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==== ==== There are some really great weight loss tips here. Please check them out. ==== ==== Teen Dieting We have the highest teenage and childhood obesity rates in this country today than at any other time in our history. Much of this can be blamed on the fast food, low energy output society that we have become. Due to crime and other factors, far too often we feel that it is safer to keep our children inside our homes rather than out and about in the great outdoors. The things we are doing for the protection of our children may be actually harmful to the overall health of our children. There are several things, however, that are being done to address the problem and to get our children more involved, more active, and better educated about making proper choices about diet and nutrition, fitness, and overall health. The problem for most teens is getting them off the computer, game pad, phone, or away from the television long enough to get active. Even video games are getting in on the act of getting children up and active by creating games such as Play Station 2s Dance Party Revolution and the new Nintendo Wii gaming system that are taking the market by storm. These, and other, systems allow consumers to actively participate in the game play adventure rather than sitting back and playing the game in a "couch potato" type environment. It is a great way to get teens off their seats and active. These games are also fun for adults and will have the same effects when it comes to activity. Who would have thought we'd be actually encouraging video game play for the exercise it provides for ourselves and our teenagers? Get Outside and Get Active Teens learn by example and whether they care to admit it or not, they typically enjoy doing things as a part of the family. Go camping in the great outdoors or even just in your backyard, and while out there, go hiking, boating, or biking as a family group. Learn to play a new sport like bowling together. Activities such as badmiton or ping-pong are easily set up in the home, and will not only help keep you and your teen fit, but will help to bring your family closer together through these shared experiences, and that includes your younger children as well. Even if the sport you take up together doesn't involve a lot of physical activity it is probably much more active than sitting in front of the television watching a movie or playing video games that only use the thumbs while sitting on the sofa. You might try having your teen join a recreational sports team. Most communities have all kinds of sports teams available in which your teenagers can join. Even those kids with no skills at all can join and play in some of the leagues. Getting out and about for a softball game, soccer game, and even volleyball can be a great way for the family to do something together and the games and practices are opportunities for your teen to be active. Lawn work is another way to get out and get active with your teen. I'm not just talking about

mowing the grass. Include gardening activities like making and then filling in flower beds or vegetables. The key, as always, is for your teen to burn up more calories than he or she consumers. It is often easier said than done but it is quite possible if you work to get them out and about. They may balk at first, but usually get into these types of activities. Especially when the plants start growing. It can be a source of pride for your teen to say to their friends that "I did that myself." Find things that will be interesting to your teen and focus on those rather than torturing them with activities that they have no interest in at all. As it turns out, many teens find yard work to be satisfying and entertaining after giving it a try, especially if you start them off while they're young. Even mowing the grass can be entertaining when presented to your teen in the right way. And while doing these activies, teens (and their parents too) are spending time together and aren't consuming calories. That is certainly something worth considering. Encourage your teen to eat healthier foods. Eliminate calorie-laden sodas, fruit juices, and energy drinks from your refrigerator, and encourage your teens to drink plenty of water each day. Most experts say around eight 8 ounces glasses are needed to maintain good health. Besides that, water is very good for maintaing healthy glowing skin. Just mention that to your teenage girl and see if that doesn't produce some good results. Introduce as many vegetables as possible to the diet of your teens and get rid of the prepackaged convenience goodies that teens have been known to consume in a single sitting while watching TV. Also having your teenagers actively participate in the preparation and clean up for meals will help them pay more attention to the things they put into their mouths as well as the messes they make in the process. It has been shown that cleaning up after one's self leads to fewer and smaller messes that actually need to be cleaned up.

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==== ==== There are some really great weight loss tips here. Please check them out. ==== ====

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