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Finger Lakes Community College ​hi my name is Natalie Brown I'm 19 years old and I'm a sophomore at Daytona State College hello my name is Sophia hunt and I'm 16 years old in my first semester at Daytona State College I think stress management is one of the most important skills you could learn as a student not many people realize that it doesn't just affect your emotions and you know your mentality it also affects you physically you know some students get headaches all the time and are tired and actually lose their ability to focus by stressing over their school so I think this is a skill that could take you not only through college but into your jobs and your career as well because you know your productivity slows down as your stress gets higher so I think this is an essential skill that I think the earlier you learn it the better stress is something that everybody experiences in their day to day lives whether it's their personal lives or the professional life such as at school or at work being able to manage stress is an important skill that everyone should know how to do I think stress management skills are important because without them it affects the work you do you can end up doing a bad job and it can also affect your health such as high blood pressure if if you or someone you know they're they get stressed out easily they they might have some they might end up getting some health issues because of the stress that they don't know how to manage and this would be a useful skill for them I I myself I suffer from high blood pressure so being able to handle my stress is something that I've had to learn and if I'm not careful about how I handle things I end up having basically a panic attack right and so being able to manage my stress that's a very important skill that I've learned and I'm happy that I've taken the success course because through this course I've learned how to manage my stress which is I mean it's great for me I'm less likely to have these episodes now because of it many of us probably never thought that we would be the kind of people who are always busy however becoming incredibly busy is almost unavoidable once you reach college and can even start in high school most students are juggling either part-time or full-time college careers jobs relationships volunteering hobbies and sports and the list goes on some of us find it incredibly difficult to say no to committing to another activity I find a lot of enjoyment in participating in multiple activities outside of school and while those things are incredibly healthy and can add happiness and vibrancy to our lives it can become incredibly stressful when there's just too much on your plate in an article on love to know calm titled understanding stress-related time management amber tells us that feeling as though you have too much to do and not enough time to do it can create significant amount of stress procrastinating or wasting time on activities that aren't a priority can also rule result and increase stress especially when these actions have consequences such as miss deadlines this stress caused by a lack of time management can also lead to poor performance at work or school too much stress can lead to several health problems creating a vicious cycle of being too frazzled to be productive and effective in daily life the stress of oncoming due dates the schedule of a college student can be extremely full even when we only take into account our college class and study times one of the most difficult aspects of the transition from high school to college for most students is dealing with a more packed schedule full of upcoming due dates a large amount of on coming due dates can be extremely stressful since there are usually many coming up at once the average takes two to five courses at a time each of which have multiple assignments and due dates per week it can be very easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out by the amount of upcoming due dates if you do not make use of time management techniques such as calendars planners and reminders another aspect that can make oncoming due dates stressful is that online classes include many assignments with due dates unlike in a physical class setting where you attend at a set time and are reminded of what you need to accomplish online classes depend on self motivation therefore if you do not check your online class portal daily you can become stressed that you will miss an assignments due date even the best of students could fail an assignment if they forget about when it was due and didn't turn it in on time best colleges comms article a student's guide to managing stress and forms us that students are often overwhelmed by increased workload associated with college courses and have a hard time adjusting to less accountability to complete assignments this realization can blindside students and create a lot of stress in academic Ang's one common challenge that can put stress on college students is the pressure to maintain high grades flora Richards gusta fond states in her article common causes of stress among students that according to Denise Clarke Pope in a February 2005 Stanford University report the pressure that students feel from parents and schools raise a stress level so high that some teachers regard student stress to be a health epidemic while most students definitely can receive pressure and stress from parents and teachers some students find that their academic stress is coming from themselves and my experience I have had stress over maintaining high grades because I've

placed expectations upon myself that aren't realistic in the past I have been disappointed if I received any grade lower than an A it's unrealistic for any student to think that they will only receive A's throughout their entire college career there will come a time when all of us receive a grade that is lower than our standards it is then when we have to remember that the main reason that we're in college is to learn and to better ourselves and as long as we work our hardest and put our best effort into everything we complete one grade shouldn't affect as much in the long run Raisa Chowdhury confirms us in her article for the daily Northwestern titled the great obsession trap that research indicates that the extra snik modification that grades provide already makes the process of learning appear like a chore one that must continue until we obtain the external reward of an a as opposed to learning to further our knowledge in the field therefore if the mere existence of grades demotivates learning imagine what happens when we become great obsessed we essentially overemphasize performance and direct our focus further and further away from learning while having pressure to maintain high grades is useful in order to ensure that you pass all of your courses and are learning effectively that pressure becomes unhealthy when you find more value in your grades than in what you're actually learning effective time management skills can significantly reduce the stress of having a very busy schedule with proper time management techniques you can make more meaningful use of your time and diminish the worry of not accomplishing all of your tasks with a few useful time management tools our daily planner at the start of the week take time to fill out a weekly planner with all of your upcoming activities and important due dates next create daily plans that you can turn it during the week and see what needs to be accomplished or not to specific day to-do list give you an easy to see idea of what tasks need to be completed finally one of the most important skills that can reduce the stress of having a busy schedule is setting priorities understanding the important levels of your all your activities and commitments can help you make more meaningful use of your time and decide what things may not be necessary to do while it is important to set priorities and cut out any unimportant activities we must remember to make time for activities that are beneficial to our mental and emotional health spending just an hour a day doing activities you enjoy with proper techniques the stress of oncoming due dates can be successfully tackled the first technique that we'll look at is probably the simplest yet the most difficult to put into practice reducing procrastination under normal circumstances a professor will always give their students enough time to complete an assignment before it's due date what really makes it seem like we don't have enough time is the fact that we all procrastinate the sooner you begin working on a project the sooner you'll be completed which eliminates the stress of not being able to finish it on time Kimberly key states in our article for psychology today calm titled the dark side of deadlines that you should take steps to change the way you approach deadlines remember that old adage that the early bird gets the worm try setting earlier task completion times and then reward yourself for meeting those times eventually get to where you are ahead of the tide instead of coming right up to the deadline slowly the switch will actually help you shift from amygdala driven dependence to frontal lobe performance stress will lessen and work products will be more creative and innovative the second technique that can be extremely useful in order to overcome the stress of due dates is to set reminders and alarms on your mobile device set set multiple alarms and reminders that go off throughout the week that remind you of your upcoming due dates and when to study for them if you practice this you can reduce the stress of missing or forgetting an important due date lastly a useful tool that can reduce your stress over on coming due dates is the pulse app for mobile devices this can be extremely helpful for online students and full-time students with packed schedules the pulse app lets you quickly view upcoming assignment due dates for all of your courses during the week and can give you reminders from when they are due while being stressed over our grades can seem inevitable there are actually many ways in which we can reduce that stress one of those ways is simply to seek out academic assistance such as scheduling a time to meet with your professor and his or her office a significant reason why we can become stressed over our grades is because we feel like we don't have the skill to accomplish the grades we desire thankfully there are many ways that we can seek assistance and make sure we fully learn and grasp the concepts we are taught a very useful way to reduce this stress is by creating a study group choose a time where you can meet with a few classmates that share your academic drive discuss recent lessons and topics and share any issues or concerns that you may have you can all then collectively help each other to better understand concepts by using your individual strengths with a group of fellow students to fall back on are stressed over grades can be significantly reduced since we know that help is always available to us study advisory org informed us that attempting to maintain academic success is another major reason for study related stress GPA scores play an important role in your career path which puts more pressure on students to score more to avoid this pressure spend some spare time to understand the basics of subjects go beyond textbook knowledge and try to apply the concepts you learned into a practical manner another great way to reduce your stress over grades is simply to study more dedicating specific blocks of time to studying certain topics can help you work more effectively recognize what you may be struggling with and focus on those areas just a few

concentrated hours of study per day can help you gain a substantial amount of knowledge and greatly reduce your stress a great resource provided by Daytona State College that can assist with managing the stress of oncoming duedates is the DSC library assignment scheduler this service can be found on the DSC library services page of the college's website Daytona state ID you the assignment scheduler tool can give you specific information on when to execute certain parts of a large assignment as long as you know the start date and the due date of the assignment thus you can eliminate some of the stress associated with an oncoming assignment due date when you know exactly when to complete it once the assignment scheduler has formulated a schedule based on the start and due dates you inputted you can print out that schedule once you have printed or saved that schedule you can refer to it throughout the process of completing your assignment therefore reducing your stress over the due date when you know that you'll be able to finish it right on time another useful resource that would be beneficial in reducing the stress of maintaining high grades is tutoring services in the academic Support Center stress over maintaining high grades can stem from us feeling like we lack the ability to achieve the grades we desire thus the tutoring services provided by DSC are a great way to ensure that we know the skills required for us to complete our assignments and receive the best grades possible tutoring in the academic support center is provided on every DSC campus tutors can assist you in many ways that can decrease your stress over grades tutors in the ASC can help you by clarifying assignment instructions answering questions related to assignments and helping you understand the skills required to complete the assignment in effect visiting tutoring in the ASC consistently will help to eliminate your stress over grades since you know that academic assistance is always available to you Thomas Frank's YouTube channel is an excellent resource for those who are stressed because of having a busy schedule his videos cover a multitude of common study related challenges and offer many creative and useful solutions to them several videos that specifically address how to manage your time effectively include gaining momentum a four-step process for starting everyday productively and how to get massive loads of work done every day these videos give useful info about how to make the most effectual use of your time therefore reducing the stress over having a busy schedule when our time is used valuably and efficiently having a busy schedule is less problematic and less stressful Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, North Shore, Long Island.