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Natural Treatments for Tonsil Stones | Part 3 c. Common Pitfalls to Avoid when Choosing the Natural Treatment The utilization of Mother Nature for healing starts during the emergence of human history. Ancient people had the notion that sickness is gods’ punishment. They carry out ceremonies to appease gods that their misery be eradicated. In due course, exceptional individuals twisted to nature for response. They have monitored the outcome of environmental, emotional, elemental, seasonal, recurring and atmospheric changes on the constituent of their community. They also observed how undomesticated animals cure themselves intuitively. This primitive reflections and practices produced the foundation of a plain yet prevailing method or healing which has become famous as Nature Cure. During the ancestral years, nursing with nature was the only healing method accessible to human race. Natives have gathered valued healing information, practices and wisdom and handed over to the next generation, to commendable students who had used up many years being novices to healers. We could just visualize how much of those valued knowledge was lost with the beginning of modern life and its troublesome result on native cultures. Environment is presenting a probable world balance. If earth would be liberated from human, do you think nature would find a hard time balancing itself? Definitely not.Meaning, the balance of nature would depend on the acts of human. Our health is an image of how well we become conscious of ourselves and the nature that surrounds us, of our capability to care for all that have life and the way we respond to it accordingly. Our behavior has an enormous influence on the balance of both the nature and ourselves. Nature Cure was actually started by the natives of Americas who have been using it for a long time even prior to the beginning of Naturopathy in Europe. The intense healing traditions had vanished throughout the conquest of the Americas by the European. But at the start of the 20th century, a European type of Nature Cure was established in the US. At present, the use of genuine Nature Cure is almost dead in the United States. Nature Cure explains that the major grounds of illness and weakness is the noncompliance of the Laws of Nature. Proper diet is the solution to a great number of health inquiries. Medicines must be in compliance with the beneficial laws of nature and

not to damage the human life form. This technique of healing is providing the blood with its innate components and getting rid of those waste and toxins without harming the individual’s body. Nature Cure utilizes the influence of nature to restore health. The 4 elements of environment: fire, earth, air and water, are the medicines being used by the Nature Cure doctor and naturopath. The initial and main fundamental law of Nature Cure is that all types of diseases shoot from the same source which is the collection waste substance and all the toxins that the body doesn’t want in its system. It is called morbidity by Nature Cure doctors. Healthy person releases from its system all waste substance by eliminating it through the organs, but with the sick person, all their waste materials are gathered in their body throughout the years of wrong way of life. The only method for them to get healed is for their body’s system to be able to discard all the collected waste so that their body can go back to its normal function. All natural cures are aimed in this direction. When sickness reaches the point of unbearable pain, nature can manage to find a way to bring back the balance in the body by generating healing crisis in the sick person. You DO NOT Have To Live with Tonsil Stones Any Longer, visit us at

Natural Treatments for Tonsil Stones Part 3.