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Adding Text to Image

After a talk with the tutors, we felt that the image manipulation was getting a bit repetitive and I had enough images to work with to produce a nice series of work. We spoke about adding text to the images in order to give it a sense of purpose and meaning. This could be phrases or words just to give it a little more significance. At first i was reluctant to do this as I thought the photos could become overly worked into and not have the desired effect. Adding the text was definately the right choice and it was interesting to find the right spaces to put the type, in such bright and colourful pictures.

My final outcome consists of a series of four manipulated images with text in them. I feel that the process has been long but has been worth it. If I had jumped straight into combining text and image, the knowlegde and skills a gained along the way would have been lost. I think the series of images work particularly well because they all have the kinetic feel so they look visually pleasing alongside eachother. The whole process was rather new to me and I learnt that simply talking to people and getting other opinions is a great help. I chose the words for the images very carefully and think they are somewhat controvertial giving them the push they were lacking before the text was added.

Evaluation Being able to chose our own paths has been a great experience and i feel it has opened me up to doing things I would never have done otherwise. It has given me the chance to be very creative and experiment with a variety of new things, primarily photography. I think that i have learnt a lot and really been able to push my ideas furthur than i thought possible. I feel that i have taken some really nice pictures and thought that adding text to them could have destroyed them. Ordinarily, this is where my creative process would have ended and in the end i am glad that i have been able to overcome this. Adding the text was the right decision and I dont think I would have progressed as far without the push I needed from the tutors. This has taught me to take more risks and try not to have to be told what to do but open up my mind to what is in front of me. The work rate has definately stepped up from last year and i feel that I have done the same and am keeping focused. However, I have found it particularly difficult to manage my time with so many different briefs and project going on at the same time but all in all i think i have kept up with the pace of the third year.


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