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Death To The Scart Article Submitted by Sat.CO Tel: 657484853 Since the early 1980s we have all struggled with the SCART lead when connecting various boxes to our TVs. You know the problem: the sound goes on the TV, so we start to check the leads - only to get the sound and lose the picture. The main problem was that the sound and picture were carried at opposite ends of the plug which had horribly inflexible cables. Sometimes the pins on the plug ends would bend and not make contact.

type, it is only analogue-capable. Using HDMI, there should be no sound or picture degradation. The modern TV, being HD, will have at least one HDMI input, and most will have more. Remember the modern TV is not just a TV but a multi media display and should have an onboard media browser so that you can connect your computer, camera, hard drives, ethernet for the internet, etc. Also, most TVs are capable of reading memory devices as MP3 (music) MP4 (video) SD cards from your camera etc.

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Well the new kid on the block is HDMI. This stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface (must have been a Yank to invent that!) So it’s goodbye to the old SCART, which was analogue, and welcome to the 19 point HDMI which is digital. This cable is now capable of carrying the HD picture from your satellite receiver to the TV along with 5.1 Dolby digital sound. The SCART cannot pass either HD picture or the 5.1 sound. Because of the cable

When selecting any new TV or device that you are going to connect to the TV, select them with HDMI connections so that you are future-proof. If you want to see how all this new technology works, why not attend one of our demonstration workshops held every Saturday?


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