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Blow the hewgag wave the bear flag tell the ghosts in old sonora the real clampers will be here 86

4-Skin doins

E ECV V 169


May 20-21-22 2011


4C hap

ters hap 4C



Stumpy Meadows Campground - Georgetown, California unlike other events This is Open To ALL Redshirts New Helvetia – Major William Downie – Growlersburg and a new Chapter – Joseph Zumwalt

Invite you to a Historic E Clampus Vitus Conclave The pontifications are over – this is a one-of-a-kind 4 Chapter doins

------ tear off & mail in -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Imagine 4 chapters of Clampers and more ... you don't have to – sign up now

The Rub - 4-Skin Doins May 20-22

Gates open 11:13am Fri.

Redshirts $50 prepay ~ $55 day of ~~~ PBC $75 ~ Re-Petes $65 includes; USFS car fee - Big/Little Slippery – Sat. Breakfast – Lunch – Clamp Feast : Sun. Breakfast : Fri. nite $5 spagetti feed Chapter 1849 is handling registration

- Make Checks Payable To: Downie Chapter 1849

prepay good if postmarked by May 14, 2011 ---- send in early so we can get a Brother count for the Clampchef

I'll have with me ________Clampers________PBCs Names of Redshirts Names of PBCs

My signed check is for $________

__________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ Mail to: Downie Chapter 1849 c/o Tim McAlpine 206 Whitney Ct Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Become a Charter Member of the Zumwalt Chapter while experiencing E Clampus Vitus at it's best with four Chapters of Brothers providing a unique Clamper experience. Join all the Chapters at once get 4-skins 34 PBCs, re-petes & hawkers welcome Bring back real Clampin' – Show your support and kick off the year at this Doins A Word To The Wise PBCs must be clean & sober when presented to the Hangman No guns, fireworks or long knives Let a Brother of Sobriety hold the reins ...

Updates Can Be Found At

We will plant the Bear Flag at Stumpy Meadows just outside of Georgetown – Gates open 11:13am Fri. This is rustic Clamping – no hookups N From Placerville - take Hwy 49N 1/2 mile turn right on Hwy 193 to Georgetown take a right on Main street in Georgetown, about 22 miles East on Wentworth Springs Rd. to campground From Auburn - take Hwy 49S to Cool, turn left on Hwy 193 to Georgetown, turn left on Main street in Georgetown, about 22 miles East on Wentworth Springs Rd. to campground

Stumpys is about 22 mi. East of Georgetown on Wentworth Springs Road in Eldorado National Forest

ECV 206 Whitney Ct. Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Clampers, ECV 4 Skin Doins, 1849, 5,86,169  
Clampers, ECV 4 Skin Doins, 1849, 5,86,169  

4 chapter doins on May 20,21,22 2011 at Stumpy Meadows Campground, New Helvitia, Major William Downie, Growlersburg and a new chapter Joesep...