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Readers Writes I greatly enjoy reading your magazine but noticed something in the June issue that happened to be to do with something I was researching for myself, re: water bottles. As I drink so much, up to 5 litres a day, I wanted to find out for definite if I could re-use my bottles and filtered water, rather than having to buy and then get home a huge amount. Anyway, a different angle on your article entitled 'Warning' and quite interesting. I found this on the Cancer Research UK site. what do the claims about plastics involve? A group of hoax emails have been doing the rounds for a few years warning about the socalled dangers of plastic bottles, containers and films. The emails generally warn people about one or more of the following: freezing water in plastic bottles reusing plastic water bottles leaving plastic bottles in cars microwaving food in plastic containers or covered with plastic films

However, there is no convincing scientific evidence to back up these claims or to suggest that any of these products could cause cancer. where do the claims come from? A health scare began in 2002 when a scientist voiced concerns about the safety of freezing water in plastic bottles on a Japanese television programme. This same programme also warned against microwaving food in plastic containers. The scientist’s opinions subsequently appeared widely on the Internet. Some of these emails credit the warnings about plastics to Johns Hopkins University in America, but the university denies any involvement. On their website, they say: “The Internet is flooded with messages warning against freezing water in plastic bottles or cooking with plastics in the microwave oven. These messages, frequently titled “Johns Hopkins Cancer News” or “Johns Hopkins Cancer Update,” are falsely attributed to Johns Hopkins and we do not endorse their content.” Sally

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