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Facts About Tonsil Stones | Part 2 b. The Significance of Learning About Tonsil Stones Tonsil stones are said to occur in about ten percent of the population. This is not a small number yet some patients still encounter puzzled or clueless doctors when asked to identify these growths in the tonsil cavity. Often, they would simply be advised to have their tonsils taken out. They have been mistaken to be effects of sore throat, strep throat or tonsillitis. The people with tonsil stones or tosilloliths as they are medically called are therefore understandably relieved when they come across anything that pinpoints this exact malady. The fact that these things have a name is a great relief in itself. It certainly makes it easier when the person visits an ENT. Your ENT should then be able to advise you on the best way to deal with them and to examine if what you have are indeed tonsilloliths or just pus forming on your tonsil cavities because of another cause. At best, the ENT can help you determine if they are tosilloliths and not tumors related to throat cancer. Knowledge that there is a name for what is causing so much discomfort is a mental relief. Even though a doctor or health professional might not know about it, having some information can lead you to somewhere or someone who can help. You can then start to try to figure out ways that will help you remove tonsil stones and keep the off. The person does not have to suffer and bear the pain and sometimes the humiliation caused by having tonsil stones. Learning about tonsil stones is significant to a person who has it not just because of the health issue but also psychologically as well. Knowledge about tonsilloliths also helps one understand that the unpleasant effects of having tonsil stones is manageable and can even be removed with the right treatment. The patient also can figure out if the treatments can be done at home or if they need to have something scheduled with a doctor every so often. It also doesn’t hurt to find out what the possible causes or triggers are for this condition. It is hard to accept that the globs sticking to your tonsils are just food debris. If that were the case good dental hygiene and better eating habits may be the simple cures. But if you’ve been enduring the sensation of having something perennially stuck at the back of your throat and resulting to you gagging and wanting to cough your throat then you just know it’s not just food debris and you would be better off seeking the help of someone else. Another thing about tonsil stones is that it is sometimes the cause of horrible (not just bad) breath. Most people won’t tell you that your breath stinks but you will feel like a pariah as time goes by. This is not just embarrassing but socially debilitating as well. Imagine if you’re a teenager and be the laughingstock because of bad breath. An older person might find it hard to get a date much less get into a relationship simply because you didn’t know that the tonsil stones were giving you a bad reputation. You didn’t even know about tonsil stones.

Facts About Tonsil Stones Part 2  
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