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University at Buffalo ​welcome to management 240 strategic decision-making this is the capstone course for the GTC management program my name is Vincent Weaver and I'll be your instructor for this course we're going to spend the next 15 to 20 minutes walking through this course in blackboard so that you'll have a better sense of how to navigate this course successfully later in this recording I'll ask you to send a very specific email to me by the due date and that's how you'll receive credit for this orientation if the instructions for that email aren't followed precisely no credit will be given for this assignment now let's get started being the capstone course you'll find this to be a very intense experience pulling in concepts you've learned from many of your prior management courses will apply those concepts in a very practical thought-provoking way plan on spending about 50 percent more time on this course than you did for any of your prior courses also please realize that this is a hybrid course so we'll barely scratch the surface covering the material for each chapter it will largely be up to you to spend significant time on your own preparing and completing work for this class that being said as your instructor I'm here for you and want to help you make this a worthwhile experience blackboard will always be your home base for this course the other resources you'll be using are the customized textbook which I'll tell you more about in a moment the connect resources for this course as well as the Globus online simulation as a returning management student the overall layout and blackboard for this course should look very familiar here you see the announcements providing important first-day information as well as being used to notify you of changes or updates for the course there's some information about me and how best to contact me included here under instructor information note the best way to get in touch with me is by using this send gmail tab here in blackboard that will automatically include your course and section number in subject line of your email which makes it much easier for me to respond to your questions accurately emailing me through this tab is usually the best way to reach me I'm very responsive to emails Monday through Friday but I normally don't view or respond to emails over the weekend the rest of these tabs should look pretty familiar to you course content assignments tests getting started frequently ask questions getting started and connect and how to in blackboard note the mention of Connect you should all have already had courses with a connect component and this course also utilizes such content for some of the assignments as well as your chapter quizzes all connect assignments and quizzes should be accessed through blackboard though once you've registered and connect you can click on the assignment or test in blackboard and that will take you directly to the connect item by going through blackboard that keeps the grade books for blackboard and connect in sync by clicking on the getting started in connect tab you can see what URL is needed in order for you to register and connect for this course your access code for Connect can be found at the back of your textbook assuming you purchase the customized edition noted in the syllabus otherwise you need to purchase an access code on the connect website speaking of the syllabus let's take a look at that tab here you can see that there are several attachments all of which will be important for you to be familiar with for this course most notably the syllabus itself here you see the textbook that you'll need for this course the GTC customized edition new copies of this text will also give you access to connect as I mentioned before you'll also need to purchase a Globus access code which is not included with your textbook these are available behind the customer service counter at the GTC bookstore or you can purchase them directly from the globus website that you see here ww Globus comm note that there's a hyphen between Glo and bus GL o - B us and that's for about ten dollars less on their website though you would not be able to use financial aid for this online purchase Globus is a semester long online business and strategy simulation that you'll participate in along with two or three co-managers from this class part of your grade will be determined by how successfully you run your company more on this in a few minutes let's scroll down to what else is covered in this course now from your textbook we'll cover chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 & 8 you'll have a quiz for each chapter which counts as a test you'll also have a homework assignment for most of these chapters in connect we will have an in class participation assignment nearly every week which will require your being familiar with that chapter before class so preparation and attendance will be very important you'll have an individual strategic decision making assignment called ICEHOTEL which will count triple what your other assignments count more on that under the assignments tab and you'll also have the globus simulation along with a report and presentation you and your group will do on that experience finally there is no final exam in this course that's right there's no final exam in management 240 now the course content tab will provide you with a helpful helpful list of objectives tasks to cover for each chapter as well as powerpoints for that chapter now let's take a look at another important attachment under the syllabus tab your

calendar attachment here you'll find a full semester overview of what is due and when it's due notice that most assignments and quizzes are due on Saturday nights not Sundays you typically have at least a week to work on any given assignment so there's really no excuse for something being late and this is good because late work is not accepted your decision rounds for globus will all be due on Saturday nights as well for quizzes you normally have two days a little over 48 hours to complete them these will always be over a Friday and Saturday however I do open these up by 8:00 p.m. on Thursdays to give you a chance for an early start no quizzes can be taken late but if you ask me in advance I may be able to provide test access a day or two early if you miss a quiz I'll count your final average also as that missed test score if you never miss one i'll count your final average and place of your lowest quiz score this only works for one quiz though so make sure you have a reliable internet connection and a computer setup with proper system requirements all tests are to be taken without the use of textbooks or any other resources remember that your integrity is worth far more than the price of a slightly higher grade in hybrid classes attendance is taken twice each week how does that work well showing up for class is one of those the other will be tied to your completing at least one of the items due each week if you complete that item you're counted as present if not you're absent even if you log into blackboard or connect that week you'll be counted as absent unless you complete the assignment quiz project or decision round that's due that week if someone misses 20% or more of the class which means a combination of six absences or more either in person or online or a combination of the two you will be automatically withdrawn from the course regardless of your grade at that time it is possible to be reinstated but there is a fee and this may create additional problems for you in the course bottom line keep up log into blackboard at least three times a week read your emails complete your assignments and tests on time and spend time in on the globus site in fact that's the subject line that I'd like you to include for your email to me to get credit for this orientation assignment send me an email by the due date and this with this is the subject line spend time and Globus every week again spend time and Globus every week please include your name course and section number in that email so you can receive proper credit for this assignment if this email isn't received by me by the due date following these instructions no credit will be given now we'll take a look at some of the assignments that are due under the assignment tab pay close attention to that calendar attachment under the syllabus tab so you don't miss anything but also remember that your decision rounds and globus which aren't specifically listed on that attachment besides the chapter homework assignments you'll have the ICEHOTEL report which will be due about halfway through the semester the globus group project down at the bottom will take place over the course of the semester for that you'll need your globus access code by the second week of class before that second class session I'll assign groups of three or four and you can start contacting each other and coordinate when and how you'll meet and organize duties for this project I'd strongly encourage each of you to spend many hours exploring the globus site at least four to six hours within the first three weeks of class there's a tutorial video there which should give you a better idea of how Globus works and reading the participant sky probably twice will prove to be extraordinarily helpful there's that participants guide which is also in Globus that will really help you get off on the right foot with this simulation by Wednesday night of the second week of class you'll log into Globus and take Globus quiz number one note this quiz is not accessed through blackboard or connect you must go directly into Globus for this by the following Wednesday you'll complete Globus quiz number two this one is harder and involves more questions you're mostly graded on completing it though not on how well you do I know group projects can be challenging but learning to function productively in a group is reality and a need in business today it's also a skill that many business owners and hiring managers cite as lacking in today's business graduates so make the most of this opportunity to learn and grow that being said I do give groups a choice on how they handle the report portion of this project if you want to throw all your hats in the ring together and write the report is a truly collective effort please do so however you may also divide the sections of this report up and then make it clear in the report who was responsible for which sections if your group chooses the latter each person's report grade will largely reflect the quality of that person's work for the globus presentation everyone will receive a separate grade regardless as that portion is largely dependent on the quality of each person's professionalism and delivery though some elements are scored as a group like powerpoints and coverage of your decision rounds either way you'll complete two team evaluations and those are in Globus and those scores will be taken into consideration for the globus component grades another thing I would strongly encourage your Globus groups to do is to spend time outside of class meeting regularly either in person or virtually globus actually has a collaborate webinar feature you can use if you'd like almost every student who has completed this course says this is something they wished they would have done more of meeting as a group learn from those who've walked before you one thing I've found to be particularly challenging for business students is developing excellence in writing skills the business world demands it and they will judge you by this fair maybe not but fair really doesn't matter this is reality customers co-workers bosses and others will decide

how smart you are how hard-working you are and how reliable you are based largely on your writing skills therefore I have a duty which I take very seriously to get you into those good writing habits for this reason everything you turn in for this course should be well-written before you click that submit button for any of your assignments be sure you're proud to put your name on it even emails email should always always include a proper subject line greeting such as hello mr. Weaver proper punctuation capitalization and grammar as well as a proper closing if you don't feel you have the time to do this for each email you'll need to plan time to explain yourself to a customer who has misunderstood you or has written you off as not worthy of their business yes it really does matter if you take shortcuts on emails or assignments in this course don't be surprised if I send it back to you asking for you to do a rewrite developing good writing skills involves changing the way you do things that change happens now by the same token I'm asking you to hold me to the same high standard if you catch any errors in this course and you're the first person in this section to point that error out you'll earn extra credit there's no limit to that extra credit either anything I'm responsible for in blackboard my emails on connect or even in the textbook it's all fair game for extra credit it's worth mentioning here that all of your assignments tests etc that have been graded are included in the weighted average grading column if something has not yet been graded where it's blank your weighted average may be temporarily too high or too low I normally get assignments graded within 72 hours of the due date extra credit is not reflected in that weighted average column I add that manually at the end of the semester finally let's wrap up this orientation by mentioning what you should do next after you've looked over all of the syllabus attachments take the syllabus quiz under the tests tab by the due date start reading chapter one and start getting familiar with the globus website remember to send me that email for credit on this orientation thanks for listening and I look forward to working with each of you this semester Sy Syms School of Business, Washington Heights, Manhattan.