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Your company on Facebook in just 2 hours? -------------------------------------------------- -------------We at help you to create an E-commerce store inside Facebook that is highly complementary, or exchangeable to your existing Online Store. Timeline -------------------------------------------------- -------------Through Facebook's new feature timeline so it is now possible to market your products or services in new and exciting ways. Let fans shop without leaving FACEBOOK: -------------------------------------------------- -------------Create exclusive offers for your most loyal fans and a reason to talk about your E-commer store: * Share the link with friends and their friends * Give your business a good reputation through more Likes * Show that you care by appearing where they hang out Is it worth it? YOU get .. -------------------------------------------------- -------------* Facebook shop * Mobile shop * Iphone shop * Imports of products feed or api * Optional payment methods as (DIBS, Klarna Sveawebpay etc.) * Hosting * Custom Facebook Address * Free support by phone or by mail How do you reach out to customers on Facebook? -------------------------------------------------- -------------* Create contests to get more attention * Create a 'buzz' by giving away products * Make a pass at least 10 people campaign * Use face books own targeted advertising system

How do they find us? -------------------------------------------------- -------------We can customize your page for future recruitement proccesses, product launches or special promotions. Customers will always find you at your own domain name Facebook/youstore

Please visit our website for further information

Your store on facebook in less 2hrs  

Your store on facebook in less 2hrs. Mobilizer - Probably the best ecommerce multi platform in the world.

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