As I’ve mentioned Christmas (sorry!) if you are looking for some original art based presents please come and look at the café walls with Usoa’s stunning paintings, Johnnie’s periodic table charts and Tardeo’s pop and film art. We’ve also got handmade greeting cards by Carole; these creative locals are doing their thing in our community and that’s so worth supporting.

Pizzas, Pizzas, P izzas,Soups, Soups, Soups,Pasta, Pasta, Pasta,Ciabatta, Ciabatta, Ciabatta,Baguettes, Baguett Baguettes, es,Breakfast, Br Breakfast, eakfast, Brunch, Brun Brunch, nch, Gluten Glut Gluten en Free FFree ree and and Vegan V Vegan dis dishes. shes. egan dishes. Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 4JG 4JG | 020 8886 375Green GreenLanes, Lanes,Palmers PalmersGreen, G een,N13 Gr 699 94 | |www.mytimefare.co.uk wwww.mytimefare.co.uk ww.mytimefare.co.uk 375 8886 6994 6994

LUNA MUNC UNCASTER CASTER LTD LT TD Chartered Charter ed Accountants Acco ountants Are Ar e you getting a valua valuable able service from from your accountancy acccountancy firm? Do they meet you regularly regu ularly and make the effort efffort f to fully understand your circumstances? circum mstances? If not, I can of offer ffer f a superior service s that gives you much mo more ore for your money money.. 3 a local ICAEW Charter Chartered ed Accountant with over 20 years of o experience fr from om BDO, Sony Sony, y, Dixons and BT 3 pr providing oviding a high-quality personal p accountancy and tax service for small bus businesses sinesses and individuals.

What makes my my service stand out? o 1. My service is personal, fr friendly riendly and pr proactive. oactive. 2. I explain things in simple e terms; my aim is to de-mystifyy tax jar jargon. gon. 3. All work is carried out byy myself rather than an of office ffice fi jun junior. nior. 4. I’m rreliable, eliable, diligent and d thor thorough ough – I like things to be right. r 5. My annual fees ar are e fixed fixed, d, spr spread ead over 12 months and in include clude featur features es ta ax update after the Chancellor’ ’s Budget. such as a personalised tax Chancellor’s

Please visit www www.lunamuncaster.com .lunamuncasterr..com to t find out mor more. e. Luna would be mor more e than than happy to meet you d can be contacted on 07999 691 748 or at a luna@lunamuncaster luna@lunamuncaster.com. .com. for an informal, no obligation chat an and

8882 7888

0\FOLHQWVEHQHȴW from a superior service at reasonable rates. “I can’t recommend Luna’s services highly enough and am very grateful to have found her!” Katie Gormley, Art Director “Thanks Luna, that is really useful and lots more info in one email than I ever had from my previous accountant in the years past!“ Ralph Kanfer, Architect



A new era at Allan Jay Paine Solicitors ALLAN JAY PAINE LIMITED 273 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 4XE Tel: 0208 886 1404 Email: info@allanjaypaine.co.uk

Allan Jay Paine Limited has been providing legal services in Palmers Green since 1961 and has during this time become a respected legal practice with a strong client base and positive relationships within the local community. We specialise in Residential and Commercial conveyancing, Re-mortgages, Lease extensions, Wills and Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection and Matrimonial work. Our key priorities are to provide a tailor made service for our clients incorporating experience, efficiency and a personal service. We have an established client base and much of our business is with repeat clients and personal recommendations. Feedback from our clients indicates that in addition to the expected high levels of professionalism, expertise and efficiency our clients greatly appreciate that our service is personal, friendly and that we are approachable. We are conveniently located in Palmers Green on Green Lanes and have our own client car park at the rear. The Company has for the past 13 years been owned by Christopher and Jeanette Saunders who are now retiring and as from 29th September 2017 Mandy Bird will take over the business and she and her Co-Director Niamh Davey are looking forward to taking the Company into a new era. Both Mandy and Niamh have grown up in the area. Mandy has been a local Solicitor since 1988; she joined Allan Jay Paine in 1997 and has helped develop the ethos of the Company. Her years of experience in the North London area have given her an indepth knowledge of the local property market and the community. Niamh joined the Company in 2013 and qualified as a Solicitor in 2015. She has helped develop the firm’s private client practice with a particular focus on elderly client matters.

Main practice areas: • Residential conveyancing • Re-mortgages • Commercial property • Wills and Probate • Private Client – Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection • Matrimonial

Visit our website at

www.allanjaypaine.co.uk 16 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Meet the team at

Mandy Bird – Director/Solicitor

Niamh Davey – Director/Solicitor

I qualified as a Solicitor in 1988 and have worked at Allan Jay Paine Limited since 1997 during which time I have developed an extensive client base and have enjoyed providing a tailored personal service for both established and new clients. I specialise in Commercial and Residential property and also undertake Wills and Probate work.

I graduated from University of Brighton in 2007 and completed my Legal Practice Course at Gray’s Inn London in 2009. After working for a specialist industrial disease firm in Manchester for several years I joined Allan Jay Paine in 2013 as a Trainee Solicitor. Since qualification my practice areas are Probate, Powers of Attorney, Wills and Court of Protection work as well as Residential purchases and sales including lease term extensions and re-mortgages.

Fatma Mehmet – Solicitor

Chloe Rodway – Trainee Solicitor

I am a Commercial and Residential property lawyer and also deal with private divorce and financial relief in relation to Matrimonial matters.I enjoy marketing, meeting clients and looking after my cats. I have been a Solicitor for a number of years, trained in the City of London and a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science University of London. I enjoy the relationship that I have with my clients who are always welcome to approach me to discuss their matters.

I entered the legal sector in 2014 when I obtained my first paralegal job. In 2015 I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with an LLB law degree and in the subsequent year I achieved a distinction in my Legal Practice Course. I was appointed as a Trainee Solicitor at Allan Jay Paine Limited in October 2016. My practice areas include Family, Conveyancing and Private Client.

Christine Harding

Marilyn Grant

Karen Rose

Elizabeth Saunders

Finance Manager

Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant

8882 7888



Could a coat of paint increase the value of your home? by Mick Lawton your local Palmers Green DIY Doctor Mick is a specialist painter, decorator and carpenter with a building and property maintenance company based in Palmers Green. According to new research by Dulux Weathershield, one in three Brits are happy to pay more for a property with a well maintained garden, clean windows and that all-important freshly painted door. Most people make their mind up on a property before they even walk through the front door so it’s worth considering the appearance of your property if you are considering selling or renting it. The timing of any work you do to a property is crucial; to maximise viewings you need to smarten up your property before the agent even turns up to view – and especially before they take any of the 20+ photos it requires to appear online.

How long is it since you upgraded your home’s exterior? Despite the benefits, the research showed that on average, we haven’t upgraded the exterior of our houses for more than eight years and 20% have not touched the outside for 15 years! However a small change really can have a knock on affect on your street. If I’m working on a property it’s very common that the neighbour will also ask me for a price and before I know it I am working on

a number or properties on the same road. This helps bring up the appearance of the street in general adding those valuable ££’s of potential to your property too! Do you move or improve in current economic climate? Whichever you prefer, making sure your property is in the best possible condition can help you sell or rent it faster and for the best price. It can also help if you’re staying put, whether you just want to enjoy your home or if you want to re-mortgage. If you want to freshen up the exterior of your property please do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation quote on 07985 412 599.



If DIY is not for you or your property requires painting or redecorating please call me. I'm both local and affordable. Visit my website to see examples of my work www.micklawton.com, or contact me on 07985 412 599


PACIOUS EXTENDED PERIOD HOUSE CLOSE TO STATION. A CHAIN FREE three bedroom Edwardian house located in this popular residential turning off Hazelwood Lane. The property is within a few minutes walk of Green Lanes shops, restaurants, bus routes, Broomfield Park and Palmers Green mainline station into Moorgate.


• Three bedrooms • Edwardian house • Close to shops/station • Through lounge

• Beautiful family home • Detached and extended • Garage and drive • Very quiet location

18 |

TUNNING DETACHED HOME IN DESIRABLE LOCATION. A beautifully presented and extended three/four bedroom modern house with detached garage to side located in a quiet turning off Fox Lane. Spacious open plan modern kitchen/diner, living room, ground floor study/bedroom with en-suite shower room, first floor bathroom, off street parking and rear garden.

The Grove Palmers Green, N13

Crothall Close Palmers Green, N13

£675,000 Freehold

£775,000 Freehold

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888



Introducing Damel Senghan Carayol BA Hons, Artist, Musician, Poet Art is a universal form of expression It happens in every country, every culture, potentially in every space. It found expression in ancient times in Egypt, Rome, Mesopotamia and beyond. It happened then, it happens now, and forever will do so, for it manifests the soul, thought and existence itself. How exciting! Art is in shape, colour, texture, taste, sound and perhaps too in aroma. It's in the kitchen units you choose, the rugs you coordinate, the cushions you arrange or scatter, even after a designer has designed. Art therefore is everywhere. But to express your emotion or style, in words, paint, stone and more, it is good to remember that this expression is made to someone, or to many, as may seek to or be encouraged to receive it. You express yourself not to yourself, but to others. In this way it can operate from the level of individual, to the extent of forming a culture; a movement; to even historical religious and present day views, belief-systems and imagery. I remember my earliest expressions as a 5 or 6 year old in the compound of my Banjul home in The Gambia, West Africa - My "University of Stick and Sand - Sky and Star". I haven't all these years later, graduated. I will never 'graduate'. The most greatly recognised or celebrated artists of our times, musicians, painters and sculptors will know they died with still so much to learn. Art is infinite It will keep moving, evolving, and thankfully I will say, revolving. I call myself an artist and am happy to be called such. My passion and practice in this field currently is primarily in the mediums of

paint pencil and chalk pastel, though I love to embrace the unconventional. I have been strongly motivated by portraiture, with a touch of collage. I am also a musician, having been recording, performing and touring for more than two decades. I am also a scribe, a writer of ideas and poetry. This too I have done since teenage years, to the ripening age I now embrace. As my elder sister in Dakar Senegal says: If an extra 7 hours a day, still not enough for Damel. Such can be life. So much to fulfil. I share this exhibition with you It's been nurtured through cultured parents, with a father that spurred me on through his criticisms, but told me of the existence of an 'artist's eye'. An eye I looked for in sinkfulls of water when young; Nurtured through having to fight through a hostile reception at school on arrival at the age of 9 from my homeland, When football skills and a rep for being, 'good at art' finally won me acceptance and eventually, respect; And nurtured through a drive and a love of the will to share that I cannot help. I'm motivated by light, colour, shape, movement, shade, shiny things and muted, and by the relationships that all these have with each other. In essence, nature, life itself. Though Less the still type, more the living. I'm influenced by many, too many to list here, in

all different fields of 'the Arts'. But initially, by the sights and sounds of the continent of Africa, through to the breadth of artistic expression in Europe. Finally, apart from being a means to aim to excite, amuse, entertain, please, and indeed to sadden, Art is a most powerful form of reflecting and informing of the human condition. It can ask us to consider and reconsider this. With questions and pointers that should challenge us. But essentially, it should also uplift and remind us of our oneness. If only we would stop once in many whiles to look, listen and feel more, the empathy that Art offers. So I hope you enjoy. I'm on the road. Hope more and more still to come... Chi Jama. - In Peace

Liquid of Life ... Damel Carayol

'Eye-sore. The Final Straw’ Grenfell Tower Following personal tragedy Damel is donating a percentage of his profits to the Grenfell Tower victims, please join us for Damel's Private viewing on Tuesday 19th September at Anthony Webb The reason I have the Grenfell Tower disaster as my chosen charity is due to the fact that this is the most recent, profound and disastrous situation to have happened here in the UK for decades. The impact of the Grenfell fire is not just felt nationally, but is an international issue. I see it as the epitome of neglect, and indeed contempt for certain areas within areas, and for certain people who are in essence portrayed and viewed by officialdom as perhaps - Not worthy of the due care and consideration afforded to those buildings, peoples and lives that may seen to matter more. The 'case of Grenfell' is ongoing. The outcome, the truth of what happened and didn't happen, and the serving of justice is believed to be much further away than, not just the victims and those affected by the fire rightfully deserve, but the whole nation itself. A charity, funding the cause for justice is therefore not just for the victims and the survivors, but for the cause itself. The Grenfell Tower fire has affected all of us who saw, read, listened, and felt. Speaking personally, I had two relatives trapped in the fire. The two days from the Wednesday 14th June to the Friday the 16th felt like the longest days whilst waiting for news. Living on the 20th floor, hope was always there, but was slim. My cousin and her daughter, my niece unfortunately died. My family sadly appear to be some of the "lucky" ones, both my relatives were found. I did this painting on the morning of Friday the 16th June. Hearing a report being read on the radio which stated that the refurbishment of Grenfell had been seen to be "aesthetically pleasing" from the Eastern side of the borough, and from the West was my final straw. It was lucky that I had one canvas left, black paint on the shelf, and a couple of brushes nearby. "My anger poured out through paint" I was lucky to have an outlet. But a fight continues, through Art, through statements, and through cohesion.

For those who'd complained previously.... here's your eyesore! 'Eye-sore. The Final Straw'

20 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Italy, the cultural cornucopia by Laura Scaramella Italy is so rich with cultural and natural attractions that even if you have been before, you can easily choose different and less obvious places to visit. When I talk to people about Parla Italiano, my school which teaches Italian, people are surprised that we have such success with teaching Italian in Palmers Green, and that our school is growing. Not many people know that, even if Italian is not widely spoken, it is the fourth most studied language in the world. Italian is studied for a number of reasons: for tourism, because of family ties, others simply love the language, but many more are attracted to it by the amazing Italian cultural heritage. Italy is home to 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the largest number of any country in the world. Some of these include the historic centres of Rome, Naples, Pisa, Siena

and Venice. But Italy is so packed full with treasures that many secondary cities are also listed on the World Heritage Sites and are little jewels to discover, getting away from the beaten track. For example cities such as Urbino, Ferrara, Ravenna, the Trulli at Alberobello, and so on are all listed.

treasures. Overall, the nation has an estimated 100,000 monuments of any sort (churches, cathedrals, archaeological sites, houses and statues) and over 3 thousand museums. So, if you are passionate about art, no matter where you go you will have something to discover.

I have been asked recently about places to visit. I would suggest looking up the UNESCO list, exclude the major cities, and organise yourself a lovely tour of those amazing less known places. You will find less tourists and at the same time see some breath-taking works of art and nature.

My students all love Italy and the Italian culture which is the reason why they are learning Italian. Learning the language is the vehicle with which to learn about the culture and to understand more about it. At Parla Italiano, we have a number of courses covering various levels from complete beginners to more advanced. Classes are small and teaching is professional.

According to one estimate Italy is also home to half or more of the world’s art

New classes start at the end of September. Our course schedule is available online: http://www.parlaitaliano.co.uk/current-and-forthcoming-classes/ For more information about Italian classes please phone Laura on 07941 092593 or email laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk

8882 7888



Which treatment is right for your hair? by Kiri from Fabulous Hair Company Fabulous Hair Company 382 Green Lanes, N13 5PD Tel: 020 8886 7070 Welcome: September in the salon for me is all about recommending the right treatment to our guests to get their hair back to normal after overexposing their hair to the sun and at the same time prepare their hair for the harsh winter months ahead. Treatments come in 3s hydration (moisture), repair (chemically damaged) & then both together hydration & repair. Let us look at hydration first this is the one where most people suffer from dry hair comes caused by environmental damage and hot styling tools. Hydrating treatments work on the outside then inside hair shaft. Repair is needed when the hair is chemically treated from colouring, bleaching, relaxing or anything that involves a chemical and repair treatments work on the inside & then outside the hair shaft and then finally a combination of both hydration and repair. Here's what I recommend at my salon Fabulous Haircompany in Palmers Green. Repair: Olaplex 1 & 2. This concentrated salon treatment rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair. Olaplex includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek

out broken bonds in the hair. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to a colour service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance. Repair: Awapuhi Wild Ginger Kera-triplex. KeraTriplex® 2 step Treatment combines proven performance that works to reduce hair breakage by 80% with the ability to hydrate and add silky shine. Transform weak, broken and brittle strands into stronger, more resilient hair. Hydration: Rare Marula Oil Intensive Hair Masque (currently on promotion please find our ad in this magazine for details). Cold-pressed marula oil, which thoroughly hydrates and

dramatically smoothes to soften dry, coarse hair. For a luxurious hair treatment that includes powerful antioxidants, oleic acids, protein and vitamins, while adding fullness and protection to fine, limp hair. Hydration: Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydraTriplex. The HydraTriplex® Treatment features triple action hair technology to hydrate, bind and seal the hair. Included are proven hairrestoring ingredients such as amino acids, vegetable proteins and nourishing oils to make dry, frizzy hair softer and more easily manageable. For professional use only.

If you have any questions that need answering quickly, please email me at kc@fabuloushaircompany.com and I will get back to you soon as I can. If you enjoyed my article let us know, like us on Facebook and we will enter you in our monthly competition for a chance of winning 1 in 10 Paul Mitchell in-salon Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin treatments worth £25. Just go to our website and www.fabuloushaircompany.com, or click the Facebook icon to Like.

“Amatsu had unexpected benefits for me” Chrissie’s story by Nicola Forward, your local Amatsu Practitioner Chrissie originally came to see me with a pain in her right hip that radiated down the back of her leg and sometimes right into her heel and the sole of her foot. She had got very frustrated as it was interfering with her daily run. She wasn’t aware of having had an accident or injury of any kind. It just seemed to come on one day when she was out running. She tried resting and some strengthening and stretching exercises from her physio but it kept coming back. “Amatsu has made such a difference for me.” says Chrissie. “At the end of my first session my body felt so easy, so relaxed and the pain in my hip had gone.” After six weekly sessions Chrissie’s right leg was behaving, even on her long runs…but there was another unexpected benefit from Amatsu. For as long as she could remember Chrissie had suffered with headaches. She usually had two or three a week, and about once a month she would have a full blown migraine lasting two to three days. The doctors

couldn’t seem to come up with a clear diagnosis and this had been happening for so long that it now felt normal to her. “After I’d had about eight sessions of Amatsu with Nicola I suddenly realised that I’d not had a single migraine and even the headaches had been few and far between and relatively mild. I am so amazed that something as gentle as Amatsu could cure my head.” Chrissie is not the only person who has come with one issue and found that other issues have resolved as a result of Amatsu. People have reported an improvement in their digestion or that niggles they hadn’t even mentioned to me have gone away. I cannot profess to completely understand

the wonder that is our human body, but I do know that the Amatsu approach of viewing the body as a whole and treating it as such makes a lot of difference. In each and every Amatsu session I aim to create space and balance in your entire body, no matter where you are hurting, so it doesn’t seem too big a leap in understanding to see how that might have positive benefits everywhere.

So give me a call to discover how Amatsu could help you. Mobile: 07720 81 01 01 Email: nicolaforward@aol.com www.amatsutherapyintl.com And you could take advantage of my special “3 for 2” Introductory Offer.

22 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888



David Williamson Coming up at Talkies…. Eight great nights, with Burlesque, carnivorous plants and the Russian revolution…



HUNT FOR THE WILDER PEOPLE A big-hearted New Zealand comedydrama with an off-kilter charm.

Yet another eclectic mix to satisfy all tastes at Talkies this autumn. The wonderful Liza Minelli in the all time great Cabaret might be one of our last screenings at The Fox before it is redeveloped. We intend going out with a bash that includes live piano and burlesque before the show! Chickenshed Theatre will be another great fun event with Little Shop of Horrors – time to be creative with a Halloween outfit…. Our annual Christ Church event this year features yet another classic movie – Battleship Potemkin to live organ score. Add to that great world cinema and a lively community and you get 8 great nights out!


LION Dev Patel stars in this uplifting story about a child lost in Calcutta, adopted and raised in Australia and his journey to find his birth family. TUE OCT 31 CHICKENSHED THEATRE


CABARET Amazing performances and music create this great socially conscious classic. Live Burlesque beforehand. SAT OCT 21 CHRIST CHURCH SOUTHGATE

BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 masterpiece, set to live church organ. THURS NOV 2 THE DUGDALE CENTRE


Halloween fancy dress special with live music beforehand from Chickenshed Youth band.

A 2017 Oscar winning film that exposes the emotions seething beneath the surface of Iranian bourgeois life.





Funny and uplifting short films that reminds us that we are all just, ‘winging it!’.

In the aftermath of WWI, a young German woman meets a mysterious Frenchman.



friendsofarnospark.w wordpress.com

email: friendsofarnospark@h hotmail.co.uk

Friends Of Arnos Park London

ArnosP ParkT Tw weets

Canine Caapeers The Arnos Paark Dog Show S 20017

Saturd day 16th h Septem mber 1:30pm m (registration on day from 11:30am)

Frien nds Of

A nos Ar Park a

Dem monstrations, stalls and sttands, fun and evennts for every dog - and thheir families too!! Enterr yourr ddog fforr one n off ourr ffunn competi p titionns:7KDDW·V0\*LUOIRUWKHSUHWWLHHVWELWFK 7KDDW·VP\ %R\IRUWKHPRVWKKDQGVRPHGRJ Inteernational Rescue - the juudges favourite resccue dog &KLOOG·V%HVW)ULHQG²WKHEHVWW\RXQJKDQGOHU andd their th i dog d 3HQVVLRQHU3DOWKHEHVWROGHUUGRJ 7KHH'RJ7KH-XGJHV0RVW: :DQWHG7R7DNH Hom me. )RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQFKHFNRRXWRXUZHEVLWH at the t top of the poster To enrol e your dog please contact - Village Vets &DQQRQ+LOO1/*7HO 88882 6222 EHWZHHQ0RQGD\ DQG 7KXXUVGD\ DP SP

24 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Palmers Green Tales by Jenny Bourke www.palmersgreentales.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/331208790 354294/ or just go to Facebook and look for Palmers Green Tales and ask to join the group. Our twitter address is @PGTales Susan Mehmet and myself have been making a film about the amazing Orchard in Broomfield Park. The space was once a bowling green utilised by the Broomfield Park Bowling Club. When David March, a founding member of the Orchard, discovered the space in 2009, it had been unused for about 15 years. David wanted to make it into a wild flower meadow and orchard and he sought the help of a local campaigning group called Improving our Place, who were very keen and the then local council provided some funds and a designated officer, Graham Deal who was a great supporter of the project. People were invited to sponsor a tree and the Orchard has blossomed into a wonderful oasis within Broomfield Park much loved by local residents and its resident bees.

wildlife pond with adjacent growing space. Two different sorts of dragonflies have already been spotted hovering over the pond, plants around the pond and the growing space are thriving. The Orchard depends on its volunteers who do an amazing job, alongside the Duke of Edinburgh award candidates who are a welcome addition when they are available.

The only problem being, unwelcome visitors who commit vandalism, such as breaking tree branches and depositing litter.

The bug hotel which visiting school children helped to create.

Outside Designs is a family run business and with over 25 years’ experience. We can help you with:

The most recent project has been the construction of a

The orchard open days are always popular, the summer picnic in July and Apple day in October.

One of the apple trees

8882 7888

t t t t t






LE T TO • One double bedroom • Spacious living room • Kitchen with appliances

• First floor maisonnette • One double bedroom • Spacious living/dining room • Kitchen with appliances

Burleigh Road, EN1

£1,000 per calendar month*

£1,050 per calendar month*





Ecclesbourne Close, Palmers Green, N13

• One double bedroom • Edwardian conversion • Very spacious living room • New modern kitchen

• Ground floor garden flat • Two bedrooms • Kitchen with appliances • Own section of rear garden

Burford Gardens, Palmers Green, N13

Osborne Road, Palmers Green, N13

£1,100 per calendar month

£1,400 per calendar month*







• Three bedrooms • Semi-detached house • Spacious through lounge • Ground floor cloakroom

• Four bedrooms • End of terrace house • Spacious through lounge • Kitchen/diner

Oakwood Park Road, Southgate, N14

£1,750 per calendar month


Grenoble Gardens, Palmers Green, N13

£2,200 per calendar month* *Additional fees apply on all new tenancies

26 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ



y ybod Ever me! o welc



a country show with an urban twist

Saturday, 30 September, 10am to 5pm

Enjoy amazing animal displays, country crafts, prize winning produce, Capel’s beautiful gardens and much more!

Capel Manor Gardens www.capelmanorgardens.co.uk 8882 7888



KidDrop - Social networking for local parents Darya Paun by Founder @KidDrop KidDrop is the UK’s first social networking platform for busy parents (www.kiddrop.net). The KidDrop mission is to make getting to know other parents in your children’s schools and nurseries easier and faster. We do this through an all-in-one platform where parents of chlidren in a particular nursery or school can meet online, make friends, organise coffee meet-ups and birthday parties and help each other out with dropping off, picking up and looking after each others’ children. I came up with the idea of this unique social network for parents when my younger child was still small and I had to drop off and pick up my older child from nursery every day. There were so many times when I wished I had somebody to do a morning drop off for me and I could return the favour in the afternoon. I also felt it would be great to get to know other mothers at his pre-school but due to everybody rushing off it was almost impossible.

We have over 500 parents using already using KidDrop and people report making new parent friends and exchanging dropping off and picking up of their children directly on the website in an organised manner. Some say ‘they never guessed how many parents are in their school and how many new relationships were there to be made!’ A parent can post a DropOff/PickUp/ BabySitting job, then others express their interest and the job creator makes the final decision of who is going to do the ‘job’ in exchange for e-credits that can then be used to ‘pay’ other parents when you’re the one in need of help. KidDroppers are encouraged to walk/scooter to school, thus reducing dangerous congestion on our school roads.

KidDrop has been invested in at concept stage by Raj Dhonota, a millionaire start-up investor, who believed in the concept when it was just a gleam in my eye. Now after a year of very hard work, the results are looking positive.

Let’s KidDrop together and make our parent communities closer and more open! You can create your profile on our website: www.kiddrop.net Follow us on social media: facebook @kiddrop.net, Twitter: @KidDropUK, Instagram @KidDropUK

28 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Your Legal Questions Answered

by Fariz Uvais

Fariz Uvais is a Consultant Solicitor at Fahri LLP based in Whetstone North London. Write in and ask your legal questions. Fariz will try and answer your questions in Palmers Green LIFE each month. Send your questions to Fahri LLP, 1268a High Road Whetstone, London N20 9HH or by email to fariz@fahrillp.com. Tel: 0203 813 8457 I am intending to buy a property with a tenant in occupation. The tenant is in occupation of the property under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement which began last February and is for a term of one year. Are there any problems that I need to be aware of and in particular will I be able to evict the tenant after I buy the property when the term of one year expires? From the details you have provided, it appears that the landlord's title will be sold to you subject to and with the benefit of the assured shorthold tenancy (AST). There would therefore be no requirement specifically to assign the AST since you will become the AST tenant's new landlord after the purchase is completed. You will, however, take the

property subject to the AST in place with the tenant. As regards the payment of rent and any rent etc. to be passed over or apportioned on completion, this will need to be agreed between you and the seller. After the purchase is completed you will have to give notice to the tenant to inform him or her that you are the new landlord and all future rents need to be paid to you. Alternatively, if the tenant is happy to enter into a new AST upon completion of the purchase, that may be the best solution. The effect of this will be that there is a deemed surrender of the old AST. If, however, the aim is to recover possession sooner rather than later, then this would not be appropriate. Another issue which you will need to address is, if there is a tenant's deposit which has

been paid, this may need to be withdrawn from the tenancy deposit scheme in which it was lodged and re-registered by you in a new scheme when the new tenancy is entered into. The terms of the tenancy deposit scheme where the deposit is lodged would need to be considered in this regard. It would also be necessary for you to check that any deposit taken in relation to the AST has been protected correctly and the relevant information given to the tenant in a timely manner in order to avoid difficulties terminating the tenancy further down the line. Lastly, please discuss these issues in detail with your conveyancing solicitor to ensure that you do not run into any difficulties after the purchase.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry.

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Hi there, we hope that you all had a wonderful summer and if you have children off school, we hope that they didn’t moan too much about being bored just as mine used to! September can be one of our busiest months of the year. After spending time in the sunshine, most families come back refreshed and with happy memories. However, for some couples, spending 24/7 with one another may have proved too much especially if there are already cracks in the relationship. If you need any related family law advice and want to know what your options are, then please give us a call as one of our solicitors will be able to help you. Happy Autumn to you all. Best wishes, Christina.

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For the month of September, we are offering a Fixed Fee of just £500 plus VAT for a straightforward undefended divorce. Please give us a call or alternatively, contact us through our website at www.cpfamilylaw.co.uk and quote “PGLIFE”.

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“I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO” – 6 THINGS ENGAGED COUPLES NEED TO TALK ABOUT RIGHT NOW “Love me or leave me, make your choice but believe me, I love you, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do….” by Karen Chapman Nothing encapsulates the exhilaration surrounding a marriage proposal like Abba’s classic from 1975 for those of you like us who remember it. Having accepted the marriage proposal and been swept away with the excitement of planning for the big day, how do you make sure that the reality of married life matches up to the smiling photos of the big day? Far from infidelity being the number one cause for divorce, the problems that fester and lead to relationship breakdown often build up over a period of time and can include difficulties communicating with each other, getting into marriage for the wrong reasons, unmet expectations, intimacy disappearing, different ideas about money and difficulties resolving conflict. The list is endless and non-exhaustive. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your partner to try to gain clarity in relation to your respective expectations and plans for the future. 1. Why Are You Getting Hitched? If you are living together and are co-existing happily, is your decision to marry a genuine statement of your commitment to each other? Are you getting swept along with social and family expectations or perhaps marrying for financial security? Are your peers getting married and you feel under pressure to do the same and move on with your lives as well? Be honest with each other and yourself, the expense and pressure of planning for a wedding can itself be an added stress to your relationship. 2. Make a 5 Year Plan It is important to map out what your aims and expectations are, after all how you begin married life matters. Of course there needs to be flexibility but, for example do you want to have children right away? Do you want to spend time travelling? Is it important to buy a home and build your financial security? Is one of you intending to embark upon a degree or set up a business? Any successful enterprise has both short and long term goals and marriage is no different. It is also important to review your goals with each other regularly.

4. Sex and Intimacy Whilst it’s not very romantic discussing infidelity when you’d rather be discussing the seating plans, we can’t ignore the fact that for whatever reason, affairs happen. Monogamy is assumed when couples marry but is this a choice you are both fully committed to? Furthermore, how do you define faithfulness and what is and isn’t appropriate from flirting to sexting to watching porn? When the honeymoon period is over and life takes over, how will you maintain intimacy and address differing sexual needs? 5. What about Children? Having kids is a game changer. Try suggesting a bit of “how’s your father” when your dearly beloved has had 3 hours broken sleep and is covered in baby sick and see what reaction you get! You’ve got to ask lots of questions of each other and can’t assume that your partner will want children at all, or at the same time as you do. If you both want children, will one of you give up work, will you employ child care, what are your views about parenting, discipline and schooling for example? It is far better to unearth any differences now. 6. Will You Have a Pre-Nuptial Agreement? Whilst the very subject of a Pre-nuptial agreement can be a difficult conversation to have, it forces couples to have the sorts of conversations that we have identified and confront issues head on around money, lifestyle, children and expectations. It is not only designed to provide protection for assets particularly built up before a marriage, but if prepared properly can allow couples to choose the way in which their separation will be dealt with in a bid to prevent the cost and uncertainty that some couples may face in the event of something going wrong.

3. Talk About Money It is not so much a lack of money but differing ideas about money that can lead to problems developing. Do either of you operate on credit? How do you deal with debt? Are you expecting to pool your resources collectively or will you each retain control of what you earn? If there is inequality in your earning capacity how will this be dealt with? Is one of you a spender and the other a saver? Are you comfortable with being completely open and frank about your financial position? Get these issues out in the open. It is much better to do so before you are legally and financially entwined.

At Chapman Pieri Solicitors, we offer a no obligation, Fixed Fee Initial Consultation. You will receive excellent advice from a member of our experienced team. Should you require any further information, please give us a call here at Chapman Pieri Solicitors on 0208 882 9850 to set up an Initial Consultation or alternatively you can email us at: info@cpfamilylaw.co.uk. Please have a look at our website where you will find a lot of helpful information: www.cpfamilylaw.co.uk. Address: Southgate Office Village, Block D, 286 Chase Road, Southgate, London, N14 6HF.

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Palmers Green & Southgate LIFE Sept/Oct 2016  

The only FREE community magazine in Palmers Green brought to you by Anthony Webb Estate Agents

Palmers Green & Southgate LIFE Sept/Oct 2016  

The only FREE community magazine in Palmers Green brought to you by Anthony Webb Estate Agents


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