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Please mention The Sentinella when responding to adverts wizard wheeze Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he would like to have an actual invisibility cloak to escape from Harry Potter fans eager for him to sign their breasts. The 26-year-old actor, famous for his portrayal of teen wizard Harry Potter, admitted when he travels to towns in Japan that he has to turn down the bizarre request because most of the girls are "frighteningly young". He explained to the Times magazine: "The craziest places are like Japan or Mexico. Often, the people who ask that (for him to sign their boobs) are frighteningly young and I just picture... no. Just no! Don't ask anyone that. No. Don't let anyone write on your chest." In the same interview, Daniel admitted to struggling with drink as he attempted to deal with fame. The child star has now been teetotal for two years after fears booze could end his acting career prematurely. He said: "People were saying, 'Well, this is going to be it for you, isn't it?' And the thought of all of those people being right was really scary. “I still smoke though; I still have vices!"


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Murs out? Olly Murs has revealed he may not return to the X Factor in 2016. The singer, who hosts the show with Caroline Flack, said “who knows” if he will return to the show for a second season. "I want to get this series finished first and then everyone will sit down and discuss it," he told Metro. The singer has struggled to settle into the role and has been responsible for a number of blunders since the competition began. viewers dubbed Olly and Caroline’s Live Shows debut an "absolute shambles". Olly appears to be taking it on the chin. “Live television isn’t as easy as people think," he added. "I’d worked on The Xtra Factor for two years, so had some experience with live Tv but the main show is more serious." Caroline herself said that Dermot O’Leary, whom the pair replaced, was better for the job. “I admit we might not be at Dermot’s level right now, no one is better in my opinion," she confessed.

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