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How to Create an Animal-Themed Bedroom for Children Animal-themed bedrooms can be appropriate for both boys and girls. Whether you are planning a room for a newborn or an older child, you can turn a plain bedroom into one with the animal theme of your choice. You can focus on one specific animal, such as horses, or you can design a room that incorporates different types of animals. Regardless of which specific animal theme you choose, a child's animal-theme bedroom can be decorated on any budget. Instructions 1. Pick an animal theme to focus on. Examples include zoo animals, wild animals, safari animals, puppies or kittens or farm animals. Focusing on certain types of animals will avoid a cluttered look. 2. Apply animal decals to the bedroom walls. Decals come in a variety of sizes and can be safely removed from the walls without causing any damage. Another option is to add an animal mural to one of the walls. 3. Place an animal-themed border along the top of the room. 4. Use animal-themed bedding. You could also add an animal-shaped pillow to the bed. 5. Add animal themed accessories. Accent the room with lamps that have animal-themed shades or a throw rug with an animal print. Add a toy box with an animal theme. Hang curtains that have an animal print design. 6. Finish the room with a few other small animal-themed touches. Replace a light switch cover to fit the theme. Add knobs in animal shapes to a dresser.

How to create an animal themed bedroom for children  

Animal-themed bedrooms can be appropriate for both boys and girls