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Buy A Home Spain - Rent A Home Spain become Europe’s largest overseas property show with no other event attracting the same volume of motivated buyers hunting for overseas property either for holidays, investment, Many of you out there are frustrated by the eco-

retirement or emigration. Furthermore, their

nomic climate making it difficult for you to sell

other spin-off, A Place in the Sun magazine,

your property. The good news however, is that

has become the market leading overseas prop-

there are still plenty of people who want to buy

erty journal in the UK.

and who also have the money to do so. If you are trying to sell at the moment, the challenge

Over three days (30th Sep to 2nd Oct) the ex-

you have is locating where the buyers are and

hibition will attract a targeted and valuable au-

then communicating the benefits of your home

dience of visitors motivated to buy overseas

to them. So Buy A Home Spain has expanded

and with the finances to do so. It is a paid-for

its marketing activity to give your property max-

show; the majority of visitors buy a ticket to

imum exposure to people who want to buy.

gain entry, creating a pre-qualified audience

Firstly, they have recently launched their new

with a proven interest in buying overseas prop-

exciting website to great effect and have linked

erty with 49% buying from savings with no

in with a number of property portals to increase

need for finance. This is an audience with the

the exposure of their property portfolio. Collab-

desire and the means to buy overseas property

orations with other real estate companies have

and it is a unique audience with 87% of visitors

further enhanced this exposure.

not visiting any other overseas property show. Exhibiting at the show and advertising in the

But in sales there is nothing more effective than

magazine will give Buy A Home Spain the op-

going direct to your target market and “putting

portunity to meet these buyers face-to-face and

your product right under the buyers noses”. So

sell YOUR property.

Buy A Home Spain has decided to link in with A Place in the Sun – the UK’s largest property

Contact Buy A Home Spain NOW to find

brand. We are all aware of the impact that

out how YOU can have YOUR property

Amanda Lamb and her team have had in re-

featured at A Place in the Sun.

cent years with their much acclaimed Channel

Tel: 952 54 75 54 or 664 573 923

4 TV programme and many of you will be


aware that their spin-off property exhibition has

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