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Buy Only Fair Trade Coffee Fair Trade Coffee carries a label of adherence to certain standards and practices during production and marketing. It is a certificate from the Fair-trade Labeling Organizations International about the standard of the coffee and its process of production. This is an effort since1989 to ensure a fair deal to the farmers and their laborers and an effort to stabilize coffee prices internationally. Customers pay a higher price for the labeled coffee packets with a view to paying for the uplift of the poor coffee growers of the third world. This brand of coffee has gained popularity over a period of almost two decades. Out of a total sale of 7050000 tonnes of coffee in the year 2004, the organic fair trade coffee accounted for 24200 tonnes. In 2005 the amount of fair trade coffee brands sold was 33991 tonnes out of a total sale of 6685000 tonnes. In 1962 a coffee study group of United Nations deliberated in detail to set up the International Coffee Organization and International Coffee Agreement to regulate coffee production and pricing. The ICA controlled the amount of coffee trade between the countries so that there is no glut of stocks anywhere to drag the prices down. Lower prices will hamper the living standard of the coffee farmers. ICA renegotiated the agreement in 1968 and in 1976 as both the years saw a huge mismatch between the supply and demand of coffee. Price regulations were monitored by the ICA by pricing quotas which was not renewed after 1986. Prices came to a record low, thereby damaging the prospects of the coffee trade. Following the crisis of 1992 and 1994 fair trade certification began in Germany as the Transfair label. In ten years three other organizations like Fairtrade Foundation, Transfair USA and Rattvisemarkt came to form Fairtrade International which carries inspections, set standards of wage payments and certify fair trade coffee beans. The growers obtain certificates about their labor practices and standard of living provided to the farm labors. People know about fair trade certification as a tool for welfare activity for the poor farmers of the developing world. This brand sells well as some sort of humanitarianism is involved in it. But there is no uniform charter around the globe about the fair trade standards and suppliers use the label to avail supermarkets for bulk sales. The producers like the actual farmers and the women and child labors among them are supposed to be taken care of. The environment of their lives and the pesticides they spray and inhale are certainly ignored while setting the standards for certification. As for the retailers of rich countries there is no binding for selling fair trade coffee australia. Bulk importers need certificates

of fair trade and they pay more than normal market price for the certification. Fair trade coffee stands for human rights, justice and equality. It is a movement against exploitation of manpower and maneuvering of supply to raise prices. This international effort ensures a good living for the farmers and a steady market for the product without too much fluctuation in prices. Tony Nicotra, the author of this beautiful article describes here about fair trade coffee. visit this website : to contact author, or follow him on his Google+ This content has been taken from :

Buy Only Fair Trade Coffee  
Buy Only Fair Trade Coffee  

Fair Trade Coffee carries a label of adherence to certain standards and practices during production and marketing. It is a certificate from...