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1st Edition, 16th April 2012


Welcome to our growing Family! As many of our Members, Fans & Followers are exchanging ideas, giving their Input, making suggestions & learning as they offer help - Circle Group is pleased to release its 1st Edition of "CG news". Having completed our "CG Plan" (1st Ed.), we wanted to Share more of what Circle Group should mean to Survivors, Family-Friends & Caregivers of Brain Injuries. Included in 1st Ed. are: Welcome Introduction Discussions & Topics (highlights) Index (CG listings 1st) Calendar Elections 2nd Edition

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Although we realise that our 1st Ed. is fairly simple, as seen by the broad range in Discussions & Topics (pp.2-3) - there is amazing potential in any Survivor! Enjoy your read & Share

© & ™ T. Harewood for Circle Group, 2012

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Circle Group (Brain Injury) Web FB FB2 G+ YT LI TBISN eM twit blog Discussions & Topics (Original Post details) • • • • • • • • • •

Bike Helmets, law-changes &; Barbara Gray, CG (BI) Catastrophic ABI seeks protection; Tara Bergin, LinkedIn CG attempts & failures; Angela Ronson, CG (BI) Creative outlet healing & recovery; Leela Alveraz, LinkedIn Mis-assumptions; Tony Harewood, TBISN Mood problems; Ann Elizabeth, TBISN Poetry & Disability is an Art; Debbie Wilson, CG (BI) Reconnecting with life, through involvement; Val Good, FB CG (BI) Support Group meetings; Brian Baltin, CG (BI) Teen driver’s cousin killed in Illinois wreck; Debbie Wilson (blog)

Calendar (in order, past events listed at end) • • • • •

Brain Injury Week 2012; 14-20 May, UK Brain Injury Awareness Month; June 2012, Canada Brain Injury Awareness Day; Spain Brain Injury Awareness week; 13-19 Aug 2011, Australia Brain Injury Awareness Month; March 2012, Germany, US

Elections After the launch of our 1st Ed. “CG Plan (1 Feb. 12), we’re soon planning to hold Elections. Amongst our various Groups, each Party can have equal say! Details are being compared with similar (mainly Companies), but if any Readers have suggestions… Your comments are priceless! 2nd Edition Although this version of CG news seems short, it is summing-up an “Online Family” of people who share more than words could ever explain. Simply by spending any amount of time with a fellow BI Survivor, one is reminded of when they may have gone through that same stage OR we may recall hearing or reading about a similar situation OR it may be totally surprising, yet we ‘just know what may happen next’. Even when none of these occur, spending any amount of time with a fellow BI Survivor, any of their understanding Family or Friends, together with a knowing caregiver all share something special. For out next Edition (2nd), each of our Readers of the CG news is welcome to be involved – suggesting new topics (Discussions or suggestions), reposting News from another Newspaper, another Group’s fresh idea or even editing. The choice is yours – we hope you enjoyed reading, comparing with FamilyFriends or even Sharing!

© & ™ T. Harewood for Circle Group, 2012

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CG eNews #01  
CG eNews #01  

Circle Group's Newsletter - an online, computer-viewed &/or printable sample. From some featured pieces of the growing Brain Injury (ABI, TB...