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Q: What do the scholarship funds cover? A: Scholarships cover tuition and mandatory fees not to exceed the maximum scholarship amount for each grade level. Fees deemed "mandatory" by the participating school for all students which may include enrollment, testing, books, lockers, or lab fees. Please refer to the schools' tuition and fees schedule. Maximum Scholarship Amounts: $5,000 Kindergarten — 5th Grade $6,500 6th Grade — 8th Grade $8,000 9th Grade — 12th Grade

Q: Where do the scholarship funds come from? A: Funds are donated- Businesses and individuals can choose to donate a portion of their Alabama income tax liability to our scholarship fund.

Q: How is tuition paid? A: Payments are made directly to the school four times a year. The parent and the school must endorse the check.

Q: Can I change schools and keep my scholarship? A: Yes. As long as it is a participating school, the scholarship will follow the child.

Q: If I am awarded a scholarship do I have to reapply every year? A: No. Once awarded, a child may receive a scholarship until graduation from high school or turns 19. However, you will be asked to renew contact and demographic information annually.

Q: Can my scholarship be taken away? A: Yes. Schools have the right to expel or suspend students if their published policies are not followed. If a student is expelled from school, he or she will lose the scholarship permanently, with no option to renew.

Q: Does my child need to meet academic requirements to be awarded? A: No. The scholarships awarded are made based on income eligibility. ALABAMA