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5th June 2014 The Hon S C Rodan SHK Legislative Buildings Finch Road Douglas IM1 3PW Dear Mr Speaker Pinewood Film Advisors questions asked in the House of Keys Tuesday 11th February 2014. I enclose copy of the Hansard where we see a blatant attempt to demean and mislead an elected Member and the Hon House by the Treasury Minister, who claimed that he was unwilling to answer the questions put to him on the grounds of “commercial confidentiality� when it has been proved to all that the information is freely available to any member of the public through the internet."Pinewood" Order Paper. I refer to a posting which was made on the Manx Forums website


The information provided on the Forum has been independently verified as being correct. It is absolutely appalling that the readership of the Manx Forums are better informed than Members of the House of Keys, due to the blatant misrepresentation of replies by the Treasury Minister that this information is being refused on the grounds that is commercially confidential when the truth is that this information is being denied to us and the Hon House is being deliberately mislead by our Treasury Minister.

If we are to have any respect from the general public in the institution of the House of Keys as part of a parliamentary democracy, then I hope that you as Speaker of the House will ask the Treasury Minister to make a statement on why he made such misleading replies to the Questioner and the House when the information is readily available on the Manx Forums but not to the Parliament of the Manx Nation? Yours sincerely

Peter Karran MHK Member for Onchan Liberal Vannin Party

2014 06 05 speaker pinewood questions hok (3)  
2014 06 05 speaker pinewood questions hok (3)