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Anthony Benson

Level and Systems Designer


-Skills    

Game Design Systems Design Rapid Prototyping Level/Puzzle Design Gameplay Programming User Research Analysis

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Technical/Programming Unreal Engine Scripting (C#) C/C++ SVN / GIT / Perforce Unity (Familiar)

    

Production Leadership Conflict Resolution Time Management GD Documentation Crisis Response

-EducationDigiPen Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Arts in Game Design

-Project ExperienceREDACTED, Lead Designer, Systems Designer

Expected Graduation: April 2019

April 2017 - Present

Project_Midnight (PC, Horror-Action, Current Project)  Direct creative team towards a common design, including mechanics, level design, narrative direction, and style resulting in a cohesive vision for the team.  Rapidly prototype game mechanics and level design in Unreal, enhancing direction for team and enabling others to test features and art in engine.  Execute play tests evaluating level design and mechanics to validate creative direction and player engagement.  Help scope and point our designers in the correct direction to make sure the creative team stays within scope.

Teal Nautical Narwhals, Level Designer, UX/UI Designer

Dec 2016 – April 2017

Synthalaxy (PC, Puzzle-Action, Shipped April 2017)  Designed and iterated on multiple levels and puzzles within the game to create an interesting gameplay experience.  Ran multiple play tests and A/B testing sessions to help the team polish and find bugs.  Implemented and designed many of the UI elements within the game, such as the menus and aiming radicle.  Monitored goals and events to help our producer meet deadlines, in order to ease the process for others during the submission period.  Boosted team morale by implementing game features rapidly, in order to reduce burn out.

-Work ExperienceDigiPen Institute of Technology, Teacher’s Assistant

Jan 2017 - Present

Department of Game Software Design and Production  Mentor students on various design projects, assignments and helped answer questions.  Help to grade design papers on strict rules and guide lines.  Demonstrate expertise in the two classes that I assisted with. (Game Analysis and Theory 210 and 211)  Help professors to improve and rework the content of the classes. ProjectFUN  Inspired the skills of Art, Design, and Programming with the students.  Demonstrated mastery of the engine used in class (Zero Engine).  Lectured groups of 20 – 30 students on multiple subjects such as level design and UX/UI design.  Modeled good behavior and importance of learning for the students.

DigiPen Institute of Technology, Resident Assistant

July 2017 - Present

DigiPen Housing LLC  Support and advise 20-30 first year students in their transition to DigiPen.  Resolve multiple conflicts within student housing including roommate disputes, and policy violations.  Budget and plan events to help students learn or relax during the stressful curriculum of DigiPen.  Respond to student crisis as part of rotating on-call staff.

Resume anthony benson  
Resume anthony benson