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s n g i S r Sta Mystic Mag unscrews the lid of her knowledge jar and shares her wisdom with the rest of us… Capricorn – Avoid looking through windows of the domed variety or this could cause severe head injuries. Stick to square or rectangle shaped. Lucky sign – Blinds Aquarius – When compared to an animal some say you are rather like a mole, which as we all know find it difficult to see ahead. Your mole like attributes may be more pronounced at this time. Lucky sign – Digging Pisces – Investments you decide to make this month will be money well spent and you may find you receive an unbelievable return on your dosh. Lucky sign – Property Aries – Romantically not much has been going down for you Arians of late, but the tide looks set to change and you could soon be surrounded by tender love and candles. Lucky sign – Kisses Taurus – Sometimes it would do you good to get down off your high horse. Other times it would do you better to get back up there. Lucky sign – A camel Gemini – Your health and fitness are at all an time high so make sure the trend continues and keep on doing what you’re currently doing – it obviously works!

Lucky sign – Flying monkeys Cancer – Debt is something we all try to avoid but you seem to receive more than your fair share. Try spending less. Lucky sign – Dancing salsa style Leo – Rather than the cat who got the cream, right now you’re acting more like the dog that got the dregs. What would you really prefer? Lucky sign – Beans (not Heinz) Virgo – Not many parts of life are golden, but friendship is, so make sure you keep in contact with yours or else in a few years time you could be Billy No Mates. Lucky sign – Marbles Libra – Fancy dress has never interested you but hop along to that house party you have been invited to and you could meet your prince or princess. Lucky sign – A fistful of dollars Scorpio – Out of the current projects you have on the go, no less than all of them are geared for success at some point in the future. Some are closer to succeeding than you know! Lucky sign – Celebrations Sagittarius – The grim reaper is back and it’s not attractive. Where has Mr/Mrs Party happy go lucky dude/dudess gone? Get him/her back! Lucky sign – Loud music If it’s your Birthday this month avoid coming into contact with too many trees. Stick to people if I were you ;-)

The Sentinella Axarquia August 2011  

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