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Mothman Banned Tony Knox and Tony Lavender pages 2-5 Tony Knox is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the illusionary nature behind heroic expression and the undervalued professional.

After being banned from his local corner shop for haphazardly knocking over its contents, yet again!

Knox’s work questions assumptions made about the role of the artist and the futility of living out boy hood dreams. Based in Liverpool, Knox is a studio member of Wolstenholme Creative Space. He is not Mothman or is he? Tony Lavender is a photographer web designer based in Liverpool

Misguided Kindness Tony Knox and Tine Wille pages 6,11-12 Tine Wille is a performance artist and painter based in Cologne, Germany

In search of Enlightenment Andrew Swingler pages 7-11 Andrew Swinger is a illustrator based in Huddersfield

Born of the Gods Anna McDade Pages13-16 Anna McDade is a professional Jeweler and Fine artist based in Huddersfield

Thank you to Pete Clarke, Jurgen kisters, Ok signs, Bryan Biggs, Priya Sharma, Caroline Smith,kev, Katie ,harry, lucas Jackson etc. special thank you to Larry Milner and Peter Jarmen , Shelia Knox and family ,eight days a week.

printed by anderson printers

An edition of 500 Download this comic book at Dedicated to Emma

He sensed the presence of Mothdog, it had been a number of years since its last sighting

Blissfully unaware, the contents of the shopping are slowly making a break for freedom Cornflakes and tins go flying through the air

They came crashing down to earth sadly just like Mothman

No sand could stop Mothman. He had found civilization

A mere snack

The trail of corn flakes, cans and milk changed the landscape

Onward bound the elements would not stop him on this quest

Mothman’s collectors item plastic bag had finally worn through, but there’s no point crying about spilt milk

Crumps of cornflakes were a fine substitute.

Batlow Australia New South Wales late 1998

Adolf the duck was roaming around the farm when it began to rain heavily mesmerised by the moths, he had never seen so many moths in peril

Weight of rain is the enemy of fragile wings. Flight was simply not possible

he placed this hand into the puddle to save them one by one.

He took them into this dwelling and placed each one gently onto the drying clothes inside.

The warmth brought flight back to the moths. they spiralled around the room.

A few hours later he awoke‌..

His girlfriend's frustration fell on deaf ears

The clothes were saturated with moth eggs as dozens of moths lay lifeless.

He was no longer the man he once was. he was golden like the sun yet surround by Failure.

mothnab comic book 2b  
mothnab comic book 2b  

Mothman 2b is the 3rd comic book realsed by Tony Knox as part of the Liverpool Biannuial 2012 and also features Anna McDade , Tine Wille, A...