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Just an FYI, the D3100 will remain in Nikon’s line-up. Here are some advantages of the new D3200 over the D3100

D3100 Megapixel: FPS LCD screen: External Mic input: Mic sensitivity: Movie mode: Manual movie: Movie length(max):

14MP 4 3-in/230k-dot No Cannot change 1080p, 720p No 10 minutes

*Auto ISO: ISO (Top) Remote control: Wi-Fi connectivity to smartphones

Yes 3200 MC-DC2 No

D3200 24MP 3 3-in/921k-dot Yes Same as D4/D800 (20 levels of sensitivity) Same, but with 720p 60fps Yes (same as D5100/D7000) 20 minutes Yes (but with the new auto ISO feature that the D4/D800 have) 6400 MC-DC2 and ML-L3 (dual sensors, front and back) Android operation only at this point

*As you are aware, the D4/D800/D3200 now has an "Auto" feature for the minimum shutter speed in the auto ISO feature. This is based on the rule of thumb we all know of shooting at a minimum of 1/focal length of lens. This becomes very useful when using zoom lenses because the focal length changes on the fly, and so will your minimum shutter speed. This makes the Auto ISO feature more efficient by not having to use 1/300 (for instance) if you're zoomed all the way out at 28mm on a 28-300. ……………April 2012 R. Sturgess

Nikon D3100 to D3200  
Nikon D3100 to D3200  

Comparison of Nikon D3100 D3200 models