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Offshore Contact Center Business: What Does It Take to Build a Successful One?

This document is about the things needed to create an offshore contact center business. Your priorities and the most important stuff to know on how to start a call center business. The global community is now on the rise. Offshore outsourcing in India and Philippines call center facilities is a manifestation of the raging globalization. If you are planning to build a successful business in this industry, you need to have the best location, people, facilities, capital, and the right business acumen to create an impact among potential clients. People This is your top priority when setting up a contact center offshore or in setting up any KPO BPO business. Look at the

location’s pool of available workforce. The key factor is population density. The more populated a location in Asia, the more likely that labor or general employee wages are cheaper than their U.S. or European counterparts. Thus, a robust population is what contact centers look for. It is a plus if a good percentage of this large population is also educated. There are many places with a high percentage of educated population. India is such a big country with a massive population that labor is extremely cheap. Philippines call center facilities on the other hand benefit from a highly educated workforce since education is cheap. Cultural Affinity This is another element that is particularly important. There should be a high level of cultural affinity as well as knowledge of the English language. This is again another element that isolates the Philippines and India as great outsourcing locations. India was once a British colony while the Philippines was once an American colony. This is why Indians are well versed in British English and their accent tends to sway to the Continental side while Filipinos are versed in American English and culture. Familiarity with culture is particularly important because this is a business that is centered on communication. If there is a cultural barrier then there customer trust will not be built which is the most important thing for any business that needs customer management services. Available Facilities There are many places where there are large populations that can speak or be educated in the English language. But some of these are located in areas where there are no available facilities. In India for example, some call centers are located in far flung areas and provinces. These kinds of call centers are small and cannot take big clients. Newly

industrialized countries are great for setting up outsourcing industries because there will surely be newly built infrastructure such as telecommunication lines and office buildings in business hubs. Low Cost Low costs is perhaps the next most important detail a BPO or KPO business should consider when looking for the best geographic location for setting up their offices. After all, why else would businesses go to outsourcing sources if they will not save that much money anyway? Places with low wages are the target of course. Labor is one of the most expensive business costs. Also, low costs in housing, space rents, and utilities should be considered carefully. Of course this is not the only most important factor, but this sure constitutes more than fifty percent of the deciding factors for choosing the right location for setting up BPO’s such as contact center industries. Right now, the leading places for offshore outsourcing contact center industries are South American Countries, India, China, and the Philippines. The leaders are India and Philippines call center industries. This is because the two countries have all of these aforementioned elements that make a great call center business destination. Offshore Contact Center Business: What Does It Take to Build a Successful One?

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Offshore Contact Center Business: What Does It Take to Build a Successful One?