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Oxford Skin Clinics Oxford Skin Clinics are a new company to the Costa. Already established in the UK and throughout Europe, we offer specialist treatments including, Lipo by Laser and Non Laser Tattoo removal, as well as a range of La Cure beauty products. Lipo by Laser Our treatment is designed to specifically target spot fat reduction (inch loss) without surgery, the pain or the recovery time. By targeting adipocyte cells (fat cells), the process offers an effective and safe solution to fat reduction, which can be carried out on several areas of the body. OSC will assist with a specialiced diet and exercise program for clients. Each treatment session is a relaxing and pain free experience, varying between 20 – 40 minutes in length, depending on the needs and objectives of the client. The clinician uses a combination of small probes and paddles to directly target the clients’ problem areas and a and safe solution to fat reduction, which can be carried out on several areas of the body.

The system uses safe laser energy, using a class 3B, cold, low level, red laser to penetrate the skin, (penetrating to a depth between 9mm and 13mm), and target the adipocyte cells. These cells are stimulated and shrink releasing free fatty acids, Glycerol and water (often referred to as Triglycerides), which results in noticeable skin surface inch loss. The Triglycerides are released into the body and a proportion pass into the body’s lymphatic system which takes them away into organs that subsequently clear it out of the body. (Many clients feel the need to visit the toilet after treatment as some of the released fluid will find its way into the urinary system). This process of flushing out the released Triglycerides will be distinctly increased if the client participates in 20-30 minutes of cardio vascular exercise within 12 hours of the treatment. The treatments, although specific to each client, usually consist of two weekly sessions, over a period of 4 weeks. The full course of 8 sessions is recommended for maximum results. Non Laser Tattoo Removal Our revolutionary and unique tattoo removal system is designed to completely remove the existing tattoo ink pigments, by drawing them up and forming a scab on the surface of the skin. The treatment has been extensively tested, with over 5 years R&D being carried out worldwide. A number of treatments are usually required to completely remove the tattoo, depending on depth, age and quality of original ink and workmanship. For instance, a faded home administered tattoo may be removed in as little as 1 treatment on each section of the skin. Along with permanent make-up, most tattooed areas of the body can be treated. The exceptions can be very sensitive areas that are high in moisture content To find out more about OSC and our specialist products, please contact us via the details below or see our advert. Alternatively they can be consulted at The Hair & Beauty Studio, Puente don Manuel Tel: 634 348 179 or 672 583 776 Skype: osc.malaga Email:

The Sentinella Axarquia August 2011  
The Sentinella Axarquia August 2011  

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