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Grew up on color pencils. In highschool I met mixed media. Dedicated college to architecture. Current addiction is graphic design. With a side of photography. Growing up art was something that always occupied my time and unfortunately for my mother her carpets and walls. Though I still love and mostly start my concepts from sketches or painting. I’m fascinated by digital and what goes into making them informative, memorable, and visually pleasing. Currently I’m looking for graphic design internships and entry level positions.

2012 / Graphic Design / Self-Potrait / Personal Work

2012 / Graphic Design / AIAS Event Poster / Oraganization Work

Print [Illustrator-Photoshop] 17”x11”

2012 / Graphic Design / Stationary Set / Freelance This was for a someone who was starting a company and needed help with a logo and using it. Print [Illustrator-Photoshop]





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2012 / Graphic Design / AIAS Event Poster / Oraganization Work This was for a large event that had many smaller events within in that was occuring at the same time. I had to figure out a way to represent all of the events that had equal importance but also make sure it was seen as one larger event.

Print [Illustrator-Photoshop] 17”x11”

2012 / Graphic Design / Event Poster / Student Organization This was for an internship fair and since the venue was at a contemporary place I wanted to carry that over to the fluer but also make sure it seemed energetic and formal.

Print+Web [Illustrator-Photoshop] 8.5�x11�


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2011 / Graphic Design / AIAS Flyer/ Student Organization I joined AIAS (American Institute of Architect Students) in 2010 and the same year was voted for the graphic designer position. My job was to work with the web designer, the board members and independently to come up with

different graphics for events, meetings and to recruit members. Print [Illustrator-Photoshop] 8.5�x11�

2010 / Graphic Design+Architecture / Urbanism Class Board / Studio This architecture studio was about urbanism/city planning. Amon 16 people in the class who were responsible for design input but they were given other tasks based on skills. By my peers I was given the position to document, organize, and

provide graphic restrictions for them to work within. At the end of the semester I was also give the task to design the project board. Print [D5000-Photoshop-Illustrator] 64�x74�

2012 / Graphic Design / Site Study Book /Studio This was a book I had to design for my focus studio class that had a weekend whole class to use. of site analysis in New York. The focus designs were the cover, table of contents , and the section pages, along with a graphic palette I had to set up for the Print [D5000 - Photoshop -Illustrator-Indesign] 11�x15�/80 Pages

2009 / Graphic Design / Display Art / Personal Work This was a sketch during when I was taking Urban Studies and was intriged by figure-grounds of cities. I enjoyed the fact the a good layout for a city viewed from an aerial view was also a good composition of shapes and lines.

This was me experimenting first with sketchs that later translated into a vector design. Print [Pencil - Illustrator] 11�x17�

2010 / Graphic Design / Concert Poster / Online Contest Submission The online website, was having a contest for a concert energetic but at the same a bit aged. I drew this in charcoal and then formated poster for the band Cold War Kids. Listening to their music and also looking at it digitally. some of their older posters and album art I knew I wanted something colorful, Print [Charcoal - Photoshop - Illustrator] 11�x17�

2010 / Graphic Design /Concert Poster / Online Contest Submission The online website, was having a contest for a concert poster for the Ingrid Michaelson. Listening to her lyrics and music I felt a very light feel for it and the title of the album was ‘Parachute’. I didn’t want to be too

literal and I wanted it be feminine but strong at the same time. Print+Web [Pencil - Illustrator] 11”x17 “

2012 / Graphic Design / Event Poster / Personal Work This was the second piece I did for the faux music festival. I wanted this to be more for the younger generation. I also wanted to promote diversity coming together and wanted to show that with the blue lines almost stitching the image

together. [D5000-Lightroom-Photoshop-Illustrator] 17�x14�

2012 / Graphic Design / Event Poster / Personal Work This one of two pieces I did for a faux music festival. I wanted one to represent a light hearted festival of music and vibrancy that could target families. [D5000-Lightroom-Photoshop-Illustrator] 17�x14�

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