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Causes of Tonsil Stones | Part 3 c. The Theory Behind The Causes of Tonsil Stones There are several causes for tonsil stones and people shouldn’t fret because this condition is treatable. Now, what is the theory behind the cause of tonsil stones and how can people overcome this phase in their lives. The usual reasons for tonsilloliths are oral bacteria, allergy, dead white blood cells, mucus secretions, smoking and alcohol consumption. Going through these causes you can figure out what the possible causes for your tonsil stones and how to prevent it from coming back. These stones are difficult to visualize because it is located at the back of the throat and not everyone feels a symptom. A person who doesn’t have tonsils doesn’t have to worry about anything because they won’t get any stones anyway. The only downside to this situation is bad breath and difficulty swallowing due to the inflammation on the tonsils. However, it doesn’t mean that anyone with bad breath is proven to have tonsilloliths because everyone can suffer from bad breath due to improper hygiene. This condition is quite normal because no one is exempted from this condition except for people with no tonsils. Children and adult of all ages can acquire tonsil stones and there are several treatments possible for this case, and the only serious solution that is fatal is a surgery that isn’t necessary at all. Knowing the cause for tonsil stones can inform people on how to prevent their tonsil stones from triggering and come up with a solution to end the unwanted condition. There are different theories behind the cause of tonsil stones and despite the unserious effects of this condition it is best for people to know the reasons and treatments possible. The symptoms for tonsil stones are quite unappealing because it can have a huge effect on the person’s social and physical life. The signs and symptoms are not actually fatal but disturbing in some way because it can cause bad breath, dreadful taste when swallowing, sore throat, and trouble eating. All these indications can happen to everyone even if they are not suffering from tonsil stones, but it is still advisable to go to your doctor if the case worsens. Going through your normal day without even realizing that you have tonsil stones is only natural because even doctors and medical practitioners are having a hard time figuring out if a person has tonsil stones. Aside from the white and yellowish spots on your tonsils and chunks of white materials coming out of your mouth when coughing there is no other way to diagnose if a person has tonsilloliths. The main cause of tonsil stones are lack of protein and vitamin C that triggers the stones to appear. There are times when people have tonsil stones for several years before they figure out that they are already suffering from this condition. Despite the fact that it isn’t as serious as other disease and illness it is still recommended for people to treat it right away. Any condition that isn’t treated with the proper remedy can make the situation worst and harder to cure.

Causes of Tonsil Stones Part 3