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Mind, Body & Spirit I was recently talking to a colleague, a homeopath with a large and successful practice. The conversation turned to the controversial issue of vaccination, and its possible links to the development of conditions such as autism. The last decade or so has seen a remarkable increase in the occurrence of a range of childhood behavioural conditions such as autism, Asberger’s syndrome and attention disorders such as ADS (Attention Deficit Syndrome). Many people, especially mothers of young children, began to suspect a link between these and the prevalence of early vaccination, especially the three-in-one MMR jab. Some years ago Dr Andrew Wakefield carried out extensive research into a possible link. His results, showing a clear correlation between the MMR vaccination and autism, were published in “The Lancet,” the premier medical research journal. The ensuing public debate led to a huge decrease in the number of children receiving the inoculation as concerned mothers defied the considerable pressure being brought to bear on them, and refused to have their children vaccinated. The health authorities launched a witch-hunt against Dr Wakefield, along with a PR campaign stressing the grave dangers of childhood diseases (whatever happened to measles parties?! Whilst they couldn’t invalidate his results, the British Medical Council impugned his research methods -- he gave his young subjects lollipops – and he was struck off the medical register. The Lancet published a retraction of his work, but he continues his research in the USA.

My homeopath friend opened a professional journal and showed me two articles documenting recent research carried out in Ireland and the US. Both tests confirmed Wakefield’s findings of a positive link between autism and MMR vaccination. He then produced a book: “Autism” by Tinus Smits MD, and began to read out the first page. It was a transcript of the medical notes of a young boy who, before he reached two years of age, had developed acute autism. Within weeks of his birth, the baby had received his first inoculation, followed in rapid succession by the entire battery of vaccinations now prescribed by the Health authorities. The infant’s sensitive immune system began to do whatever it could to cleanse itself of the alien proteins overwhelming it, firstly by discharging the toxins through the ears. This was diagnosed as an infection and treated with antibiotics (again, injected). Next, the hapless child’s body attempted to eliminate the antigens through the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes. This was again treated with more, stronger antibiotics. In a last ditch attempt at self-protection, the baby refused to take food, thereby supporting the body in cleansing through fasting. He was force-fed intravenously. By the time he was 18 months old, this unfortunate boy had received no less than 20 courses of foreign biomaterial injected into his bloodstream, and had eventually shut down in the condition known as autism. To book a session call: 676 346 402, or see his advert below:

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