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Adelphi University ​Nico some say mochila Mira Haga hombu Rizzo a genuine chickens are Anita [Music] so thanks for your time Seth stop I look for you today I would be on Asian boss day is today and I'm very on it thank you very much you're very well known in Korea all you hahaha fans here can be quite fanatical yeah like how do you feel when you get locked I appreciate that and I feel like to an expense there's always this amount of responsibility here that you have to uphold sure why do they like you so much what do you think is your appeal other guy in it a creamy and came to Ghana was the schooling gun baby that local language and spoke to me I'll be rolling away but we have a lot of foreigners who do that here in Korea right why you that's a good question when I first came to Korea the first thing I heard was you look like Will Smith like every time we're going to see Koreans see me the first thing that comes into their mind oh this generation of Hollywood active oh yeah there was an incident where I was at a shop and this Chinese lady she came up to me she's like hey will can I get a photo Chinese plate yeah it really in Korea she came in that cable Will Smith can I get a photo I was shocked I was dumbfounded like wow but I feel like because of unlikely helpful Will Smith and thinking that looks like him I feel like that like automatically translate as well and of course I'm doing entertainment you know the like the fact that I music go in funny that's positive energy that I have like a quarterinch really like a lot because if you look at the society those a lot of pressure a lot of stress so to be able to turn on your TV set and piece of news like very high energy which is very positive you guys can speed up that energy and that's like that is something that they really really like it up you are from original economy how to help you just go from Ghana to being Korea arriving Korean living in Korea and just become the super celebrities that you are you know it's funny because these are things that you never imagined never imagined myself to be in Korea when I was done with high school I was I was at a point where the only focus was to go to university okay oh my god Bobby Gelman University I did a good job as a good girl I'll get married to her I'll raise my own family just as normal Daniel life and then when I heard about this Korean government collagen cleaning I first I was like nah I don't believe in that you know like a million before then apply for it the chances that I would be successful favorites win on that advice well you know opportunities they like once-in-a-lifetime so when it call me up to take advantage of them and you never know where this is going to end so I need to give it a try oh hi Britt and it should be here for them to call me back and I got a call from them but they said hey I used someone this yes so where you from Korean embassy you apply for selected four years I said yeah again you got the scholarship I thought that was when I really started him about my life I'm like you know this isn't real I'm about to meet my family we'll start a whole you like a I myself in Asia in a country where barely knowing you in even a single letter of the language but we understood that it was an opportunity that you know can mark a lifetime when we have to take it so I took it and it landed me in Korea what do you think people's perception of you were back then and did you have any particular struggles or like an hardships that you had to go through I say I think the most interesting was when I took the subway and I realized that some of the teachers were empty but we would sit down nobody would sit next to it oh that's my friend I'm like a youtuber title standing well you know we're applicants and they're not really going to sit next to us and I was like wow I think that wasn't those my first real experience with almost like a subtle form of racism yeah yeah like is very subtle discrimination like those one time or something I said in the subway Nikhil said next to me and we're talking 'she I can rise from that said Africa damages that's how you look too good to be an African the hell does that mean I don't know what the hell does that mean I don't like what I begin supposed to look like right but we took them some of them expect you to be smelly or small you know some type of way look at said Anne Hathaway talk a seven tap away and I remember there was a time that I wanted to get a cab in a cab de Roland you know he went to pick me up I was like what's up with that like I'm paying you why would you pick me up there very shocking we just say that type of practices it is a still going on order it so goes on apply for that with a taxi gentlemen they played an important role but they don't realize it because sometimes when we will come here and they don't really know the subway system of the but they tend to take taxis and the assess sort of communication interaction Institute a key driver so we have a very bad experience that experience lingers on so they play a very important role like well some of the moment of like wow what am I really

doing here like is this how people are going to treat me like I miss my family I miss being I know everybody's treated equally like what's up with this you know so how do you work through something like that like not only how do you kind of you know just keep moving forward look it's not always going to be roses they're going to be ton of people were just community against you and all of that but if you want to get over it it's important that you quickly accumulate itself with the culture and lender language whilst that language barrier is broken you know things are going to be much that was what I focused on my own do ya any other hardships maybe financially I was in a relationship with Sam puss and then chef and leave Korea so we came along this I get my bill on time and I looked at it like almost $4,000 and I'm like I'm here I'm a student I bet receive enough to get me around my first trip to gonna ask to borrow money from somebody okay so I already already own somebody and here is $4,000 in my face like what do I do so I made it a point to pay out and it was not easy at all because I have to use my monthly stipend to pay for that so there are times I couldn't even pay for my rent it times doesn't have even just to put $1.00 to get a little physical to get on the subway to make it to school and you may get to screw you have to worry about what you're going to eat because you have no money pushing it for matically in print you know and okay said I don't have a lot of money and said okay I got you will go and buy some food for me and then I jokingly say oh wow I made it this quarter normally make it back is it awesome or Sam I got you give me a little money as a a you can have money tomorrow you can have like this money and just spread out so sometimes I have to spread Man 1 over the whole week that will cover my transportation and food a knurled so we spend my one with just one meal or one cup of coffee and as I suspend that in a week and so those are dollars a month we're really difficult like I basically had like I've barely had to Center up together and I made a promise to myself that I'm never going to come back to this condition of ever against whatever it is going to push harder and work hard and make sure that I have enough for myself and my family so these please talk time this is a to go to work and we didn't plan to be in the federal turbine industry I think the computer science undergraduate level and Obama the very important lessons I learned do not let anybody to take your life because prior to Korea I had an uncle who convinced me that look Korea is an IT stronghold learn computers then IP so I'll be fine when I go to college I was like man I'm really distant behind computer building and do this on my thing I rather want to go out into the stag each other solve problems and do all of that but unfortunately the system in Korea such that you can't change a major you know so as opposed to like four years of struggling to keep up with something I've been really enjoy I was in I wasn't really good at it and I was struggling with it you know there was a point I really wanted to just quit the whole thing one time I put my dad I'm like I'm tired I don't want to do this anymore this my dad encouraged me to push himself I realized that I needed to listen to something how I was in need that I really really wanted it to germinate and I realized as entertainment so when I was in school I joined a rock group like iron being hip-hop food I realized that entertaining people with something that really gave me so much pleasure so I got an opportunity to do this show called our island foreign island teachers that changed my life because it was a it was perfect kind where they bring people from different places foreigners and the culture that remote islands in Korea and spent about a week on Island and teach English to the kids and bond with people and I realized that at that moment that language is really really important in breaking barriers and this is by being here when in the culture learning the language I really go to bond with these people in a level that I was never enacted so are that instance I knew or something else because I enjoyed it and I realized that I was able to make an impact so I said to myself if I really worked hard at this and I didn't say no who would be willing to listen to what I say I as a representative of people of color in Korea I can stretch the boundaries just feeling that sense of responsibility and that earns to really work and enjoy what I do I decided I'll do it so that that's show what the first one but hello counselor I would say really really you know what as an alumni in the sense that it was an episode of racism where a result children Africa Connor saw engine and Chanyeol pangender muchacho a zone in the Cherry Sega Musa Gilbert in yo-yo salut I'm Giovanni katorga with Angie gasps hello yourself we're yogi one your Google you know search on Oh we're not on Yahoo ha ha ha Oh German Hangu hungry to an engineer a Sega Nintendo Oh that should dismiss with different show the different show and then eventually I got all it says you've been asked to put the Gymkhana I'm not something that was this at the time when it came out was one of the popular shows yes in Korea yeah within that year it was voted the third most popular Korean tuition everybody knew about it that was pretty much what showed us into the limelight so everywhere you go you're associated with that how long has it been since you've actually come outside in public like this well it might sound crazy but I always have to come over to Mack [Music] so you got your girl say ma boo you mean forget we need you in there like all these noises so you get a butchery I do remember all they say what you go reduce any to is not good to get a one-to-one direct with the fans you know understand that the reason why I'm on TV is because the fans want me dead if they don't want me I'm not going to get any TV gigs and go on that so I really really appreciate that a lot and also let them on this kind of look yes I'm the guy who's here and see what I'm the same guy you can see

at the shop I'm the same guy you go to the Mart you see me I'll say how do you we can talk so for me it's more building that relationship with ya because it's also like Oasis now is somebody stand here no I don't like that any like fun or memorable experience that you had filming for Korea TV show real man hmm what is it like a military training yes I litter train types of TV show tired to show and it's pretty much it's very real little people college community say hey is changes and I real and you real men run like it's a real etiquette so let's show a little bit we're getting tired so much you who the show for a week and when it comes somebody linking when it comes to the broken hand at one time I had to jump from my opinion go 20 feet into the water and the are getting to put the land in the water with your body straight so this how you got to fall in the water right but when I jumped you know maybe we're in the air my body is slanted a bit old so I literally just fell really hard on my balls that'll add it on your boat yeah I have never felt that kind of pain and my loins as much as I did that day I could always get for a second but I can hear the officer telling me swim swim home and I'm gonna being so angry and a bit like this I'm literally dying he asked me to swim it was one of the negative experiences that I had I think you deserve every kind of thing oh man but if they marry who has is like ever I take my hat off to let it sting I think we really do what if you were suddenly attacked at all he would think those need to go do my everybody comes none no it wasn't that you were almost instrumental in a certain way all kind of transforming or reversing some of the negative stereotypes people have about black people I knew the Koreans where which other black people is always scared is a beautiful dangerous opponent would clear examples a lot of people gangsters or we got a gun on it you know all those things but I decided a goal of that which is no red light character for the funny you give up roots positive and it really left it a lot so there's sometimes concern you that all this took just one day go away like as a foreigner your dick imagery in Korea is shown it unless of course you're able to rebrand yourself in you know very amazing ways it's my goal to be one of the top actors in Korea but of course you know your Hindi writers like that you always have to clear certain role your role at the foreigner and trying to bring on a better communicator when they write roles they just consider you the party they're not looking at you as an actor we can do any kind of role that they give you I also believe that we had an age all the time we also have to be able to create an own for your own lane like there's so little portunities for me to be able to showcase my talent is to Korean you're running a juice for you it was a very much shopping is it interesting that you know you're actually afford yeah and you're running see the decision is in Korea why choose for it because I feel like Koreans are trying to be more healthy and we want to play a part of that and I come here often not come yet interrupt with the control because I'm not just here to take their money you know I decided I'm providing them with acceptance so when I'm here I cut into that with the mechanic the one photos I take with them let's handle it autographed I tried to live them understand that I'm here and let's just don't wanna but I want to point a few people about creating the special one that we have so I can keep you healthy you I can entertain you as well please and I tried some trouble [Music] have you spent a long time in Korea now what you see I'd like a there is social issues to fight here clear a very important most common is the fact that they go to our law school because what's the point you know going to school paying all that money coming out and not being able to get a job to give it a sustained yourself a lot of young people basically complain that there aren't enough opportunities yet here you are a black man from Ghana yes came to Korea was nothing yet with the zero connections no money and yet still you made something out yourself so what can you tell those as a Korea has no opportunity I believe that it's an opportunity you have to create your image I created my whole opportunities by making myself better and develop myself as a person I learned Korean language I read culture I believe in Korea does this trend where people have different talents and different things are going to do but because of the system they have to do what everybody is doing if you conform to what is happening you only become a victim of that environment and you don't want to be that most important thing is people should not be afraid to fail Korea has this saying where people always going to be preference everything has been perfect but in a normal what everything is not perfect and that is the relative people need to understand and it's okay to fail of what you doing it's obvious or not succeed all the time it's time for you look successful how we're able to pick yourself up it too you know what I'm gonna fight as fighting spirit really beautiful well all I can say is that after having had this chat I can see why people love you out very partially very inspired I'm like an up again boy okay you're an African Bilal thank you very much well thank you very much thanks a lot appreciate what you're doing [Music] Long Island Business Institute - Flushing.