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Please Tell Me What a Troy Ounce is! A troy ounce is a unit of measurement that is mainly used in precious metals. Currently in the scientific community it is 0.0311034768 kg. The precious metals community has the troy ounce as a unit as measurement due to the fact of historical reasons: it was named after the city of Troyes in France and was used during the Middle Ages. People started not using it as much when more standard systems started being used - and would only be used in the rare instances when gems as well as other precious metals were being used and weighed. The Troy ounce stayed in common usage ever since the Middle Ages, because it has been standardized in all of the trading markets around the world. We all know that throughout history if the world finds something that they like, that it is going to become a standard throughout the entire scientific community and beyond. The price per ounce of silver/gold that are given in the precious metals markets are always given in the form of troy ounces. Troy ounces have been and are the unit of measurement for precious metals in the trading industry. It is one unit of measurement that the world has finally agreed on. If you are buying bullions or coins, or if you are dealing with junk metal, you should always be certain which type of metal that you are dealing with so you don't get confused between the 2. Many times people have made errors that have cost those thousands, because they thought they were dealing in ounces, but were actually dealing in troy ounce.

How to Convert a Troy Ounce to Regular Ounce A regular ounce is: 28.349523125 grams 0.911458333333 Troy ounces 0.0625 pounds

A troy ounce is: 31.1034768 grams 1.097142857142857 Avoirdupois ounces 0.06857142857142873 pounds

Formula (Regular > Troy) Multiply ounces * .911458333333

Formula (Troy > Regular) Multiply troy ounces by 1.097142857142857

Please Tell Me What a Troy Ounce is! This is the only formula that you need to convert a troy ounce to a regular ounce and vice versa. There are a number of more complex formulas available to convert both of them back and forth, and vice versa - but as long as you have the above methods, you can convert them to anything. If you have more information on the Troy ounce that you would like to submit to us, or you would like more information on the topic, please feel free to stop by, the only website that has comprehensive information on the troy ounce and all other trading standards and units of measurement for your own education.

Troy Ounce  

How to Convert a Troy Ounce to Regular Ounce A regular ounce is: 28.349523125 grams 0.911458333333 Troy ounces 0.0625 pounds...

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