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Are you ashamed of the bad breath caused by tonsil stones

How Bad Breath Turns You Down Checklist and Quick Recap Causes of tonsil stones. Bad breath is undesirable to have. There is no doubt on anyone’s mind that it is. Whether you have the occasional doggie breath or have a full blown case of halitosis, there is no other condition that causes the same degree of shame and humiliation as that of having bad breath. One of the things that cause bad breath are tonsil stones. And even though most doctors are not aware oftonsil stones causes – if they even knew what they are in the first place- people who have them usually have an idea of what makes these things sprout.

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Poor health Poor oral hygiene Post nasal drip Tonsillitis Cryptic tonsils Poor diet These are the ways that bad breath turns you down • • • • • • • • •

Your daily routine is changed You are avoided by family, friends and people at work You are open to embarrassment You become the source of gossip You see friends start to drift away You are usually left alone because no one wants to talk to you You are ostracized You are overly self-conscious You are prone to depression You don’t have to endure having your world upended because you have bad breath due to tonsil stones. Some things you can do are: • • • •

Be proactive. Search for solutions yourself if the doctor doesn’t know anything Be patient with the treatment. In the same way that tonsil stones don’t grow overnight, they won’t go away in a snap either Be conscious that your breath will smell when you talk. It doesn’t mean you should quit talking. Be creative in keeping people from smelling your breath. Be positive. You will get well because you are tackling the problem instead of just letting it get worse.

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Are you ashamed of the bad breath caused by tonsil stones  
Are you ashamed of the bad breath caused by tonsil stones