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Ithaca College ​hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is May the 25th 2017 this is home of long term crypto thinking if you are impulsive then you will not like this channel I am proud to have the best guest in the space on this show someone in the chat it wasn't before I bore is over there he's a great guy but someone was complaining that I shouldn't say you won't like this channel if you're impulsive but impulsive people need to be told not to be impulsive they need to be called out here okay you're the people who buy these third-rate alts and then lose all your money when you should just be simply buying and holding bitcoin if you would have bought and hold held Bitcoin I think you'd be pretty darn happy right now with the price what is it twenty five hundred dollars now I don't even know the price we going up and down all day and I well I was up till 8 a.m. I think or 9 a.m. today anyway let's jump right into it tomorrow is this week in Bitcoin I'm not sure what time we're doing this week in Bitcoin tomorrow and some of the guests have come and gone and I'm juggling a lot of things so hey stay tuned it'll probably be East Coast time around 1 p.m. maybe 11 a.m. I don't know but people will check it back here maybe I'll upload the time when I know I'd like to thank the person who sent me the Bitcoin a generous amount of Bitcoin that was awesome I'm a new client I break before I went on the air I open my email new client you if you're interested in a crypto consultation and this guy is interested in crypto consultation email me at a Dimitri's or help calm we'll set it up I also obviously help people set up their treasures and I also just help consult people on their life issues too if they are addicted to Jun porn if they're sad if they just want to have a positive mindset and be energetic like the Meister well I can help you with that so email me an atom entry or help calm hey be an entrepreneur people bitcoin entrepreneur right here alright so uh remember control your BTS control your BTC when you have your public key sit there um links below to get a trailer ledger dot reso or a ledger nanoa crypto HW wallet other storage devices you get your shirts the treasure will be in stock by mid to end of next week which i think is this week please let your audience know hey audience know only $99 uh us free t-shirt and ship in USA ok enough about that so today's well he had a great video out today you everyone has to watch it I link to it below we will get into that into it in a second there's a tweet out our link to below and remember always check out the notes section below very important links are below there that you can follow along and know what I'm talking about but this one says do I smell Bitcoin shortage worldwide and that made me think made me think long and hard here there is there might be a bit coin shortage some of these I've heard of different countries exchanges running out of Bitcoin found that like button 93 live viewers if you like a Bitcoin shortage because if you're a holder a big coin bit coin shortage is a good thing um yeah there could we could be going through a worldwide Bitcoin shortage right now where I mean everyone is asking about it I had um and I forgot to write this down glad I remembered a woman that I've uh I knew from Baltimore who I haven't spoken to for a while was like yeah I own this gbtc thing now and I'm so happy it's doing well I don't even you know I heard you talk about Bitcoin on your Facebook didn't she's my Facebook friends like personally know her that's where my Facebook friends are people I personally know but and so I get there there are people everyone's trying to get into I mean everyone who's kind of heard about it a little bit is when I shouldn't say everyone was if everyone was if your mom knew about it whoa so good I'm just trying to say it is seeping into the mainstream we've got I think there shortage you got to keep that in mind when you're when we're thinking about what what is boosting the price up would be so high I mean would it incredible this morning when I woke up or this afternoon when I woke up cuz I only slept like 4 hours from 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. though whatever it was ah the price still goes up by $100 an hour I mean what an amazing and then of course we had this $400 drop or whatever it was and then it comes back up again you gotta have a strong hand I mean it this stuff doesn't bother me at all but it was going up I was just like this is so real as anything so what's causing it I mean a world like Bitcoin short is yeah definitely that would uh that would help cause this also you may remember Vinnie lingham back in the day predicted that eventually in countries would start competing against each other to buy Bitcoin is Japan buying Bitcoin the country of Japan I don't mean the Japanese people they're clearly buying it but is a country like Japan or China starting to you know like how they own gold they're storing up Bitcoin maybe that's what's going on if that's really what's going on and I mean

and if there's a shortage I mean either I don't know what's going to happen you watch that tone BAE's video I've never seen him that you fork before um I mean he's never been that bullish before and it's because of reasons like this and he also says he was at the whatever this of token what's this token event called I have it in a title I can see the title whatever it's called a token thing in New York City I mean people are going crazy over tokens in and altcoins and they're hardly even talking about Bitcoin there so I mean he gave good logic why there's probably not a Bitcoin bubble with that because everyone's just talking about tokens and all coins and this that and the other and when we talk about a Bitcoin shortage we were reminded of the importance of this 21 million again that a supply cap really means something that inflationary currency which is not is a deflationary currency really means something that it can be can cause a demand like this again cause a shortage then you have something like Ripple there's not going to be a shortage of ripple out there I mean the same thing could possibly be said about a theory and there's no capital a theory that there you don't hear all there's a the reason the theory of price is going up with business or teach and because China is buying it now it's that's not read the reason why its people want to build icos and they want their second Bitcoin and it's technologically better than Bitcoin yeah there's some logical reasons and everything like that but I'm trying to stay on the topic here of uh of the 21 of us a plot of what am I saying here I tried this day on the topic of a Bitcoin shortage that we're not going to experience shortages in these other coins alright enough of that here's a tweet about a theory in classic aetherium Clutton hit the funny one some people might not think is very funny aetherium classic reaching 1 billion dollar market cap shows that people value the original wink wink all right so we talked about countries uh we talked about countries buying a Bitcoin um oh yeah also remember you can use your Fiat to go get these things that crypto h-w wallet I know people don't want to spend their precious Bitcoin on that stuff right about now you cannot blame them pound that like button Oh July the 2nd to the 9th I'm going to be in Hong Kong if you're in Hong Kong maybe we'll hang out and then starting on July 10th I'll be in Perth Australia for a while and after that I might go to Brisbane so Brisbane excuse me so there's a little update for people wondering I'll remind everybody but those those two cities are known already debates are known so yeah we talked about uh another funny thing atone said was oh my god is you know that he actually looks at the chat when he's doing the show and I don't I don't see it all what you guys are doing over there but he says if one more person asked him about Cliff high he's going to lose it and to tell you the truth listen to how he said it that's exactly what how I feel if one more pan I have all of it I have kind of got a little bit not lost it but I've said you know how ridiculous I think with high and web I are but I mean it becomes extremely annoying when you get asked about it over and over again and you say that you have no belief in it whatsoever and you just it's it's a it's a tooth fairy for grown-ups it's a tooth fairy for June corners cliff high is the Tooth Fairy for June corners so there's my thoughts about it I'm sure people were asking about it 50 more times and just listen that would tone said that that it was funny that with his just um the tone of tones voice you know summed it all up for me so yeah we hit 2,700 what was I I've got the I use Gemini comm for their all-time high our for the price I always use Gemini's price so we'll get to that in a second what they listed the all-time high as I don't have an infirmary right now I've got a scroll down here um and it's so funny on the 20th of this month which is what five days ago we were hitting $2,000 for the first time with Bitcoin and it just shows you how fast things change around here just isn't amazing is it it's in fact it's just I mean we were impressed with mm then we got up to 2,700 earlier today and I we had some alt coins dropping today and is there going to be a panic out of all coins and what really fuel they climb again I mean look if a real panic happens is it going to bring down Bitcoin and tone brothers up on the show or is it going to pump up Bitcoin he thought it would help fuel Bitcoin I'm gonna have to agree if people really get out of this ripple which they should because it's a complete if they get out of ripple at nem which are silly calling silly so-called coins that money will flow back into Bitcoin and we actually have a have a straw have a strong hand of people here's a story about why you should have a strong hand and why you should pound that like button with your strong hand right about now it's it I link to it below it's about a guy who bought Ripple and he bought it at the high and then he pan it was a total panic move them dudes part and then he he got out of it he had to get out of he lost a lot of Bitcoin before half of his big coin he lost because he was playing around with this silly ripple and I said the simple lessons learned from this statements are from this are statements I often repeat in my videos don't be impulsive think long term buy and hold Bitcoin strong hand so it's it's not just the catchphrase people if this guy would been living the lifestyle like that so here we go a few days ago I made some mistakes I got she had one tweet there were two different stories actually toward a mr. he his link shows one story that's similar to what I'm about to read you which was sent my way a few days ago I made some mistakes I made I made the same stay I got greedy and lost a few dollars by a hole thanks for your videos at Tech ball and then it says yeah I hope we didn't make this mistake I hope you don't watch my videos and you made this mistake and he says what do you say here it's hard to read these things yes stupid learn the hard way when I saw Bitcoin go up I bought it back ok that's good that's good pound that like button so okay

there's something and we're not going to talk about that someone brought up at hey have you bought your Ferrari yet so guys know this is not the time to be thinking about Ferraris never I'm never going to buy a Ferrari now is the time to prove how strong your hand is and the stay is minimalist as possible and just hold on to your Bitcoin this is the beginning of a ride okay you don't you don't say oh and now it's time to celebrate do this and that and the other when we stole my money on stupid things like big-screen TVs and Ferraris is if those are silly for up a person like you now you're not above a billionaire you're not even a millionaire probably um now so just have a strong hand ride this out think about the year 2020 I put simple goals out out there for people and I know it's not fancy schmancy you know flip this do this the other but it pays off in the long run that's why you can't be impulsive that's why I bring that up in the the intro I really can't stand impulsive people that it's I mean maybe that's a wrong way of saying it but I want I want impulse people to learn and I hope the Kammler but P is speaking about you know buy and hold and not buying a Ferrari now people are seriously talking about Bitcoin having $5,000 I mean it's being thrown out there by so many more people now I mean you know people always used to say oh it'll be ten thousand and I tried to temper expectations I know I don't want people to think like to go to crazy you know like I'll buy one it'll be ten thousand tomorrow no but I mean now we've got people out there I mean think tone even says something about 5,000 don't want to put words into his mouth you know I bring up telling a lot because hey he's quite conservative and uh yeah you can't be a downer sometimes for some people he's a great guy I might be on a show on Saturday or you might be on my show on Saturday apparently I don't know if something's going on I know though but um no uh have a strong hand we're in it we're in a new era here in terms of how you can't panic because we're going to have days where it drops $300 like it did and then jump back up 200 or whatever I mean it's amazing to say oh we dropped $300 we went from the high 2000s to the mid 2000s I mean again just five days ago we've never been in 2000 before so it's just it's just amazing and again if you don't think in when the Winklevoss ETF is rejected if you don't think it's going to drop more than $200 do you still think it's priced in already the Winklevoss because people can see ahead of it's priced in it won't drop it all no no now after what we saw today do you really think it's not going to drop at least $200 when Winklevoss gets rejected that ETF gets projected now again after yesterday if it gets approved it's gonna go through that IV is gonna go to $3,000 but it is not gonna get approved don't get your hopes up people again I went to a toner-based tweet from this token summit thing okay and he says it was filled to capacity they were turning people away this is how in New York City today how people were that crazy about all coins and tokens and I SEOs and all of this stuff that he says is bigger than the South Sea Bubble dude he's gonna have to make another video cuz I mean I'm making a video for him here and not that I was obviously not the event in New York today I just get it over Twitter I'm hearing Cypress beautiful Cypress anyway the fluffy pony Monaro saga there's a link below to his explanation of it I mean II a lot of people like oh he took a stand against scammers maybe so but there he got there's a lot of flack coming back his way this was not a good move it is not a good look from an arrow I mean you go to the reddit now it's it's just ugly dude all right yeah we hit 2779 2779 is the all-time high gemini now so will it go above that I don't know oh yeah trees or sent out this some and this is for advanced people here if you're advanced firmware updated it deals with the litecoin I mean you can actually put your like point on the tress or if you know what you're doing as far as I know I don't have my trailer with me so I don't know if there's the pulldown yet for the light coin I don't think there is so it's not that easy all this stuff but if you're yeah if you're a technical dude you can do this segment for litecoin is implemented on the Tresor Tresor people like to talk about segments a lot because they're smart and they support segue like everyone should we should all support the segregated witness for Bitcoin and as we did for litecoin so coinbase also went down again today which is a great sign because of the demand and just how many people are interested in how many people are interested in big andy hoffman has a new podcast out there where he's talking about cryptocurrency and such a link to a below pound that like button people remember they're only going to be 21 million Bitcoin ever created so hey if you own 21 of them you have a millionth you'll be the million at least in the top million and it's less than that in terms of rich Bitcoin people and as you can see I would Bitcoin around 2,400 2,500 it pays the head of 21 Bitcoin doesn't it you're uh you get yourself a house in West Baltimore with that right anyway I've had a meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video check out that section below i posted new video here every day i posted to yesterday only one today tomorrow we'll have this week in bitcoin sometime a great guest panel and d craig Daniel will definitely be on the show I hope I'm not jinxing it alright bye bye everyone St. Bonaventure University.