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November 1, 2016

QuadWmi Newsletter mi = missional internship

The 2017 QuadW Dallas Team, along w/ the Tichenor family and friends See other team pics on page 3!

Grateful By the grace of God, the QuadW Missional Internship continues to grow across the country. This summer, 86 interns served in nine sites, partnering with 63 different churches and organizations to serve over 2700 people. Wow! In every way, it was an amazing year.

While I’m pleased with these numbers, what excites me most is the depth of transformation that happens in the lives of interns and those with whom they worked and served. Through this challenging experience, interns begin to see themselves and By Don Woolley - Don others in a new way. They come to understand their faith and the Church in is the founder and National Director of terms of God’s mission in the world. And along the way, friendships are the QuadW Missional formed that will last a lifetime.


None of this would have happened without the faithful perseverance of interns, strong leadership at each Site, and the generosity of those who gave of their resources and time. We are especially grateful for the QuadW Foundation of Dallas. They took a chance on us nine years ago, and continue to encourage us with their ongoing support.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard, and gave so much to make 2016 our best year yet!

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Issue 1

November 1, 2016

Intern Snapshot By Victoria Wilke - 2016 QuadW Kansas City Intern. Victoria is a sophomore at Samford University in Birmingham, AL I participated in the QuadW internship during the summer of 2016 in Kansas City, Kansas. Going into the internship, I tried very hard not to have expectations. Due to that, it is incredible to see all the ways the internship affected me that I never would have imagined, even if I had come up with expectations. I learned so much about myself, community, and God’s mission in the world, as well as His call on my own life. QuadW helped shape my faith, as well as my confidence in being able to listen to God. I came home more secure in my purpose and better prepared to accept opportunities to serve others.

As challenging and exhausting as it was sometimes, I came to realize that God used this summer to show me how uncomfortable, but overwhelmingly rewarding, living for Him is. QuadW gave me an opportunity that many people never get, and I am truly grateful for the environment it provided me with to live authentically this summer.

QuadW Family The following is an excerpt of an article entitled, Unity Means Embracing our Differences, by Rocky Shack that was published by Seedbed. Rocky is a former QuadW intern who currently serves as a national recruiter for Asbury Seminary. He also serves as youth pastor at Wilmore Anglican Church. Read the full article at In Christian communities, I have come across people who say, “I do not see color.” I appreciate how they treat me, but the colorblindness mentality can send a message that we can have unity as long as you do not notice how I am different from you. Rather than forcing yourself to not see color, why not recognize how I am different from you and still love me? Though there is plenty of evidence concerning unity in Christ, I do not think that means that we should refuse to recognize how we are different.

We can recognize that we have different spiritual gifts, so why not recognize other ways that we are different from one another?

When we acknowledge that we are different from one another, we tend to respect the existences of others and want to know how our realities can be different. Transformation can and will happen in meaningful dialogue among individuals and communities on equal terms and with equal effort. In order for this to work, it is going to cost something. More than the occasional free event, it is going to cost your time, energy and resources.

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Issue 1

November 1, 2016

Kansas City, KS

Columbus, OH


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Opelika, AL

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Issue 1

November 1, 2016

The QuadW (WWWW) Foundation The QuadW Foundation (What Would Willie Want) was founded in memory of Willie Tichenor who died in 2006, at 19 years old, of osteosarcoma. Out of pain and loss, Willie’s family and friends established the QuadW Foundation, redirecting the lens of hope that had focused on curing Willie to finding better treatments and cures for sarcoma, as well as supporting his passions of transformative mission and higher education.

The QuadW Missional Internship is one expression of the Foundation’s work - the piece focusing on transformative mission. The internship exists because of their generosity. There are no words to adequately express our appreciation, but we seek to follow Willie's example - pushing through the obstacles, and using what time we have to make a difference in the lives of others. You can learn more about the work of Willie’s family and friends and all the good they’re doing by visiting their website -

A Summer of Transformation In the summer of 2017 the QuadW Missional Internship will be in at least 10 locations across the US, offering more than 100 college-age young adults the chance to live in intentional Christian community and to relationally serve in the places where service is needed most.

Tony Jeck is the Associate Director of the QuadW Missional Internship

We think discipleship of Jesus comes alive best in an action/reflection model - where being practitioners of the life and teachings of Jesus is our primary context of learning. And this commitment to making practice/action the primary teacher is then supported by rhythms of reflection - personal reflection through prayer, Scripture reading, journaling; communal reflection in conversation around this shared experience with the interns, supplemented by times of teaching and further conversation with mentors who are also practitioners of the way of Jesus in the community.

Time and again I watch the way God’s Spirit moves through all this to form and shape young adults to discern next steps in what God is calling them to do and who God is calling them to be. If you know a college-age young adult who might be interested in this great opportunity invite them to apply… 2017 Summer Apps are NOW available on our website at

Partners in God’s Mission Bi-Monthly Newsletter

If you would be interested in giving to support the QuadW Missional Internship we now have a way to do that on our website, - any amount, great or small makes a difference. And you can make a one time gift or set up a recurring one.

As we continue to develop and expand we realize the importance of continuing to find more and new partners in this work. We invite you to join us! And we thank you!


QuadW mi, Newsletter - November 2016  
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