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People Who Come And Go People Who Come And Go – John and Elaine Most people think and deliberate for months, often years, before they even make the decision to come over to Spain to tentatively look for a house. They might make many trips, and change their minds, and deliberate and think some more…. Not John and Elaine! With an established business in the UK that practically runs itself and oozing with enthusiasm for life, they just made a decision – “wouldn’t it be fun to buy a little house in Spain?” “yes, let’s book a flight and buy one!” And, some months later, here they are! Their delightful and immaculate 2 bedroom house in the stunning countryside near Canillas de Aceituno was sold ready to go and fully furnished, and no sooner had they bought it, but they decided they would move out permanently. I asked them how they like living on a mountain. “It is total bliss,” says Elaine. The views are wonderful and the peace is quite enlightening. And yet we are still only 25 minutes from the beach! We love it!” Now, with broadband internet available in almost any location, a new opportunity is opening out to anyone who just needs a laptop and

an internet connection to do their job or run their business from a distance, and more and more people are taking advantage of this and making the move. been now Having buying the through process I asked John what advice he would give other people thinking of buying or moving here. “I would say stop dreaming about it and just come over and LIvE the dream! There are plenty of lovely places to rent if buying is not for you, too. Make sure you have a good person to lead you through the buying process if you do buy. Our agent made the whole process seem effortless.” We very much hope this bubbly couple will fit in very well in their new community! By Toni Waterman, Unspoilt Andalusia (see advertisement below)

The Sentinella Magazine January 2016  

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