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The Sentinella Axarquia Edition No 148

January 17

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Happy New Year Sentinella readers! With all the absurdness going on all around us in the big wide world – including the election of Trump (with the cartoon-like face I can’t stand to catch sight of), I’m thinking it might not be such a bad idea to hibernate for the whole of 2017 and only wake up on December 1st when I can get the chocolate advent calendar out… at least that’s something to look forward to each day. Or a safer way to muddle through the days might be to simply start a news fast. I am perhaps a little too proud to say that I am not a news watcher. I made a very conscious decision to avoid the news in all the varying forms (TV, newspapers, radio, the man on the train who seems to like to shout about it), some six years ago and as a result I live practically war and negativity free. Okay, I admit, it can be embarrassing at times. What earthquake? Who bombed who? Oh, another ‘epidemic?’ However, I prefer residing inside of what I call my ‘Love and Light bubble’… only Love and Light are allowed in (oh, and sparkles and rainbows), but no dross or complaining or wars or anything that is usually reported on the news with such a serious and fear-fueled voice that it makes me giggle to think about it. No, instead I focus on work and play only… I am a self-confessed work-aholic, but I’m lucky enough to love what I do – which for those who don’t know is editing books and writing books for the most part.

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The Sentinella is eternally dedicated to Colin Checkley, the founder and editor of The Sentinel Magazine. May he rest in peace. (Born; 1960 Died; 2004)


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Strange News The thing about those who do watch the news is that they tend to live in a constant state of fear – not a fun place to be. I even had a few friends say to me, “Are you sure you want to risk flying back to Spain with all the terrorist attacks going on?” Errrm, yes, I am perfectly sure! I for one refuse to live my life in a prison, for fear of dying if I step into the world. I much prefer my bubble… and hibernating is okay, but only if you’re a bear.

Keidi Keating

Editor (of the original little mag)!

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Ear Ear Dorset man Dan Baker, 35, has won the official title of world’s best Vincent Van Gogh lookalike, beating 1,250 entrants to the prize. His face will now be used as a model to create a bronze bust of the famous Impressionist. Aside from Sunflowers and that thing with his ear, Van Gogh was perhaps most famous for his self portraits. It was his own ‘gaunt, worn’ face and receding hairline that won him the accolade, Dan says, as well as his red beard and high cheekbones. He entered the competition ‘on a whim’ after hearing Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland make a worldwide appeal to find the 2016 Van Gogh. After sending a few photos and conducting a Skype interview, Dan was named the ‘most accurate’ lookalike of them all. As well as becoming a muse for Coupland, Dan will get prize money of £4,180. Alien Alert An enormous alien mothership was reportedly seen in Ireland recently. Clearly, extra-terrestrials are the only explanation for the bright flash of light, spotted in County Leitrim, Ireland. A witness claimed that as they took a picture, the lights suddenly went out and their phone crashed. They wrote: ‘Walking my dogs up a county road and suddenly witnessed bright lights in a local farmer’s field. ‘Aliens are here guys. It seemed odd as I’ve walked that path many times and never seen anything like this!’


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Fluffy Cats.. Ahhhhhh!

CHIMNEY  SWEEP Be safe, have your chimney inspected and cleaned before you use your fire this winter


Tel Keith: 607 441 959 or Russ: 654 184 242

Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year!

Sunday Roast of wine € 8.50 Bookings recommended All Day English Breakfasts, Full Menu Open from 10am 6 days a week (closed Mondays) Karaoke every Saturday night (in 8 different languages)

Quiz Night every Thursday from 8:30pm

C/Dr Maranon, Torre del Mar Tel: 952 544 362

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Join us for our Official Opening Party Saturday 21st January 2pm - 6pm! Introducing IZZI&CAPPELLI, our sister salon to the Hair & Beauty Salon in Puente don Manuel, offering all aspects of Hair and Nail treatments plus a Brow Bar Take advantage of our SENSATIONAL LAUNCH OFFER!! ~ only available between 9th - 31st January ~ RECEIVE 50% DISCOUNT OFF YOUR FIRST TREATMENT WITH US!! Book by telephoning 685 430 621


Experienced and artistic Nail therapists and Hair experts qualified to the highest standards in hairdressing with state of the art styling techniques including Balayage and the exclusive Sweet Hair Straightening system. Quality products by Schwarzkopf Salon Professional. Enjoy our UNIQUE HAIR SPA ROOM where you can relax in a tranquil environment whilst having various treatments such as a head massage, deep hair conditioner, hot towel treatment.... OPEN MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS 10am - 6pm and SATURDAYS 10am - 4pm (Late appointments by prior arrangement)

Telephone: 952 965 646 or 685 430 621 Paseo Maritimo de Poniente 17, Torre del Mar, 29740 Opposite the Bandstand, close to the Lighthouse and Tennis Courts

Happy New Year!!

Stockists of


Hairdressing & Barbers Massage Treatments Our team is experienced and qualified to the highest standards in all Hairdressing colouring and cutting techniques ‘Ask about our new SWEET Hair Straightening Shampoo System

Fingers & Toes

Standard Manicures & Pedicures, Nail Extensions, Acrylic & Gel Overlays, Semi Permanent Gel Polish (dries instantly & lasts for up to 3 weeks), IBD, Gelish & OPI Brands, Paraffin Wax Skin Conditioning Treatments

All types of relaxing or deep tissue treatments for men or women. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Holistic, Lymphatic Drainage, Indian Head, Hot Stone & many more!

Beauty Treatments

Advanced Facials & Eye Treatments including Dermalogica Products. Eyelashes, Threading & Waxing, Dermal Fillers & Botox, ACP, Body Scrubs, Holistic Therapies

The Most Popular Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment CACI is a non-evasive alternative to lift, sculpt and restructure your face. It is the very first treatment system to combine Micro current facial toning, crystal free microdermabrasion and LED photo rejuvenation. Softening lines & wrinkles ~ Facial toning & jowl lift ~ Anti-aging eye treatments ~ Skin hydration Tr Bo Skin peeling ~ Acne/blemishes/age spots ea ok t 2 F ge men10 Neck / chest treatments ~ Stretch marks R E t ts , Cellulite Treatments ~ Hand rejuvenation E! For a consultation, speak to Aylene or Sarah

Gift Vouchers & Pamper Packages available

The Hair and Beauty Studio (keep up to date) Cruce de Periana, Puente don Manuel, (along from Morenos)

Call: 951 204 158 / 654 897 410

Rashid, his family & staff would like to wish their customers, a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!! Menu del Dia - 6.95€ (Vegetarian 6.50€) Monday - Friday 12pm - 4pm - 3 courses (including vegetarian) Help yourself Buffet - Sundays Adults - 10.50€ Children under 10 - 5€ / 1pm - 4pm

Includes various starters, mains, vegetarian dishes, rice and bread

Special Menu Monday to Friday - 10.50€

Choice of starter, Choice of curry, Rice or Naan / Tea or Coffee Avda Andalucia, Bloque Jupiter, Pasaje Timon 2, Calle Timon, Torre del Mar

Tel: 952 547 798 or 665 675 053

Open: 12.00 - 16.00 18.00 - 24.00 everyday TAJ Mahal Restaurant


Full Property Management Property Cleaning Holiday Changeover Cleaning / Laundry Laundry Service Pool Cleaning Key Holding Garden Maintenance

Tel: 658 609 924

Traditional Fish & Chips take away Mick and Andrea welcome you! All your traditional favourites inc. Kebabs, Pies, Sausage, etc. Cooked freshly to order Missing KFC? We now serve Southern Fried Chicken, Popcorn Chicken, Zinger Burgers, etc. You must try!!! SHADED TERRACE

Telephone orders welcome Tel: 951 998 571 / 608 531 601 Cruce de Periana, Puente don Manuel

Opening times: Tues, Wed, Thurs 12pm - 9pm Fri 12pm - 10pm Sat 12pm - 4pm Closed Monday & Sunday

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De Cotta - Tax On Holiday Rentals



Income earned on the rental of holiday properties in Spain has to be declared to Hacienda, the tax authority. The rate is now 19% but importantly there are a number of expenses that can be set off against the income. These are IBI (rates), Community of owners charges, Agency fees for advertising and maintenance, and interest on mortgage.

See if you can work this out:

A spreadsheet showing the dates the property was rented and the expenses to be deducted can be used to calculate the tax payable and to enter the tax return. For rentals in 2016 the deadline is 20th January 2017.

What were the nationalities of the four men?

There was a brothel at the top of a hill, with a large red light at the bottom of the hill. There were four men .... one was walking briskly up the hill; one was inside the brothel; one was walking slowly down the hill and the fourth man was sitting in his car at the bottom of the hill.

The man going up the hill: was rushin The man in the brothel: him-a-layin The man walking down the hill: was finish Now wait for it.

A number of property owners who have their tax base in another country - the UK or Holland for example - are concerned that in previous years they may have been declaring this income in their home country. However, the Double taxation relief treaties prevent this tax being charged twice and the declaration on rental must be made in the country where the property is situated. Evidence of the payment is provided by our expert tax consultant who can provide you with copies of the forms showing the tax payment has been made in Spain. In some cases there may still be a small balancing payment to be made but you will not be charged twice on the same figures. The registration of Holiday Rental properties in AndalucĂ­a is essential and we can assist with all aspects of the procedure. The system is working efficiently now and if you have any queries email or call us. For more information and to ensure you meet the tax deadline please contact us on or telephone 952 52 7014

The man in the car at the bottom was Irish, and he was waiting for the light to turn green!




Ali, his family and staff would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

Eat as much as you like! 101 dishes cooked fresh 9.90€ Saturdays & Sundays 12pm - 4pm SPECIAL 3 COURSE MENU


FREE Pappadam with Mango Chutney & Pickle Tray with all meals

Monday - Thursday Day & Night (except Monday lunch)

Poppadam & Pickles & a choice of starters Main course: chicken, lamb, prawn or vegetable: Korma, Madras, Vindaloo, Balti, Jalfrezy, Rogan Josh, Tikka Masala, Karahi, Biriyani or Tikka Chioce of Bread or Rice Takeaways available Menu del Dia Mon-Fri 12pm - 4pm Free Pappadam & pickle 3 courses €5.95 with veg. curry with takeaways €6.95 with meat/prawn curry

Opening Hours 12pm - 4pm and 6pm - 12am every day (closed Monday lunch) Puente don Manuel (Chiringuito Antonio) Tel: 952 510 886 Mob: 667 934 731

Happy New Year


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New Year Quiz Christmas and New Year are times when we appear to have a bit more time on our hands. So we have added in another quiz to keep your occupied!

6. A farmer has 17 sheep. All but nine die. How many sheep does he have left?

Questions 1. What word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly? 2. A man takes his car to a hotel. Upon reaching the hotel, he is immediately declared bankrupt. Why? 3. Which is it correct to say, “The yolk of the 7. Ten candles stand burning in a dining room. A strong breeze blows in through an open window and extinguishes three. Assuming the wind doesn’t extinguish any more candles, how many candles are left in the end? How did you get on?! Answers on page 112

egg is white” or “The yolk of the egg are white?” 4. Count the number of times the letter F appears in the following sentence: Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years. 5. I’m as light as a feather yet an average person can’t hold me for more than one minute. What am I?

We wish everyone a healthy and successful New Year. Your Country Properties Team - Competa - Torrox - Torre del Mar




Great opportunity: apartment very close to the beach. 4 beds, 2 baths, large lounge, terrace, good condition, central location, nice views. Price 165,000€ - REF: 6368

Excellent refurbished apartment with sea views. 3 beds, 1 bath, quiet urbanisation, communal pool, beautiful terrace, partly furnished.


VILLA - 200m2

Price 148,000€ - REF: 6257


Beautiful villa with panoramic views. Attractive villa with fantastic mountain 4 beds, 3 baths, a toilet, a huge views. 2 beds, 1 bath, mature gardens, lounge, nice garden, several terraces, sunny living/dining room, modern storage, air con/heating, parking area, kitchen, air con/heating, store room fenced plot. Sold fully furnished. & workshop, parking space. 900m² plot. 2,144m² plot. Price 195,000€ - REF: 6135 Price 299,000€ - REF: 6313


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Spanish Citizenship Test If you are thinking about living in Spain long term, you will need to apply for either permanent residency or become a Spanish citizen. After you have lived in Spain for five years you can apply for permanent residence and after 10 years you can apply for Spanish nationality, although exemptions exist that allow certain people to apply sooner, for eg; if you are married to a Spaniard or the child of a Spanish parent. Below are some of some of the easier sample questions you may come across in the Spanish citizenship text. Good Luck! 1. Which is the only citizen assistance emergency number in Spain? a) 911 b) 112 c) 060 2. Which of these products does Spain export in large quantities? a) Natural gas b) fruit and vegetables c) coffee 3. What’s the name of the news bulletin programme shown on public television daily at 3pm and 9pm? a) Telenoticias b) Noticiario c) Telediario 4. Maternity leave for one child only can last up to how many weeks? a)16 b) 20 c) 10

5. At what age is it obligatory to have your own National Identity Card? a)14 b) 18 c) 16 6. Which is the most famous fiesta in Cádiz and the Canary Islands? a) El Carnaval b) La Semana Santa c) Los Sanfermines 7. Which of these museums is in Bilbao? a) El Museo Thyssen Bornemisza b) El Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia c) El Museo Guggenheim 8) Who was the president of the government of the Transition period? a) Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo b) José María Aznar c) Adolfo Suárez d) Felipe González 9. What are the past participles of the verbs amar and hacer? a) Amado y hacido b) amar y hacer c) amad y haced d) amado y hecho 10. Who is the chief of the Armed Forces? a) The King b) The Home Affairs minister c) The Princess of Asturias d) The minister of Defence See answers on page 112 


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es l d i r t n Wor u o C he Of T

list -Z A rld me e wo beca of th e h t e t nd tha aps rou state e coll ... r ou ian th 9 9 1 8 inal As wing in 1 N 9 er tr follo nion TA S mb en Nu is a c dent viet U GYZ R n o e S KY ep ind

Population - 5.4 million Language - Kyrgyz Located - Central Asia Capital - Biskek Currency - Som Religion - Islam Main Exports - Tobacco/cotton Literacy Rate - 99.5% Life Expectancy - 68 years G.D.P. Per Capita - 1,263.45 USD Total Area - 199,900 sq km National Sport - Dead goat polo

Interesting Facts The people of Kyrgyzstan come from a proud tradition of nomadic horsemen and warriors of the Asian steppe and were once the rulers of a vast empire in the middle of Central Asia. The name of Kyrgyzstan comes from a word in the Kyrgyz language meaning “We are forty”, thought to be a reference to the original 40 clans which unified to form the country. There are over 88 major mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan, making up about 70% of the country’s territory. If country names were allowed in Scrabble, Kyrgyzstan would score 30 points. Only Mozambique could score more. The most famous person from Kyrgyzstan is writer Chingiz Aitmatov. Author of ‘The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years’. Kyrgyz people love to drink horse milk.

A better place to live

Casa Klein

Scandinavian convalescent and retirement home Casa Klein is situated on a hilltop overlooking the mountains and sea, south of the town of Velez Malaga, just 7 minutes drive from the sea wWe value very highly the comfort and needs of our guests wOur motto is – Can this be your Home from Home? wWe never make anyone feel uncomfortable or compromised wWe are professionals and our staff can handle any situation “One of our goals is that Casa Klein will NEVER become an institution” Tel: 679 167 168

1 5 y e a r s a n n i v e rs a r y o n 1 s t D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 6


(free fitting inc. valve and balance)

Air con recharge 40€ (inc. IVA) 20% off clutches 15% off Cambelts

Trade Counter 664 763 344


Up to

50% off All Brakes fitted (off PVP)

Full Service



+ Parts

Starter motors & alternators repaired

(cheaper than recon/new)


Call John:

952 507 144 / 664 763 344 C/ Julio Romero de Torre, 1 Poligno Industrial Panoleta Velez Malaga


Industrial Estate TUVESA

All major debit and credit cards accepted

To all Customers and Readers

From Keidi, Kami, Tony, Chris and Andy

Happy New Year

Every Sunday 1pm to 4pm Help yourself Buffet - 10.50â‚Ź per person Open every day 1pm - 4pm & 6pm - Midnight (Closed Monday Lunch) Barriada Buena Vista, Puente don Manuel, Alcaucin Tel: 952 510 963 Mob: 616 942 212 Email: www:

Under New Management

Baby equipment available for long and short term rentals. Items can be collected in person or we provide a delivery service anywhere between Malaga and Nerja Orders can be taken via our website using our order form or please feel free to visit us at Divas, Cruce de Periana, Puente don Manuel or call or email us anytime Contact Sophie on: 0034 692 308 454 facebook@nurseryneeds.jt

SUN KITCHENS Imagine what you desire and we make it real! Kitchens, Doors, Bathroom Units, Shower Screens, Synthetic Flooring, & Wardrobes 15 years experience

Sun Kitchens

Cipriano Maldonado 13, Local, Torre del Mar Email: Tel: 653 63 46 33 / 622 10 13 10

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Saucy Postcards



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Vision Board A vision board is typically a poster board on which you paste or collage images that you’ve torn out from various magazines. The idea is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacate, your life changes to match those images and those desires. How to make a vision board in 5 steps: Step 1: Go through your magazines and tear the images from them. No gluing yet! Just let yourself have lots of fun looking through magazines and pulling out pictures or words or headlines that strike your fancy. Have fun with it. Make a big pile of images and phrases and words.

for instance. Or it may just be that the images want to go all over the place. Or you might want to fold the board into a book that tells a story. Step 3: Glue everything onto the board. Add writing if you want. You can paint on it, or write words with markers. Step 4: Leave space in the very centre of the vision board for a fantastic photo of yourself where you look radiant and happy. Paste yourself in the centre of your board. Step 5: Hang your vision board in a place where you will see it often.

Step 2: Go through the images and begin to lay your favourites on the board. Eliminate any images that no longer feel right. This step is where your intuition comes in. As you lay the pictures on the board, you’ll get a sense how the board should be laid out. For instance, you might assign a theme to each corner of the board. Health, Job, Spirituality, Relationships,

Experience the very best of Asian cuisine MENU OF THE DAY - 6.00€ EVENING MENU - 7.00€ Monday - Friday (except holidays) Easy Parking Take away CHINESE NEW YEAR 27th & 28th January Special Menu 19.95€ (evenings only) Opening Times - 12.30 - 16.00 / 18.30 - 00.00 Avenida Andalucia, 35 Bajo ALGARROBO COSTA Tel: 952 551 439 Mobile: 673 160 208

Asiatico Feng


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New Book Release!! The Light: A Book of Knowing, How to Shine Your Light Brighter and Live in the Spiritual Heart is Keidi’s next book to come out, and it offically launches on January 18th, 2017. In this sacred book, we see 22 shining contributors gather in one manuscript with their profound and radiant messages of Love and Light. It is designed to take those who have already embarked on the spiritual journey, to the next level of evolving enlightenment. Once spiritual seekers have read this book and allowed the contents to fully digest and work through their energetic bodies, they will find themselves living from the heart, spreading more love and joy, and giving back through acts of selfless service. The book can be ordered on Amazon from January 18th, 2017. Contributors include the Dalai Lama, Anita Moorjani, Jeff Foster, Bruce Lipton, Deva Premal and Miten, and many more...

*NB: The first book in this series is called The Light: A Book of Wisdom, and Keidi is now writing the third book in the three part series – The Light: A Book of Truth.

Our NEW OFFICE is now OPEN on the coast in Benajarafe! If you have a property to sell or would like to buy your dream home, please do not hesitate to visit us for details of how we can help! 952 436 781 / Mobile: 609 436 537 or email:

AS2501 135,000€ Alcaucin PRICE REDUCTION Versatile 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa on 2 levels and an incredible garden

AS3087 75,000€ Benamargosa NEW LISTING 112m2, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom village house in Benamargosa

AS2978 89,000€ Comares PRICE REDUCTION Charming 2 bed country property situated in a small Hamlet just below Comares

AS3089 245,000€ Alfarnatejo NEW LISTING Beautiful 2 bedroom country house with 1 bedroom casita, pool and amazing gardens

AS2388 299,000€ AS2604 399,000€ Canillas de Aceituno Almayate PRICE REDUCTION PRICE REDUCTION Delightful 5 bed, 3 bed, 2 bath village 4 bath family house house in Canillas de with a 9x5m swimming Aceituno with several pool and sea views terraces on 4 floors


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Golden Wonder


Golden Wonder is launching a weird new flavour of crisps based on its roots - Haggis!!

Hairdresser dyes woman's hair with Nutella – and the results are amazing!

The firm, originally based in Edinburgh and now in Northern Ireland, celebrates its 70th anniversary next year. A spokesman said: “We’ve been working on our haggis flavour for some time as we wanted it to perfectly reflect Golden Wonder’s Scottish heritage.” The new crisps will be available in both multi-packs of six and single packs. Golden Wonder was the first firm to produce flavoured crisps when it put cheese and onion on the market in 1962.

Well, this is nuts – it turns out you can use a delicious blend of Nutella and condensed milk to dye your hair. Beauty blogger Huda Kattan shared a video on Instagram of a woman having her hair treated with the hazelnut chocolate spread, which, as you're probably aware, is more often used to top toast, fill croissants, or swirl into brioche. The woman had the hair treatment at the Aded & Samer salon in Dubai. She walked in with blonde hair, and walked out with a light, indulgent shade of brunette. The hairdresser's technique/recipe is simple – she smothers the client's hair with Nutella, drizzles a little condensed milk over the top, then puts folds of tin foil over the top to lock in the goodness.


Colon Hydrotherapy also known as Colonic irrigation, colonic hydrotherapy, or a "colonic", is a treatment which is used to wash out the contents of the large bowel by means of copious enemas using water or other medication. Relieves the following: Benefits include: wMakes the digestive system more wConstipation & Diarrhea wAtonic Colon & Chronic effective wMaintains regularity and prevents flatulence (lazy colon) wDiverticulitis & Ulcerative constipation wDecreases risk of colon cancer wSusceptibility to infection & wIncreases energy Eczema wImproves concentration wAllergies & Migraine wImproves whole-body well-being wFungal diseases & Dysbacteria

During treatment a light massage is applied to stimulate and aid the process - Price per treatment: 65€ For more information contact Iris Werner: 629 888 170 Urb. La Sirena 113, Benajarafe

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Random Joke :)

The Sentinella

The ONLY Magazine to GET your business seen properly! Incl. FREE Social Media!! Call: 664 210 468

Presenting Big Josh and his Top Nosh!!! Only 2 1/2 hours from Manchester Breakfasts, Lunches, Tapas & Snacks Expanded menu inc. Vegetarian options

What’s Stewing on Wednesdays?? Different Warming Homemade Stew every Wednesday

Simply the Best Full English!

Tel: 640 569 988 Avda. Andalucia, 34, Torre del Mar (opposite Police Station)


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Linea Directa REGISTERING YOUR VEHICLE IN SPAIN. SPANISH LICENSE PLATES AND REGISTRATION DOCUMENT. Registering a non-Spanish vehicle in Spain is a complex and potentially costly procedure. However, you may be exempt from Spanish registration tax by getting Spanish number plates within one month of entering the country. But to do this, you need to become a resident. Linea Directa has been insuring expat drivers in Spain for over a decade and understands all the steps involved. Below we outline this process. STEP 1: OBTAINING A CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY This is a statement by the car’s manufacturer that it conforms to EU regulations. You will need the car’s chassis number to complete this straightforward process online at The charges for this service will vary according to type of vehicle, make and country of 1st registration. STEP 2: CURRENT LOG BOOK The vehicle’s original log book showing your name as the owner, the vehicles age and a valid UK address. You will also need the bill of sale for the car. STEP 3: RESIDENCY IN SPAIN The Spanish residency certificate (Certificado de Empadronamiento) is your official proof of

residency in Spain. Your local town hall can provide you with this document. You will need to take your passport and proof of Spanish address (rental contract, contract to purchase or property deeds). STEP 4: OBTAINING A SPANISH MOT CERTIFICATE All vehicles over 4 years old must be roadworthy and clearly display a valid ITV sticker. The ITV (Vehicle Technical Inspection) must be tested at an authorised centre, just as for an MOT test. You can find out the location of your nearest ITV centre on DGT website (equivalent to the DVLA). You can also call your local centre to make a booking. If the centre is busy, especially pre-summer, this can save a lot of time. The cost can vary but generally is around 40€ for petrol-engine cars and 56€ for dieselengine cars. Step 5: OBTAINING A SPANISH EQUIVALENT OF A TAX DISC The Spanish Tax Agency can provide your vehicle with a valid “tax disc” for Spain, which must be carried in the car when in use. You will need to complete the relevant form online and pay the amount according to your car’s tax band. You can carry out all these procedures yourself or you can seek the assistance of an accountant to do this for you. We hope the information provided in this article is of interest. If you would like to contact Línea Directa please call 902 123 165 More information on Línea Directa online at

TORROX Wishing everyone a Happy & Peaceful

Deutsche Bäckerei

New Year

German Bakery

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 7.30am - 2pm Closed at 13.00 on Wednesdays Closed Sundays until March

Pies and cakes for every occasion. Typical German pastry f.e. Pretzel, Crumble Cake, Rye bread and a lot more!!!

Every week New Offers!

For more information call us on: Paco & Antonia 952 535 417 :: 646 75 24 63 Or email us at: Or visit our website at:

Tel: 636 153 459

Avda. America, Blq 85, Local 2, TORROX COSTA


DIE Deutsche Bäckerei Torrox




Professional hairdresser Tel: 610 876 127

Tues - Fri 10am - 2pm / 3.30pm - 6pm Sat 10am - 2pm (Closed Mondays) Erica Villegas Estilistas Urb. Centro Internacional - Bq77 Torrox Costa (behind furniture store)



Beauty Therapy Complementary Therapy


Tel: 952 96 73 58



Fish Deli - Smokehouse - Restaurant wSmoked Fish from our own Smokehouse in Torrox wWe smoke Eel, Halibut, Mackerel, Salmon, Trout, Gilthead, Butterfish & much more Paseo Maritimo, Avda. America, Blq. 89, TORROX COSTA Tel: 637 041 155

wHerring - Matie - North Sea Crab Shrimps - Fresh Fish Salads & Cocktails and more wSalmon breakfast every day from 10am

wSmoked haddock - pre-order Monday - Friday 9.30am - 6.30pm Saturday - 10am - 2pm / Closed Sunday

TORROX C Unisex Professional hairdresser with experience in two of the most top named hair salons in Nerja Erica has now opened her own salon in Torrox Costa!!! Erica Villegas. Erica will give you a very warm welcome and is fluent in English and is Spanish speaking. Facebook: Erica Villegas Estilistas Torrox Costa/E-mail: C/Centro Internacional - Bq77-nr. 2. Call: 610 876 127 Tejidos Belen specialists in cushions, pillows, accessories, interior and exterior decoration. We repair your sofas and terrace furniture to measure. Call 952 531 732 or 617 553 880 Pol. Cortijo Amaya Nave 13 Torrox Costa. The German Bakery have been 10 years in Torrox. They offer a wide range of products eg: German bread, rolls, pasteries, cakes, sandwiches, sweet snacks & fresh coffee. The bakery offers daily fresh bread & bakery products. Orders can be placed by phone, email or sms. Be prepared for Birthdays and special occasion cakes. Special orders can be made as late as two days notice. Our products are made from the finest of ingredients which allows you to enjoy a healthy balanced diet. We only use natural products without flavouring or additivies. We have something for everyone, & special rates for events and functions Raza Hotel have excellent facilities for your Dog, Cat or Rabbit, the perfect Hotel for your pets while you are away. In the countryside your dogs can enjoy secure outdoor play areas with toys provided & kennels with indoor sleeping area & outside run. For Cats, large catteries with cosy beds, toys & activities to keep them occupied. The Raza Hotel also offer a safe place to leave your Rabbit or Parrot as well as providing dog grooming services. Open 10am-7pm, 7 days a week. If you would like to visit, Paco & Antonio would be happy to show you the facilities. For more info call: 952 52 5417, 646 75 24 63, or email: or visit the Fischhaus - Nordsee Fish Deli Weekly fresh deliveries from the North Sea Coast. Smoked fish from our own Smokehouse in Torrox. Salmon breakfast every day from 10am. Open Mon - Fri 10am - 7pm and closed Saturday and Sunday. Kitchen open until 6.30pm. Tel: 637 041 155 to find out more. Contact Lewis Insurance Services for reputable buildings & contents insurance, car insurance, private medical insurance, pets insurance, funeral plans, cars bought & sold, call Mark on 653 322 392

X COSTA Have you been to Caribe on the Paseo Maritimo, a fantastic location with uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean? Enjoy delicious food with menu del Dia 7.50€-2 courses or 9.50€-3 courses includes a drink per person (beer, wine or soft drink. They have a special offer homemade cakes & a coffee-3€ & fantastic homemade gateaus & a new 3 chocolate gateau to enjoy, great with a delicious coffee. Fresh fish cooked Andalucían style, pizzas, value meals such as Pinchitos de Cerdo de Pollo only 5.50€. Paella is available from 1.30pm everyday (pre-orders only), includes a soft drink or small beer or glass of wine, bread, Alioli. Takeaway-available. Caribe can even cater for weddings & birthday parties with celebratory cakes made to order. Call in to find out more. Rebeccah Curtis Wellbeing Centre The centre is now open again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Urb. Laguna Beach, Centro Commercial B, No. 16 Torrox Costa, Tel: 952 53 01 22 & 651 956 284 Calzados Pradas for real leather shoes made in Spain! Avd. El Faro No. 2. Call: 609 526 912 or email: Costa Torrox Garden Centre for all your gardening requirements. Plants, Fruit Trees, Ceramics, Bonsai Trees, Compost, Pest Control, Flowerpots, Garden Sundries and much much more! You will find them on the road to Torrox from the motorway next to Lidl in Torrox Costa. Open Monday - Saturday 9am -2pm and 4pm - 7pm and on Sunday 10am - 2pm. Find them on facebook: /costatorrox or visit their website Why not pay Cafeteria Maria a visit? Along with coffee, they sell Homemade German Cakes, Fresh Waffles, Smoothies and Fresh Juices. You will find them at Urbanisation Costa del Oro, Block 7, Local 2 in Torrox Costa. Tel: 604 102 964 Nandos - Tasca The bar with everything! Mondays from 8pm Jam Session. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays BBQ from 6pm - 8.30pm. Thursdays Karaoke from 9pm. They have Live Music events and different kinds of parties. They are located around the back of Blq. 89 in Avda. America Torrox Costa Call: 952 96 73 58

We speak English

Plants, Fruit Trees, Ceramics, Pest Control, Bonsai, Compost, Flowerpots, Garden Sundries

On the road to Torrox, next to Lidl Torrox Costa Facebook - /costatorrox Monday - Saturday 9am - 2pm / 4pm - 7pm Sunday 10am - 2pm


El Peñoncillo Tel: 952 532 587 Consultancy X-Rays Operating Room Hospital Shop Grooming Training Home Visits Collection Service Clinica Veterinaria La Caleta Avda. Andalucia 126 Tel: 952 55 10 10 Clinica Veterinaria Algarrobo Costa Avda. Andalucia Local 8 Tel: 952 51 18 21

El Peñoncillo Torrox Costa

Clinica Veterinaria Competa Avda. de Torrox Tel: 952 55 33 60 Clinica Veterinaria Puente don Manuel Edif. Alzabel, Bajo 1 Tel: 951 16 76 66

Clinica Veterinaria

Bianca Bojahr


The leading brand in Infrared Heating for more than 11 years in Spain Heat up your home in a healthy and economical way! * Special storage material keeps running times low * White panels from 250 to 1400 Watt in 17 sizes * Huge product range: mirror, picture, glass, portable, etc. * Long operating distance * 7.5 years vendor warranty

Contact us or visit the exhibition at our shop: Redwell, Dipl.- Ing. Svend Scharler, Avd. el Faro Bl. 75, bajo 9, Torrox Costa Phone: 952 539 742 Mobile: 606 423 869 -

Sunday Lunch Roast Beef, Gammon or Chicken ONLY 6.50€!!! Large Cod, Chips & Peas all day only 5€!! Live Sports on 3 screens Thursday Quiz Night at 8:30pm MINI BOCADILLOS with crisps - eat in or take away from 11am Thurs 2nd main filling FREE


Mon & Weds Buy 2 get 1 FREE

1€ Open Mon - Fri 11am - Late Sat & Sun 12 noon - Late

Located behind Tourist Information Office/Library

Torrox Costa

Tel: 617 506 550


Please Mention The Sentinella

La Cervecera La Cervecera in El Morche Playa are offering this New Year starting in January a new specially prepared menu every Saturday. All menus are just 10€ per person!

Saturday 14th January 8pm Pigs cheek’s in a game sauce served with Belgium fries and salad Saturday 21st January 8pm General chicken evening, all parts of the chicken, legs, thighs, breast, wings etc.. served with salad Saturday 28th January 8pm Italian evening, Spaghetti, pasta, pizza All menus are served with an apperitif See main advert and contact details opposite



Restaurant Bar Meats

Terrace Mixers

Cervecera Celebrations Weddings Birthdays

Paseo Maritimo, El Morche, Edf. Balcones del Mar 1 Tel: 636 869 596


Laguna Beach


Saturday 7th January 8pm Chicory with cheese sauce covered with ham and baked in the oven, served with mashed potato

Torrox Costa

Bar y Restaurante Breakfasts, Snacks & Full Menu - Specialising in Ribs, Wings, Steaks & Chicken - Traditional Sunday Lunch Homemade Tapas available every day changing daily - 1€ 10am - 3pm / 6pm - Late / Thurs & Fri Special menus Sunday 1pm - 5pm (bookings advisable) Closed Wednesday For more info call: Thomas or Kerstin

952 968 100 / 696 516 534


Dr. Carlos Castillo GP and Paediatrician

Dr. Arielle Perkins Family Medicine

Your health partner Lda. Mª. Patrocinio Haro López

w General Medicine


w Paediatrics

Dr. Guillermo Caleffa

w Acupuncture

Ear Nose and Throat Doctor

w Physiotherapy / Osteopathy

Dr. Daniel Gaitán

w Other Specialists


We Speak English, German & French

Dr. Joaquin Mut

Centro Internacional, Blq. 86, TORROX COSTA

Tel: 952 53 09 08 Please call for more information or send an

e-mail: or Visit our website:

S w w w w w

Dental Surgery Cosmetic Dentistry Implantologist Surgery Complete Dental Clinic Modernisation International Standards of Sterilisation (as always)

Centro Internacional, Blq. 86, TORROX COSTA

Tel: 952 53 09 08


Dr. Federico Merino Plastic surgery

General surgery Andalucian Surgical Institute

English Dentist: Dr. Michael Mannish B.D.S. (univ. London) Harley St. Cosmetic Dentist of 25 yrs.

Free check up & 2nd opinion

Jose Antonio Gonzales Maxillofacial surgeon

Please call for more information or send an The best English/Spanish e-mail: Team for your dental health or website:


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Ecowash Being a busy mum of two and travelling three times a week to and from Malaga on a gymnastic run with children in tow, making homework in the car, eating afternoon snacks, tea and sometimes even dinner, I am sure you can imagine how messy my car becomes. So it was time for a good old clean.

Innovation In Cleaning Without Water I chose to call and use Ecowash. Ecowash is the first Spanish business to offer a vehicle cleaning service without water at your home, guaranteeing 5-star care. The company offers a personalised and professional cleaning service. You may wonder how you can clean a car without water but it is possible, thanks to Ecotechnology which also minimises damage to the environment. Ecowash uses a range of biodegradable products that clean, protect, maintain and care for all types of vehicles. Employee Joaquin came to my home and I was so impressed that he worked solidly for 5.5 hours until my car was sparkling like new, inside and out. It even smelled like a new car!

Ecowash can also come to your workplace, where you play sports or even in el Ingenio car park whilst you shop – in fact anywhere to adapt to your timetable. Joaquim started cleaning the exterior by applying a special treatment that cleans, waxes, waterproofs and protects the bodywork all at the same time. He explained that plastic parts are treated with special products that return the colour and shine, protecting them from the weather. For the windows and lights, he used an exclusive cleaner that eliminates dirt and leaves them clear. Inside, Joaquim was very meticulous, using special brushes and products for all different kinds of materials (leather, plastic etc.) He explained that the products stop dirt adhering so easily, which means the surfaces don't need to be cleaned as often. Then it was on to the fabric, which he tested first, in order to choose the right product for cleaning. I can thoroughly recommend Ecowash from my experience. I am 100% happy and anyone who knows the usual state of my car will really not believe their eyes!  Ecowash offer loyal customers 40% discount if they have complete cleaning every week. The company is very proud to announce that to date, it has saved 55 million litres of water and guarantee that its product is harmless and good for the environment. For prices and booking please call the numbers below

Call: 664 210 468 (English) 655 340 107 (Spanish)

Your specialists on the Axarquia Coast

Ref. SH925 Nice apartment in Torre del Mar and just 100 metres from the beach, within walking distance of everything, 2 bedrooms, living room with balcony, kitchen, bathroom, pool and community parking. The apartment remains furnished. 105,000€

C / Infante 23, Edif. Faro 1, bajo, 29740 Torre del Mar, Málaga, España Tel./Fax. 0034 / 952 54 70 76 / 658 93 31 87 e-mail:



Constant climates using the latest inverter technology Covering all the Axarquia region

Tlfn: (+34) 669 899 065 Email:

NO HIDDEN COSTS and free delivery / collection to the airport along the coast to Nerja Long term car rental from 300€ per month

Hair by Danni

at The Barber Shop Venta Baja (Chiringuito Antonio)

Call: 671 410 988 TONY PHILLIPS

K I T C H E N S   &   C A R P E N T RY All kitchen work undertaken from renewing cupboards to full replacements inc. electrical works Free no obligation quotes. Very competitive prices. Visit our website for more information and testimonials from previous customers.

Te l : 66 5 3 2 2 1 3 6 - 9 5 2 5 39 42 3

Van & trailers. Light haulage, removals up to 25m3, car & boat transport. Vinuela based, 25 years experience. Local or anywhere in Europe. Regular Spain-UK-Spain trips. Phone 636 844 209 E-mail:

The Sentinella

The ONLY Magazine to GET your business seen properly! Incl. FREE Social Media!! Call: 664 210 468 Taberna Restaurante

Vintage and retro furniture and accessories for sale or hire. Visit our facebook page for details; propsandvintagespain Email; Tel: 657 424 933 / 646 482 942

Padre Pio

Specialists in Homemade Pastas, Grilled Fish & Meat. The Best Quality & 100% Homemade Hours: 12.00 - 24.00 Tel: 951 237 899 / 633 701 449 Paseo Maritimo de Levante TORRE DEL MAR

DENTIST FO R  AL L Y O UR  B UI LD IN G R E QU IR E M E NT S Reforms, Terracing, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Electrical works, Plastering & Damp Proofing. Free no obligation quotes. Very competitive prices. Visit our website for more information and testimonials from previous customers.

Te l : 66 5 3 2 2 1 36 - 9 52 5 39 42 3

English Dental Technician 30 years experience Fully Qualified Denture Repairs Adjustments / Duplications Based in Torrox Pueblo We can visit if needed Call Graham for confidential advice on any denture problem on: 952 539 219 / 633 157 891

Dr Bakri

*Dental Cosmetics *Implants Crowns & Bridges Algarrobo Costa Tel: 952 55 05 21

Torrox Costa Tel: 952 53 20 12

Emergencies: 678 974 892

MAN & VAN! Anytime...Anywhere Locally based 12 cubic metres

€25 per hour

Call Leo: 620 443 451


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an ar y b r U tion Dic

ang f sl o y

nar tio - B c i e d ses nlin phra o d d rce an sou ords d w row

Ac Bamber Broke; bad; stupid; boring; ugly; turnoff; crappy Brother Joe A person who is devoid of talent or charm and therefore must rely on a close family member (usually a younger brother) to provide them with sustenance, shelter and attention Boobies The best damn things since peanut butter Buffer Guest A buffer guest is a close friend that you invite to a party ten or 15 minutes before the rest of the guests are scheduled to arrive. This guest or group of guests is meant to; 1) make it seem like the party has already begun and good times are to be had and 2) make it less awkward in case someone you don't know particularly well arrives before everyone else Barry Typically a very sexy, sweet guy. Usually British Birther A conspiracy theorist who believes that Barack Obama is ineligible for the Presidency of the United States, based on any number of claims related to his place of birth, birth certificate, favourite birthday, or whether or not he has heard the song Africa by Toto Beer Thirty Time of day (usually late afternoon to early evening) at which drinking a beer becomes necessary Business Shower An intimate shower taken between 2 persons solely for the purpose of saving time, completely devoid of any sexual connotation Bogart (Slang verb) To keep something all for oneself,

thus depriving anyone else of having any. A slang term derived from the last name of famous actor Humphrey Bogart because he often kept a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, seemingly never actually drawing on it or smoking it. Often used with weed or joints but can be applied to anything Buffer Race The race between the playback line and the buffer bar on an internet video. Backseat Browser Anyone who sits behind someone who is browsing the Internet while continuously instructing them on what to click on or what to type into the address/search bar. Most appropriately applied when the advice or commands are unsolicited and/or unwarranted Booty Grazing The act of mass texting a generic message to members of the opposite sex in hopes that a guaranteed hookup for the night will be established. It often involves a very nonspecific message such as "What are you up to tonight?" or "Want to meet up later?" The key feature is the lack of personalization so that the same message can be sent to as many people as possible. This can also be applied to other contact means such as myspace, facebook or email Bus Surfing The act of attempting to ride a bus by standing in the aisle like a surfer. The goal is to stand for as long as possible without touching anything (seats, poles, people) for support. Beardo A weirdo with a beard Book Hangover When you've finished a book and you suddenly return to the real world, but the real world feels incomplete or surreal because you're still living in the world of the book Bed Gravity An irresistible force that draws you back to bed, or toward any mattress, couch, or other soft horizontal surface. Usually stronger when one or more persons are already on said furniture


Calle Granada, 88 NERJA Tel: 952 52 4651

24 HOURS 606 939 929

CHATELIN ORTOPEDIA & CHIROPODIST/PEDICURA wCorsets & knee, ankle and wrist supports

wWheelchairs, walking aids & beds

wFor all inlays (inc. Sports)

wRehabilitaion articles, etc.

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 10am - 2pm / 3pm - 6pm Calle la Cruz, 60 Nerja Tel: 695 481 082 or 658 773 857 Email:

RJA restaurant - bar

Belgian specialities 40 different Belgian beers Calle Gloria, 9 Nerja +34 666 625 694






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Neee rpajgaes 52-58 S

read a j r Ne


t it he abou


Rafters Rastro – New 2 You Shop. We buy and sell your unwanted household items. We sell a huge variety of goods which are changing every day. Normally we have in stock; a wide range of furniture, lamps, vases, ornaments, general bric a brac, books and good quality second- hand clothes. Contact Alan or Wendy. La llave de oro, C/Granada 88, Nerja, 952 524 651. Locksmith 24 hrs emergency service, 606 939 929, opening and repairing safes, armoured doors, authorised technical service, key cutting, supplier for quality padlocks, safes and other security products. Chatelin ortopedia & chiropodist/pedicura practice we are a company with over 30 years experience in the orthopedic sector. linda is a qualified chiropodist and henry is a certified prothesis and orthesis maker. for all your inlays and sport inlays, making and repairing prothesis and orthesis, corset-knee, ankle and wrist supports, wheelchairs, walking aids, beds, rehabilitation articles monday - thursday 10am 2pm and 3pm - 6pm. call: 695 481 082 or 658 773 857 Visit Ink & Chips on C/ Antonio Ferrandis, 27. They have all you need for your PC, such as ink cartridges & peripherals as well as laptop & printer sales. They also offer a technical service 365 days a year. Belga, Our chef is committed to a philosophy of quality food sourcing, with an emphasis on seasonal, local and artisan ingredients. Nick keeps the art of real cooking alive, preparing dishes from scratch with the best ingredients, to bring you real taste and real value. We also have 40 different Belgian beers. DentadanÊs Dental Clinic offer top-quality Scandinavian dental care at competitive prices-a successful concept that has been used since the clinic was established in Maro (Nerja) in 1991. We have two Danish dentists (one female, one male) ready to solve all your dental problems. Please visit our website at for a full list of treatments & prices as well as directions to & pictures of the clinic. Open Mon -Friday 10am-5pm including all summer months. We speak English, Danish/Scandinavian, German, Spanish, French & Italian. Tel: 952 52 96 66.

For all your healthy foods and natural remedies. The Health Shop Rincon Natural C/Carretera1, Local 2, Edificio Armijo III Nerja, next to Supersol, beside Barclays Bank. Stocking gluten free products, Organic food, Natural remedies and Natural skincare products. They also do Crystal Healings and Cranio Sacral Therapy. Tel: 952 52 35 03 Olas Bar Sports Calender for January 2017 Football 6th - 9th - FA Cup Third Round 27th - 29th - FA Cup Fourth Round. 1st, 2nd & 3rd and weekends of 14th, 21st & 31st Premier League fixtures. 25th - 28th Scottish Premiership. 21st- 22nd - Scottish Cup Fourth Round Golf 5th - 8th - Tournament of Champions - Plantation Course, Kapalua, US 12th -15th - BMW SA Open, Glendower GC, SA 12th -15th - Sony Open in Hawaii, Waialae CC, US 19th - 22nd - Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, Abu Dhabi GC, Uae 19th - 22nd - CareerBuilder Challenge, PGA West (TPC Stadium Course), US 26th - 29th - Commercial Bank Qatar Masters, Doha GC, Qat 26th - 29th - Farmers Insurance Open - Torrey Pines GC, US Darts 15th Dec - 2nd - PDC World Championships, Alexandra Palace, London 7th - 15th - BDO World Championships, Lakeside, Frimley Green, Surrey Rugby Union 3rd, 6th & 8th Aviva Premiership

Tennis 16th - 29th - Australian Open, Melbourne Starcar in Nerja for all your car repair needs: bodywork painting, service, pre I.T.V. check, air-conditioning, tyres, brakes, clutch etc. Also car transfers. Find them at Avda Alcalde Antonio Villasclaras just up from the BP garage as you are leaving Nerja on the right hand side and they are below the gym. Call Jonathan who speaks English on 637 801 325 Locked yourself out of your house or having lock problems? Call the 24 hour emergency locksmith, a fully qualified UK C&G tradesman. Or, simply call to book an appointment. Missing the UK? Best of British have all your food, drinks, confectionary, etc. All your favourites under one roof. Open Monday - Friday 10am - 2pm and 4pm - 6pm and Saturday 10am - 2pm. Calle Los Huertos, Nerja. Find us on facebook on britishfoodshopspain Dean Page for all your pool, garden and property maintenance. Call him on: 616 977 781 or email:


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Axarquia Solicitors Law Office The procedure to follow when claiming an inheritance in Spain

Last Will and Testament. This can only be applied for by a person directly mentioned in the will, (an heir or legatee), or with a Power of Attorney, by a legal representative of any interested party. 4. Locate all assets and debts held by the deceased in Spain and collect all documentation relating thereto then compile a list of these.

This article is a brief guideline to follow when handling an inheritance in Spain; but to ensure the correct procedure is followed a specialized lawyer would be recommendable. 1. It is essential to obtain the death certificate from the country where the person died. In the case of foreigners who have died in their country of origin and have assets in Spain the Death Certificate would be obtained there and then should be translated into Spanish and an “Apostille” (an official stamp), should be acquired to make it valid for use in Spain. Without this document, (the only official proof of death), the heirs will not be able to process the inheritance. 2. After 15 working days from the death, The Certificate of Wills and where necessary The Contracts and Insurance Certificate must be acquired. To do this you must fill out an official application form and provide proof of payment of the fee (currently 3.60€ for each certificate). These certificates are issued on the spot. 3. Get a Certified Copy of the will directly from the Notary where the deceased signed their

5. Signature of award deed of inheritance. This is done in writing naming who are the heirs, specifying the inventory of assets and debts, and listing what is awarded to each heir. 6. Payment of taxes. There are two tax liabilities if a property is part of the inheritance: • Inheritance Tax. (We detailed the amounts payable and the reductions in a previous article). • The tax increase in value of urban land known as "municipal capital gain"(Plus Valia) (Both taxes should be paid within 6 months from the date of death). Inheritance also generates notary fees and registration fees which are highly variable since they depend on many factors such as the number of documents or the amount of goods and their value. To this you should add Lawyers fees, as this complicated procedure would require the assistance of a qualified professional. Please contact us for a free, no obligation appointment, by phone on 952 901 225 or by email

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Arkwrights Leaving Party On Monday 12th December we celebrated with Linda and Geoff from Arkwrights at their leaving party held at Jimmy Beans in Puente don Manuel.

Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba, Motril and Mollina, Linda and Geoff are now officially retired and what a fantastic turn out it was with more or less 300 in attendance.

After thirteen years of serving the public from Puente don Manuel and with many customers travelling from towns as far a field such as;

Linda and Geoff danced the night away and with the help of Angela Dent’s magnificent buffet and help from her staff a wonderful evening was had by all. Retired they are, but.. Linda and Geoff are not going far, not for the moment anyway, they will still be living within the community and no doubt they will continue to shop in their favourite shop ever, Arkwrights! We at The Sentinella Magazine wish Linda and Geoff a very long and happy retirement.


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New Year’s Resolutions It’s that time of year again when we need to pick our New Year’s Resolution. Here are some to think about I will not tell the same story at every get together. I won't worry so much. I will stop considering other people's feelings when they so obviously don't consider mine - if that unwashed fellow sits next to me again, I'll tell him he stinks! I will be more imaginative. I will give up chocolates totally. 100%. Completely. Honestly....Well for 24 hours anyway! I will try to figure out why I *really* need nine email addresses. I will stop sending e-mails to my wife (husband) and start talking to her. I will stop sending e-mail, ICQ, Instant Messages and be on the phone at the same time with the same person.

I will spend less than one hour a day on the Internet. This, of course, will be hard to estimate since I'm not a clock watcher. I will read the manual... just as soon as I can find it. Start buying lottery tickets at a luckier store. I will try to drive closer to the speed limit. Never again will I try to diffuse an explosive device with a known practical joker. Learn what the hell "resolution" means. I promise to stick to these resolutions for more than a week (even though I never do).

We are looking for teachers. English, German and French. Full & Part time positions available with contracts

Call Rebeca on: 673 68 41 94 C/Antonio Millon, Edf. Peñaflor, Bajo 1, NERJA


Are you looking for a pool contractor who can A leak in a pressurised only pipe will lose 800 Repair, Refurb or Construct a Swimming Pool? litres of water in a 24 hour period through a 2mm hole in the pipe. If you are adding Look no further, because at Axarquia Pools 5 - 7cms of water to your pool a week, we do it all you have a leak. w Re-tiling / acid cleaning and w Construction of The very latest and technologically advanced swimming pools / wet re-grouting Leak Detection equipment on the market today! areas and external w External electrical lighting, showers pool lighting, electrical pump An internal pipe camera scope w Leak detection and repair for inspecting refurbishment and renewal w Salt systems & pinpointing fractures w Access ladders and step w Pool covers / safety nets & small anomalies within all construction w Pool automation the swimming pool pipework For more detailed information, & drainage systems please visit our comprehensive No website at: With our high-tec equipment, we can detect leaks w t or email us at: in Swimming Pools, Depositos, Spa Baths and f ak Po or W ing or phone Calvin on: 666 659 876 mains water feeds. ol in or Co te de Fully registered company, established 2003 If you think you may a have a leak, call us today Part of the Active Construction ve r rs rs group of companies on: 666 659 876 or email:

A member of Turning Dreams into Reality

Buy A Home Spain is now a Member of the TopHouseSpain Real Estate Network. The net work has access to buyers from over 1,000 real estate offices (and growing) along the Costas of Spain and buyers from agents in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia. Interested buyers will be sent to view your property via Buy A Home Spain’s offices in Torre del Mar and in Puente don Manuel. If you want to sell or rent your propert y it needs to be with the largest Real Estate Net work (by far) on the Costa Del Sol


For Sale


Lovely 3 Bed 2 Bath Townhouse (151m² built), convenient location, built to a high standard. Accommodation: Ground Floor: a large garage for 3 cars (easily converted). First Floor: porch front, lounge/dining room opening onto a large patio with barbecue, a bathroom and f/f American kitchen with bar. Top level: family bathroom and 3 bedrooms, one with large terrace

Sales Price: 174,950€ (NEW!)

WE HAVE TENANTS WAITING TO RENT If you want to let your propert y please contact us immediately We need Apartments, Villas, Countr y Houses and Village Houses Please call us as soon as possible Torre del Mar office: Calle Pintor Cipriano Maldonado 7A, (opposite bus station)

Tel: 952 547 554 or 680 210 414

Happy New Year!!

Puente don Manuel office: Calle Puente Don Manuel 20, (Next to Meson Sara Restaurant)

Tel: 951 321 565 / 627 181 929

A member of Turning Dreams into Reality

For Sale

Ref: S3-491

For Sale

Ref: S3-479


Valle Niza

Brand New 3 Bed 3 Bath Townhouse (217m² built, 302m² plot), great access and wonderful views, 3 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, f/f kitchen and a large lounge/dining room with log-burning stove. Downstairs is a garage (which can also accessed via an internal staircase) and another large room of 68m² (easily converted), garden and various terrace areas

Very Modern 3 Bed 2 Bath Townhouse (107m² built, 125m² plot), lots of outside space, great sea views. Ground floor: lounge with a fitted fireplace, dining area & f/f kitchen, front garden, parking space & large rear terrace. First floor: 3 double bedrooms (master en-suite) & family bathroom, sun terrace. Also a roof terrace & a communal swimming pool

Sales Price: 168,000€ (NEW!)

Sales Price: 168,000€ (NEW!)

Wishing all our Friends and Clients a Happy & Prosperous New Year! For Rent

Ref: R2-317

For Rent

Ref: R3-366


Los Romanes

2 Bed Apartment is the ground floor of a townhouse which has been reformed into 3 apartments. Private gated entrance and wonderful front patio with a pool and terracing, lounge with open plan kitchen & dining area, 2 bedrooms & family bathroom.. A very tranquil location and only 20 minutes drive to the coast. It has internet! Available January 2017

Lovely 3 Bed 3 Bath Villa including separate apartment (140m² built, 630m² plot), breathtaking lake views, spacious lounge/dining room, a f/f kitchen, 2 double bedrooms (master en-suite), family bathroom, utility room. Underneath the property is a completely self-contained apartment with f/f kitchen, living room, double bedroom and a bathroom, 8m x 4m pool, bar, covered & sunny terraces

Rental Price: 300€ per month

Rental Price: 750€ per month

If you are having issues with any of the following, I may be able to help you: wIssues settling or feeling “at home” in a new country wFeeling overwhelmed, isolated and alone wProblems with parenting and family dynamics in a different culture wIssues with raising second and third culture children wStress, distress, anxiety, panic & insomnia wExpat child syndrome wCulture shock I am a qualified psychologist with over 15 years’ experience living and working all over the world. I speak both English & Spanish fluently and I am available online via skype. My practice ethos includes providing my clients with practical, professional, appropriate, convenient, confidential advice and therapy. I always return emails within 24 hours and I can offer flexible session times and completely personalised treatment. Contact details

Cars, offices, patio doors, glass curtains and we can put the tint film into a roll down or vertical blind for occasional use. In fact: If it’s glass we’ll tint it! For more information contact: 958 496 571 / 644 546 176


FOR EVERYTHING TELEVISION Providing Solutions to the ever changing Television Services by Satellite and Terrestrial TV Why not visit one of our weekly Saturday Demonstrations and see how we can provide a solution for you (not IPTV) BBC, ITV, SKY, SPANISH, TV REPAIRS PROGRAMME GUIDE AND SUBTITLES AVAILABLE ON INTELSAT 907

Call 657 484 853

Please call before 10am for same day service Email:


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acts F ss

less use e r ! ey a s th azing y a m w al ut a b As


The first CD pressed in the US was Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA." The original name for butterfly was flutterby. The phrase "rule of thumb" is derived from an old English law which stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb. The first product Motorola started to develop was a record player for automobiles. At that time, the most known player on the market was Victrola, so they called themselves Motorola. Roses may be red, but violets are indeed violet.

By raising your legs slowly and laying on your back, you cannot sink into quicksand. Celery has negative calories. It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it to begin with. Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying. Sherlock Holmes NEVER said, "Elem e n t a r y, my dear Watson." An old law in Bellingham, Washington made it illegal for a woman to take more than 3 steps backwards while dancing.


Have you lost BBC1, 2, 3, 4, ITV1, CH4, BBC News, & BBC Radio ? THEN HAVE IT BACK THROUGH INTELSAT SATELLITE -----------To move your own dish and supply a new Digibox - ONE OFF PRICE €280 (No monthly fee) “WORRIED ABOUT LOSING BBC & ITV?” IPTV is the answer. No dish required just an Internet connection (1.5MB minimum) 19 Top UK channels - 7 day Catch Up TV This is the NEXT GENERATION of TV All this for just 17.99€ per month + installation Please call for more details

1.3mtr DISH FIT ONLY 280€ Realignments & Relocations from 40€ New Sky+ HD Boxes 260€ Humax Freesat Recordable HD Boxes If we lose all the BBC & ITV channels these are the Digi Boxes for ON DEMAND TV


CONSTRUCTION Active Construction was originally established in 2001 as a subsidiary of Axarquia Pools to handle general building projects in a very competitive market. It has since become a stand alone company and to date employs eight full time staff, all fully trained in all aspects of the building trade. Our reputation and commitment to providing a first class service, which we deliver on time and within budget, precedes us.

“Completed job of a large natural stone cladding project completed with new brick pillars & gate” Pictures left & right Active Construction is a fully registered Spanish company licensed to carry out work from 100€ to 250,000€. To this end we have a very comprehensive insurance policy and guarantee scheme in place. Active Construction covers the whole of the Axarquia region from Marbella to Motril and as far inland as Moclin and Granada.

“If you are interested in any type of construction, be it a new property, extension or reformation (inside or out), driveway, patio or swimming pool, please take a few minutes to browse through our websites. I know you will be surprised about the scope and scale of the projects we have undertaken and completed” Call: 666 659 876 Email:

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Food As Medicine Welcome to our brand new ‘Food As Medicine’ page by Kashi... ( Each month we will be featuring different fresh food items and showing you how they help us all to stay healthy and happy. We'll also be suggesting how you can use your diet to address many common ailments that affect us all from time to time. No 1. Avocado A Brief History… What better place to start than with a locally grown superfood. The avocado tree (Persea americana, Lauraceae) is native to Central Mexico and has been cultivated for over 10,000 years. It was first introduced to Europe by the Spanish in the early 16th century. Obtaining its name from the Aztec word ahuacaquahuitl, meaning, “testicle-tree,” the mature avocado tree can produce up to 500 "testicles" every year. This fruit, actually classified as a berry, requires a subtropical climate and so it thrives here on the Costa Tropical and surrounds. The Food... Avocados are on our short list of near-perfect foods. They contain everything the human body needs apart from vitamin C. They're jam-packed full of the most highly useful nutrients known to man and deserves heralding as both life-giving and life-saving. If you want to lead a long and healthy life, keep reading and you'll see why avo's are absolutely essential in your diet. The Medicine... High in essential minerals and vitamins including folic acid, avocados contain 60% more potassium than bananas and have the highest vitamin E content of all fruits. They are rich in proteins, dietary fibre, antioxidants and "good" monounsaturated fat which makes it easier for the body to absorb vitamins A, K, D, and E. Avocados can also be used in the treatment of: Digestive disorders, Colitis, Gastric ulcers, Gall bladder problems, Arthritis, Constipation and Diarrhoea. The Side Effects... Reduces cholesterol, Reduces high blood pressure, Boosts heart health, Boosts immunity, Controls blood sugar levels, Limits liver damage, Improves eye

health, Reduces risk of certain cancers. Did You Know? The seed is nutritional gold dust. 70% of the antioxidants in the entire fruit are found in the seed. You can grate it, chop and zap it, or dry and crush it into powder and then add to salads, soups and smoothies. Whatever you do with it, don't throw it away! * To prevent avocados from going brown, sprinkle with lemon or lime juice. * Avocados ripen quicker next to bananas or apples in a brown paper bag. * The fruit is climacteric, meaning they mature on the tree but ripen after harvest. * They contain the histamine that is necessary for either sex to achieve orgasm. Carribean Love Potion... Score an avocado seed all over and pop it in a litre of wine. Seal and leave for a month. After the infusion, remove the seed and drink with your amore! See main advert below


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Monthly Baking Blog By Susan Jane

Christmas Pudding Strudel With Christmas fun and festivities now well behind us, it is time to start thinking about eating up some of those Christmas leftovers. If like me you thought you were catering for the 5,000 this festive season and have over purchased, prepared and generally over indulged with your Christmas food, there will be plenty left over (I am sure) that either needs to be crammed into the freezer, or somehow recreated! With this in mind I thought I may be able to offer a little help, by showing you how to utilise some of your excess Christmas pud! I found this recipe whilst browsing a recent copy of a ‘Good Food’ mag. It is a quick and easy recipe that I’m sure most of you will be able to follow, with scrummy results, it went down a treat in our house.... You will be able to source all the ingredients locally and easily, no problems there... so good luck and enjoy!

Ingredients • 250g/9oz Christmas pudding, crumbled • 250g tub of good quality cream cheese • 2 tbsp Baileys • 4 sheets filo pastry (el hojaldre griego) – you can buy this in Mercadona or Eroski • 25g melted butter • icing sugar, for dusting • serve with cream custard, or ice cream Method 1. Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/. Crumble the pudding place in a bowl and mix with the cream cheese and Baileys. 2. Lay out a sheet of filo on a large flat baking tray, brush with some melted butter and lay another sheet on top. Repeat with more butter and filo until you have 4 layers. 3. Place the filling in a log shape in the centre and brush the border with butter. 4. Roll up to enclose the filling, then brush with the remaining butter. Can be chilled for 1 day until ready to bake. So you can prepare ahead if you need to. 5. Bake for 20-25 mins until golden brown, dust with icing sugar and serve warm with cream, ice cream or custard.

Enjoy! Sue x


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al i t n e s s E Oils ile Oil m



providing relief from fever. Both varieties have good antiseptic and antibiotic properties. They also eliminate infections already present. If applied to the hair, it kills lice and mites.


Both varieties are effective in fighting depression and raising spirits. They eliminate feelings of sadness, depression, disappointment, and sluggishness while inducing a sort of happy or charged feeling.

Camomile oil is extracted from the flowers of the Camomile plant, which is very popular as a flowering plant. There are two types of Camomile, the Roman Camomile, and the German Camomile.

Roman Camomile is found to be effective in calming down annoyance, anger and irritation, particularly in small children.

While Roman Camomile oil is more calming, German Camomile oil is a very powerful antiinflammatory agent.

They are very popular in the world of cosmetics, since they diminish the scars, marks and spots on the skin and on the face.

Both varieties of camomile oil induce profuse perspiration, which helps to remove toxins and agents that cause infections while simultaneously cooling down the body and effectively

They are very good at expelling gas from the intestines and stomach while also curbing additional gas formation.

Plumbing By Chris

Repairs - Replacements Reforms Established wToilets 1982 wHot Water wBlocked Wastes wTaps wShowers wGrab Rails Bathroom Ventilation Solar Powered Prevent Mould & Damp Free NO CALL OUT FEE!

Call Chris on: 674 617 379



wPatio & Balcony areas Retiled wBathrooms Tiled wKitchens Tiled CALL * MESSAGE WHATSAPP

CHRIS ON: 674 617 379


Call Chris on: 674 617 379

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Perfect Alarm Why change your old CCTV analog camera and use an IP camera? This is our one question we get from those people who have been using analog CCTV (closed circuit TV) systems for many years. Actually CCTV has been around for over 45 years. Today IP Cameras are beginning to dominate the CCTV market. What do IP cameras bring to the table? Well, they provide much higher resolution (among other things). Today resolution is only limited by the sensors, microcomputers and lenses of the camera, and can provide over 8 MegaPixels of resolution. Did you know, IP cameras are coming down in price and are now very nearly the same price as the analog cameras. Higher resolution means higher quality of the image. As the resolution goes up, the image becomes more clear. It becomes sharper, more defined and provides much better details. For example you can read license plates and recognise faces. IP cameras now have a capability that the old video cameras don’t have. They have a computer built in. The computer provides the capability to perform video analytic functions such as motion detection. Instant push notification on your tablet or smartphone gives you the key to a safer home or business. Many IP cameras also have the ability to use a memory card to store the video. Today DVR or Screen are the thing of the past.

have a lot of experience with this technology and can help you get exactly what you need.

IP cameras are the future, and we are a part of that future. If you need help specifying and using IP camera systems, just contact us. We

Contact the experts from ÂĄPERFECT Alarm! SL directly, they speak your language. Phone 608 517 661.


To Adverise Call 664 210 468

Wanted Choir Members Mozart Requiem performed by Coraxalia Choir, in the Auditorium “Manuel de Falla” in Granada. Coraxalia is looking for new members. Choir "Coraxalia", based in La Viñuela, invites new members to sing the Mozart Requiem at the “First Choir Festival” in Granada, which will take place in March 2017. You will be taking part in the performance with a full orchestra in

Computerised analysis of water Tests for bacteria can detect the presence of e-coli, shigella, enterobacter & many others Results in 17 minutes

the main concert hall of the Auditorium “Manuel de Falla” in Granada. Coraxalia Choir continues to take part in other international projects, as required, such as the SYDEN project which will be presented at the "Burning Ice Festival" in Brussels in December 2016 and at the "Internationale Teater Festval" of Oslo in March 2017. Rehearsals begin this autumn and singers of all abilities are welcome ¡Come on, it’s still not too late to join us and take part!

Contact us for more information on 669 682 139 / 689 111 352 or email: Facebook: Coral CoraXalia See photo below

C/San Antonio, 75 Cómpeta, Malaga Tel: +34 952 55 36 62 / Fax: +34 952 51 67 80 Whatsapp +34 671 132 563 Email: SUNDAY 1ST JANUARY - “New Year’s Lunch”. Special Menu 15€ including 1 Drink The Hotel and Bungalows Balcón de Cómpeta will close for Holidays from the 4th January to 5th February 2017 (both inclusive) Sorry for the inconvenience VALENTINES FEBRUARY 2017 Saturday 11th: Romantic Dinner with Live Music “Dynamic Duo Singing” Tuesday 14th: Romantic Dinner with Live Music “Barry Marx” Saturday 18th: Romantic Dinner with Live Music “The CUBA SOUND” Latin Music Romantic Dinner with Live Music: 68€ per couple 50 Shades Package: from 173€ (Special Halfboard + Accommodation + 50 Shades Present) Book your Holy Communion Celebration with us. We have prices to suit everybody’s pocket. Ask for your quote with no obligation at If you need to contact us while we are closed please contact us at


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Diets Most of us have tried to diet at least once, in order to lose a few extra pounds. We’ve given up our favourite foods, changed how much we ate, what we ate, and when we ate. Most of us also realised that even though it’s essential for our health, dieting is not easy at all. If you’re looking for a way to cope with dieting, why not try humour? Calories (noun): Tiny devious creatures that live in our closets, and make our clothes smaller and smaller every night. Diet (noun): An odd process where, instead of watching what we eat – we watch what other people eat. A professional dietitian was lecturing in front of a group of people who wanted to lose weight. “The food we eat is so bad for us, that it will still hurt our health several years down the road,” she said. “Sugary drinks eat up the lining of our stomach, processed food is full of chemicals, meat is full

of preservatives, and even our water is filled with germs. And I haven’t even gotten to fatty foods yet! Do you know which type of dessert will give you the most troubles and suffering for many years after you’ve eaten it?” The whole group fell silent, until an 80-year-old man sitting in the back stood up and said: “A wedding cake…” Last week, I was driving through town and passed by a small bakery. The cakes and cookies in the window seemed to summon me, and the smells from within didn’t help my self-control. I knew then and there that this is not a coincidence, but fate, so I prayed to the lord: “God, why do you tempt me so? If you truly want me to stop dieting, give me a sign and open up a parking space right in front of the bakery.” It appears that I was right, and my prayer came true – after driving in circles around the place, a parking spot opened up right in front!

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Diets My wife left a note on the fridge door saying: “This isn’t working, I’m leaving.” I opened the door and the darn thing was working just fine! I’ve got no problems with fresh vegetables, steamed rice, steamed broccoli, whole grain, and low-fat yoghurts. Just keep them away while I’m eating.

“That sounds horrible!” Cathy says. “Are you going to confront him about it?” “Of course”, answers Jane. “In 6 more pounds!” Everyone asks me how, despite all the diets I’ve tried, I still cannot seem to lose any weight. Between you and me, I don’t want to brag, but I guess I’m just that good! This week I managed to finish my 2-week diet in three hours and 29 minutes!

Cathy decided to meet her friend Jane after not seeing her for weeks. When they met, Cathy exclaimed: “Jane! How did you lose all that weight?” Crestfallen, Jane replies: “It’s my husband, I’m sick and tired of him. He drives me crazy every day. He never washes his dishes, leaves his dirty laundry out, his work papers are all over the place, and every night I have to dig under the sofa for his socks. I just run around the house all the time.”

Amanda Edge BSC HONS; RSA

Qualified Sports & Remedial Therapist Specialising in soft tissue massage and manipulation treatments for sciatica, back problems, tension headaches, muscle injuries as well as relaxing and lymphatic massage. Treatments also using the G5 GBM Massage Machine. Also specialising in Kinesiology Taping & Passive, Active Stretching

Calle de Venta Baja, Puente don Manuel

Tel: 655 936 590


To advertise call 664 210 468 or email

The Meaning Of January monath” as it was the month hungry wolves came scavenging at people’s doors. Daytime temperatures in January make it the coldest month of the year in the UK. February nights are colder in England (but not Scotland). January means ‘Janus’s month’ and became the first month of the year in circa 700BC when Numa Pompilius, a Roman King, added it and February to the calendar. Numa also moved the start of the year from March to January Birthstone: Garnet Flower: Snowdrop (or a carnation) Zodiac signs: Capricorn and Aquarius

More couples separate or divorce in January than in any other month. The first recorded reference to a “January sale” in the UK was in 1865. January is national soup month. January 8th was Elvis Presley's birthday. On January 10, 1920 the League of Nations was established.

1st January 1622 - The Catholic Church adopted 1 Jan as the beginning of the New Year (instead of 25 March). The Anglo-Saxons called January “Wulf-

January in other languages Chinese - (Mandarin) - yiyuè Danish - januar Italian - gennaio Latin - Ianuarius French - janvier Spanish - enero



Set Lunches... Great value combos of starter, main & drink House specials See Daily Board Avda. Andalucia 34B Torre del Mar (opposite Police Station) Ample parking

952 540 254

Tues - Sun 12.00 - 16.00 19.00 - 23.00 Monday closed

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El Faro

(The Lighthouse)

Nicola wishes everyone a very Happy New Year!!

Tapa Mondays (all homemade dishes) FREE with every drink Ladies darts team! If anyone is interested in joining please pop in or telephone. Killer Darts Mondays at 4pm Come and beat the champion M.A. Everyone welcome Sky Sports Opening times: Monday from 13.30, Tuesday from 18.30, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 19.00 (earlier for special sporting events) Closed Wednesdays & Thursdays

Avenida TorĂŠ TorĂŠ, Torre Del Mar Phone: 675 969 484




PVC & Aluminium WindoWs & doors


w Doors w Windows w Sun Blinds w Mosquito Nets w Shower Doors w Blinds w Shutters El Cruce de Periana, Edf. Alzabel Bajo No. 3, Puente don Manuel, Alcaucin

Tel: 655 425 686 or 608 241 429



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y t i r eb l e C ews N Real baby A couple who met on reality TV have just welcomed their first child together – but even that was a drama. Zoe Hendrix met her husband Alex Garner for the first time moments before they wed on Australian TV show Married at First Sight, and have had a whirlwind first year of marriage. Zoe was induced last month after she suffered with pelvic problems during her pregnancy, and has revealed she had a "terrifying" birth experience. While daughter Harper-Rose was being born, the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck – twice. But luckily she was born happy and healthy and the proud parents have had time to reflect. "Sitting here holding something so precious – that is a part of me, that is my blood – is something I've always dreamed of, and I will cherish it forever," Zoe said. Fake Planet? Sir David Attenborough and his cast have pulled together another epic series of Planet Earth, but the BBC admits there is one aspect of Planet Earth 2 that is fake. BBC bosses admitted the sound on the popular show can be altered or adapted to eliminate any noises that could “take away” from the scenes. Fans of the nature documentary have taken to Twitter to complain about the edits. One watcher wrote: "I love Planet Earth, but enough with the sound effects please. A lizard gliding through the air does not sound like a jet." Another added: "Planet Earth II is gorgeous, but I absolutely hate hate hate the fake sound effects every time something moves." And the complaints didn't stop there as someone else agreed: "Had to turn Planet Earth 2 off yesterday. Great cinematography but can't

be doing with the sound effects, drama and 'softening' of reality." But the producers and directors said "Wildlife film soundtracks are a combination of sounds recorded in the wild during the filming, or recorded in the wild previously, as well as sounds that must be re-created in a studio and, of course, music. "Some sounds are removed because they would distract from the tone of the film (eg helicopter rotor blades may be replaced by music over sweeping aerial shots). This is normal in documentary filmmaking." Stolen love I'm A Celebrity star Ola Jordan has revealed she met Strictly husband James when he already had a steady girlfriend. The Strictly Come Dancing babe unveiled in her new book that she was instantly drawn to James when they met; they have now been together for 17 years. “He was tall and very good-looking, with slicked-back black hair and piercing blue eyes,” she wrote. “His dancing was amazing. “His partner was Polish, and when I watched them dance together I was filled with just one thought: ‘I want to have a partner like that one day.’"



“ONLY THE VERY VERY VERY BEST FOR YOUR DOG” Ring Phil: 649 079 321 Email Comares/Benamargosa - Est 2008

To advertise call 664 210 468 or email Miranda Cosgrove, then and now Miranda Cosgrove then aged 10, played the precocious student Summer Hathaway in the all-star Jack Black film ‘School of Rock’ in 2003. As ‘Summer’, she thought she knew it all before coming to her senses and being picked for the school rock group. Cosgrove’s career started much earlier, though, because she started appearing in TV commercials when she was just three, having been talent-spotted while singing in a restaurant in Los Angeles. In 2004, she landed her first major role in a television series when she was awarded a star part in the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh, and had her own Nickelodeon sitcom, 'iCarly,' for five years until 2012, when the series was terminated.


Then Celeb & No s w

Now aged 23, she has a successful onscreen career under her belt, having landed the voice of Margo in two 'Despicable Me 2' films, and she is currently working on a series called 'Crowded'. In 2015 Cosgrove performed voice work in the animated film A Mouse Tale, which was released in February. Cosgrove also appeared in the horror film The Intruders with Austin Butler, portraying the role of Rose. She is an accomplished singer/songwriter, and plays the guitar, performing at music festivals and state fairs. She signed with skin care and cosmetics company Neutrogena in 2010 as an ambassador.


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New Year Facts Happy New Year! 1. Some people wear adult diapers while celebrating New Year at Time Square due to the lack of toilets. 2. Until 2006, the Space Shuttle never flew on New Year’s day or eve because its computers couldn’t handle a year rollover. 3. In an effort to reduce drunk driving, every New Year’s Eve the AAA will tow your car and give you a lift home for free, even if you’re not a member (not available in all states)

when you are born, you are considered one year old and everyone’s age increases one year on New Year’s. So if you were born on December 29th, on New Year’s day, you will be considered 2 years old. 7. In 2010, a “Black Widow” suicide bomber planned a terrorist attack in central Moscow on New Year’s Eve, but was killed when a spam message from her mobile phone operator wishing her a happy new year received just hours before the planned attack triggered her suicide belt, killing her, but nobody else.

4. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony was introduced to Japan by German POWs in WWI (who played it for them), and it is now a national tradition to perform it every New Year’s.

8. On New Year’s Day in 1976, a man named Danny Finegood changed the Hollywood sign to “Hollyweed” as a college prank in order to celebrate the decriminalization of marijuana and got an “A” for it.

5. When religion was suppressed in Soviet Russia, Santa/St. Nick was replaced with Grandfather Frost, called the spirit of winter, who brought gifts on New Year’s and placed them under the “New Year tree.”

9. The ancient Hawaiian New Year was four months long, war was forbidden, people stopped working, and the people spent time dancing, feasting and having a good time.

6. In Korea and some other Asian countries,

10. There is a music festival every New Year’s eve in the Antarctic called ‘icestock.’

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Random Jokes A mate of mine has just started a new job in the Mr Kipling factory. He's enjoying it, but says it's Rudyard work. When I was growing up plastic surgery was a bit of a taboo subject, these days if you mention botox no one raises an eyebrow A young lad knocked on the door last night and said "Trick or Treat?" I said "What have you come as?"

He said "A werewolf." I said "But you haven't got a costume on, you're just in normal clothes" He said "Well it's not a full moon yet is it, d*******d?" Is wondering "would it be wrong to hold an OCD meeting at my house just for the sole purpose of getting someone else to clean it for me?"

B O A R D I N G C AT T E RY Canillas de Aceituno

We offer safe, tranquil accomodation for your cat. Our pens are safe and secure but with all the comforts of home, making it very cosy. Only 20 mins from Torre del Mar, inland towards Vinuela, Campo Cats is a short 2 min drive from a main tarmac road which gives very good access. We welcome inspection visits where we can discuss your cat’s personal needs. We only accept cats that are fully vaccinated Also, we can provide a collection & delivery service. For further details, call Linda on: 665 510 735 Campo Cats Cattery

Las Nenas Kennels Puente don Manuel area

Newly built with all the comforts for your dog For viewings and further details call Luffe on: 693 241 013 email:

* Private and quiet surroundings * Experienced obedience and agility trainer * Very reasonable prices * Fully fenced and safe * Separate pens and large play area * On AlcaucĂ­n road, easy to find and easily accessible Also, maintenance of gardens and swimming pools and painting of houses


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& t i u Fr Facts rries Veg Goosbe Far from being an ‘odd one out’, the humble gooseberry is a major player in our battle to maintain good health and well-being. Eyes – regular consumption of gooseberry juice, along with honey, has been shown to improve nearsightedness and cataracts, while decreasing intra-ocular tension. This is mainly due to its high carotene content, long known for its powerful effect on vision-related disorders. Vitamin A and carotenes reduce macular degeneration and strengthen your vision. Digestion – just like most of the fruits, gooseberry is very high in fibre, which helps to add bulk to the stool and keeps bowel movements regular. Fibre also encourages the secretion of gastric and digestive juices, hence food is digested efficiently, nutrients are absorbed in an optimal way, and you feel lighter and healthier. Diabetes – gooseberries contain chromium, which helps diabetic patients. The Indian gooseberry encourages the isolated group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin, thus decreasing blood sugar in diabetic patients and keeping their body balanced as well as healthy. Chromium also improves the effect of beta blockers, which are used for heart health, by decreasing the LDL cholesterol content of the body. Calcium Absorption – the gooseberry helps the body absorb calcium in a positive way. Calcium is a crucial component of our bones, teeth, hair and nails. Cancer – gooseberries are a rich source of antioxidants, which prevent DNA cell damage from free radicals, and due to their high Oxidative Radiance Activity Capacity (ORAC), they protect cells from oxidative stress. During research, it was found that gooseberry has tremendous effect on multiple cancers both by slowing down the growth of tumours and then by killing off cancer cells. Menstrual Cramps – the fruit contains many

minerals and vitamins which help in the treatment of menstrual cramps. Since it takes a while for the necessary elements to accumulate in the body, it is better to consume gooseberries on a regular basis so it is always in the system. Brain health – other vitamins and minerals contained in gooseberries help to improve brain health, and encourage oxygen to be delivered to the brain, thus improving memory. The fruit’s high antioxidant content also helps to prevent degeneration of the brain caused by free radicals, and symptoms of ageing. Diarrhoea and Dysentery – due to its strong cooling and laxative properties, the gooseberry is a wonderful component in remedies for diarrhoea and dysentery. It offers great relief for gastric syndrome as well as hyperchlorhydria (burning sensation in the abdomen). Hair care – gooseberry is used in several hair tonics because it enhances hair growth and hair pigmentation. It fortifies the roots of the hair, maintains colour and improves lustre. Regular consumption of fresh gooseberry or applying its paste on hair roots improves hair growth and colour. Improving Appetite – regular consumption of gooseberry powder with butter and honey before a meal improves appetite. It also helps to balance nitrogen levels. Diuretic Activity – gooseberry is slightly diuretic in nature, so it increases the frequency as well as volume of urination, helping to eliminate unwanted toxins and excess levels of water, salts, and uric acid from the body. Additionally, it can help you lose weight, since up to 4% of urine is actually composed of fat.

Canillas de Aceituna - Tel: 952 51 80 71 C/Placeta, Edf. Arboso, Bajo Monday & Wednesday 10am - 1.30pm by appointment Caleta de Velez - Tel: 952 55 03 76 C/Colonia de Puerto, 112 Wednesday & Thursday 10am - 1.30pm by appointment Periana - Tel: 952 53 71 25 C/Iglesia, 14 Tuesday 10am - 1.30pm by appointment

For appointments and any queries please Call: 691 700 587


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! s r !!! a c e i P wY e y N n Ha

y pp

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People Who Come And Go - Jean’s New Life! After eight weeks staying in Greece considering whether to buy a home on an idyllic Greek island, Jean, a retired widow from Scotland, packed her suitcase and took a flight home. Soon afterwards, she found herself in the middle of another idyllic whitewashed village, with wonderful views all around and the Mediterranean sparkling in the distance.. but this time it was not on a Greek island, it was Canillas de Aceituno! And what a beautiful village, and a wonderful place to live. The village has all the shops you could need for daily life and friendly locals, intermingled with a generous sprinkling of very happy, settled foreigners! Within hours of arrival, Jean had already met many people, including some who immediately offered to take her on shopping trips, or to Malaga and ready to give advice and good contacts. So why the switch? “I had looked at Canillas before going to Greece and saw a house for sale I liked the look of, and after I decided not to buy in Greece, mainly due to the complicated situation with the house I was considering buying, I noticed the house in Canillas had

been reduced in price. I ended up buying a different house, but am very happy with my choice!” Jean has a 2 bedroom village house, nicely renovated, with a little roof terrace with pleasant views. “I feel comfortable in the village, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I don’t have a car, and for the moment I have no plans to buy one. I would really love to learn the language, so I shall be starting that in the new year. My son, who lives on the other side of the world, has been so supportive and I can’t wait for him to see the house, when he is over in a few weeks!” We wish Jean a very happy new year and new future in her little house in the sun! By Toni Waterman, Unspoilt Andalusia (see advertisement below)



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Asbestos - Have You Been In Contact?

In this edition, I thought I would look at a number of questions that often arise and that make people worried about the possibility of making a claim. My message is, if in doubt ask!

breathing difficulties can be attributed to asbestos. This is the point we have to prove in all respiratory disease cases, not just asbestos related but also, for example, silicosis – medical evidence is required to prove a link.

I CANNOT REMEMBER WHERE I WORKED OR THE COMPANY I WORKED FOR NO LONGER EXISTS. It is not unusual for companies that traded in the 1960’s, for example, to have long since stopped trading. With investigations I can trace insurers who provided cover for these companies and they are obliged to deal with the claims.Even if you are hazy about the exact name of a company or your period of employment with them, I can obtain your work history from HM Revenue & Customs and this provides confirmation of who you worked for all those years ago.

Claims for breathing problems caused by exposure to asbestos can be complex but the quicker the claim is started the quicker these issues can be dealt with. So, if you are concerned about your particular situation or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am happy to talk to you free of charge.

I HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH AN ASBESTOS CONDITION BUT I DID NOT WORK WITH ASBESTOS. I always like to meet my clients and it is surprising how often, when you start talking about a persons work history, what they remember. Often, it turns out that even if a person did not actually work with asbestos, they worked alongside people who did and therefore came into contact with dust. Another possibility, and a particularly sad one in my experience, is a wife who comes into contact with asbestos from her husband’s work clothes. A RELATIVE HAS DIED FROM AN ASBESTOS RELATED CONDITION BEFORE MAKING A CLAIM It is not widely known that claims can be made even though the person affected has died (provided the claim is made within 3 years of death). The claim is made on behalf of the persons estate. DIAGNOSING AN ASBESTOS RELATED CONDITION There are a number of conditions that can be caused by exposure to asbestos, including lung cancer. The main issue is whether the

I can be contacted on 00 44 1244 340560 at or alternatively you can visit my website at


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La Vaqueria - Benamargosa Happy New Year All, La Vaqueria wishes you the very best in 2017 Having worked "our socks off" seven days a week at "The Cowshed" we are now enjoying a month off - as is our custom every year, so we look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday 1st of February. This just happens to be art class day so why not come along and start a new hobby or rekindle an old hobby or simply have a go and meet new friends.

a few years back noticed the streets full of people queuing on a Saturday morning, this phenomenon is not solely restricted to one area.... these groups of the homeless, addicted, hungry and less fortunate than ourselves have several places of refuge within the municipal boundaries where they can go once a week for food, clothing, help and compassion.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who encourages us in our endeavors, your presence, visits and online support have helped enormously during this last year as we continue to build and improve La Vaqueria and now we really are a family business with daughter number 1, Josie, firmly established in the kitchen.

For several years now La Vaqueria has supported the groups of volunteers who give there time for free by collecting clothes, blankets and anything else we think might be of use so a big thank you to everyone who collects for us and takes the time to drop off useful things and this year a special thanks to "Los Ninos de Ivan" an entertainment group who put on a show for our medieval banquet last month for free so that we could make a donation of food and toiletries to help.

It was she who, whilst renting in Velez Malaga

Happy New Year x


Every Tuesday 9.30am - 1.30pm

Come and enjoy a relaxing morning at Los Jardines del Trapiche, THE nicest market venue on the Costa. AIR CONDITIONING EASY PARKING First market 10th January Happy New Year!!! Outside courtyard and beautiful function room full of fabulous stalls offering something for everyone. Browse at your leisure and enjoy a coffee in the stunning shadey gardens Take the A-272 turning onto the Velez-Malaga road A-356. Turn off at El Cruce restaurant towards Benamargosa. Over the roundabout and we are on the left just before the private airfield

Ca ll A n ita on: 627 877 164

SENTEE-POLOS Embroidered T - Shirts and Polos Bhua Luang

ELEGANZA Puente Pirates


Aquamarine Pools



POLAR AIR 655 211 192

Make first impressions count - Look the part! S - XXXL, Various colours, Free design QUALITY EMBROIDERY Probably the cheapest embroidered polos in the Axarquia!!! NO FADING - NO PEELING Present a great quality image for your clients

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w e i v Re

& ts s a e em c B nd th i t s i nta o f Fa ere t Wh

Another of Miss Rowling’s creations, unlike Harry Potter’s reality, which unfolds in a present that looks like ours but with dragons, “Fantastic Beasts” takes place in a 1926 New York, where dark forces cut swaths of destruction.

This time the wizard isn’t a boy on the verge of manhood but a man idling in boyhood, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne). Newt, a British magizoologist (a collector-protector of exotic animals) has landed in New York enroute home from his travels scooping

up specimens, where trains run on elevated tracks. He’s soon swept up in assorted goingson, some involving the beasts that have slipped out of his suitcase, others involving homegrown wizards and witches. As in Harry’s world, something terrible is intent on stirring up trouble — knocking down buildings, tearing up cobblestone streets. Newt’s mission to save the furred and feathered beings from the darkness that shows up in a few different ominous characters. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what I mean. It’s worth the watch just to see those beasts, although I didn’t feel this movie had an effective beginning, middle and end. As I write this review, I am still trying to figure out the end, and what actually happened Star rating ***/*****


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Sparkle For Life: Szigeti For numerous people sparkling wines are a very popular choice and, indeed, make an occasion into a celebration, evoking style and sophistication. Many countries, globally, produce sparkling wines. Some of the producing companies are large and others are family businesses. I searched for a well-established company, producing a range of sparkling wines – in fact something to suit every palate and occasion. I found very impressive sparkling productions from multi award-winning Szigeti. This Austrian

company, in its modern-day form, was founded in 1990 by Norbert and Peter Szigeti and produces a range of sparkling wines, using the traditional method. Previous generations had been producing wines, but in small volumes. Grüner Veltliner Brut is always extremely popular and appreciated by many. The delicate aroma complements the fine and fresh mouthfeel of this versatile production. Muscat Ottonel Extra Dry is another wine that is also often selected, by a good number of devotees. Fine and with elegance are descriptions that I frequently hear attributed to this wine. Gols Prestige Brut is, I would describe, exclusive. This

exceptional production has a superb structure, is full-bodied on the mouthfeel and palate sensation, plus it has a splendid finish. The graceful, elegant bubbles of sparkling wines add something – about life – to the vast number of times this type of wine is enjoyed, whether from the start to the finish of a dining occasion or simply to be drank on their own. These full-bodied, well-structured wines, with typical aromas of fruits, plus ample fruits for the mouthfeels, bring alive the sensations of the palate. Other impressive productions, from Szigeti, include Pinot Blanc Brut and Traminer Brut. Cuvée Tokaji Brut Réserve – widely known as ‘liquid gold’ – always impresses, with a ‘complete’ sensational experience, throughout.

The wine productions from Szigeti have received numerous awards over many years. The winery’s philosophy is ‘Traditional bottle fermentation. Unmistakable fizz. Unique character’. The company continues with its original concept to produce exceptional, outstanding wines, very well presented, that bring pleasure and a wonderful experience to all. The website has all details of the full range, plus information about stockists and availability, etc.

As Always Enjoy! By Trevor Langley


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Where’s Waldo? Where’s Waldo

Last month’s answer on page 112

Happy New Year!!!

Come and meet or speak to our bilingual team;

Jacqueline Combe - Managing Director, Natalie Combe - Accounts department, Barbara Vizcaino O´Hara - Administration & Insurance, Juan Pedro Jimenez del Dedo - Solicitor.

Opening hours: 09.00 to 14.00

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s e p o c s Horo by Juanita Banana of

tal way

ARIES: March 21-April 20 Are you ready for the New Year or are you still wondering what happened to 2016? Set aside some time during the first part of the year to plan and you’ll be pleased how well the year will start off for you!

LIBRA: September 23 - October 22 You are in a communicative mood at the start of the month with an irresistible urge to connect. Say whatever is in your heart and your friends and loved ones will be happy to know just what it is that you’re thinking, in fact they’ll feel privileged you chose to share it with them!

TAURUS: April 21-May 21 Try adding a new exercise or other health element to your routine, whether it’s mountain climbing, swimming or massage. Worrying is not the least bit productive, so rely more on your gut level instincts, or your very practical intuition, and you`ll sleep better

SCORPIO: October 23 - November 21 This is a month to listen to yourself, trust what you know and let your deepest impulses be your guiding light. A business opportunity, the start of something that could be huge, appears at the end of January requiring collaboration with someone you are lucky comes your way

GEMINI: May 22-June 21 Gemini, you are a super smart zodiac sign, but don’t try to solve all your relationship issues with your brain. There are some things that require the heart to make the decisions - save your grey cells for work!

SAGITTARIUS: November 22 - December 21 From the beginning of the year, you are surrounded by friends and loved ones, helping you to feel free to explore while confident that you’ve taken the right path up to now. You’re happy with the choices you’ve made and you’re excited about the projects ahead of you. Celebrate! This is a pretty special time

CANCER: June 22-July 22 Whether it’s eating healthier, getting to bed earlier, working out more or finally finding that life-partner you’ve been missing, your determination to take responsibility for your own health and happiness is going to have a major impact on everything you do LEO: July 23-August 23 How`s work? Is it creative enough for you? Do you have room to grow or is the atmosphere oppressive? If you are in a situation that is too rigid to grow, then you might want to find work that is more enlightened VIRGO: August 24-September 22 If you can, travel on the 13th and 14th of January. Flexibility is the key to so much in life, so do your best to bend and stretch and sway when your instinct might be to stay rigid on the 19th and 20th. Try not to be critical of your work colleagues, instead express your honest opinion in non-judgmen-

CAPRICORN: December 22 - January 20 You have some amazing plans and what’s even more extraordinary is the speed and ease with which these ideas and plans will come to fruition this month and year. You shouldn’t hesitate to dream big AQUARIUS: January 21 - February 19 You`ll meet interesting people and have an array of possibilities opening up, making you feel pretty good and having a positive impact on your life all year. Give yourself a huge high five! PISCES: February 20 - March 20 If you felt 2016 was a bit too much, then you may find the early part of 2017 is intense as well. Take really good care of yourself and maintain your sense of humour during January and be sure to enjoy the extremely good luck that’s coming your way


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es Chariti POCAPECUNIA, the Charity shop in aid of the Love A Child Foundation, has reformed the shop and is twice as big now. We are still always in need of clothes, household items, paperbacks, CD's and DVD's. Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10am to 1.30pm. Calle Bella Vista 6 in Nerja (between the Parador and Hotel Villa Flamenca). Volunteers needed. The Costa Animal Society needs your help, particularly with their efforts at the Sunday car boot markets in Nerja and AlmuĂąecar. If you have some time, and especially if you own a 4x4 or other large vehicle, your assistance in transporting and selling goods on a Sunday morning would be much appreciated as both these markets help raise much needed funds to care for rescued animals. If you can assist CAS in any way - fund raising, airport runs or fostering - please call Wendy at 660 271 984 or Vera at 680 315 880. SEEKING CHARITIES - People helping People Do you know of any SPANISH Charities (O.N.G) who help people and are seeking funding? The American International Club is currently seeking Spanish Organisations who are seeking assistance. The organisation will be presenting a donation at the Dia de

Residente event this April in Nerja. If you are aware of an organisation that assists Spanish people, please send an email with contact information to The American International Club is a social club open to all nationalities which spans the area from Almunecar to Torrox and beyond. Activities include tapas runs, monthly excursions, petanque, coffee mornings, dinners and walks. The Club raises funds for Spanish charities and each year makes a significant donation to a local organisation as a way of saying "thank you" to our host nation. Our motto is "If it isn't fun, we don't do it". To join in the fun email: Los Romanes Royal British Legion. We have changed our venue and day. We now meet in BAR ATILA, PUENTE DON MANUEL, every Tuesday. "We are a small branch with a big heart". For 2015 we are looking to increase our membership, So if you are interested you will be made very welcome. You don't have to have been an ex member of the armed forces to join. Our aim is to have some fun, quizzes, bingo, beetle?, whilst making money for the RBL Poppy Appeal. Interested? then please contact the Branch Secretary Joyce on 692 551 385. New furniture shop in Torre del Mar is looking for volunteers who have a free morning or afternoon every week to help us to sell second hand furniture and attend to customers in the new store. Would you like to help us? Contact the Volunteer Department now: 952 56 49 10 / 671 048 304

COsy ApArtment FOr sAle el mOrChe This one bed, one bath apartment is situated just two minutes away from the beautiful sandy beach of El Morche. It has a separate kitchen, balcony, marble floors, communal swimming pool and it comes fully furnished. It's an ideal starter home or holiday home.

Reduced Price: â‚Ź80,000 For more info or to arrange a viewing email

To advertise call 664 210 468 or email

Tuesday Bar Atila, Puente don BAR ATILA Every Manuel, Quiz 8.30pm. Call to reserve a

table 663 393 987 Every Thursday Evening Bar Viva, C/Dr Maranon, Torre del Mar. Quiz night with a difference. From 8.30pm. Hosted by yours truely, Tony of The Sentinella. Come on down for a great evenings entertainment. Call to reserve your table 952544362 Every 2nd Wednesday in the month AAR monthlly quiz at La Tasca. 3pm start. Opposite the police station, Torre del Mar. Call Shelia for details 693 462 975 Local Artist Margaret Riordan has two art exhibitions until end April 2017 at Bar Choto Playa on the N340 at Penoncillo beach, Torrox Costa, (not Tues). Next to Ruta 34 motorcycles shop), and in restaurant Sevillano - El Rincon, Calle Gloria, Nerja. Exhibition Square at Galerie Luz de la Vida in Competa and live music! A collection of many paintings all in the shape of a square made by various International artists.Wed 3rd Nov 5pm with musicians.



Dates Fo r The Di ar y N o v e m What´s o b e r in your n area? AXARQUIA MARKET GUIDE

Every Tuesday Country Farmers Market between 10am and 1.30pm. Los Jardines del Trapiche Call: Anita 627 877 164 Ecological Farmers Market held in Vivero El Algarrobo Garden Centre on the 1st & 3rd Sat of each month. 10.30-14.30. Fresh Handmade organic produce. Fruit & Veg, Cakes, Chutney & Jams, Sweets, Tarts, Bread, Pasta & Fresh Sauces, Mustards, Olive Pate, Natural Soap, Fertilizer, etc Market Saturdays Algarrobo Costa, n01ext to Ottawa Function rooms alongside the river. Roberta Kettel is leading a discussion on Martin Luther and the Reformation at 11.30am on Monday, January 16th. in the Social Salon of Capistrano Village, Nerja. All are invited. Further information from Tom Bryson on 699170931. 2017 is, of course, the quincentenary of Luther's nailing of his theses on the door of Wittenberg cathedral.





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s e i t e i c o S & s Club

Royal British Legion Torre del Mar For information on events tel. 663 658 354 We meet every Wed at La Vega Rest Torre Del Mar next to Mercadona E-mail: The Trapiche Social Club meets every Wednesday from 12noon to 2pm at the Trapiche Restaurant ( on the Velez to Vinuela Road) All are welcome to come and meet friends and make new friends. Pop in and see, a warm welcome awaits. call: 680764130 Move It To Music! A gentle, informal and fun dance fitness class held on Saturdays, 11-12 noon, annually from mid October to Easter, Time Sport Gym - Avda de Pescia 21, Nerja. For more info: 675 846 217/ Short Mat Bowls. The Nerja Short Mat Bowls Club is now operating in the hotel Jimesol, Calle Chaparil, Nerja on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 1.45pm to 4.15pm. New members welcome. Contact Marian on 952 523 754 or Malcolm on 952 520 579 for more details. - Golf: TOGS (Torrox Golf Society) if you would like a friendly but competitive game of golf each Sunday morning at Baviera, then why not join TOGS, possibly the friendliest Society on the Costa. Email: or call Captain: George Clay on 625 936 814 Colmenar Social Club is a group of like-minded people, whose main aim is to promote frendship and assistance to all our members. We meet every Wednesday at around 12.30pm at the Arco Del Sol Hotel on the outskirts of Colmenar (A356 Vele Malaga to Casabermeja road Km9). We are lucky to have our meetings here, it is a great and versatile venue and the proprietors Antonio and Rosa are very supportive and helpful. We enjoy a variety of activities throughout the year: wine tasting, talks on various subjects from Lawyers, Estate Agents, Council Officials, Local Police, cooking demonstrations by our own chef member, car sharing days out to interesting venue’s, treasure hunts, special lunches at different restaurants, plant sales, homemade produce sales, many other activities and of course the popular quisses and games. Everyone, no matter what nationality, is made welcome, so why not come along one Wednesday and enjoy a few hours with us. For more information please contact Marjorie 952 037 556 or email Claire on or visit our facebook page Colmenar Social Club to see our activities.

Sponsored by:

La Vaqueria Benamargosa Every Wednesday learn to draw and paint. Art classes at La Vaqueria, Benamargosa. 11am-1pm, 10€ includes refreshments and home made cake! Every Thursday Art & Crafts Class at La Vaqueria 11am - 1pm, lots of fun, refreshments included. Every first Sat of the month La Vaqueria has a mosaics day for all levels. 3pm 7pm costs 25€ with materials & meal incl. Phoenix Club We now meet every Tuesday between 12 and 2pm at Bar La Vega, Avenida Andalucia and is sandwiched between the small Mercadona Supermarket and the Repsol Garage on the way out of Torre towards Malaga. Call Gail 951 067 723 Do you like singing? Would you like to join a choir? We are inviting new singers to become members of the local, long-established choir, Coral Coraxalia under the leadership of Eusebio Pita. Great, friendly atmosphere, all nationalities, good repertoire, performances and concerts, social events, possible touring, etc. Rehearsals Thursdays 17.30 – 20.00 in the Casa Cultura on the main A7205 road at Viñuela village. Plenty of free parking opposite. Come along to a rehearsal and hear us and decide if you’d like to join us! For more information call 669 682 139 English / 689 111 352 Spanish. Scottish Country Dance Classes Every Tuesday evening from 7.15pm - 9pm at El Trapiche Restaurant, for all levels, with or without partners. For further information please contact George Bain on 619 069 966 RBL - Nerja We enjoy regular lunches on the 1st Friday of each month at “La Pena Parda” restaurant in La Herradura, Contact Eleanor on: Tel: 958828708/ 606634444 or Email: On the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Al Andalus Hotel Maro. Contact Vera on Tel: 952 967 200 or 697 293 698 Email Everyone is welcome to come along and membership is open to anyone and you don’t have to be ex military. Its a worthwhile cause so come and join us. Contact Dave on Tel: 654085811 or Email RBL - Benajarafe Branch Meet every Friday from 12.30-2.30pm, at the coastal, Puerto Niza restaurant, we enjoy bingo, quizzes, more entertainment & monthly outings, a superb lunch inc. drinks, & we welcome all new and existing RBL members. Tel: 603 879 308 EL Capitan Tennis Club Torre Del Mar open to new members. Every Mon, Wed & Fri. For information Ring 675 391 967

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Clubs & Societies

‘The 'Big Cats' are here. We are a group of Jaguar enthusiasts living in Andalucia and have just celebrated our first birthday. We have a meeting each month for a meal and a good old chat about our cars. On occasions we organise something rather more special, Mystery Tours or Weekends Away. The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club is the largest Jaguar Club in the world and was formed in 1984, by members of other Jaguar Clubs, for the enthusiast who not only used, but maintained or restored their SS, Jaguar or Daimler. Contact Philip Wray on 669 434 457 or Join El Valle! El Valle is one of Axarquia’s most successful and longest running social clubs. We are based in the Lake Vinuela area, 10 km inland from Velez Malaga, and most members live fairly locally but we also welcome people from the coast and further afield. At our monthly meetings you can find out about our wide range of activities that range from the cultural and gastronomic to quizzes, games and films. We also organise days out and short trips away. Through its members El Valle has links to groups that enjoy a variety of pursuits including leisurely scenic walks, more energetic cross-country hash runs, photography, quad biking, drama, bird watching and dancing. So whatever your interests El Valle has something for you! We meet on the first Mon of each month (apart from Aug when we take a break!) at the Camping Bar, Lake Vinuela. Please visit for directions. Meetings start 7:30 but we start arriving from 7pm so come early and introduce yourself so that we can help you make the most of what El Valle has to offer. You can also meet us on Fri mornings from 11:3012:30 at Meson Sara at the Puente don Manuel crossroads to join us, book an event or have a chat. You can also visit our website: Trapiche Dance & Dine Group. 'T' Dance every Friday 11am until 1pm @ Restaurante El Trapiche. Mixed programme of popular sequence dancing followed by tapas. New season starts September. All welcome. Tel. 952 515 155 for more details. Nerja History Group meets the first Friday of each month at the Cultural Centre, Calle Granada, Nerja at 11.30. For more information, contact Jill Christian-Smith on: 952 538 526 664 760 405 Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Torre del Mar. Avda. Moscatel 1”I”, (Jardines Viña Malága/Antigua Casa de la Viña), Torre del Mar, 29740. Opening hours Mon through

Fri 10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.00. Tel. 952 543 334 E-mail; Web: Please also see the web site for daily activities in the Centre. January & February events & excursions. Please also see the web site for daily activities in the Centre. Mon 2nd Jan – The Centre is closed for a National Holiday. Thurs 5th – The Centre is open from 10am until 1pm Fri 6th – The Centre is closed for the day of The Three Kings. Mon 9th - Half Orange “Bring and Share” Lunch, widows, widowers and singles group. You are welcome to join us and make and meet new friends at the Centre. The group also meets on the other Mondays of the month for coffee, walks, visits to places of interest, etc. Time 1pm. Tues 10th - All activities at the Centre re-start. Thursday 19th- Coach excursion to Gibraltar. Ticket price 12€ available at the Centre. Proceeds for fund raising. Departure times Puente don Manuel (Hotel Romero) 6.45, Algarrobo (Lidl) 7.15, Caleta (Vets) 7.20 and Torre Del Mar (Bus Station) 7.30. Depart Gibraltar15.30 approximately. PASSPORTS / I.D. REQUIRED. Monday 30th – Talk about Italian Opera and Dinner. Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar invite you to join friends for a fantastic evening listening to the Reverend James Tayler give an interesting and informative power point talk about the history of Italian opera. There will be extracts from some of the most significant master works, such as La Traviata, Rigoletto, La Boheme and more. After the talk there will be dinner, salad, a choice of Lasagnas, including vegetarian, sweet and a bottle of wine between 4 people. Ticket price 12 Euros available at the Centre. Event for fundraising. Time 18.00. Tuesday 14th February – Grand St. Valentines Day Dinner &Dance. Lux Mundi and the Royal British Legion with other local groups invite you to join friends and have fun celebrating St Valentine’s Day at the Salon del Mar in Calle Los Fenicios,Torre del Mar opposite the Mainake Hotel. The price includes a meal, drink and live music by Hector Bannon (of the Safari Lounge). Ticket price 32 Euros available at the Centre and the Royal British Legion. The proceeds will be distributed amongst the different groups and each one will decide what to do with them. Time 19.00. Please book in advance. For further information and bookings please contact the Centre, Torre del Mar Tel.952 543 334 E-mail: Please note you are unable to make bookings through the web site and sorry we cannot accept cards.


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n o i t a m r Info ...In our own random order! Bus Times Call: 952 540 936 Nerja-Malaga 06:30, 07:30, 08:30 08:55, 10:10, 11:10, 12:25, 13:40, 14:55, 15:55, 17:10, 18:40, 19:40, 20:25 Malaga-Nerja 07:00, 08:15, 09:15, 10:30, 11:45, 12:30, 13:00, 14:00, 15:15; 17:30; 18:45, 20:15, 20:45, 21:30 Expect to pay approx 2.90€ one way and 5.15€ round trip Nerja-Nerja Caves 08:10, 08:25, 09:40, 10:40, 11:50; 11:55, 12:35, 13:10, 13:35, 14:25, 15:25; 16:40; 18:10, 18:55, 19:30, 20:10 Nerja Caves-Nerja 08:45, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 12:15, 12:50, 13:30, 14:45. 15:45, 17:00 17:45; 18:30; 19:30; 20:15 Expect to pay approx 0.80€ one way Nerja-Torre see Nerja-Malaga times Torre-Nerja 07:45, 09:00, 09:15, 10:00, 11:00, 11:15; 11:45, 12:30, 13:15, 14:45, 16:00, 17:30, 18:15, 19:30, 21:00, 22:00. Church services in English The Anglican Parish of Nerja & Almuñécar Services at Iglesia San Miguel (St Michael's Church), Nerja every Sunday at 12 noon and at Capilla de Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Fisherman's Chapel), Almuñécar every Sunday at 9.30 a.m. (except during August). There is also a short service of Holy Communion on Wednesdays at 9.30 a.m. in the Church Shop, Calle Málaga, Nerja. Priest in Charge: Father Nigel Thomas. Tel: Church House 952 521 339 Church Shop 952 522 460. Competa - Holy Communion every Sunday at 5.30pm in the Parish Church, Plaza Almijara, Cómpeta Tel: 952 219 396 Malaga - St. George´s Church in the Engish Cemetery. 11.00am Sundays Tel: 952 219 396 Velez-Malaga - Capilla De San Jose, Calle Linares 7, Velez-Malaga. Sundays 10.30. Website Tel 952 407 050 Anglican communion.

Local Police : 091 Guardia : 062 Fire : 080 Torre del Mar - St Barnabas Church (IERE) Spanish episcopal services in English at 11am, Morning Prayer 1st and 3rd Sundays. Holy Communion 2nd and 4th Sundays. Tel. 952 030 461 (Priest). Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Avda Moscatel 1 "I", (Gardens of Viña Malaga/ Antigua Casa Del Viña). Roman Catholic - Torre del Mar - Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Saturdays 5pm, (Winter), and 18.00pm. Sunday Anglican Church of St. Barnabas (IERE) 11am. Morning prayer 1st & 3rd Sundays, Holy Communion 2nd & 4th Sundays. Torre del Mar Evangelical Church Torre del Mar Presbyterian Church (Evangelical) meets for worship each Sunday at 11.00am in Legends Bar, C/ Don Cipriano Maldonado Jiménez, Torre del Mar. Everyone welcome. Email Web La Caleta de Velez: Cornerstone International Church: meets on Sundays 11.30am and Wednesdays: 7pm for bible study. Calle Virgen del Mar 3 Tel.63454019 Puente don Manuel - El Puente Christian Fellowship Sunday Worship - 11 am. Midweek activities - Pilates - Mon 1pm-2pm, Bridge club tues 2.15-6pm, Charity shop/books open Wed, Fri & Sat 10-1.30pm. Bible Study Thursday 57pm. We meet at El Puente Christian Fellowship premises situated underneath Maroma Inmobiliara, El Cruce de Puente don Manuel Phone 952 115 220 or 952 518 185 Bank Hours Usually 8:30am-2pm except Sundays, Bank holidays and Fiestas. Please note, the majority of banks will not accept bills to be paid (ie: electric, phone, rates) after 11am. Taxis Torre: 653 917 004, Nerja: 952 520 537 Velez Malaga: 653 917 004, Puente Don Manuel: 952 510 992 Mob: 616 034 636.

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Ambulance : 061 Water : 952 540 662 Electricity : 952 540 662




Tourist Information Nerja: 952 521 531 Torre del Mar: 952 541 104

Telefonica Dial 1002 to report a fault on the line. For general enquiries dial 1004

Weekly Market days Mondays: Torrox Costa Tuesdays: Nerja & Country Farmers Market, at Jardines del Trapiche on the road to Benamagosa. Wednesdays; Rincon de la Victoria, Algarrobo Costa & Camping Vinuela Ctr.A356 KM30. Thursdays: Velez Malaga & Torre del Mar & Frigilana Fridays: Puente don Manuel & Cala de Moral Saturdays: Caleta de Velez , Competa & Benajarafe, Algarrobo Costa, Opp Lidl (1st & 3rd Saturday each month) Sundays: Malaga

Airports Malaga 24-hour information 952 048 484 or 952 048 804 Granada 952 048 804

Consulates UK Opposite the main bus station Edif, Eurocom Bloque Sur C/Mauricio Moro 2-2º- Malaga 902 109 256 or 913 342 194 Ireland Avda, de los Boliches, Nº15 Fuengirola 952 475 108 Netherlands/Dutch Avda, Palma de Mallorca, 57 Edif. Castillo San Louis, bajo 29620 Torremolinos 952 380 888 Germany C/Mauricio Moro 2, Malaga 952 363 591 Sweden 952 604 383 France 952 226 590 / 952 214 888 Belgium 952 559 159 Denmark 952 211 797 Luxembourg 952 857 197 Chemists

Airlines Shops 10am - 2pm - 5pm - 8:30pm (generally) The municipal market (fruit and veg) and the weekly markets are only open mornings. Water Supplies Velez Malaga: 952 506 450 Nerja: 952 520 154 Malaga: 952 135 013 Railway Stations Malaga: 952 360 202 Granada: 958 271 272 Town Halls Torre and Velez: 952 500 100 Torrox: 952 538 200 Nerja: 952 548 400 Competa: 952 516 006 Rincon: 952 402 300 Malaga: 952 135 000 Hospitals Nerja Ambulatorio: 952 523 131 Velez Malaga: 951 067 000 ITV Call: 902 702 727 - Open Mon - Fri 08.00am - 18.45pm, Sat: 08:00am 12.45pm


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) : a h a Jokes h Thanks to AP & MP for the following jokes I was driving when I saw the flash of a traffic camera. I figured that my picture had been taken for exceeding the limit even though I knew that I was not speeding. Just to be sure, I went around the block and passed the same spot, driving even more slowly, but again the camera flashed. Now I began to think that this was quite funny, so I drove even slower as I passed the area once more, but the traffic camera again flashed. I tried a fourth and fifth time with the same results and was now laughing as the camera flashed while I rolled past at a snail's pace. Two weeks later, I got five tickets in the mail for driving without a seat belt ------------------------------------------------------------A farmer gets a phone call from his son, “I’ve run over a pig and it’s trapped under the tractor still alive” “Shoot it! said the farmer “And bury it!” About 20 minutes later he gets another call... “Ok done that, now what do I do with the speed camera and motorbike?” ------------------------------------------------------------So, my daughter Charli says to me, "Dad, you're getting fat" and I replied "yes daughter, I've had a lot on my plate recently" ------------------------------------------------------------Been thinking about all this fuss about Christmas and it suddenly occurred to me that if Jesus was really born in Bethlehem, how come he got a Mexican name? ------------------------------------------------------------Dave and Dorris decided after 27 years of marriage they need to spice up their sex life. Dave bought some flavoured condoms and suggested they play a guessing game where he would put one on and Dorris had to taste it and guess the flavour. So, they jump into bed and Dorris goes straight down there for a taste then pops up and says "Cheese and onion". Dave says, “Gimme a chance, I haven't put one on yet.” -------------------------------------------------------------

My youngest daughter, Leoni asked me: 'Where does poo come from?' So, I explain (refering to my memory of high school Human Biology), that food passes down the oesophagus to the stomach, where digestive enzymes induce a probiotic reaction in the alimentary canal; this reaction extracts protein and other nutrients before waste products descend via the colon and rectum to emerge as 'poo'. “Blimey,” says Leoni “And what about Tigger?” ------------------------------------------------------------Just completed a jigsaw in under 20 minutes. Really chuffed because it said "up to 5 years" on the box. ------------------------------------------------------------I went to the doctors with hearing problems. He says “Can you describe the symptoms?” I said “Homer’s a fat bloke and Marge has blue hair.” ------------------------------------------------------------I lost the bar trivia contest last night by one point. The last question was, "Where do women have the curliest hair?" Apparently the correct answer is, Fiji ------------------------------------------------------------At breakfast this morning, my wife said she's leaving me because of my obsession with Twitter. I almost choked on my #Brown. ------------------------------------------------------------I am hosting a charity concert for people who struggle to reach an orgasm. If you can't come let me know. ------------------------------------------------------------I've created chocolates for people with no will power. 'Before Eight' mints ------------------------------------------------------------I am so unlucky. I swear that if Dolly Parton had triplets ( and I was one of them ) I'd be the one on the bottle.

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Jokes h a ha :) A man walks into a bar and notices two pieces of beef nailed to the ceiling. He asks the barman why they’re there. “It’s a competition. If you can climb up there and get those bits of meat down you’ll get free drinks all night. But if you try and fail then you’ll have to buy a round for everyone in the pub. Do you fancy having a go?” The man has a long, hard look at the ceiling before saying, “No, I’ll just have a pint thanks. The steaks are too high.” ------------------------------------------------------------Oh my god! Just heard Currys are doing "shop soiled" 60" 4K TVs for £99! Slight fault with the volume controls but at that price you can't turn them down. ------------------------------------------------------------Just got a job as a church bell ringer. It's my first day so they're just showing me the ropes. ------------------------------------------------------------I've been having real problems with nuisance phone calls lately...... The most common one seems to be ......"You said you'd be home from the pub three f*****g hours ago!" ------------------------------------------------------------My budgie broke his leg today so I made him a little splint out of a couple of matches.....his little face lit up when he tried to walk. ------------------------------------------------------------A lorry-load of tortoises crashed into a trainload of terrapins, I thought 'That's a turtle disaster'. ------------------------------------------------------------Paddy takes two stuffed dogs on to the Antique Roadshow. "Ohh," said the presenter, "This is a very rare set, produced by the celebrated Johns Brothers Taxidermists who operated in London at the turn of the 19th century. Do you have any idea what they would fetch if they were in good condition?" "Sticks!" Paddy replied. ------------------------------------------------------------Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water.

A middle-aged woman seemed sheepish as she visited her gynaecologist. "Come now," coaxed the doctor, "you've been seeing me for years. There's nothing you can't tell me." "This one's kind of strange," the woman said. "Let me be the judge of that," the doctor replied. "Well," she said, "yesterday I went to the bathroom in the morning and heard a plink-plinkplink in the toilet. When I looked down, the water was full of pennies." "I see," commented the doctor calmly. "That afternoon, I went to the bathroom again and, plink-plink-plink, there were 5p pieces in the bowl," the woman continued. "That night," she went on, "I went again, and plink-plink-plink, there were 50p's. This morning, there were £1 coins!" "You've got to tell me what's wrong with me!" she implored. "I'm scared out of my wits!" The gynecologist put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "There, there, it's nothing to be scared about," he said. "You're simply going through the change!" ------------------------------------------------------------I've got a new job as a scientist researching bestiality between humans and dogs. If anyone needs me I'll be in my lab. ------------------------------------------------------------My wife brought home a tub of ice cream and asked if I wanted some. "How hard is it?" I asked. She cheekily replied, "As hard as your d*** when you're thinking about me naked!". I said "Go on then, pour me a glass!! ------------------------------------------------------------I was fed up with trick or treaters so this year I turned all the lights off and went to bed. The ships can bugger off, my lighthouse, my rules -----------------------------------------------------------I was taking the piss out of a bloke wearing a ridiculous wig today. He had the last laugh though. Sentenced me to three years.


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s e g a P Puzzle Get Quizical

Hey Diddle Riddle

1. Which US State Capitals has the largest population? 2. Who is known as the first celebrity chef?
 3. Who in 1668 became the first English Poet Laureate? 4. What was the name of the character played by Martin Freeman in TV's "The Office"? 5. Of which African nation is Kigali the capital?

1. You will always find me in the past. I can be created in the present, But the future can never taint me. What am I? 2. There is bomb on top of a computer; around the computer are a hairbrush, keys, phone and a cup. When the explosion comes, what item destroyed first? 3. If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven't got me. What am I?

6. How many points are awarded for "A Safety" in American Football?

4. A girl was ten on her last birthday, and will be twelve on her next birthday. How is this possible?

7.In which year was the Panama Canal opened?

5. What 3 positive numbers give the same result when multiplied and added together?

8. Which river flows through the city of Leicester?

6. A child playing on the beach had 6-1/6 sand piles in one place and 3-1/3 in another. If he put them together, how many sand piles would he have?

9.What are the Norse equivalent of Adam and Eve? 10.Who is the only US President who has served two non-consecutive terms?

7. I am the beginning of everything, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place. What am I?

Answers on page 112

Sudokus Easy


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Puzzle P ages

Crossword Across 1 Aware, alert (2,3,4) 8 Grown-up (5) 9 Theory of world creation (3,4) 10 Swap (8)

Down 1 Obsolete, antiquated (8) 2 Caribbean island (6) 3 Nervous (4)

11 Badger’s lair (4)

4 Oscar (7,5)

13 Central cores (6)

5 Carefree (5-7)

14 Protective wall extending into water (6)

6 Struggle financially (4,4,4)

16 Squalid neighbourhood (4) 17 Contest of strength (3-2-3) 19 Dutch scholar (7)

7 Drunken bravado (5,7) 12 Pertaining to trees (8)

20 Scary, weird (5)

15 Breakfast dish (6)

21 Dreary routine (9)

18 Among (4)


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s n e T p To 8 7 6 5 4 9 10,



2, ,3, , , ,


The Top Ten Countries Spending the Most on Education... 1. Lesotho (13% of GDP) 2. Cuba (12.8%) 3. Marshall Islands (12.2%) 4. Kiribati (12%) 5. Botswana (9.5%) 6. Sao Tome and Principe (9.5 %) 7. Timor-Leste (9.4%) 8. Denmark (8.7%) 9. Namibia (8.4%) 10. Moldova (8.4%)

The Top Ten Countries Spending the Least on Education... 1. Somalia (0.4% of GDP) 2. Myanmar (0.6%) 3. Equatorial Guinea (0.7%) 4. Nigeria (0-8%) 5. United Arab Emirates (1.2%) 6. Zambia (1.3%) 7. Ecuador (1.3%) 8. Central African Republic (1.4%) 9. Lebanon (1.8%) 10. Congo (1.9%)

Quiz Answers - 1. Phoenix Arizona, 2. Marco Pierre White, 3. John Dryden, 4. Tim Canterbury, 5. Rwanda, 6. 2 7.1914, 8. River Soar, 9. Ask Embla, 10.Grover Cleveland Riddle Answers - 1. History, 2. The bomb, 3. Secret, 4. Today is her eleventh birthday, 5. 1, 2 and 3, 6. One whole pile, 7. The letter “E”! Last Month’s Crossword Spanish Citezenship Test - 1. 112, 2. fruit and Vegetables, 3. Telediario, 4. 16, 5. 14, 6. El Carnaval, 7, El Museo Guggenheim, 8. Adolfo Suarez, 9. Amado y Hecho, 10. The King. New Year Quiz - 1. Incorrectly, 2. The man is playing Monopoly. He lands on a property with a hotel and doesn’t have enough money to pay the rent. 3. Neither. Egg yolks are yellow. 4. 6 – Finished Files are the result oF years oF scientiFic study combined with the experience oF years.5. Your breath. 6. Nine 7. Three. The seven candles that stay lit will melt down completely. The only candles in the end are the three that are extinguished by the wind and therefore stay intact. Find Waldo Answer -


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3€ for a maximu m of 28 Pay wo Email: s ales@th ment to be ma rds or 15€ for esentine d e e before the 17nquire about b before 1 o th 5th of th of the month xed adverts e month . or call: 6 64 210 4 68

The Tra der

Items for Sale GOLFERS GOLFERS GOLFERS! Unwanted Green Fee vouchers to most Costa del Sol Courses for sale, Most better than half price! Contact George Jamieson 0034 622 33 26 84 MEN’S VIAGRA TABS 100mg, guaranteed or your money back, minimum 10 tabs 30€, free local delivery Venta Baja, Puente don Manuel, Vinuela areas. Call: 696 857 401 PALM TREES Dig up your own Palm Trees. All sizes. Collect for FREE. Logs 5€ a wheelbarrow. Finca dos Mundos km7, old road Trapiche / Vinuela. Tel: 636 471 361

Wanted I WILL COLLECT FREE of charge all your used clothing, bric-a-brac, pots and pans, books, toys, CD´s garden pots, tools, pieces of furniture or anything else you are throwing out whilst you are cleaning. Call me on Tel:- 625 319 323 Jacqui EL CAPITAN TENNIS CLUB Torre Del Mar open to new members. For information Ring 675391967.

PINE DISPLAY UNIT 200cms high x 55cms wide x 40cms depth ono

REDUCED to100€

SINGLE BED FOR SALE - As new, linen included. Offers please. Call: 606 926 244 / 616 667 045 SOLAR SYSTEM FOR SALE. 10 solar panels, 6 deep cell batteries, inverter and all the accessories, 12v/220v. Can be seen working. Reasonable offers. Tel: 617 979 640 WELL BORE PUMP. 10cm across / 96cm long. Offers. Tel: 617 979 640

Job Section

STAFF WANTED APRENDO IDIOMAS in Nerja are looking for teachers, English, German and French. Calle Antonio Millon, Edf. Penaflor, Bajo 1. Call Rebeca 673 68 41 94

Properties HOUSE IN CALETA DEL SOL, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, garden terrace, beautiful community pool and gardens. (Ideal for rental Income) 175.000€

Call 675 391 967


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WIN !!!!!

Competi tion

Your great little mag is bringing you a series of fiendish “Name the face” competitions in association with various local businesses This month is sponsored by IZZI & CAPELLI in Torre del Mar. They are offering a free cut and blow dry at their new salon in Torre del Mar. See page 8

Simply name the famous person below. If you think you know the answer, then email it to: by 20th January 2017 THE WINNER FOR  DECEMBER WAS  CLIVE HAINES FROM TORROX COSTA CONGRATULATIONS !!!



IZZI & CAPELLI Torre del Mar

Tel: 952 965 646 / 685 430 621 See advert on page 8

December’s Answer: Donald Trump

Please note: this competition is not open to employees of The Sentinella Magazine or IZZI & CAPELLI. The competition is open from the 1st - 20th January 2017. The draw will take place on the 21st January and winner notified by the 1st February 2017. Only one entry per person. We will announce the winners full name in February’s issue.

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!! el l a n i t a month m s n o e r u e S just 5 The re from les@thesentin e h s s e a :s usin Paginas We can list yo6u6r4B210 468 or Email Call tod

ay on



w For Air Conditioning call Mark at Esola, 616 119 007, Torre del Mar

wSolar blinds, ideal for large glazed areas to keep the view but also giving privacy and stopping maximum amounts of heat/glare and fading of furnishings. Speak to Ian 644 54 61 76 958 49 65 71

w Polar Air For Professional and reliable servicing, repairs and installation of A/C at competitive rates by a qualified technician.Call Susie or Peter 655 211 192 or visit


w CHS Cooling and Heating Solutions. All makes of air conditioning, serviced and installed. Also Solar, Heating and swimming pool heat pumps. Call: 655 791 167 Email:

wPasatiempo Calle Infantes 32, Torre del Mar, 952 543 703,

wTĂŠcnicas Maro. Also Danish and Spanish speaking. 25 years of experience on the Coast, providing high quality equipment. We offer service and maintenance on all makes. e-mail: tel. 95 252 95 38

wArkwrights The British Food Store and More Open everyday 9am - 7pm Puente don Manuel Telephone: 952 519 780

AIR CON & DEHUMIDIFICATION w European Coolers Ltd Keep cool and comfortable this summer. We are a British based air treatment online retailer offering only the best products and service to our customers. All our prices are inclusive of VAT and full warranty, NO hidden extras, buy from us with total confidence. Visit us at:, e-mail: Tel: 0044 160644888

BOAT TRIPS wLuxury Yacht Charters Tel: 618 972 139 Email:

BEAUTY & BOUTIQUE wThe Hair & Beauty Studio Cruce de Periana, Puente don Manuel, (along from Morenos) Call: 951 204 158 or 654 897 410


BUILDERS wAll types of building work undertaken, 37 years experience, Let me quote you. Call: 952 110 788 or 650 895 461 wJohn Housby, Building, Plastering, Tiling & Painting. For a quotation ring John: 699 261 414. Email: wLT Construction - is a building company based in the Velez Malaga area. We specialise in all aspects of design, building license application and construction, we have over 14 years of expertise in creating individual building solutions for our clients. Our local knowledge of the land and its soil types - and how best to deal with the challenges posed by them - means that we are the best-suited company to advise you on your building requirements. Call Lee Talbot on 659324586


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The Sentinella Paginas CAR ACCESSORIES wWindow Tinting, A mobile service for your convenience, ITV legal & certified. Cut out annoying glare. Stop U/V. Protect Children & pets. Be Cool. Enjoy the sun don't suffer it! Call Ian 902 888 176/ 644 546 176

CARE HOMES wCasa Klein. A better place to live. Scandinavian convelescent and retirement home. Situated on a hilltop overlooking mountains and the sea in Velez Malaga. Tel: 952 50 21 30 Mob: 679 167 168

CARERS/AGENCIES wEnglish Nurse RGN / carer support. Tel Liz 692 419 548. Or 951 242 449 Hospital visits & discharge care inc equipment. Friendly Home care from your District Nurse. See www.holidaycare4youspain Testimonials - google English Nurse Competa. wDo you need an English Carer? Mature English Care Assistant in Torrox, registered and insured in Spain. Excellent references for reliability, honesty and dedication, over 12 years caring experience, including Stroke Pathway, Dementia and End of Life. Covering all areas of Torrox and Nerja. Hourly, daily, respite or overnight care. Linda Horton S.N.H.S Dip (Diabetes Risk Awareness, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology).Tel: 648119401 Email:

CAR & BICYCLE HIRE wCaleta Car Hire All types (including mobility vehicles with wheelchair ramps). Airport delivery/collection. Avenida de Andalucia 149-D, Caleta de Velez. Email: Telephone: 952 511 293 or 606 435 195

CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING wRoy’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. Professional Machines, 18 years experience. All areas covered. Call Mark on 958 640 068 or 656 561 669

CHIMNEY SWEEP For a professional chimney sweeping service and maintenance service call Chimney Care. Keith 607 441 959 or Russ 654 184 242

Hormone, Bacteriology, Parasitology, Special analysis. Home visits for blood tests. Antonio Armijo Navas, Specialist in Clinical Analysis. Urb. Costa del Oro, Local-4. Torrox Costa, Phone: 952 53 23 93

COMPUTERS wDavid Fenton: Computer Help Specialist. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer since 2000. House calls, remote assistance or bring it to me. Help and impartial advice with all types of technology. Tel 952549607, Mob 654899976 wSteve’s PC Software Repairs and Maintenance Services. Providing a thorough health check/repair for corrupted software and removal of virus/malware infections.Call Steve in Torrox: 634 347 055 Email:

COUNSELLING wKestrel Counselling. Professional, confidential, qualified counselling service. Face 2 Face, skype or online. Experienced with all age groups including children. Email: Tel: 636 588 697

DAMP PROOFING wDamp Specialist All aspects of damp work undertaken. New chemical used - Never have to treat it again - GUARANTEED. From salts to rising damp. Call Phil on: 648 243 656

DENTISTRY wClinica Europa Centro internacional, Blq. 86, Torrox Costa. Call: 952 53 09 08 Email: British dentist, 24hrs response Call: 648 203 157 wDentadanes s.c Dental Clinic Offering Danish, top quality dental care at Spanish prices. Est. since 1991. We speak English, Danish, German, Spanish and Italian. Tel: 952 529 666 Mon-Fri 10-5pm wGrupo Dental Clinics Calle Enrique Van Dulkan, 21, Velez Malaga Tel: 952 54 95 95 wClinica Dental Dr. J. Novo, International & Competitive Prices. Comprehensive Dentistry. Tel: 958 827 924 Plaza Nueva, La Herradura.



wRegisitered Chiropodist/Podiatrist offering a complete footcare service in the comfort of your own home. 25yrs exp NHS & private. Call: 636 866 715

wWayne’s Drains & Plumbing Est.1999. 24 Hour call out. Tel/Fax: 952 539 425. 24 Hour Service: 634 275 030 / 657 862 628


wAt Your Service Plumbing, Electrical, Prop. Maintenance Torre del Mar/Puente don Manuel area. Ex. Corgi reg. with over 35 years experience. Tel: 951 066 064 / 692 330 420 Email:

wAnalysis Clinic, Haematology, Coagulation (Contro of Warfarin), Biochemistry, Inmunology,

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The Sentinella Paginas EST AGENTS/PROPERTY RENTALS Advertise here from just wSpanish Management Vinuela (next to the 5 euros per month Farmacia) 666 135 516 or 650 702 258 Web: (based on 12 month contract) Email: wZalia properties, long established sales Call: Kami on 664 210 468 rental agents, Lake Viñuela area. Car hire, Pool, Villa cleans etc. El Cruce de Periana 4, Edf. Alzabel, SemiEmail: sotano 2, Alcaucin 952 519 ELECTRICIANS wElectrician - All jobs from a socket to rewires, Fault Finding and Intercom Systems. Call Andrew 618 640 155 Email: wSparkinspain - Electrical installations & maintenance. Local from Nerja to Velez-Malaga & inland to Competa and Frigiliana. Call Colin 951 242 449 or Mob 666 707 297 / Web: wHome Trust Over 16 years experience - No job too small - Free estimates - Appliance repair - Fault finding - and more please contact us on: Tel: 635.17.54.87 Email:

EROSION PROBLEMS wSuppliers of a sterile grass – Vetiver. Used for stopping erosion. With an incredibly strong vertical root system. Very cost effective. Visit for more information on the Vetiver Grass System. Call: 692 288 657 email:

ESTATE AGENTS wBuy A Home Spain Calle Pintor Cipriano Maldonado 7A, Edificio Salares, 29740, Torre del Mar. (Opposite the bus station) Call: 952 547 554 or 680 210 414. Email: Website: wFleming Properties, Calle Dr. Fleming, 1, Nerja. 952 524 140 or 637 278 306/606 087 362,

wAxarquia Properties S.L Established 2001. Office: 952 436 781 Lorraine: 609 436 537 Email: wCountry Properties 29754 Competa - Málaga Plaza Almijara, 21 & Avd. Constitución, 33 Tel.: +34 952 51 61 78 29770 Torrox - Málaga Calle Elisa Ortigosa, 7 Tel.: +34 952 53 91 25 29740 Torre del Mar Málaga Avda. Andalucia, 32B Tel.: +34 952 54 18 86 / 654 693 680

718 / 663 093 782, 696 206 158

FASHION ACCESSORIES wHeaven for Fashion, Fashion jewellery and accessories at affordable prices - use code SENT12 for a discount of 15% with your first purchase.

FURNITURE wCudeca Hospice Charity Shop – Torre del Mar C/ Infante 21 – Edf. Jamaica Bajo Tel: 663 083 273 MonSat 10.00 – 13.30 / Mon- Fri 17:00 – 20.00. Nerja C/ Almirante Carranza 15 Tel: 663 083 503 Mon-Sat 10.00 – 13.30

GARDEN CENTRES wCosta Torrox Garden Centre for all your gardening requirements. Plants, Fruit Trees, CeramicsBonsai Trees, Compost,Pest Control, Flowerpots, Garden Sundries and much much more! Open Mon Sat 9am -2pm and 4pm - 7pm and on Sunday 10am - 2pm. Find them on facebook: /costatorrox or visit their website

GARDEN DESIGN wEnglish Award winning Garden Design and construction management, qualified and insured. All styles. Reforms or New builds. Experience in Spain and UK. Call or text John on 660057207 / 447756218467

GARDENING wMaintenance of Gardens and Swimming Pools. English, German and Spanish speaking 24 year old. David: 656 775 928 wRed Palm Beetles, Wasps, Ants, Woodlice, Mice, Rats and all pests. Processionary Moths. Call us for treatment and disposal of these garden problems. Tel: 634 431 099 wSuppliers of a sterile grass – Vetiver. Used for stopping erosion. With an incredibly strong vertical root system. Very cost effective. Visit for more information on the Vetiver Grass System. Call: 692 288 657 email:


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The Sentinella Paginas HEALTH & BEAUTY


wWeight Control - Herbalife Independent Distributor, Bea Savory, 95 253 4795 (business opportunity also available):

wMarion Dias BSc (Honours) Clinical Hypnosis and trainer NLP & Hypnosis. Help with Anxiety, Depression, Phobia, Stop smoking, self-confidence IBS, Public speaking as well as one day workshops for stop smoking, and self-healing, in NERJA. E-mail:

HEALTH SHOPS wRincón Natural Nerja: natural remedies, organic food, superfoods, natural skincare products, spelt husk pillows, essential oils, incense & feng shui crystals. Alternative therapies: personalised weight control coaching, naturopath consultance, craneosacral therapy, massage, Reiki etc. C/ Carretera 1, in front of Supersol, Nerja. Tel. 952 523 503 ONLINESHOP for Europe wHigh Grade Medical Cannabis Oils for sale - helps people with Cancer, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma. Prices from €30/60ml 6%CBD. Magy's Garden Grow Av.Andalucia 106, Caleta de Velez Tel: 952 511 857

HEATING wTécnicas Maro. Also Danish and Spanish speaking. 25 years of experience on the Coast. Heat pumps. Solar heating. Under-floor heating/cooling. Combination systems. Full service and maintenance. tel. 95 252 95 38 e-mail: wRedwell® – the leading brand in Infrared Heating Systems. White panels and designs like mirrors, pictures, glass etc. Low consumption, low running time due to partial storage material inside. Prevents damp. Contact/showroom: Avda. El Faro, Bl. 75, bajo 9, Torrox Costa, call 952 539 742,, wInfrasol infrared heating We are suppliers of infrared heating systems for your home or Business, Stops mould. Reduces Condensation. Cheap to run. Contact us on 951258010 / 635445279. Try before you buy. Email:

HORSE RIDING wCasa El Cielo-Horse Riding Half or full day rides Malaga. A unique horse riding experience with Andalusian horses between the olive and almonds trees of the natural reserve of the Montes de Malaga. Call: 622 897 450

HOUSE CLEARANCES wCash paid. For House and Garage Clearance. Best prices. Get quote. All items considered. Contact Ernie or Martin 616 812 765 / 690 854 154

INSURANCE wGPS Insurance Services - For all your Insurance needs (Personal & Business) Check out our easy to navigate website to request quotes email: Tel/Whatsapp: 722 708 615

INTERNET SERVICES wRiosat SL, High speed reliable internet & telephone services for Home & Business. We also offer Movistar mobile dongles for anyone in a Movistar 3G/4G coverage area. Call: 951 239 310 / 626 679 018. Email: Web: http// wTechno-Vision, 3G, 4G, Fibre, ADSL -unlimited data, Pay As You Go service available. Tel: 952 522 579 / Mob: 657 066 782 / 649 915 289 / UK: 07549 902496 Email:

INTERNET TELEVISION (IPTV) wIPTV television No frills just like the good old days but up to date TV service. Tel: 951 390 567 wTechno-Vision, UK & Scandinavian IPTV packages with Catch Up, PAYG available. Tel: 952 522 579 / Mob: 657 066 782 / 649 915 289 / UK: 07835 772340 Web: Email:

INTERPRETERS wInterpreter - English/Spanish - based in Vélez-Málaga. English nationality, but fluent Spanish and extensive experience. Inexpensive hourly rates. Confidentiality guaranteed. Call Toni to discuss your requirements. 952557733 / 606010580 wTranslator/Interpreter service. For any situation where a Spanish speaker is required, eg: Town Hall, Hospital, NIE, Residencia, Social Security, ITV, reading and translating letters, written translations etc. Reasonable rates. Call Mariam on 633 637 774

KENNELS AND CATTERIES wThe Dog House While you are away on holiday or a weekend break, your dogs live in our house alongside our dog. Large play area, lots of country walks. Pet collection/del. service. Vet services on call. Gourmet meals if required. 'Only the best for your pal'.

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The Sentinella Paginas Ring: Phil 649 079 321 Comares/Benamargosa. Ex cat & dog airlines.UK. Recommended. Refs available. wResidencia Cantalobos The Pet Hotel in La Herradura, offers the highest standards of care for your pets. Call Now - Tel: +34 603 739 886 wHome From Home Dog Boarding at my 10,000m2 finca in Riogordo. No kennels just lots of excercise, fun and cuddles. Also Pet paw casting and bespoke animal sculptures in cement. Call: 678 189 019 or e-mail:

LAUNDERETTES Bubbles Launderette Calle Manuel Marin 1, Nerja. open 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri, 9am - 1pm Sat for all your laundry needs. Offering a free collection & delivery service for the nerja area. Call now on 665539256

LAWYERS wCS Abogados , Spanish solicitors, English Spoken, Torrox Costa, Urb. Costa del Oro local 8, (in front of Mercadona). Torre del Mar, Calle Rioja, 69, Edificio Salares, local A. (Near the Bus Station). Free initial consultation, 952 967 004 Email: wAxarquia Solicitors 15 years helping expats and non-residents –Offices in Nerja & Velez-Málaga. 952 901 225 or ring Melanie Elst on 685589802 for a free no obligation appointment wDe Cotta Law Spanish and English Lawyers, specialising in Business Law, Debt Recovery, Company Start-ups and more. Multilingual. Calle Diputacion 11, Nerja 952 527 014

MECHANICS wFully Qualified City & Guilds Mechanic, Servicing, Camshaft drive belt and much more. ITVs and ITV work carried out. Call: 696 578 771 or email:

MEDICAL CENTRES wSimpleCare: a perfect way to access affordable private healthcare services at a fraction of the normal cost, specialist consultation from €24, annual membbership €59., Tel 952532023, email wMedical Centre and Dental Specialist a team with over 25 years of experience, 5 languages spoken, available 24hrs. Block 88, Torrox Costa. English, German, French, Russian. Call: 952 530 357

METALWORK wMetalwork made to measure - Gates, Doors, Rejas. M.O.T. welding and on-site repairs. All areas. Also building work. All work guaranteed. We support the Axarquia Animal Rescue Charity. Andy: 676 719 066 Email:

MOBILITY PRODUCTS wBlue Badge Mobility.S.L Hire & Sales of Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs, Bathroom aids, Toilet Aids, Stair Lifts, Long term rentals, Best prices on the Costa. Quality Service. Contact Gary Or Sara 952967015 /635445279

MOTORCYCLE REPAIRS wRods motorcycles. Mobile motorcycle service and repairs. From scooters to superbikes. All makes and models. Factory trained technician. Contact 633 287 190.

MULTI-SERVICES wJoinery - Maintenance - Removals All aspects of construction work undertaken from ground works & below, to the roof & all in between. We also do removals & courier services. Free quotes; 611 015 149

OPTICIANS wHeiko by Heiko, Avda Andalucia 119, Torre del Mar 952 967 923

PLASTERERS wTime served English Plasterer Over 30 years experience. All plastering work undertaken and damp surfaces. English finish. Call Phil: 648 243 656

PLUMBERS wJust Plumbing. Just a quick and reliable plumbing service. Just a reasonably priced local business. Just polite, prompt and tidy. Just phone Dave on 689 647 849. Discounts in Riogordo, Colmenar, Comares. wAndy Mann UK Corgi-registered Domestic Water and Gas services. All areas covered. Combi boiler technician. Emergency Breakdowns Tel: 633 875 588 Email: wEnglish/Spanish Plumber Over 30 years experience, trained and qualified in England. All plumbing work undertaken. For a fast and reliable service call José on: 615 344 123 / 638 609 906

PRINTING For all your printing needs. Flyers & adverts, business cards, posters, roll up banners etc.. Call: 664 210 468

PRINTER INK CARTRIDGES wInk Cartridges for all makes of Printers. Original or Compatible. Tuesdays: Jardines del Trapiche Market. or call for free delivery 627 242 977 email:

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT wHome Trust Property Management Services From full property management contracts to one off repairs. Electrical - Plumbing - Cleaning - Laundry Monthly inspections and more please contact us on: Tel: 635.17.54.87 Email:


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The Sentinella Paginas PROPERTY RENTALS


wBuy A Home Spain C/ Pintor Cipriano Maldonado 7A, Edificio Salares, 29740, Torre del Mar Call: 952 547 554 or 680 210 414. Email: Website:

wPERFECT Alarm S.L., Caleta de Velez. High quality security systems, like video surveillance, alarm systems, perimetric protection systems, home automation. Worldwide surveillance of your property. If requested, we are licensed to connect to a monitoring station. We speak English and German. Call Mr. Martin on 608 517 661

REMOVALS wTransportation to UK to Spain to UK. Whole van loads or single items. Good rates. Regular trips. Also local removals. Call Graham: 620 353 594 Email: wTony Roam Removals UK to Spain to UK email: web: ES 636 393 542 UK 07973 362 003

RENT A CAR wRent a Car Estrella Rent Delivery and collection at Malaga airport or in your location. Automatic cars. Unlimited kilometers, full insurance, VAT and additional driver included. - 952 511 209

RESTAURANTS wTaj Mahal (Torre del Mar) Avenida Andalucia,Bloque Jupiter, Pasaje Timon 2, Calle Timon, Torre del Mar Tel: 952 547 798 or 665 675 053 wTaj Mahal (Puente don Manuel) Next door to Chiringuito Antonios, Venta Baja Tel: 952 510 886 / 667 934 731 wRestaurant Caribe, Bloque 7, Local 13, Costa del Oro, Torrox Costa. Tlf: 952 530 831 wIndian Palace Barriada Buena Vista, Puente don Manuel Tel: 952 510 963 Mob: 616 942 212 Email:

SATELLITE T.V. wTotal Satellite Installations Call Phil on: 629 556 266. wSat. Co. BBC & ITV for free & Sky Digital, dishes, alignments, installations. We also sell HD TVs. Call Tom 7 days a week for service. 657 484 853. All equipment delivered, installed & guaranteed for 2 years. Free demos every Sat. 2pm Technomate &TV repair service

SECOND HAND SHOPS wSweethome Second Hand Shop. Second hand furniture and decoration, Bric a Brac, etc. We also buy your unwanted furniture and undertake house clearances with delivery service or pick up. Email: Contact Patricia: 625255487. Jardines del Mar del Penoncillo, BLQ 32, Torrox Costa wCarousel Second Hand Furniture, Vinuela Pueblo (Under Cajamar Bank), access via steps at side of bank, or slip road behind bank. Open Tues - Fri 9.30am - 2pm Call Gilly: 625 827 193

SOCIAL CLUBS wColmenar Social Club A group of like minded people offering friendship and assistance to each other. Meet at Arco del Sol in Colmenar, A-356 km9 every Wednesday 12.30pm. Come along and join us for a couple of hours. Contact Marjorie on: 952 037 556 or email Claire: or look at our facebook page Colmenar Social Club to see our activities

SOLAR ENERGY wTécnicas Maro. Also Danish and Spanish speaking. 25 years of experience on the Coast. Solar energy systems for water, pool- and/or under-floor heating. Dehumidification and ventilation. Full service and maintenance. e-mail: tel. 95 252 95 38

SOLICITORS wDel Prado & Partners, specialists in many areas of Spanish Law. Call: 952 52 72 74 / 952 52 17 47

STORAGE/ PARKING wCaravans/boats storage + general storage. 24hr security, best rates. Caravan storage from under 1€ a day. Long term discounts also available. Almayate Costa N340. Tel: 680 180 468

SWIMMING POOLS wAquamarine Pools - C/Playa Marina, 2D, Torre del Mar. Maintenance, Technical Service, Installations, Repairs, Diagnostics & Consultations. Email: Tel: 952 54 57 55 / 600 811 355 wPlodgepools - Green ponds returned to crystal clear pools Maintenance plans adapted to your needs, installations, replacements, products and covers. Over 10 years working with very happy customers in La Axarquia. Call now for your first FREE pool consultation. Tel: 690 070 569. E-mail: wLA RUEDA, S.L Installations, Chemical Products, Maintenance, Repairs & Gardening. Call 952 53 07 64 / 616 460 844. Emergency 24 hour 647 759 798. Ctra. Nal. 340, Urb. La Charca, 5a Fase. (esquina C/Mercurio) Email:

To advertise call 664 210 468 or email


The Sentinella Paginas TAXIS

ions, curtains and patio furniture, covers for jetskis, motorbikes, cars, trailers etc. Tel: 608 052 385

w 24 Hour Taxi - English speaking. Call Javi on 653 917 004 wNeed a Taxi, call Luis Gonzalez - Airport Services Algarobbo/Torrox area Call 606 15 33 23 / 628 23 91 83 or e-mail:

wPet Vet Clinic La Herradura, Vaccinations, X-Ray, Dentistry, Operations, Pet Shop & More... C/Alhambra Nº3, La Herradura. Tel: 609 977 564



Want your T.V Channels back? We have two options via internet or via satellite dish. All areas covered. Call: Paul Anderson (Senior Engineer) 657 081 469 or 952 464 378

TRAVEL AGENCIES wSchlosser Reisen SA Travel Agency & Tour Operator Excursions, Hotels & Tours, Flights & transfers Tel: 952 53 08 75 Centro Internacional, Blq 89 Edif Madrid 29793 Torrox Costa. Email: Languages spoken: German, French, English, Spanish

T-SHIRT PRINTING wTees & Polos Embroided & printed, TShirts & Polo Shirts. Great prices. Free design Call: 664 210 468 Email:

UPHOLSTERY wFabric Warehouse Malaga For all your interior and exterior upholstery needs. Transform your sofa, cush


wSpanglish Webs, Web designs, Database Programmes, Hosting, Domains, Real Estate Sites English – Spanish Translation. All at realistic prices. Call Rachel: 951 70 46 27 or 691 660 187 Website: Email:

WINDOW TINTING wMobile service itv legal Solar reflective tint for glass curtains, balconies, yachts stop fading, heat ,glare, save money on cooling make living in the sun comfortable. 958 496 571-644 546 176

WINDOWS UPVC Ventanas Arconplan - VEKA profile windows, doors and glass curtains. A reputable, fully registered company with over 15 years experience. Visit our showroom opposite El Corte Ingles, C/Santa Fabiola no 24 Local 1, 29651 Mijas Costa, Malaga. Call: 952 667 559 / 634 04 30 92

Cayet Abogados is an International Law Firm that comprises of a multilingual group of lawyers: our partners speak Spanish, English, German, French, Swedish and Dutch. Cayet Abogados take time to understand the distinct demands that each client faces. This allows us to build a bespoke service to suit each relationship. Our practice areas are: Property & Conveyancing, Wills, Inheritance & Probate, Family & Matrimonial, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Residency & Taxation, Afffidavits Contact us now for a Free Consultation Whatever your needs, your first conversation with one of our legal experts is an opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to understand your situation.

Avda. Condado de Huelva, 9 - TORRE DEL MAR Tel: 951 13 72 69 Mob: 626 72 99 26

NEW OFFICE Opposite Mercadona Urb, Costa del Oro, Blq.3 Local 14, Torrox Costa Tel: 951 196 388 / 649 123 068

Arenas Build:200m Ref.: 4255


Avda. Andalucia 125-A, Torre del Mar Tel: 952 547 601

Plot 3,400m2

Beautiful house with views to the sea in Arenas. South facing and consists of a spacious living/dining room with fireplace, an open kitchen, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Has BBQ, double glazing, storage room, laundry room and en-suite bathroom. Outside there are several terraces where you can enjoy wonderful views to the sea and to the mountains. The finca has also a large garage

Price: 369,900€

Torrox Costa

Build: 54m2

Ref.: 10058

Beautiful studio in first line location (50m from the beach) with sea views, the beach and the pedestrian area from Torrox Costa. Located on the 2nd floor and has a central entrance hallway, a modern bathroom with shower cabin, kitchen with breakfast bar, spacious living room / bedroom and a good size enclosed front terrace. Additionally, the urbanisation has 2 communal swimming pools and several tennis courts.

Price: 77,500€



A top floor, two-bedroom apartment with A/C entered at ground level with convenient parking, communal pool and tennis court. Dining terrace with South westerly aspect and sea views

REDUCED 129,995€


CALETA DE VELEZ FP1022 A first floor, studio apartment in the Piramides blocks in Caleta de Velez with communal pool and tennis court, a short distance to the marina




A fully reformed townhouse with roof terrace close to all amenities in the town. Partial aircon, to be sold fully furnished

Reduced to only 39,000€

Calle Dr Fleming, 1 Nerja. 29780 Tel: 952 52 41 40 Mob: 637 278 306 / 606 087 362

The Sentinella Axarquia January 2017  

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The Sentinella Axarquia January 2017  

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