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How to Choose Video Surveillance Equipment Choosing video surveillance equipment requires evaluating your current security system. In fact, when considering what type of security cams to use, you must think like a criminal. If you wanted to steal your valuables, how would you do it? If you wanted to break into your home, how would you go about doing so? Here how you should choose security cameras: 1. Assess your area Conduct research on the types of thefts, violent crimes and vandalism that occurs in your neighborhood. Next, look around your property for weaknesses like windows that can be easily opened. 2. Investigate all possible entrances All entrances to your home, from doors to windows and utility ports are all possible entrances for criminals. Make a list of all these entrances to know where to place security cameras. 3. Look at the lighting on and around your property Any poorly lit areas such as around the exits and entrances are great places for criminals. Make a note of which of these places you need to extra security cams. 4. Walk around the inside of your home This is where you look for vulnerable areas inside like at the top of the basement stairs or in the attic. 5. Choose the security camera systems First, look over all your notes. Next, make a list. Write down the areas where you need motionsensing lights, surveillance cameras and digital recorders. Third, purchase high-resolution cameras for areas where you need to see people's faces like the front or back door. Whether you're protecting your home or office, you need great security. This requires taking the extra steps needed to protect the entire property—especially the most vulnerable places. You must think like a criminal and secure the most vulnerable places when choosing video surveillance equipment.

How to choose video surveillance equipment  

Installing video surveillance equipment is the most important part of your security set up. At home, you must know what you can't do with yo...

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