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Five Solutions for Sleep Apnea

August 2017 | Lowcountry Edition | NALowcountry.com “ Salt Boardwalk” by local artist Briahna Wenke

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natural awakenings

August 2017


An Attractive Smile Makes a Lasting Impression!

contents Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

18 Solar Eclipse - August 21 • Ozone Therapy • Safe Amalgam Removal • BPA-Free Fillings Biological General Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry

Hail the New Dragon— Let the Sun Shine In! by Alexander Mallon

19 LIVE CANCER-FREE Natural Ways to Prevent and Heal Cancer by Linda Sechrist


Escape into Nature with a Day Trip

Call Us Today: 843-884-1215 1571 Mathis Ferry Road Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

by Marlaina Donato




Five Solutions for Sleep Apnea by Lloyd Jenkins

19 22


The Rise of Pop-Up Organic Dining by John D. Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist


How Changing Your Thinking Changes Everything by April Thompson

Holistic Boutique & Gift sHop


31 CREATE A LOVE NEST Set Out a Welcome Mat for a Soulmate by Arielle Ford

• Home & Gift items from India, Bali & Thailand • Herbal remedies • Crystals & stones • Spiritual books • Reiki candles • Meditation supplies

Located inside Charmed Reiki Master Sylvia Barnhill Book appointments by calling 843-224-7377

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NA Lowcountry Edition


Focusing on a Child’s Optimal Potential by Linda Sechrist



Caring Rehab Gives Them a Second Chance by Sandra Murphy

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Finding the Right Dog for the Job

by Sandra Murphy


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August 2017





ancer sucks. Chances are slim that cancer has not touched your life in some way. If you or a loved one is dealing with it now, I pray that you find strength and healing. My mother had it, and my grandmother before her. I have had a couple of scares myself with two biopsies, but I am very grateful to report both came back clear. These biopsies made me take a closer look at my lifestyle though. I watched the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer, by Kris Carr, and later read her books. If you are not familiar with her story, it is one worth checking out. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2003 and still has cancer, but she has thrived despite its presence. She attributes this to her whole food vegan diet, along with yoga and meditation as well as other acts of self-care. I became serious about upping my intake of leafy greens and veggies thanks to her. My path to this magazine was influenced in part by these experiences.

contact us Owner/Publisher Toni Owen Conover Senior Editor Sara Gurgen Design and Production T.W.S. Graphics Stephen Blancett Steve Hagewood Writer Gwen Hughes Advertising Sales Toni Owen Conover PublisherNALowcountry@gmail.com Phone: 843-821-7404 NALowcountry.com Natural Awakenings-Lowcountry PO Box 1001, Isle of Palms, SC 29451 © 2017 by Natural Awakenings. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted, we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. Natural Awakenings is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected stores, health and education centers, healing centers, public libraries and wherever free publications are generally seen. Please call to find a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas, articles and feedback.

There is a lot of debate about the correct approach to treat and prevent cancer. There was even debate among Natural Awakenings publishers on Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory food pyramid on page 20. I am not a doctor, but I personally think that optimal health and the optimal diet is highly individual. What works for one person may not work for another. I suspect one day we will all have access to genetic testing that will prescribe our own unique ideal diet. Until then, I am a fan of Michael Pollan’s philosophy: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” When he says, “eat food,” he means real food. Another one of his quotes is “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” I continue to work on actually following this philosophy. I am far from perfect, but a recent thermography scan has me once again taking a closer look at preventing inflammation and disease. (I am basically healthy, thank God, but there is some inflammation, which is typical. My thermographer said the best scan she has seen was of a 72-year-old woman who grew up on a farm eating fresh food and had never taken a medication in her life.) Thermography is not mentioned in this month’s article on cancer prevention and treatment, but it is a great method of identifying heat imbalances and potential issues early. It has motivated me to take even better care of myself. Read inspiring stories of remission, and empowering information on how detoxing both our bodies and our emotions can help prevent and treat cancer and other health conditions in “Live Cancer Free, Natural Ways to Prevent and Heal Cancer,” starting on page 19. “Such new science shatters the idea that we are victims of our genes and environment. It shines light on the fact that we have tremendous power to shape and direct our own physical health.” Unless you have been living under a rock, you know we have a big event coming up on August 21! How lucky we are to be right here in the path of totality. This will make this area even more popular than usual though, so make plans early. Read astronomer AND astrologer Alexander Mallon’s take on the meaning and impact of this eclipse on page 18. There can’t be too many people in the world who are both an astronomer and an astrologer, and we are delighted that he is sharing his perspective with us. I hope you love this month’s cover, Salty Boardwalk, by local artist Briahna Wenke as much as I do. It just feels like the lowcountry to me! Read about Briahna and her work on page 10. So get your solar glasses ready, and prepare for a healthy, happy and, of course, hot August!

Natural Awakenings is printed on recycled newsprint with soybased ink.


NA Lowcountry Edition

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in Yourself:

Retreat Wellness Boutique Opens in West Ashley


etreat Wellness Boutique opened its doors on July 8. Owner Aoife Freeman describes it as “a boutique full of all you need for mindful living and connecting with your higher self.” She says a vital facet of this path is creating your own sacred space at home. “Our consciously curated products help you create your own prayer alters while our one-on-one meditations give you the tools for a sustained home practice.” Freeman is from New York City, where her spiritual journey began. During her yoga teacher training at ISHTA Yoga in 2010, her practice in yoga, meditation and ayurveda deepened. Products at the boutique include, but are not limited to, books, yoga gear and clothes, meditation cushions, jewelry, meditation beads, crystals and much more. Services offered include the Bain Ultra Hydrotherapy Tub (includes chroma and aroma therapies), massage therapy, and 1:1 Meditation. Freeman believes the community will love the boutique since it will enhance the already growing healing and well-being market in this area.


Your Life Story I can help you: • Gain clarity and focus • Release anxiety, fear, sadness • Resolve relationship challenges • Relieve tension; be peaceful • Get unstuck and moving in your life and career

Location: 1617 Ashley River Rd., in West Ashley. For more information, visit RetreatWellnessBoutique.com. See ad, page 15.

Cancer Cases in Mt. Pleasant Boys Raise Concerns


Release fears and experience joy again

leven boys from neighborhoods in north Mt. Pleasant reportedly developed a rare brain stem cancer. This gained recent national attention and the attention of environmental advocate Erin Brockovich. People questioned whether this was a “cancer cluster,” but DHEC, using the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, denied this. DHEC admits it based this on 2014 data. National Cancer Institute data indicates brain cancer case numbers actually decreased in Charleston County by 4 percent between 2010 to 2014. Mt. Pleasant water is tested by DHEC every three years, and the water Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) purchases from Charleston is tested annually. These schedules are based on the lack of findings from previous tests. Five residents who tested their water with home-based kits had questionable results, indicating the potential presence of pesticides. MPW responded to concerns by holding a July 10 community meeting and by testing the five homes of those residents, along with many additional locations. It also collected water samples to complete the normal three-year testing. Samples were sent to a third-party lab to be tested for more than 200 pesticides. MPW will host another event after the results are returned. Erik Olson, director of the National Resources Defense Council’s health program, says reverse osmosis will “remove basically anything, including pesticides.” “If they’ve had reverse osmosis for a long time that would suggest it’s probably not pesticides,” says Olson. MPW has used reverse osmosis since 1991.

With This Approach: • No dwelling on your past. Hynotherapy identifies and quickly resolves core issues • The utilization of proven neuroscience (NLP). Results come quicker than in typical therapy modalities. • Training on tools to help you tap into your own inner wisdom

FREE 30 minute session: Call NOW! 843-478-4090

Gerry Schmidt, NLP master Practitioner “Gerry’s ability to quickly get to the heart of the issue is amazing.” Jan


natural awakenings

August 2017



The Voyage to Well-Being: Vegan Caribbean Cruise Celebrates 15 Years of Sailing

Charmed Boutique Expands Services


harmed, a spiritual boutique located at 217-E Lucas Street, in Mt. Pleasant, is expanding its services. The shop currently offers energy healing, angel card readings, and private meditations with reiki master Sylvia Barnhill. Charmed owner Jennifer Miller is now joining the services team to offer life coaching as well as angel card readings. Charmed was opened in December Jennifer Miller 2015 to offer tools and resources for spiritual development and healing, including crystals, spiritual books, and meditation supplies. Spiritual awakening, although powerful and enlightening, can also be a time of confusion. Miller hopes to help other empaths and intuitives (people who feel the emotions of others and/or have extrasensory abilities) on their journey to understanding and navigating their gifts. She also enjoys coaching clients and performing readings regarding relationships and life path. Miller holds a master’s degree in counseling and psychology and spent several years as a therapist. She is a certified angel card reader and certified holistic life coach. She is also the author of 365 Days to Happiness: Use Your Strengths, Thoughts, and Dreams to Manifest a New Life. Her inspirational workbook and blog have been featured in Natural Health Magazine, BusinessInsider.com, on AOL’s homepage, Young Entrepreneur magazine, and in newspapers throughout the country via the former Scripps Howard News Service. For more information or to book an appointment, call 843-352-2983 Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. Introductory special is $17 for a 15-minute reading; $37 for 30-minute reading or session; and $77 for an hour consultation. See ad, page 4.


ince 2004, Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan cruise has welcomed more than 15,000 guests with opportunities that meet each person wherever they are on their journey to health. Often described as a life-changing conference, vacation and wellness retreat all in one, Holistic Holiday at Sea combines classes from plant-based leaders; fitness and mindfulness workshops; exotic ports of call; and gourmet food—all centered on the topic of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle. The next voyage takes place February 15 to 25, 2018. Holistic Holiday at Sea President Sandy Pukel came up with the idea after four decades of conducting health educational programs in Miami, Florida. He stands by the idea that “no one minds learning when they’re having a good time.” In 2004, the first ship set sail from Port Everglades, Florida, with 410 people. Next year, organizers expect to host more than 1,850 guests for the 15th anniversary cruise, which will feature 40-plus presenters and 150-plus classes. Presenters include some of the world’s leading authorities in holistic health and animal advocacy, including Drs. T. Colin Campbell, Michael Greger, Neal Barnard and Michael Klaper, as well as Rip Esselstyn, Ingrid Newkirk and Gene Baur. For the 2018 cruise, The MSC Divina will depart from Miami and head to the following ports of call: St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda; Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis; Fortde-France, Martinique; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands; and Freeport, Bahamas. National Geographic Traveler has chosen Holistic Holiday at Sea as “one of the 100 best worldwide vacations to enrich your life.” From dance parties to ice cream socials, there is no shortage of opportunities to make new friends and enjoy all the onboard amenities. Book your spot today! Holistic Holiday at Sea is located at 434 Aragon Ave., in Coral Gables, FL. For more information, call 1-800-496-0989 or visit HolisticHolidayAtSea.com. Please mention you heard about the cruise through Natural Awakenings. See ad, page 30.

We use a Mercury safe removal protocol when replacing mercury fillings in order to ensure your comfort and safety. Visit our website to review our mercury removal protocol.

Call To Set Up A Free Consultation Accepting New Patients Emergency Appointments Always Available 8

NA Lowcountry Edition

BPA Free Night Guards BPA Free & bis-GMA Free Dental Fillings


julie obenchain, dds

843-884-0701 PleasantSmilesCFD.com 924 Tall Pine Road, Mt. Pleasant

Natural Awakenings Lowcountry Welcomes New Account Managers


atural Awakenings is pleased to welcome three wonderful new additions to the team. Jana Davis is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator in private practice. She also operates a consulting business, Carolina Green Living, that teaches clients about how the environment can impact health. “I have always loved Natural Awakenings magazine,” says Davis. “It is such a valuable source of information on healthy living and a true wellness guide. I wanted to be part of this local publication and help other likeminded businesses get their message to consumers.” Davis also is the manager of the Charleston Chapter of Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Restaurant program.  Ana Haugsoen has enjoyed working in special education for more than 20 years. She enjoys volunteering at bliss Spiritual Co-op when she is not working with children or her new Natural Awakenings clients. She has many passions that are aligned with Natural Awakenings’ values, and loves exploring the local community. She has been sharing copies of Natural Awakenings with people all over the area, even before becoming an official member of the team! Sherry Kachanis comes from a background of energy healing, entrepreneurship and office management with a focus on health and wellness. Natural Awakenings is a perfect fit for Kachanis, as her passion is helping people grow. She has been a reader of

Natural Awakenings for many years, having read it in other cities before moving to the lowcountry. She is excited to help the Charleston area wellness community grow through Natural Awakenings.

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. ~Buddha

natural awakenings

August 2017



Briahna Wenke Raised on the Connecticut coastline, Briahna Wenke began painting largescale murals for local businesses by age 16, although she had been filling sketchbooks since her earliest memories. Painting took a hiatus during her early 20s, but eye-opening experience pressed on throughout travels to Australia, Europe, Asia, North Africa and Central America. ​ In 2014, Wenke moved from Manhattan and the world of fashion to the lowcountry to pursue life as a full-time painter. The Charleston area has proved incredibly receptive, and her work continues to evolve each day. Through trial and error, and out of pure love for the infinitely malleable medium that is paint, Wenke has come to develop a style of richly textured acrylics on wood.  The bold and sometimes crude textures tend to exaggerate the hues, with an aim to provoke alternative sensation, intangible and embedded in memory. Heavy consistency, rich to the touch, incites movement. The effect is a reflection of the natural world, always changing, always in motion. Forever manipulating color, she seeks emotional harmony in unlikely combinations.   ​ Briahna Wenke works out of her studio on Upper King Street, in Charleston. Visit her website ArtByBri.com or Facebook.com/artbybriahna. Email her at BriahnaWenke@gmail.com. 10

NA Lowcountry Edition

study from the University of Washington, in Seattle, tested the relationship of immune system functioning to lack of adequate sleep. To rule out genetic factors, which experts say account for 31 to 55 percent of individual sleep patterns, researchers tested blood samples from 11 pairs of adult identical twins (genetic matches) with differing sleep habits. They found that the immune system was depressed in the twin that slept less. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans are sleeping 1.5 to two hours less than they did 100 years ago, and more than 30 percent of working people average fewer than six hours a night. Dr. Nathanial Watson, lead author and co-director of the university’s Sleep Medicine Center at Harborview Medical Center, observes, “Seven or more hours of sleep is recommended for optimal health.”

Massage Relieves Chronic Back Pain


esearchers from Indiana University-Purdue University, in Indianapolis, set out to find out if massage therapy—typically an out-of-pocket expense not covered under most insurance plans—can provide effective treatment for individuals suffering with chronic back pain. The study followed 76 primary care patients with chronic back pain for 24 weeks. The researchers measured pain, disability and quality of life at the beginning of the study, after 12 weeks and again after 24 weeks of massage therapy. Each patient was referred to a licensed massage therapist for 10 no-cost sessions in a real-world environment during the initial 12 weeks. More than half of the patients that completed the core study reported clinically meaningful improvements for physical and mental measures. For bodily pain, 40 percent were clinically improved. Older adults and Baby Boomers reported the highest percentage of changes. Plus, the study found that sufferers that avoided taking painkillers were twice as likely to experience reduced pain than those using opioids.

Valua Vitaly/Shutterstock.com

Sufficient Sleep Supports Immunity

Asia Images Group/Shutterstock.com


Eating Fruit Lowers Cardiac Risk


Scientists from the University of Oxford and the Chinese Medical Academy studied 500,000 healthy adults in China for seven years, tracking medical records of illnesses and deaths. They found that a 100-gram serving of fruit per day (primarily apples and oranges) reduces the risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke by one-third.




Chinese Fungi Relieve Asthma Suffering



esearchers from Capital Medical University, in Beijing, China, tested the effectiveness of Cordyceps sinensis, a traditional Chinese medicine derived from fungi, on the treatment of patients with moderate-to-severe asthma. They followed 120 subjects, divided into two groups of 60. One group received a capsule containing 1,200 milligrams of Cordyceps sinensis three times daily for three months. The control group was treated with conventional medications. Health-related quality of life was measured, along with the incidence of asthma exacerbation, pulmonary function and inflammation indicators in both groups. The Cordyceps sinesis group reported reduced asthma symptoms, improved lung function, a better inflammatory profile and an overall better quality of life when compared to the conventional treatment group.


Natural Sounds Soothe the Brain



Sussex University researchers in the UK tested the brain activity of 17 healthy subjects as they listened to a series of soundscapes from either natural or artificial environments. Brain scans and questionnaires found that natural sounds led to relaxation and positive feedback, while artificial sounds activated stress and anxiety-related brain activity.


Transform your wellness and feel empowered as you take your health into your own hands. Save off your first massage therapy session with Code: 20%Off    Therapeutic Massage Therapy Advanced Arvigo® Therapy Conception Doula Birth Doula Postpartum Doula

Maple Syrup Good for your Gut MaraZe/Shutterstock.com

Themography: • Possible early cancer detection that could save your life. • Ideal for Prevention. • Safe, Radiation and Pain Free.

Researchers from the University of Rhode Island have discovered that pure maple syrup contains inulin, a complex carbohydrate that serves as a prebiotic. It encourages growth of beneficial gut bacteria and extends the lengthy list of beneficial vitamins and minerals contained in this natural sweet. Consume it in moderation, limited to a few times a week.

WWW.DANICATODD.COM      843.826.0660

natural awakenings

August 2017



globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Accepted Misfits


cientists from the University of California at San Francisco, and Harvard Medical School, in Boston, tested the effect of vacations and meditation on the genes of 64 women between the ages of 30 and 60 that were novice meditators. They all spent six days at the same resort in California. Half participated in a meditation program that included yoga, self-reflection exercises and mantra meditation; the other half did not engage in onsite meditation. The researchers also studied a group of 30 experienced meditators already participating in the resort’s meditation program. Blood sample tests and surveys from all 94 women were conducted at intervals: once right before their stay, once right after, a third one month post-vacation and then 10 months after the trip. All the women displayed significant changes to their molecular network pattern after the six days, with the most substantial genetic changes related to immune function and stress response. One month after the resort experience, all groups continued to display improvements. However, the novice meditators showed fewer symptoms of depression and stress for a significantly longer period than the women not participating in the meditation exercise.


NA Lowcountry Edition

For more information, visit EndFoodWaste.org.


Meditating Raises Spirits More than a Vacation

Due to customer requests and petitions, more stores are beginning to stock the one in five pieces of produce that never made the cut before due to quirky shapes or other blemishes. Often, these are displayed next to their better-looking, more expensive counterparts to give consumers an eco-friendly choice. The 133 billion pounds worth of misshapen or scarred fruits and vegetables annually plowed under, buried in a landfill or fed to livestock is sharply at odds with the reality that 48 million Americans face food insecurity. Whole Foods Market created a pilot program in some of its California stores, testing sales in April 2016 with Imperfect Produce (ImperfectProduce. com), a service that delivers to homes. Walmart brought weather-blemished apples to 300 of its Florida stores to kick off their imperfect role in the movement. Five Pittsburgh Giant Eagle stores call their program Produce with Personality, and focus on navel oranges, russet potatoes, peppers and apples. Fourteen Hannaford stores in Albany, New York, offer the Misfits line, while donating unsold produce to local nonprofits. Hy-Vee’s 242 stores, located in eight central states, rolled out the Misfits last December.


Ugly Produce Gains Status

Tuna Turnaround

Lower Mercury Levels Tied to Drop in Coal Emissions Levels of highly toxic mercury contamination in Atlantic bluefin tuna are rapidly declining, a trend that has been linked to reduced mercury emissions in North America, according to a new study published in Environmental Science & Technology. Average mercury concentrations dropped by more than 2 percent per year, for a total decline of 19 percent between 2004 and 2012. Scientists believe that most of that reduction has occurred because of a shift away from coal, the major source of mercury emissions, to natural gas and renewable fuels. Pollution control requirements imposed by the federal government have also cut mercury emissions, but these have been rolled back or eliminated by President Trump’s commitment to “bring back coal.” Source: Scientific American


Tea Time nodff/Shutterstock.com

Citizen Scientists Needed for Carbon Storage Experiment

Orca Finale

Sea Mammals Freed from Showtime The California Orca Responsibility and Care Advancement Act, sponsored by Congressman Adam Schiff, is aimed to end the famous SeaWorld orca shows. “It means no more wild capture, no more breeding. We would essentially phase out the captive orcas that are currently in these water parks,” says Schiff. This means that SeaWorld must end their Shamu shows by the end of this year. However, the animals already at the San Diego park will continue to live there. Parks in Orlando and San Antonio will end their shows by 2019. Under pressure from activists and faced with declining ticket sales, SeaWorld is now moving to end its theatrical orca shows and breeding program. They announced the unveiling of a new attraction this summer, Orca Encounter, as an educational experience. Gabriela Cowperthwaite, director of the documentary film Blackfish, says that the new show is designed to make the audience feel better, not the animals. “The trainers aren’t safe, and the whales aren’t happy,” she states. “They’re still just doing manic circles around concrete swimming pools.” The company is developing its first SeaWorld park without orcas in the Middle-Eastern country of Abu Dhabi.

Australian scientists have launched a project to bury tens of thousands of teabags in wetlands around the world to discover how efficient different kinds of wetlands are at capturing and storing carbon dioxide. Already, more than 500 citizen scientists are involved on every continent but Antarctica. The bags will be monitored over a three-year period, and then dug up and measured at intervals of three months, six months and each year after that. Wetlands are important for carbon capture and storage, a process known as carbon sequestration, holding up to 50 times as much carbon as a comparable area in a rainforest; some are better than others. There are hundreds of thousands of wetlands around the world, and a standardized technique for monitoring the carbon sink is needed for accurate comparison—but monitoring devices can be expensive to install. Faster decay of the tea inside the bag means more carbon is being released into the atmosphere, while a slower rate means the soil is holding the carbon. Once researchers can establish which wetlands are most effective at carbon sequestration, work can begin on protecting and restoring them, and ensuring they are not disrupted. Volunteers that contact BlueCarbonLab. org will receive a kit containing teabags and information on how to bury them.

FEEL CALM and CONFIDENT The Magnesphere magnets will WIPE AWAY your anxieties and gently RESTORE your Peace of Mind

The first 10 people to call this month will receive a for more information: free www.magnesphere.info/ session 843-270-9913 Dr. Ann wants to fix the problem ...not just treat it! 1164 Northbridge Dr. Charleston, SC 29407

www.drannjenkins.com www.facebook.com/drannjenkins

Not Your Ordinary Chiropractor

Springbank Retreat for Eco-Spirituality and the Arts

Enjoy 80 acres of quiet beauty.

1-, 2-, & 3-month sabbaticals, Sept. 13-Dec. 6

A Way to God: Contemplative Journey in the Spirit of Thomas Merton, Sept. 15-17 The Journey of the Universe: Personal, Religious, & Cosmic, Sept. 19-21 Crossing over into Deep Time, Sept. 23 Know Thyself, Sept. 29-Oct.1 Indigenous Wisdom Healing Practices, Oct. 2 Register by calling 843-382-9777 l www.SpringbankRetreat.org

Springbank@SpringbankRetreat.org l 1345 Springbank Rd., Kingstree, SC 29556

natural awakenings

August 2017


Earth Fare

Buzzing RoboBees

Tiny Robots Seen as Tech Fix for Reduced Bee Population Harvard University researchers led by engineering professor Robert Wood have introduced the first RoboBees—bee-sized robots that can ascend and hover in midair while tethered to a power supply. The project is a breakthrough in the field of micro-aerial vehicles. It has previously been impossible to pack all the components onto such a tiny workable robot framework and keep it lightweight enough to fly. The researchers believe that within 10 years, RoboBees could artificially pollinate a field of crops, a critical development if the commercial pollination industry cannot recover from the severe bee losses of the past decade.

Josh McCann/Shutterstock.com

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Nature Rights

Waterways Granted Personhood

On the Wellness Counter at Earth Fare in Charleston, in e S h e t e d Customer Service an t at the Earth Fare in Summerville Buy into your Grow your business with Natural Awakenings

Directions: Call 850-316-7485 or email PcolaPublisher@ NaturalAwakeningsMag.com

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This year, the Whanganui River, in New Zealand, became the first in the world to be granted the same legal rights as a person. Equally vital, a court in northern India has given the sacred Ganges and Yamuna rivers, as well as several glaciers, the legal status of “living human entities” to help in the preservation and conservation of the country’s highly polluted waterways, thus allowing polluters to be sued. These decisions are variants of “rights of nature” measures that date back to the 1970s. More than three dozen U.S. localities have ordinances ascribing varying types of rights to nature or to specific natural objects. In America, rights of nature activism usually takes the form of ballot initiatives that emerge to contest the power of corporations wherever local natural resources are seen as being threatened. The first such ordinance was passed in 2006, when Tamaqua Borough, in Pennsylvania, sought to protect the town’s drinking water from the nearby dumping of sewage sludge. More recently, an ordinance from the Boulder (Colorado) County Protectors, with assistance from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, asserting the “right to a healthy climate,” was recognized as a federal constitutional right by Judge Ann Aiken, of the U.S. District Court in Oregon. Source: BBC


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You cannot step into the same river twice.



Source: Science

ecotip City Smarts

Urban Planning Goes Green Early American developers of Washington, D.C., and Savannah, Georgia, strived to recreate the plans of European cities that offered plenty of public squares and parks. Subsequent high-rise apartments in most other U.S. cities that followed lacked certain elements of neighborhood cohesion, as documented in Zane Miller’s book The Urbanization of Modern America. In Boston, Baltimore, New York City and elsewhere, waterfront revitalizations launched in the 1980s helped improve conditions, making use of nature-oriented ideas that are still trending upward. Urban Hub describes how regions like Silicon Valley, in California, and Boston’s Route 128 corridor continue to enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The concept promotes pedestrianization programs and incen-

tives that increase bike-friendliness, multimodal public transportation such as people-mover sidewalks and car sharing, plus off-hour, no-driving and park-and-ride policies. Join the social media conversation at Urban-Hub.com. The U.S. Department of Transportation recently released updated standards on how state agencies should measure mass transit, biking and walking volumes (EverybodyWalk.org). States will assess impacts on carbon emissions by tracking walkers, bikers and transit users instead of just comparing rush-hour travel times to freeflowing traffic conditions, which favors highway spending alone.

The Big Jump Project at PeopleForBikes.org rates areas for bike friendliness and taps ideas aimed to increase biking networks. To date, they cover Austin, Texas; Baltimore; Fort Collins, Colorado; Los Angeles; Memphis, Tennessee; New Orleans; New York City; Providence, Rhode Island; Portland, Oregon; and Tucson. The nonprofit Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (sbnPhiladelphia.org), encompassing 400 businesses and organizations, is pioneering a Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) retrofit program. The city water department is collaborating on Green City Clean Water’s plan to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency clean water regulations and foster rain gardens, green roofs and porous pavements. “We help engineer nature back into cities,” says Anna Shipp, interim executive director and GSI manager. “Socially responsible, replicable and environmentally conscious initiatives and policies catalyze local economies and benefit water, air, aesthetics and people’s emotions.”

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August 2017


communityspotlight Building More Than Boats—Lowcountry Maritime Society Builds Character and Community: An Interview with Prentice Brower, Executive Director by Jennifer Iamele Savage


he mission of the Lowcountry Maritime Society (LMS) is to help facilitate and promote the connection of the coastal South Carolina community with our natural marine environment. LMS works with schools and aligns curriculum to provide a hands-on supplement to the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) curriculum.

How did your organization get started? Brower: LMS formed in 2014. The founding chair of our board, Matthew Milling, and I met while I was working to repair his wooden schooner, “Welcome.” He had formed the nonprofit to get kids out on the boat, but it was a side project for him and he never really got anywhere with the organization beyond forming it and filing for the 501(c)(3) status. He told me about it, and after a few months, I asked what he was doing with it. He replied, “Nothing, take it.” We then worked together to form the board and begin to form our mission. In general, we loved the water and wanted to share all things maritime with the community. I did a good bit of research and found other programs in the country that taught using small wooden boats as the teaching platform. I spoke to other folks who had done similar things, and before we knew it, we were in the courtyard of Sanders Clyde Elementary School with 20 fifthgraders, and then 20 sixth-graders, four days a week, teaching them all how to build their own wooden boat. The idea and the program took off from there! 16

NA Lowcountry Edition

We have been working to develop it and improve ever since. Our best development has probably been adding in-school programs (as opposed to just after-school programs).

How do you serve the lowcountry? Brower: I think we serve the lowcountry by providing an impactful education program in schools that engages students in learning STEAM skills, but also connecting them with their natural environment and the local community (including other students from other schools). I hope that we are helping our students to build passion and pride for this beautiful region that we all live in and share, the lowcountry.

What volunteer opportunities do you have for the public? Brower: We are constantly looking for committed volunteers to help in school programs; for help at our boatyard building kits and preparing materials for programs; to help with a new program we are starting, Saturday Rowing, which will take place on Saturdays at Brittlebank Park; and to help with our major events. We run programs all year round, so there is almost never a bad time for willing participants to dive right in.


What have been some of the greatest successes of your organization? Brower: First of all, getting off the ground with the first program in year one was HUGE for us. We realized we had something worth sharing after the first year’s initial success. Since then, we have found a way to serve several schools and still keep program quality high and the original mission intact. We have been able to get volunteers to help expand our reach, especially through the College of Charleston’s Honors Engaged program. Finally, we have successfully worked with schools and teachers to form a program that truly synchronizes with what students are learning in school. The reality, however, is that our success is owed to teachers, parents, school administration, volunteers, and, of course, the folks who work for LMS who have seen what we do and what we are working to accomplish. Our mission has pulled a lot of people into the fold, and we are so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow alongside the students. Jennifer Iamele Savage is a transitional life coach and a secondary Montessori educator. Her latest project, the Mindfull Mamas Project, aims to coach women who are struggling with the identity of motherhood and help them uncover their creative voice so they can step into their purpose and rediscover who they are. Connect with her at InspirationAndBliss.com


and well-crafted wine and beer. The Lot is attached to the music venue the Pour House Meet Mary Catherine Arthur—Yogi, Local Edibles Forager and on Johns Island. Outdoor Aficionado We share a great passion for foragby Victoria Hargis ing for wild edible plants, like ramps, which are wild onions that cover the mountainsides in times a week, and even though I had early spring. They have a very sharp, lived on the coast for years, I started to hit the beaches weekly, sometimes daily. fresh, garlicky onion flavor. We also mushroom hunt. Andy is a mushroom wiz, and I’m really just there for moral Work/mission: support on that one. I can hunt for I have worked in food and beverage them but don’t trust myself to know since high school, and here it became my career. There are countless talented, which are edible. There are so many copy cats that are not safe to ingest. knowledgeable, driven and aware Besides the great outdoors, live people in this industry that use what music and my family, wine is a big they do to build this community that I part of my life. Any sparkling rose wine learn from daily. on a menu usually gets my attention. I am in the midst of deciding I need to add they are also so food whether I want to dig deeper, plants friendly; they accompany most meals roots, and continue on this path, or Tell our readers a little change directions completely and head harmoniously. about yourself: My next passion will be traveling. back to school. Every few years, I feel a I grew up in a fairly small, rural town I haven’t made it far yet, but I have all the pull towards studying psychology.  in South Carolina named Mullins. My plans to pack a bag for me and the family An old friend recently reminded me father taught government and my and start visiting other cultures ASAP. that field would probably be fulfilling mother worked for Blue Cross Blue for me. Shield’s first cottage program, which What do you like most was a way for employees to work about Natural Awakenings? from home. I have an older sister, Eliz- Other interests/passions: This magazine gives me access to I work at night so I can be outside durabeth, and younger brother, Mathew. locals that are like minded, events that ing the morning and early afternoon. As a child, I was extremely acallow me to get involved, and entertive, bouncing from dance to karate to I recently became a mom to a beautitaining and largely informative artiful babe named Charlie Watson. For any sport that was in season. I contincles. It is also super useful that Natural the last six months, my partner, Andy ued to play softball through college Awakenings has a core focus on local McLeod, and I have been relearning in the upstate of South Carolina at a businesses that benefit my personal how to get out and about with a newsmall private school. As an adult, I health and growth. born. turned to running, and finally to yoga This week we did our first family to maintain a strong and flexible body. To connect with Mary Catherine Arthur, camping trip to Max Patch, part of Pis After short stays in Myrtle Beach email her at MarycArthur@gmail.com. and South Florida, I moved to Charles- gah National Forest. Everyone, includton in 2009. Charleston changed me. I ing our furry first daughter, Harper Lee, Victoria Hargis is an author; speaker; became an avid yogi and was certified knocked it out of the park, thoroughly and post-traumatic stress disorder, to teach by Kelly Jean Moore, co-own- enjoying ourselves.   anxiety and grief coach. Connect with Andy is the chef at the Lot, a super er of Mission Yoga. her at SoileirCoaching.com. I began to run the bridge multiple local-centric kitchen with local food

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Many of life’s failures are people that did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ~Thomas A. Edison natural awakenings

August 2017


Solar Eclipse - August 21

Hail the New Dragon— Let the Sun Shine In! by Alexander Mallon


et ready for a total solar eclipse on August 21, occurring roughly between 1 to 4 p.m. This is the first total solar eclipse in the U.S. in 38 years. The path of totality—the path where one can view this eclipse— crosses the entire continental United States, ending right here in the lowcountry! Traversing the U.S. from Oregon in just 94 minutes, the Great American Eclipse of 2017 leaves the U.S. at coastal South Carolina—its central shadow path traveling from west to east, moving through the center of the Francis Marion Forest. Totality’s shadow will extend north and south between Pawleys Island and downtown Folly Beach. It is important to note that astrologers believe that a shadow path of a total solar eclipse marks a region of major change in either weather

and geophysical activity, or geopolitical shift. Some writers claim this solar eclipse is also the only one to cross the continental U.S. since 1776—the year of our nation’s independence. While this is not accurate, there was an eclipse of the sun crossing much of the nation in January 1777. That eclipse is an apt illustration that eclipse paths do coincide with powerful regions of change, including governmental revolutions! By happenstance, or perhaps divine comedy, this eclipse lands directly on the Mars placement in President Donald Trump’s personal astrological chart. As some readers may know, Mars is the god of war and personal power. These themes will therefore be supercharged in his life for the entire year ahead! Since late spring, we’ve all been on a new spiritual journey. In 2017,

Gratitude makes sense of our

past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. ~Melody Beattie


NA Lowcountry Edition


the moon’s nodes enter a new axis for the next 1 1/2 years. The moon’s nodes are astronomical points that have to do with these eclipse cycles. They are symbolic points of dharma and karma. In traditional Vedic astrology, Hindu myth has a giant dragon “eating” the sun during an eclipse. This is symbolic of the kundalini chakras, or the soul/ psychic energy system associated with the spinal column. In Western medicine, we have the caduceus as a symbol for healing, this being a similar reference to the healing energy system in our bodies. So perhaps this eclipse cycle crossing the United States could be seen as a “symbolic dragon” devouring the life-giving sun! Collectively, we can think of this eclipse as marking a time where our national “soul” energy is highlighted for spiritual healing. In 2016, we had the moon’s nodes in Virgo/Pisces—the axis of “service” and “universal love.” Now in summer 2017, these nodes have entered the axis of Leo/Aquarius, the signs of “royalty” and “the people,” respectively. So we’re shifting from themes of giving to themes of ego-centered and conscious living. We’re all in a cultural review of the role of “leadership” in our lives. What are the healthy and proper roles for our political and cultural leaders? How do these roles support or contrast with the “will of the people” and individual sovereignty? There is little question that this total eclipse of 2017 is coinciding with major political and social change in our country. Perhaps, it is best to visualize this historical eclipse as illuminating the expansion of our own collective consciousness, and honoring the fact that the U.S. continues to be known as the “land of the free and home of the brave” across the globe. Astrologer and intuitive Alexander Mallon has practiced for more than 40 years, sharing his gifts with an international clientele spanning the globe from New York to Los Angeles, from Hawaii to Hong Kong. Known for his compassionate style and laser-like insight, Mallon provides consultations, counseling and life coaching services for individuals, couples and corporations. For more information, visit AstrologySpirit.com.

LIVE CANCER-FREE Natural Ways to Prevent and Heal Cancer by Linda Sechrist


ictorious warriors against cancer are speaking to other patients about their journeys of recovery and healing. Two who regularly speak to physicians, as well, are Glenn Sabin, author of n of 1: One Man’s Harvarddocumented Remission of Incurable Cancer Using Only Natural Methods, and Kathy Mydlach-Bero, author of EAT: An Unconventional Decade in the Life of a Cancer Patient. Their stories demonstrate the healing effectiveness of healthy lifestyle measures still widely categorized as prevention.

Whole Life Triumphs

Determined to become free of the chronic lymphocytic leukemia that had defined his life for 20 years, Sabin, who lives near Washington, D.C., appointed himself the subject of his own research experiment. He subsequently became a poster child for the remedial synergy of biological individuality, a whole systems approach to integrative oncology and self-induced healing through lifestyle and supplement interventions. Sabin now

dedicates his business development firm, FON Consulting, to advancing integrative medicine as the new standard of care. His mission is to open minds to the idea that knowledge, empowerment and self-efficacy are our best allies against a life-limiting diagnosis, and we can do much to help the healing process. Writing to Joe Biden regarding the vice president’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, he candidly describes America’s present cancer-friendly environment. “The public has become conditioned to existing in a broken food chain that remains in disrepair due to misguided farming subsidies [and] untested or otherwise questionable chemicals (many of which are banned in other countries) that are present in the water we drink, the air we breathe, food we consume and products we use. Current therapies or those in the drug pipeline won’t improve the 50/50 odds of developing cancer. What will have the greatest impact are consumer education toward powerful lifestyle changes and access to the building blocks of basic health.”

combat harmful growth of new blood cells, and the benefits of growing and eating foods containing angiogenesisinhibiting compounds that oppose such growth and so work to prevent, improve and avert recurrences of chronic disease. “Cancer hijacks the angiogenesis process triggered by inflammation and keeps it permanently activated to ensure that cancerous cells receive a dedicated, uninterrupted blood supply,” explains Mydlach-Bero. For three years, she largely consumed only items from the list of angiogenesis-inhibiting foods now posted at KathyMydlachBero.com/food-research. These include green tea, strawberries, blackberries, red tart cherries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, grapefruit, lemons, tomatoes, cinnamon, purple potatoes, kale, grape seed oil and pomegranate. In 2008, she completely replaced both the drugs to combat the side effects of chemo and radiation and a long-term medication for preventing recurrence with healthful foods. Her physicians were admittedly uncomfortable with her decision to combine chemotherapy and radiation treatments with “food as medicine”,

natural awakenings

August 2017



Mydlach-Bero made her remarkable recovery from rare and unrelated aggressive Stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and a high-grade tumor in her head and neck. To tell her story, the resident of Delafield, Wisconsin, relied on her 18 journals as a surrogate memory to chronicle a 10-year journey of courageous exploration, self-evolution, self-advocacy and self-transformation that connected her with her healing potential. Then the mother of two young daughters, Mydlach-Bero rejected a 21-month prognosis in 2005, along with the notion that disease and medicine would determine her fate. Defying the odds, she applied what she learned from research regarding Avastin, a pharmaceutical created to

Prevention is Paramount

Pioneering physicians and researchers agree with Sabin and Myldach-Bero that comprehensive prevention, the key to solving the cancer epidemic, is missing from conventional medicine. Leading voices include Dr. Andrew Weil, founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the College of Medicine, University of Arizona (AzCIM), in Tucson; Dr. Carlos M. Garcia, founder of Utopia Wellness, near Tampa, Florida; advocate Susan Silberstein, Ph.D., founder of BeatCancer.org, in Richboro, Pennsylvania; and Ajay Goel, Ph.D., director of the Center for Epigenetics, Cancer Prevention and Cancer Genomics at Baylor University Medical Center’s Research Institute, in Dallas. Weil pioneered the earliest efforts to develop a comprehensive curriculum in evidence-based integrative medicine and the field of integrative oncology. “We’ve known for nearly 15 years that inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases. Since

2012 scientific evidence has proven that a healthy lifestyle and an antiinflammatory diet can influence various cancers,” says Weil. His curriculum for health professionals and the general public was the first to cite the role of a nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory diet in cancer prevention and treatment. “Health professionals graduate armed with a better understanding of the complex interactions between cancer, gut microbiome and nutrition,” advises Weil, whose paradigm inspires his chain of True Food Kitchen restaurants. It includes lots of fruits and vegetables, small amounts of non-GMO

Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Food Pyramid Source: Tinyurl.com/DrWeilFoodPyramid

We’ve known for nearly 15 years that inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases. ~Andrew Weil


NA Lowcountry Edition

whole or cracked grains, al dente pasta, healthy fats and plant-based proteins from legumes, nuts and seafood as well as poultry and lean, antibioticfree grass-fed meats, cheese and eggs. Plus, he likes organic white, green and oolong teas, fresh herbs and spices, up to two glasses of red wine a day (less for women; possibly none for those at high-risk for breast cancer), and dark chocolate for antioxidant polyphenols. Integrative Oncology, authored by Weil and Dr. Donald I. Abrams, an integrative oncologist, is mandatory reading for AzCIM students that learn to use complementary interventions in prevention and conventional cancer care. Subjects such as antioxidants, cannabinoids, energy medicine, mindbody medicine, music and expressive art therapies are covered, as well as naturopathic oncology, plus the roles that community and spirituality play in prevention and treatment. Goel’s 20-year career in cancer prevention research has produced a wealth of related articles. Among his findings, he advises, “Curcumin, a yellow compound extracted from turmeric, has become a gold standard for prevention and the natural treatment of many chronic health conditions, including colon cancer. It targets cancer stem cells, disrupts cancer cell communication, triggers cancer cell death and helps to prevent cancerous mutations to cells. It’s also been shown to improve the efficacy of conventional treatments including fewer adverse effects.” He recommends only taking turmeric products with BCM-95 percent active curcuminoids.

Customized Protocols

Considering each individual’s biological individuality as a Petri dish, Garcia’s studies help achieve an anti-cancer life. He advises, “There is no ‘one size fits all’ medical protocol box for cancer treatment.


courtesy of www.DrWeil.com, all rights reserved

reiki, prayer, meditation, mindfulness and supplement intervention. But that didn’t deter her. To awaken others to the practicality of food as medicine, she founded NuGenesis Farm, in Pewaukee, a nonprofit modeled after her home practice.

Customized modifications to lifestyle and diet are required because food nutrients directly impact the mechanisms by which cancer cells grow and spread. The right nutrition can reverse a compromised immune system, which research shows is a major contributor to the development of cancer.” Whether for improvement or prevention, Garcia’s patient protocols always begin with a comprehensive evaluation appointment to learn about the individual he is treating. For cancer patients, his two-phase, eight-week program involves immune-enhancing therapies followed by immunotherapy aimed to de-cloak the camouflaged protein coating of wily cancer cells so the body’s immune system can identify and destroy them.

Mind/Body Detox

To maintain good health, Judy Seeger, a doctor of naturopathy near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recommends a regular detoxification regimen to cleanse environmental and product toxins and toxic emotions. Through experience, she has learned that individuals living with cancer need to substantially support their abnormally functioning elimination system to rid it of dead proteins from destroyed cancer cells and chemotherapy drugs that are overtaxing the immune system. “Clearing out toxic, stressful emotions that produce acid, weaken the immune system and create an environment for cancer to propagate is essential,” says Seeger. “Fulfilling the body’s requirement for an ongoing healthy nutritional plan that maintains a healing alkaline environment reduces both the risk of a cancer as well as recurrence.” She has observed that when an individual’s healing process has stalled despite their doing all the right things to improve their biochemistry, it’s frequently because they haven’t done an emotional detox and lack feeling a spiritual connection to something larger than themselves. Silberstein categorizes cancer as epidemic. She speaks regularly regarding preventing cancer and its recurrence at medical and nursing schools, continuing oncology nursing education programs and universities. “What is needed more than new treatment research is public

education regarding the true causes of cancer and continuing education credits in lifestyle training for medical professionals,” she says. Silberstein’s nonprofit organization provides online holistic cancer coach training for health professionals as well as research-based education and counseling on how to prevent, cope with and beat cancer through immune-boosting holistic approaches. The list of books authored by cancer survivors continues to grow, offering helpful insight into how individuals are negotiating the challenges of their healing journey. Two recent books, Surviving the Storm: A Workbook for Telling Your Cancer Story, by Psychotherapist Cheryl Krauter, and Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools: We’ll Get You Through This, by Barbara Tako, are particularly helpful regarding the onslaught of toxic feelings and emotions that stress the mind and body—fear, anger, isolation, anxiety, depression and uncertainty, as well as loss and grief. Emphasizing the

need for individuals diagnosed with cancer to tell their stories, the authors encourage keeping a journal. The act of getting thoughts and experiences out of the mind and onto paper supports emotional cleansing. “It’s important to share the real story of the emotional storm that is cancer, as well as the ravages of its treatments and invisible, but lingering side effects; to tell the tale of the cancer survivor who is moving from patient to person; and to explore and discover who you are after having faced down your mortality,” Krauter counsels.

Changed Paradigm

Results of the Human Genome Project, as well as the work of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., stem cell biologist and author of The Biology of Belief, and other epigenetic researchers support the point that “environmental signals” that directly affect our DNA expression include our thoughts, emotions, belief system, exposure to sunlight, exercise and everything we put into our body. Such new science shatters the idea that we are victims of our genes and environment. It shines light on the fact that we have tremendous power to shape and direct our own physical health. Our entire lifestyle is pivotal. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at ItsAllAboutWe.com.


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August 2017


Syda Productions/Shutterstock.com

Hiking in nature is a ready way to reset frazzled nerves. Explorers’ Heaven

TAKE A HIKE Escape into Nature with a Day Trip by Marlaina Donato


o many, hiking means long-distance treks through forests or backpacking remote terrain. “In reality, it’s more about getting out into green areas close to home,” says Wesley Trimble, of the American Hiking Society. “It’s about immersion in nature.” Day hiking can be easily tailored to personal preferences and interests. “Excellent apps and websites list and describe trails in your area or community. We have a database on our site that’s helpful,” says Trimble (AmericanHiking.org). He’s personally high on old rail lines that have been converted to wide, accessible paths (RailsToTrails.us).

A Trail for Everyone Whatever our location, age or fitness level, a hike can provide opportunities for calming solitude or connecting with people we care about. Individuals with disabilities can also get outdoors at accommodating trails such as those at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, in Delaware. There’s always something to be learned in identifying wildlife and plants. “Families can enjoy time walking outdoors together in ways impossible in other settings,” observes Verna Gates, founder of Fresh Air Family, a Birmingham, Alabama, outdoor activities educational foundation. “Nature aids in well-being in many ways.” She points to studies cited at NatureAndForest Therapy.org/the-science.html that reveal how trees emit enzymes into the air that help improve our emotional and physical health. “When I lost a child, the only place I found solace was in nature. Sitting in a patch of wildflowers truly brought me back to living,” recalls Gates. 22

NA Lowcountry Edition


Following a lovely trail, much like inspired cooking, is as intriguing and delightful as we wish it to be. From wildflower paths to wine country trails, the great outdoors invites exploration of woodlands, glens, forests, mountain valleys, coastal areas, bayous, deserts and other terrain. Experienced daytrippers recommend revisiting favorite trails in specific seasons. “I love being in the natural world, be it New Jersey, Florida or Alaska. Every trail offers surprises,” marvels distance hiker Craig Romano (CraigRomano.com). As the author of several day hike guidebooks, he’s seen firsthand how, “Every part of the country offers different perspectives and forms of beauty. The greatest biological diversity in our country is found in the Great Smoky Mountains, where the rhododendrons are breathtaking in spring.” The world’s largest mapped cave system is in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park. Hiking to observe other subterranean wonders in Indiana or Virginia’s Natural Bridge Caverns is no less exhilarating than walking Alabama’s covered bridge trail or painter Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch country, in New Mexico. The Appalachian Trail, running between Maine and Georgia, attracts thousands of adventurous long-distance trekkers, but such trails also offer sections ideal for day hikes. Geomagnetic points in Arizona’s vortex region or America’s Stonehenge, in New Hampshire, afford unusual destinations. The wonders of California’s Sonoma County include Planet Walk, a scale model path that illustrates our solar system. The Crater of Diamonds State Park, in Arkansas, is the only place in the world where hikers can dig for diamonds and keep what they find, although quartz diamond sites (semiprecious stones less hard than diamonds) can be accessed at other U.S. locales. Coastal walks lead to discovering sea glass and shells. Arboretums in urban areas offer trails flush with local flora. Joining or starting a hiking club based on common interests is one way to go. “One of our guidebook series encourages outdoor enthusiasts to explore the natural world in their immediate backyards. This approach especially appeals to families, first-time trail users and athletes looking for a quick nature fix after work,” offers Helen Cherullo, publisher of Mountaineers Books (MountaineersBooks.org), a nonprofit committed to conservation and sustainable lifestyles. Wherever we venture, take nothing but pictures and leave nature untouched. Cherullo reminds us, “Connecting people to treasured natural landscapes leads to active engagement to preserve these places for future generations. The future of public lands—owned by every American citizen—is literally in our hands.” They deserve our vote. Marlaina Donato is a freelance writer, author and multimedia artist. Connect at MarlainaDonato.com.

Olga Danylenko/Shutterstock.com


Where to Go


long with checking your state’s departments of tourism and parks and recreation, here are some broader resources for finding local trails. n AmericanHiking.org n AmericanTrails.org n Backpacker.com n BluePlanetGreenLiving.com

Holistic/ Preventive Dentist

Call for appointment: 843-881-1418 Mt Pleasant 843-293-6700 Myrtle Beach

James Sexton DMD MAGD

• Anti-ageing dentistry • Biocompatible materials • Safe removal of mercury fillings since 1975 following IAOMT protocol • Master Academy of General Dentistry • Associate Fellow American Academy of Implant Dentistry

n ClimateRide.org n FreshAirFamily.org n GearPatrol.com n HikingProject.com n NWF.org (National Wildlife Federation) n OutsideOnline.com (Outside Magazine) n SectionHiker.com

What You Need

34 people move to the Charleston area every day! Help them find you! Natural Awakenings is in 84 cities across the country, so many of these people know Natural Awakenings Magazine as a community’s best resource to find natural health practitioners and eco-friendly businesses! Call today to advertise



ime spent outside is best when we’re well-equipped. Here are some basic tips.

4 Be prepared for weather, stay alert, plan ahead and have a trail map so you know what to expect.

CHarleston HolistiC Center, llC

4 Inform others where you will be and what time you plan to be back. Set a deadline to turn around and head back well before sundown.

Are you or •• PTSD Phobias a loved one •• Anxiety Anger or Anger Triggers experiencing? • Traumatic Events

4 Plan on not having cell phone reception. 4 Wear proper footwear and clothing. 4 Take a compass and a flashlight. 4 Bring water, in plastic-free bottles, and well-sealed snacks. 4 Apply natural, reliable sunscreen (such as Think Sport)


4 Use DEET-free insect and tick repellant. (For an easy home recipe, add 15 drops of geranium and eucalyptus essential oils to a two-ounce spray bottle filled with distilled water. Shake well before each use.) 4 Consider a natural first-aid kit. (DIY guidelines for creating alternative kits are found at Tinyurl.com/Natural RemediesTravelKit and Tinyurl.com/ AnHerbalFirstAidKit.)

Comprehensive treatment for all types of Psychological Traumas is available using EMDR, EFT, Hypnosis, and a complete analysis and results-oriented wellness approach www.CharlestonHolisticCenter.com

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healingways Juan Nel/Shutterstock.com

Control the Frizz

Schedule Your Smoothing Treatment Today!

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Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.

Five Solutions for Sleep Apnea by Lloyd Jenkins

~Thomas Dekker

ConneCtions that nourish Your soul All are Welcome so come and share in the experience

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Bliss Spiritual Co-op is a dream incubator offering classes in a cozy, retreat environment which includes a creative arts studio, full working kitchen, inspirational library, workout studio, meditation room, healing room, meditative painting space, organic garden and three classrooms.

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep


n estimated 18 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of sleep apnea. From the Greek expression for “want of breath,” sleep apnea causes cessation of breathing during the night. Bouts usually last from 10 to 30 seconds and can occur from just a few times to several hundred. The main cause is the throat muscles becoming too relaxed during sleep and constricting the airway. Two out of four people with the condition do not even realize they are sleep deprived due to apnea, and thus are at greater risk of suffering from both short-term ailments such as migraines or extreme fatigue, and long-term effects that include stroke and heart disease.


Lose Weight via Diet and Exercise Most people find the problem clears up or is greatly improved when they lose weight. One of the easiest and healthiest ways is eating only fruit from morning until noon, and then eating healthy, nutritious meals for lunch and dinner. Avoid processed, sugar-laden and deep-fried foods. Exercise at least four times a week. Doing moderate exercise for just 40 minutes has been shown to significantly reduce sleep apnea (Sleep journal). Use a


medicine ball to follow a trainer tutorial at Tinyurl.com/25-MinMedicineBallWorkout. A mini-trampoline also offers a safe and effective workout. A brisk 20-to-30-minute daily walk is a must for better sleep.


Sleep on Either Side Lying on the back encourages throat muscles to close up and the tongue to fall toward the back of the throat. Shifting onto one side reduces this discomfort and potential apnea episodes. Using one pillow beneath the head allows the neck to rest at a more natural angle, rather than pushing the chin toward the chest, which restricts the airway.


Vitamins D and C Almost everyone is deficient in vitamin D, even many in sunny regions, reports Dr. Joseph Mercola in his report, The Amazing Wonder Nutrient. Wisely managed sun exposure supplies vitamin D—no more than 20 minutes a day, 10 minutes on each side—without suntan lotion. Alternatively, a high-dose of a quality vitamin D supplement measuring 5,000 international units is adequate, but always take it along with vitamin K2, which helps the body process calcium properly to avoid overdose problems.


Magnesium, the Master Mineral From 70 to 80 percent of mankind is deficient in magnesium, which has been connected with prevention of degenerative diseases and mental health and is often the missing mineral in an individual’s wellness equation, according to Enviromedica’s Ancient Minerals. It also regulates muscle function, including those in the upper throat involved with apnea. Organic foods and farmers’ market offerings may have higher levels of magnesium, especially those packed with green chlorophyll. Liquid chlorophyll is available in most health stores. Start by drinking one glass (250 milliliters) per day for a week, and then take two tablespoons daily. Spinach, chard, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, kefir, almonds, black beans, avocados, figs, bananas and dark chocolate (avoid brands with white sugar) are good sources.


Helpful Natural Medicines n Just before bedtime, consume one teaspoon of olive oil (or organic honey) combined with three drops of lavender essential oil. n Supplement with serotonin precursor 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), which complements magnesium. n One of the best pure sources of omega-3—a top remedy for sleep apnea by protecting cells from stress—is krill oil (Alternative Medicine Review). Sleep apnea causes long-term oxidative stress and puts severe demands on the body, which is thought to deplete omega-3 levels. Lloyd Jenkins is a certified naturopath native to Canada and owner of the Budwig Cancer Clinic, in Malaga, Spain. He’s the author of seven books and many articles on treating common diseases using natural therapies.

The Proper Pillow by Randy Kambic


he right natural pillow is a key component to restful sleep. In fact, pillow comfort and support are as critical to good sleep as the proper mattress. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) (SleepFoundation.org), 91 percent of Americans say that a good pillow is key to their sleep quality. Investing in a high-quality, supportive pillow can be transformative, both personally and professionally. The RAND Corporation calculates that poor sleep among U.S. workers annually costs the U.S. economy some $411 billion. Replace old, worn-out pillows. Pillows can harbor dust mites and their excrement, dead skin cells and bacteria that can exacerbate allergy symptoms. If a pillow is clumping, losing support or yellowing, replace it, says Michelle Fishberg, co-founder of sleep wellness company Slumbr (Slumbr.com). “Quality, properly sourced, down and feather pillows can be comfortable for those that like classic, soft pillows. Buckwheat and natural latex pillows each have unique qualities promoting better sleep. Buckwheat is therapeutic for back pain, all-natural and hypoallergenic, and reduces snoring for some,” advises Fishberg.

Natural Awakenings


Our body does not store vitamin C, so we need at least 2,000 milligrams daily to maintain good health. A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found that vitamin C can reduce damage caused by sleep apnea. High-content foods include bell peppers, dark leafy greens, kiwi fruit, broccoli, berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas and papayas.

Pillow care. The NSF suggests using pillow as well as mattress protectors; PureCare mattress (PureCare.com) is their official source including a range of down pillows and its MiteTight protector. Organic cotton covers are kind to people and the planet. Slumbr.com likewise advises using a protective cover to extend pillow life. Don’t dry clean pillows, because chemicals and heat can do damage. A down pillow can be washed, but it’s best to have it professionally cleaned by a down specialist every three to four years. Or wash them at home no more than twice a year on the delicate cycle, alone in a large or commercial washing machine, to avoid breaking down the down’s natural oils and structure. Latex pillows can be occasionally hand-washed with mild detergent and air-dried flat. Don’t wash buckwheat pillows—if the hulls get wet, pour them into a fine mesh bag and air-dry them in the sun.

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The Rise of Pop-Up Organic Dining by John D. Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist


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he flip side of enjoying farm to table is taking the table to the farm. Socalled “pop-up feasts” are booming at farms throughout the country during growing and harvest seasons. While the format varies, dinners are typically hosted on working rural or urban farms, last about three hours and include aperitifs and a tour before the meal. Wine pairings or beer tastings and live music may be among the enticing activities offered. Gabriele Marewski, owner of Paradise Farms, near Miami, Florida, was a pioneering forerunner of the trend. For 10 years prior to retirement, she hosted more than 50 chefs, served thousands of guests an organic Dinner in Paradise and raised more than $50,000 for area charities. Periodic onsite dinners continue (ParadiseFarms.net). “Many chefs are active in farm-totable dinners on the West Coast. We also see participation among wineries, orchards, cheese makers and breweries,” says A.K. Crump, CEO of TasteTV, in San Francisco, which also supervises PopUpRestaurants.com. “People like to meet the meal maker and know more about the origin of what they eat.”


“I started Dinner on the Farm nine years ago to create unique experiences that connect people to the places their food is grown and the people that grow them,” says Monica Walch, whose popup dinners are served picnic-style for friends and families that bring their own tableware. Her company’s Midwest events, usually offered on Minnesota and Wisconsin farms, always feature local chefs, food ingredients and breweries (DinnerOnTheFarm.com). “There’s nothing like being comfortably seated in the field where your food is growing and having the opportunity to enjoy it just hours after it’s been picked. Then, add in one-on-one conversations with your chef, brewer and farmer, as well as like-minded community members,” observes Walch, who grew up on an organic dairy farm in Minnesota. Setting the bar for high-end, white tablecloth, adults-only communal events, Outstanding in the Field tours the country to offer a taste of fresh, local cuisine prepared by top regional chefs. They’re known for serving meals on long tables set up in fields on

prairie ranches, in olive groves or fruit orchards, as well as at urban rooftop farms or near vegetable row crops. “Our mission is to get folks out to the farm and honor the people whose good work brings nourishment to the table,” says organization founder and chef/artist Jim Denevan. More than 90, five-hour events that include appetizers and a guided farm tour are being held all the way through November in more than a dozen states (see OutstandingInTheField.com). “Some of our most popular events feature farmers of the sea, and are set alongside the ocean or other bodies of water,” adds Lisa Supple, publicist for the company. “They feature local fisher people and oyster and abalone farmers.” “Epicurean San Diego offers popup farm dinner events at Dickinson Farm, in National City, California,” explains

Guests enjoy appetizers and cocktails at a Dinner on the Farm event at Primrose Valley Farm, in New Glarus, Wisconsin.

fundraising events, like The Foodshed Alliance’s Farm to Fork Dinner and Wine Tasting, now in its seventh year (Tinyurl.com/Foodshed-AllianceFarm2Fork). It’s held at the Alba Vineyard, in Milford, New Jersey, which practices renewable viticulture. “We already have eight chefs lined up to prepare an eight-course, locally sourced, wine-pairing dinner served among the vines,” explains Kendrya Close, executive director of the alliance. Expert winemakers select each course’s pairing. “We’re proud to be the hardworking roadies that set the stage for America’s rock star farmers,” says Denevan. John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, co-authors of ECOpreneuring and Farmstead Chef, operate the Inn Serendipity, in Browntown, WI.

Pizza on the Farm event at Dream Acres, served by a waiter on stilts, in Rogers, Minnesota. owner Stephanie Parker (Epicurean SanDiego.com). “We strive to completely source our produce from the farm.” The veteran-owned, certified organic Dickinson Farm features heirloom fruits, vegetables and herbs grown on a large city lot. “We have focused on urban farms to inspire more people to grow their own food and to show that you don’t have to live on a huge piece of property in the countryside,” Parker notes. Some pop-up feasts are managed directly by local farmers in partnership with lead chefs. Others serve as annual

MooGrass Band performance at Dinner on the Farm event at Sandhill Family Farms, in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

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Johns Island Farmers Market

SUNDAY Awendaw Country Market

4765 N Hwy 17, Awendaw (Awendaw Tractor Supply) April-Dec • 11am-3pm

Sunday Brunch Farmers Market

Heaven Scent Offering raw, organic shea butter and African black soap since 1999. Summerville, Charleston Old Slave Market

1977 Maybank Hwy, James Island (behind the Pour House) Feb 5-Dec 17 • 11am-3pm SundayBrunchFarmersMarket.com

MONDAY Folly Beach Farmers Market

Folly River Park Center St, Folly Beach April 3-Nov • 4-8pm FollyBeachFarmersMarket.org

Freshfields Village Farmers Market 165 Village Green Ln (Crossroads of Kiawah, Seabrook and Johns Islands) June 5-Aug • 4-8pm FreshfieldsVillage.com

TUESDAY Mt Pleasant Farmers Market

R and R Acres

645 Coleman Blvd, Mt Pleasant April 4-Sept • 3:30-7pm ComeOnOvermp.com

Local Honey and Natural Soaps

Summers Corner Farmers Market 1609 Beech Hill Rd, Summerville Last Tues of the month, through Sept 3-7 pm

Charleston Night Market



Carnes Crossroads Farmers Market


(at the Green Barn) 513 Wodin Pl, Summerville May 2-Aug • 3-6pm CarnesCharleston.com/event/farmersmarket-at-the-green-barn

Herbal Infusions of Destiny Tropical Plants, Yard Design, Natural Soaps with Herbal Infusions. Johns Island and Sunday Brunch Farmers Market 28

NA Lowcountry Edition

West Ashley Farmers Market

Ackerman Park 55 Sycamore Ave, Charleston April 19-Oct 4 • 3-7pm CharlestonFarmersMarket.com/ westashley

THURSDAY New Location! Daniel Island Farmers Market

Refuel Service Station, 860 Island Park Dr, Daniel Island May 4-Aug 31 • 3-6pm Facebook.com/danielislandfarmersmarket


New! Hanahan Family Farmers Market 1601 Eagle Landing Blvd, Hanahan 3-7pm HanahanFamilyFarmersMarket.com

Moncks Corner Farmers Market 418 E Main St, Moncks Corner April 7-Dec 16 • 3-7pm TownOfMoncksCorner.sc.gov

Nano Farmers Market

1444 Folly Rd, James Island (Park at Emmanuel Baptist Church) 4-7pm Facebook.com/nanofarms

North Charleston/Park Circle Farmers Market

Felix Davis Community Center, 4800 Park Circle, N Charleston May 4-Oct 26 • 3-7pm Facebook.com/nochasfarmersmarket

FRIDAY MUSC Farmers Market

171 Ashley Ave, Charleston Year round • 7am-3:30pm

SATURDAY Charleston Farmers Market 329 Meeting St, Charleston (Marion Square) April 8-Nov 25 • 8am-2pm CharlestonFarmersMarket.com

Goose Creek Farmers Market

150 Howe Hall Rd, Goose Creek April 22-Sept • 8am-2pm Facebook.com/goose-creek-farmersmarket-191002867601107/info/?tab= page_info

James Island Presbyterian Church Farmers Market 1632 Ft Johnson Rd, James Island 9am-6pm most Saturdays JamesIslandPresbyterian.org/ special-services/farmers-market

New Location! Johns Island “Homegrown” Sustainable Farmers Market

2024 Academy Rd, Johns Island Year round • 10am-2pm JohnsIslandFarmersMarket.com

Summerville Farmers Market

200 S Main St, Summerville April-Dec • 8am-1pm Summervillesc.gov/farmersmarket



How Changing Your Thinking Changes Everything


by April Thompson

or 40 years, Social Psychologist Ellen Langer has conducted pioneering research on the power of our minds to shape health and well-being. Langer’s work demonstrates that changing what we think and believe can transform not only our experiences, but also our bodies—a once-radical idea now common among neuroscientists. Her unconventional experiments often involve mind tricks: taking elders’ sub-

jective thoughts back 20 years to reverse objective metrics of aging; fostering weight loss in a group of hotel maids by simply suggesting that their jobs qualify as exercise; and even changing blood sugar levels in diabetics by speeding up or slowing down perceived time during a video game session. Affectionately dubbed the “Mother of Mindfulness”, Langer was the first female professor to earn tenure in Harvard University’s psychology department. A prolific writer and

scientist, she has authored more than 200 related articles and 11 books, including Mindfulness; The Power of Mindful Learning; On Becoming an Artist: Reinventing Yourself Through Mindful Creativity; and Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility. Langer lives, paints, works and observes the world from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Learn more at EllenLanger.com.

What is mindful learning, and how can we best practice it? All learning is mindful; the only way to learn is by noticing new things. When we stop observing and get into our heads, wondering if that answer was right or if we responded quickly enough, we exit learning mode and enter mindlessness, where no learning can really take place. Part of what makes travel exciting, for example, is that we are primed to experience new things and pay attention to them, but actually, newness surrounds us at all times, no matter where we are. What makes us mindless is the mistaken notion of already knowing, when everything is always changing.

natural awakenings

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What techniques, with or without meditation, can we adopt to change our mindset and mental habits to reduce stress and increase health and happiness? Most mindlessness occurs by default, rather than design. If we all realized that through mindfulness we could look better, feel better, be better received and do better things—all claims that are supported by scientific research—it wouldn’t be hard to choose. Meditation is essentially a tool to lead you to the simple act of intentional noticing, but many routes lead to that destination. One way to learn mindfully is to learn conditionally; to see the world as “it would seem that” and “could be”, which is very different than “it is.” If we recognized that evaluations occur in our heads rather than the external world, much of our stress would dissipate. Negativity and stress are typically a result of mindless ruminations about negative things we think are inevitable. If we simply ask ourselves why the dreaded event might

not occur, we’d be less stressed. Next, if we ask ourselves how it may actually be a good thing if it does happen, again stress would diminish.

get better not because of the pill, but because of your beliefs about it, you realize that what stands in the way of healing is your own mindset.

How do the mental constructs we attach to our experiences affect outcomes of health and well-being?

How have you seen these principles play out in your own life?

Mental constructs are positions we consider as accepted certainties. When a physician makes a diagnosis, most people take it as a certainty and behave accordingly. Assuming that pain, decline or failure is inevitable can cause an individual to give up hope of complete recovery. But science only suggests probabilities, and if we understand this, we’ll go to work on a solution. We have a tremendous amount of control over our health that goes untapped. Placebos are today’s strongest medications demonstrating this fact. Initially, placebos were frowned upon by the pharmaceutical industry because a drug couldn’t be brought to market if a placebo was just as effective. When someone gives you a pill and you

My fascination with the ability of our mind to change our health began when my mother’s diagnosed metastasized breast cancer disappeared, a fact the medical world could not explain. Since then, my own prognosis related to a smashed ankle from a Beth Israel teaching hospital physician with the Harvard Medical School, stating that I would always walk with a limp and never play tennis again, has been completely overturned. My mission coming out of these two experiences is to determine how we can apply our mental capacities to increase control of our health and well-being. Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at AprilWrites.com.

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Set Out a Welcome Mat for a Soulmate by Arielle Ford


ust as we need to create space in our daily schedule to nurture a new relationship, we must create space in our home to welcome in new love. It’s called “feathering the nest”. Think about the first time that our soulmate will walk into our home—what they will they see, smell and feel. Even an inviting, cozy environment may need an upgrade. The underlying vibration or feeling of a place reflects the home’s energy. Whatever has happened there since its beginning, including arguments, illnesses or times of loneliness, have all left an unseen layer of negative energy. You could say that the walls “talk”. To begin preparing our home to welcome a mate, first remove the clutter. Piles of magazines, stacks of unshelved books and excessive furnishings are blocking and keeping in old energy and preventing good, clean new energy from flowing. Be sure to remove all photographs and souvenirs that are reminders of past lovers; throw them away or put them in a box away from your home. These daily, unconscious memory triggers keep you stuck in the past. Clearing everything out is like putting out a cosmic welcome mat to the Universe that we are now ready, willing and available to receive new love. Next, it’s time to dispel the unseen energies. The fastest, easiest method is the Native American technique of smudging. The smoke will purify the space. Light a piece of white sage on a

small plate and when it is smoking (not flaming) run the smoke up, down and around every room, closet, door and window frame throughout the entire home. Alternatively, on a sunny day, open all the doors and windows and, applying a broom and imagination, sweep out the old energies. Just as nature abhors a vacuum and calls in matter to fill the empty space, so making space in our home assists in calling in love. Consciously create “space” by placing an empty nightstand on “their” side of the bed, plus have at least one empty dresser drawer waiting for them. Create inviting space in a closet and clear a shelf in a bathroom cabinet. If we have a two-car garage and have been parking in the middle, pick a side and begin only parking on “our side”. The most essential ingredient to “feathering the nest” is a strong intention to remove any old, outdated, limiting or negative energies that may be preventing love from finding its way to our door. Once free from unwanted clutter and obstructions, it becomes our sanctuary of vibrant, attractive energy. Arielle Ford is the author of 11 books, including Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate and The Soulmate Secret: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. Her latest, Inkspirations: Love By Design, is a transformational coloring book. She lives in La Jolla, CA. Learn more at SoulmateSecret.com.

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Fresh Looks at Autism Focusing on a Child’s Optimal Potential

chekart /Shutterstock.com

by Linda Sechrist


new paradigm shift regarding autism spectrum disorder (ASD) centers on evolving beliefs about the possibilities for those living with autism, as well as the unimagined brilliance they possess and their need for supportive help. Everyone can benefit from the results of hands-on research and experience by parents and caregivers that are finding nontraditional ways to help special needs children deal with issues related to emotional and cognitive detachment and isolation. Momentum for this major shift in perspective is fueled by young adults that are telling their encouraging stories online and in books such as Carly Fleishman’s Carly’s Voice. Parents of the one in 45 children diagnosed with ASD know that their lifetime commitment requires extraordinary courage, perseverance, patience, determination, emotional strength, outside-the-box thinking and unconditional love. These parental characteristics are most cited by those that have mastered related developmental disorders, which they now regard as gifts, because they are thriving. Dr. Andrea Libutti, author of Awakened by Autism: Embracing Autism, Self, and Hope for a New World, offers her insights for understanding the multifaceted nature of autism and the need for a personalized plan for healing. Janice Vedrode, a special needs coach, consultant


NA Lowcountry Edition

and child advocate in Saginaw, Michigan, founded Spectrum Speaks and writes at JaniceVedrode.com/blog to inform parents about numerous issues regarding ASD. “Because I live in a town that didn’t have an existing support group for parents with ASD children, I took it upon myself to get the ball rolling and advise parents that they need to build a dream team—doctors, therapists, special needs teachers, spiritual community, friends and family—that will make sure their child succeeds and lives a happy and successful life,” says Vedrode. Wanting to help both their own two sons with developmental disabilities and others, Boaz and Minerva Santiago, residents of Pembroke Pines, Florida, became early trailblazers ushering in the self-employment movement for special needs individuals. Their Picasso Einstein online educational platform at SelfEmploy.org has launched the #JobCreators Bootcamp Training for parents and professionals and the #JobCreators Integration Program that collaborates with organizations, financial institutions and government agencies. “If you focus on pursuing a business for your child for the sake of their independence, you won’t get caught up in only the business and money aspects. Self-employment allows even greatly impaired individuals the maximum opportunity to experi-


ence independence, not just in the present, but for the rest of their lives,” explains Boaz. He cites an example of a young boy with an avid interest in folding clothing. His parents learned how to create a meaningful job for him by creating a simple small laundry business from the family garage. Although at the beginning he was only asked to fold clothing (which he already expressed interest in), his father now accompanies him around the neighborhood to pass out business cards and promote his service. Being in business has helped him grow as a person. “Begin by assuming your child is competent and make it possible for them to follow their passion and create a future they can be proud of,” advises Boaz. Shining lights are leading the way. With her father’s help, Carly Fleishman, diagnosed at the age of 2 with nonverbal severe autism, wrote a book by striking one computer key at a time that described living in a mind and body afflicted with this condition. Still nonverbal, she hosts a YouTube radio show on which she interviews celebrities via a device that turns keystrokes into verbal language. Kerry Magro, with Autism Speaks, a research and advocacy organization, answered the question, “What Happens to Children with Autism When They Become Adults?” in his TEDx talk, one of his many media ventures. Chris Varney, an “I can” advocate for children’s rights, won rave reviews for his TEDx talk, “My Unstoppable Mother Proved the Experts Wrong.” Such powerful stories specifically relate how parents, grandparents and helpful friends forged networks that freed them and their afflicted children of the inhibiting stigma of autism and enabled them to realize their fullest potential. A bedrock philosophy in supporting ASD and other special needs children is to assume they are competent and learn to see them through God’s lens, rather than the lens of the world. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at ItsAllAboutWe.com.


Help for Injured Wildlife Caring Rehab Gives Them a Second Chance



Margaret M Stewart/Shutterstock.com

by Sandra Murphy



eeing lost, injured or orphaned animals is heartbreaking, but unless a wild animal is in immediate danger from prey or traffic, it’s best to wait and observe. Mothers forage for food and return to the babies intermittently. If in doubt, call a wildlife rehabber for advice. “Rehabilitators are trained, tested, licensed, take continuing education courses and file annual reports. All care provided must meet government standards,” explains wildlife rehabilitator Regina Whitman, of Queen Creek, Arizona, via her Desert Cry Wildlife website. She rehabs rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, baby javelina and coyote pups. The Dan & Dianne May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Lee’s-McRae College, in Banner Elk, North Carolina, is the only college program in the U.S. that allows students to work hands-on with veterinarians in the rehab center. “We see native species of reptiles, rap-

tors, songbirds and mammals like eastern gray squirrels,” says Jenna Glaski, a program senior mentor. “When fawns and bobcats are orphaned, it’s usually because the mother has been hit by a car or shot.” In the Georgetown area, South Carolina Coastal Animal Rescue and Educational Sanctuary (SC-CARES) rehabbers care for injured wildlife and other animals. Miss Belle—a doe that was trapped in fencing and temporarily paralyzed trying to get free—received physical therapy and is expected to make a full recovery. Founded in 2004 by Kevin Barton and Linda Schrader, the Wildlife Center of Venice, serves Sarasota and Charlotte counties. Its five acres offers hutches, barns, habitats for squirrels and raccoons, an aviary and a pond for waterfowl. In 2015, volunteers rescued eight striped skunks. Because these mammals are slow and have poor eyesight, wide roads are especially hazardous as


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they move through diminishing habitat. Skunks eat insects, grubs, rodents, moles and snakes. Paul and Gloria Halesworth specialize in hummingbirds at Wild Wing Rehab Hummers & Songbirds, in Ahwatukee, Arizona. “Hummingbird babies require a special formula we import from Europe. A body temperature of 105 degrees causes casual rescuers to think they’re overheated. They pant like dogs if too hot; otherwise, they’re okay,” Paul says. If a nest is found on the ground, reaffix it in a tree.

Nothing you wear is more important than your smile. ~Connie Stevens

“Duct tape works,” he notes. “Mom will find them.” Released birds are taken to the Desert Botanical Garden, in Phoenix. Rehabbing owls costs significantly more, up to $800 from hatchling to release. The Halesworths refer owls to another rehabber that annually cares for about 500 owls. In Fort Gratiot, Michigan, Back 2 the Wild Rehab rescues all kinds of wild animals. In February, two geese were stuck in a frozen river. Firefighters freed the birds and rehabbers checked them for frostbite. One goose died, but the other was released after the next storm passed through. The Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary, near McCall, Idaho, accepts orphaned bear cubs. Tapping into three decades of research reported by program supervisor Jeff Rohlman, they are vetted and put into a two-acre enclosure to learn to live in the wild until they are old enough for release. Most arrive undernourished and dehydrated; if separated from their mother, they don’t know how to feed themselves or when to hibernate. Dreamcatcher Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary, in Ravendale, California, doesn’t release rehabbed guests—it provides a lifetime home to roam 1,000 acres in family packs to find their own food and water. Public

lands are leased to ranchers for grazing, compelling competition for food between livestock and wild animals, so this is a safer option; the sanctuary also advocates protection of resident mountain lions, badgers, coyotes, hawks and eagles. Barry and Maureen Genzlinger, founders of the Vermont Bat Center, in Milton, have rescued and released more than 125 bats since Barry became a licensed bat rehabilitator for the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department in 2013. “We have one bat that lost 95 percent of the skin on a wing,” he says. “After three months, most of it has grown back. In two more months, it should be fine, just in time to hibernate.” Bats can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour. While some are considered a nuisance, each rescued animal has a place in the overall eco-system. Following the good Samaritan rule allows casual rescuers to keep an animal only long enough to safely transport it to a rehabilitator. Rescue operations always need volunteers to donate time or money to help the cause. For creatures, staying with a healing friend can help but there’s no place like home. Connect with freelance writer Sandra Murphy at StLouisFreelanceWriter@ mindspring.com.

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naturalpet Minerva Studio/Shutterstock.com

determined age. This cutie’s job is to steady nervous patients. “It wasn’t planned,” says Patterson. “Oliver will bark nonstop when left alone, but being one of the staff makes him happy. Meeting Oliver is part of our hiring process.” Dory, a yellow Labrador certified therapy dog, is approved by the San Diego district attorney’s office to offer aid in court when a victim or witness testifies in front of the defendant. “Dory was the first court support dog in California and the city’s first of five dog and handler teams,” says Kathleen Lam, a retired attorney and dog handler. “The dogs undergo rigorous testing to demonstrate good behavior in court. Handlers work on long downs and stays, including hand signals.” Dory recently accompanied an 8-year-old girl testifying against her father; he had killed his wife in front of her two years before.

Public Ambassadors Deemed “too large to sell,” Bert, a chocolate Pomeranian, wound up in an Oklahoma shelter. Kathy Grayson, owner of The Hole, a New York City art gallery, saw his photo on Petfinder.com and fell in love. She immediately traveled to adopt him. Bert, whom she characterizes as quiet, refined and perfectly suited to the art world, loves being at the gallery and has attended art fairs in major U.S. cities. Follow Bert’s adventures via Instagram.com/bertiebertthepom. “Edie, a boxer mix puppy, started training as an assistance dog, but her personality proved better suited to the hospitality industry,” says Julie Abramovic Kunes, public relations manager for the Fairmont Hotel, in Berkeley, California. Kunes’ Edie was hired by the Fairmont Pittsburgh Hotel in 2011, before making the career move west with her in 2017. A former shelter dog, Edie greets visitors as a community ambassador.

Dogs at Work Finding the Right Dog for the Job by Sandra Murphy


very dog needs a meaningful job. Like us, some need help figuring out what they want to be when they grow up; others choose their own specialty. With imagination and experimentation, even a problem pooch can became an unexpected blessing.

Special Rescue Teams

A 7-year-old hound and canine-style Houdini named Gumby was adopted seven times, surrendered to the shelter eight times and thrice became a stray. An unprecedented 11 return trips to the Charleston Animal Society, in South Carolina, convinced the staff he prefers shelter life. Now his self-appointed job is comforting and helping new arrivals adjust to their temporary home. Dentist April Patterson owns Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa, in Fort Lauderdale. After attending a local Humane Society fashion show, she returned to her office with Oliver, a four-pound Dory, the first court support Pomeranian mix of undog in California.

courtesy of Kathleen Lam

Comforting Companions

Mas, a water-loving Newfoundland, redefines “rescue dog”. The Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio, or Italian School of Rescue Dogs, is the largest national organization in Italy to train dogs and handlers for water rescue. Helicopters can often reach a swimmer in distress more quickly than a boat. The dog jumps out to circle the victim until they can grab her harness before swimming to shore or a human partner. Mas, the first certified water rescue operative recognized by Italy, France and Switzerland port authorities and coast guards, went on to train her successors. Bloodhounds are renowned for their super sniffers. Lou, a nine-year K9 veteran, on Pennsylvania’s West York Borough Police Department force, ultimately applied for retirement, passing the harness to Prince, a 3-month-old bloodhound. Prince was sworn in by District Judge Jennifer J.P. Clancy in her Spring Garden Township courtroom. The ceremony emphasizes a K9’s status in the community and within law enforcement. Paired with Officer Scott Musselman for eight months of training, the duo will work with the Missing Child Task Force. Connect with freelance writer Sandra Murphy at StLouisFreelanceWriter@mindspring.com. natural awakenings

August 2017


calendarofevents Submissions for the September issue must be received no later than August 10 and can be entered at NALowcountry.com/event-entry.html. Submit ongoing events at NALowcountry.com/recurring-events-calendar.html. $10 per entry.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2 Free Kangen Hydration Demo – 1st Wed & 3rd Sun of each month. Marianne Rosen, MD & Associates, 776 Daniel Ellis Dr, Ste A, Charleston. Contact Johnny Z: 843-327-3726. Johnny@ NoWaterCompares.com.


Building the Bridge – 7-8:30pm. Join Jeannine Clemens and Erin Sirona over tea and snacks for a spiritual think tank. What is your heart’s work? This is a monthly gathering intended to support each other with cultivating this in the local community. FREE. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston. 843-974-5676. BridgeToAvalon.com.

Empowered Aging with George Buell, Friday Night Speaker Series – 7-8:30pm. Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master George Buell will lead a discussion on a necessary personal and cultural paradigm shift in our relationship to the aging process. $22. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston. 843-974-5676. BridgeToAvalon.com.




EFT Tapping and Meditation – 7-8:15pm. Learn how to use EFT (gentle tapping on your body) and meditation to remove energetic or emotional blocks. Facilitators: Anne-Marie Wiesman (AnneMarie@ Wiesman.com) and Ana Haugsoen (AnaHaugsoen@ msn.com). FREE! bliss Spiritual Co-op, 1163 Pleasant Oaks Dr, Mt Pleasant. 843-345-7061. blissSpiritualCo-op.org.

Creating Prosperity with Crystals – 10am12:30pm. This gathering will explore using a variety of crystals and methods from all around the world to invite more prosperity into our lives. You will receive a crystal toolkit and a handout to practice with at home. $47. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston. 843-974-5676. BridgeToAvalon.com.



Meet & Greet Swami Vishwadhaanamjayananda – 1-4pm & 6-8:30pm. Spend the afternoon with him in a small group or 1:1 setting. In the evening, he will lead a session on the power of OM and your hands to activate self-healing. FREE! bliss Spiritual Co-op, 1163 Pleasant Oaks Dr, Mt Pleasant. 843-345-7061. blissSpiritualCo-op.org.

Find Your Health Balance Workshop – 10am12pm. Facilitated by Shannon Rupert. Learn how to use your own body to discover the sources of issues—chronic fatigue, headaches, achy joints—and learn effective action steps. Preregistration/$25. Lime and Lotus, 925 Wappoo Rd, Ste F, Charleston. 843-214-2997. LimeAndLotus.com.

Journey to Your Inner Master, Ayurvedic Immersion – 5:30-7:30pm. The 10 Sacred Rituals to Health and Longevity. A 12-Week Course: Learn the Secrets to unlock your Self. Tuesdays. $50 +Tuition. Seed of Life Collective, 621 Wappoo Rd, Charleston. 843-475-2156. SeedOfLifeWellnessCollective@ gmail.com. SeedOfLifeCollective.com.

WILDCARD CHAKRA – 7-8:15pm. Let go and allow your soul to tell you which chakra needs some TLC. Feel lighter, happier using Chakra balancing tools in a fun setting. Facilitator: Ellie Alasantra. Free drawing ($50 value). $20. Spa Seven, 102 Wappoo Creek Dr, Ste 7, Charleston. 843-696-4016. VibraSoulArt.com.

Holistic Health and Green Business Meetup – 6pm. All businesses devoted to the health and happiness of people, pets or the planet are invited for speed networking, food and fun. $5. Mellow Mushroom, 4855 Tanger Outlet Blvd, N Charleston. 843-821-7404. Register by Aug 6 at Meetup.com/ holistic-health-and-green-business-meetup.

Chakra Meditation – 7:15-8:15pm. Chakra Meditation with Carmen Williams is experiential and magical! Explore your inner universe! Mondays Aug 14 & 28. Register at SeedOfLifeCollective. com. $10 each session. Seed of Life Collective, 621 Wappoo Rd, Charleston. 843-475-2156. SeedOfLifeWellnessCollective@gmail.com. SeedOfLifeCollective.com.

Your Perception Is Your Reality: Welcome to The Matrix – 7-8:30pm. We will examine the basic stages of life; each proposes a challenge that should prepare you for discovering the inherent inner power to fulfill your unique promise. $97. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston. 843-974-5676. BridgeToAvalon.com.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 10 Benefits of Newborn Massage – 6pm. Beyond the joy of spending quality time bonding with a new baby, infant massage has been shown to provide many benefits to the baby, the parents, and to the rest of the family. $10. 720 Magnolia Rd, Ste 15, Charleston. 843-826-0660. Danica@DanicaTodd. com. Info/reservation: DanicaTodd.com.


NA Lowcountry Edition

Conscious Dying Series – Screening of Considering the Conversation – 7-9:30pm. This series is led by Conscious Dying Guide Paige Hetherington. There will be a Q&A after the film. $10. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston. 843-9745676. BridgeToAvalon.com.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16 Answer Your Own Health Questions – 1011:30am or 6-7:30pm. Shannon Rupert presents this easy-to-learn self-analysis and treatment method for anything from chronic fatigue to Lyme disease. Seed of Life Collective, 621 Wappoo Rd, Charleston. 843-475-2156. Register at SeedOfLifeWellnessCollective@gmail.com. SeedOfLifeCollective.com. Client Attraction & Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners – 6-8pm. How to brand yourself in the community effectively. Preregistration/$35, at door/$45. Lime and Lotus, 925 Wappoo Rd, Ste F, Charleston. 843-214-2997. LimeAndLotus.com.


Into the Heart of Christ Meditation Together we will experience the way that calls us HOME, healing every obstacle to the presence of Love in our lives.

August 16 • 6:15-7:15pm. Suggested Love Offering *$22 per person. *Your contribution is appreciated however not expected. Everyone is welcome! Do not let funds keep you from answering your heart’s call. Healing Hara, 209 Stallsville Loop Rd, Summerville. 843-810-5953. HealingHara.com.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 17 Magical Water? Have You Heard? – 6pm. Turn Tap water into Alkalized, Ionized, Restructured water that works with your body chemistry. Free Live Demonstration and Healthy Drinking Game. Seed of Life Collective, 621 Wappoo Rd, Charleston. 843-475-2156. SeedOfLifeWellnessCollective@ gmail.com. SeedOfLifeCollective.com. Shamanic Dream Circle with Erin Sirona – 9pm. Immersed in powerful collective energy, we will journey deeply through Shamanic meditation. There will be an opportunity for feedback from others as well as time to share your “takeaway” at the end. $27. Contact Bridge to Avalon for location information. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston. 843-974-5676. BridgeToAvalon.com.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 Accessing the Akashic Records Level I with Chrys Franks – 7-10pm. Aug 19, 10am-5pm, and Aug 26, 1-4pm. Working with the Akashic Records allows you to experience the sacred Practice of self-discovery through dialogue with the Guardians of your Soul’s evolution. $297. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston. 843-974-5676. BridgeToAvalon.com.


Into the Heart of Christ Meditation Together we will experience the way that calls us HOME, healing every obstacle to the presence of Love in our lives.

August 19 • 4-5pm. Suggested Love Offering *$22 per person. *Your contribution is appreciated however not expected. Everyone is welcome! Do not let funds keep you from answering your heart’s call. Healing Hara, 209 Stallsville Loop Rd, Summerville. 843-810-5953. HealingHara.com.




Free Kangen Hydration Demo – 1st Wed & 3rd Sun of each month. Marianne Rosen, MD & Associates, 776 Daniel Ellis Dr, Ste A, Charleston. Contact Johnny Z: 843-327-3726. Johnny@ NoWaterCompares.com.

Reiki Level II – Aug 26-27. Sat & Sun, 10am5pm. Dive deeper into Reiki as we explore the Level II symbols, Distant Healing, and the Chakra System. Includes a comprehensive manual, Level II Attunement and beautiful certificate. Registration closes Aug 23. Prerequisite Level I. 12 CEU class. BodhiTreeCharleston.com.

Benefits of Newborn Massage – 6pm. Beyond the joy of spending quality time bonding with a new baby, infant massage has been shown to provide many benefits to the baby, the parents, and to the rest of the family. $10. 720 Magnolia Rd, Ste 15, Charleston. 843-826-0660. Danica@DanicaTodd. com. Info/reservation: DanicaTodd.com.

Annual Seed of Life Fest (formerly Awaken Charleston Party) – 12-5pm. Food trucks, Music, Local Vendors, and preview classes! Family/ pet friendly. Free! Seed of Life Collective, 621 Wappoo Rd, Charleston. 843-475-2156. SeedOfLifeWellnessCollective@gmail.com. RSVP at SeedOfLifeCollective.com.


Ayurveda 101 – 2-3:30pm. The 5 Mental Energies and Focusing and Balancing Mental Disturbances. $20 in advance, $25 at door. Seed of Life Collective, 621 Wappoo Rd, Charleston. 843-475-2156. SeedOfLifeWellnessCollective@gmail.com. SeedOfLifeCollective.com.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 22 Teens Supporting Teens (TST) – 4:15-5:30pm. Open to middle and high school teens struggling with anxiety, depression, or other challenges and looking for group support. Facilitator: Julie Koewler (Julie.Koewler@yahoo.com). FREE! bliss Spiritual Co-op, 1163 Pleasant Oaks Dr, Mt Pleasant. 843324-3359. blissSpiritualCo-op.org.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23 Movie Night – Birth Story: Ina May Gaskins and the Farm Midwives Birth Story – 6-8pm. Movie captures a spirited group of women who taught themselves how to deliver babies on a 1970s hippie commune, rescued modern midwifery from extinction, and changed the way a generation thought about childbirth. Free. 720 Magnolia Rd, Ste 15, Charleston. 843-826-0660. Danica@DanicaTodd. com. Info/reservation: DanicaTodd.com

Into the Heart of Christ Meditation Together we will experience the way that calls us HOME, healing every obstacle to the presence of Love in our lives.

August 23 • 6:15-7:15pm. Suggested Love Offering *$22 per person. *Your contribution is appreciated however not expected. Everyone is welcome! Do not let funds keep you from answering your heart’s call. Healing Hara, 209 Stallsville Loop Rd, Summerville. 843-810-5953. HealingHara.com.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 25 Practitioner Reiki Healing Energy Circle – 7-8:30pm. We are on a mission to create a powerful community of conscious healers devoted to awakening the greatest of human potential and to provide a supportive path for the spiritual growth of our community. $10. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston. 843-974-5676. BridgeToAvalon. com. Your Body’s Wisdom with Patti Iwer – Friday Night Speaker Series – 7-8:30pm. One way of enhancing our experience is by connecting to the knowledge and wisdom our bodies hold within. Join us in discovering how to tap into the message of your sacred temple. $22. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston. 843-974-5676. BridgeToAvalon.com.

Charleston Theosophical Study Center – 4-5:45pm. Meets the last Sat of each month to discuss and study metaphysical subjects. Everyone welcome! No charge. Otranto Road Library, 2216 Otranto Rd, N Charleston. Spiritual Cinema Night – 7-10pm. Do you like movies with a spiritual theme or message? Do you like movies of this genre that make you think? Do you like to discuss them with others of like mind? Please join us and bring your own bowl for popcorn, which will be provided! $10. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston. 843-974-5676. BridgeToAvalon.com. Unity of Charleston Dances of Universal Peace – 7pm. Easy circle dances with spiritual music from many of the world religions. Donation. 2535 Leeds Ave, Charleston. 843-566-0600. UnityCharleston@ msn.com.

MONDAY, AUGUST 28 4-Week Fit Challenge – Beginner Series: 5-6pm, Intermediate Series: 6-7pm. The 8 Fundamental Movements to build stamina and strength for everyday activities or to enhance athletic performance! Mondays & Wednesdays starting Aug 28. Seed of Life Collective, 621 Wappoo Rd, Charleston. 843475-2156. SeedOfLifeWellnessCollective@gmail. com. SeedOfLifeCollective.com.

A Way to God: Contemplative Journey in the Spirit of Thomas Merton – Sept 15-17. 7pm, Fri1pm, Sun. In silence and solitude, we will embrace the divine presence that calls us forth to a deepening dimension of existence. Springbank Retreat, Kingstree. 843-382-9777, SpringbankRetreat.org.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 Crossing Over into Deep Time – 10am-4pm. Interactive webinar; explores unity of life, humanity and Earth in single, unfolding universe. Draws on works of Thomas Berry and Brian Swime. $50, includes lunch. Springbank Retreat, Kingstree. 843382-9777. SpringbankRetreat.org.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 Movie Night – Freedom for Birth – 1-4pm. In many countries around the world, women are being denied the most basic human right of autonomy over their own bodies. Free. 720 Magnolia Rd, Ste 15, Charleston. 843-826-0660. Danica@DanicaTodd. com. Info/reservation: DanicaTodd.com.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 Know Thyself – Sept 29-Oct 1. 7pm, Fri-1pm, Sun. What is our true self? Looks at holistic spirituality, exploring our interconnectedness, universal consciousness, and human effects on the environment. $275. Springbank Retreat, Kingstree. 843-382-9777. SpringbankRetreat.org.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3 Indigenous Wisdom and Clay – Oct 3-6. 10am, Tues-1pm, Fri. Share ancient wisdom. Relate to nature with greater reverence. Includes Prayer Lodge and Spirit Quest. Create hand-built clay vessels. Art experience not needed. $895. Springbank Retreat, Kingstree. 843-382-9777. SpringbankRetreat.org.


planahead SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 Client Attraction & Marketing 101 ADVANCED Workshop – 9am-2pm. How to brand yourself in the community effectively. Preregistration/$150, at door/$200. Lunch is included. Lime and Lotus, 925 Wappoo Rd, Ste F, Charleston. 843-214-2997. LimeAndLotus.com.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 Intro to Detoxification and Natural Weight Loss with Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, CCN – 6-7pm. Learn: Why we are TOXIC and what to do about it—increase your energy, improve sleep, and lose weight! $5. Lime and Lotus, 925 Wappoo Rd, Ste F, Charleston. 843-214-2997. LimeAndLotus.com.

ELEVATE – Hands-on Intuitive Workshop – 9am-3pm. 6 Speakers. Topics Include: Medical Intuition, Palmistry, Astrology, Mediumship, Oracle Cards, Spirit Guides Meditation. $197. Pre-register until Sept 1 for $149. Lunch and snacks included. SoulBlossoms.org.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14 Women’s Holistic Health Symposium – 9am-3pm. Topics: Women’s Health, Wealth, Career, Soul Nurturing, Relationships and Sacred Sexuality. $197. Preregister until Sept 1 for $149. Lunch and snacks included. SoulBlossoms.org.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19 Benefits of Newborn Massage – 6pm. Beyond the joy of spending quality time bonding with a new baby, infant massage has been shown to provide many benefits to the baby, the parents, and to the rest of the family. $10. 720 Magnolia Rd, Ste 15, Charleston. 843-826-0660. Danica@Danicatodd. com. Info/reservation: DanicaTodd.com.

natural awakenings

August 2017


Contemplative Prayer – 1:30-2:30pm. Open yourself to God using instruction and prayer. FREE! bliss Spiritual Co-op, 1163 Pleasant Oaks Dr, Mt Pleasant. 843-345-7061. blissSpiritualCo-op.org.

ongoing events


sunday Zen Meditation Group – 8:15am. Three half-hour rounds of sitting along with walking meditation. Email to find out the best time for you to arrive. Free. Holy Cow Yoga, 10 Windermere Blvd, West Ashley. Info@CharlestonZen.org. CharlestonZen.org. Unity of Charleston Services – 9:30 & 11:15am. Are you more spiritual than religious? So are we! Do you believe in many paths to God? Then join us. Unity of Charleston, 2535 Leeds Ave, Charleston. 843-566-0600. Unitychs.org. Unity of Mt Pleasant – 10-11am. Unity is a Positive Path for Spiritual Living. We lovingly welcome people of all faiths and inspire them to live with Passion. Free. Unity of Mt Pleasant, 3100 Tradition Cir, 2nd Floor, Somerby at Park West, Mt Pleasant. 843-814-1322. lleshay@comcast.net. New Spirit Books & Gifts – 10:30am-1pm. Spiritual, metaphysical and inspirational books, crystals, incense, tarot/oracle cards. Unity of Charleston, 2535 Leeds Ave, Charleston. 843-566-0600. NewSpiritbg@gmail.com. Meditation Group – 5-6pm. Need some place to practice and discuss meditation? This is the group for you. Discussion time followed by a group meditation. Please bring a meditation cushion— some chairs available. $5. Charleston Holistic Center, 2366 Ashley River Rd, Bldg 8, Charleston. 843-452-7996. DrLaura.Coach@gmail.com. CharlestonHolisticCenter.com

monday Complimentary Natural Female Hormone Balancing Consultations – 10am-4pm. With Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen. Lime and Lotus, 925-F Wappoo Rd, West Ashley. Call to schedule: 843-2142997. LimeAndLotus.com.

Free Monthly Essential Oils Class – 6-7pm. 1st Tues of the month. Learn Healthy Habits, use Essential oils, Make ‘N’ Take items to use or give away to loved ones, Refreshments served, Recipes and RAFFLES! Free. 1164 Northbridge Rd (West Ashley), Charleston. 843-270-9913. ChiroAnn@ yahoo.com. DrAnnJenkins.com. The Reiki Connection – 7pm. With Chrys Franks, Reiki Master/Teacher. Guided meditation followed by mini reiki sessions by certified practitioners. Love offering. (1st Tues for practitioners only.) Unity of Charleston, 2535 Leeds Ave, Charleston. 843-3645725. Unitychs.org.

wednesday Complimentary Natural Female Hormone Balancing Consultations – 10am-4pm. With Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen. Lime and Lotus, 925-F Wappoo Rd, West Ashley. Call to schedule: 843-2142997. LimeAndLotus.com. Body Balance – 12:15-1:15pm. For participants with special needs, chronic pain, or who fear injury—w/Susan King, PT. FREE. bliss Spiritual Co-op, 1163 Pleasant Oaks Dr, Mt Pleasant. 843345-7061. blissSpiritualCo-op.org. All-Instrument Jam – 6-7pm. Harmonize and cocreate music within a group of diverse levels just for the fun of the experience. Learn from some, teach others. Bring your instrument and add your voice to our collaborative efforts. Facilitator: Jason Thompson. Jason@jtgigs.com. jtgigs.com. FREE. bliss Spiritual Co-op, 1163 Pleasant Oaks Dr, Mt Pleasant. 843-345-7061. Tish@blissSpiritualCo-op. org. blissSpiritualCo-op.org. Guided Meditations – 6:30-7:15pm. Through visually guided meditations, together, we will raise our vibrational frequencies. Weekly sessions are 45 minutes, beginning with a Spirit-channeled visualization/meditation. Upon completion, everyone will have an opportunity to share visions, insights, breakthroughs and more. $10 donation. Bridge to Avalon, 757 St Andrews Blvd, West Ashley. 843-974-5676. Jeannine@BridgeToAvalon.com. BridgeToAvalon.com.

Meditation Class – 6:30-7:30pm. With Jennifer Michaels, Energy Healer and Spiritual Life Coach. Guided and silent meditation. Beginners and advanced. $15 per class. Shepard Integrative Dermatology, 912 Old Georgetown Rd, Mt Pleasant. 843-514-2848. JEMichaels.com. WiseWomen Meetup – 7-8:30pm. Come explore with us a variety of spiritual topics, meet other seeking women, and meet your tribe. Donation optional. Serenity Center, 820 Central Ave, Summerville. 314-276-7772. SerenitySC.com.

thursday Martial Arts Training – 6:30-8:30pm. Martial Arts training from beginning to advanced. Free trial lesson for evaluation. An Ancient Okinawan Martial Art for enhancement on all levels of Awareness—on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. $90 per month, $165/family rates. Natsu Mura Karate & Kobudo, 125 S Main St, Summerville. 843-875-4543. NatsuMura.com.

saturday Martial Arts Training – 9:30am-12pm. Martial Arts training from beginning to advanced. Free trial lesson for evaluation. An Ancient Okinawan Martial Art for enhancement on all levels of Awareness—on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. $90 per month, $165/month family rates. Natsu Mura Karate & Kobudo, 125 S Main St, Summerville. 843-875-4543. NatsuMura.com. Compost Daze – 10am-2pm. Compost Rangers Compost Daze volunteer monthly workday every 2nd Sat of the month. Location will vary, so follow Compost Rangers on Facebook or visit CompostRangers.org and sign up for email reminders. Simply Meditate – 10:30am-12pm. 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Drop-in classes with guided meditations, suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Circular Church, 150 Meeting St, Charleston (classroom below Lance Hall). $10 or $5/students/seniors. MeditationInSouthCarolina.org.

classifieds OPPORTUNITIES Looking for – Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Energy Workers, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Yoga Instructors, Artists, Educators, Speakers, & anyone Seeking Change in our world to join us in our West Ashley 2500 sq. ft. Alternative Health & Wellness Center! SeedofLifeCollective.com. For more info, email us! SeedofLifeWellnessCollective@gmail.com.


NA Lowcountry Edition




Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide, email PublisherNALowcountry@gmail.com


1307 Savannah Hwy, West Ashley 843-763-7200 FeelGreatCharleston.com Voted best acupuncturist three years running. We treat most ailments, including stress, pain management, autoimmune issues, infertility, migraines, fatigue, allergies, diabetes and much more. Sliding scale payment option $20-$40 (return visits).


Andrea Geiger 635 E Bay St, Ste A, Charleston 843-737-3767 • FiveGracesAcupuncture.com Andrea@FiveGracesAcupuncture.com We help you experience exceptional health. Our treatments work to heal your physical, mental and emotional body so you feel terrific and can enjoy life.


1731 N Main St, Ste H Summerville 843-810-1225 SummervilleCommunityAcupuncture.com Bring us your headaches, back pain, tennis elbow, indigestion or whatever else is bothering you. Affordable acupuncture between $15-$45 plus a $10 paperwork fee for new patients. $5 PTSD treatments for veterans. Appointments or walk-ins welcome.

ALTERNATIVE HOLISTIC MEDICINE DR. PATRICK S. LOVEGROVE Merge Medical Center Mt Pleasant • 843-469-1001 MergeMedicalCenter.com

AMA board-certified MD specializing in family medicine, holistic internal medicine, Antiaging, Chinese medicine, naturopathy. Merge Medical Center … where modern thinking meets natural healing. Services include Primary Care, Weight Loss, Fatigue management, Bioidentical hormones, Colonics, Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki, Chiropractic, IV vitamins, and Bemer therapy.

beauty consultant 1319 Savannah Hwy, Ste C Charleston (in Artisans Inc Salon) 843-813-1838 YourGroomingGuru.com Your Grooming Guru, Barbara Brant-Williams, is an experienced hair-stylist, makeup artist and certified Organic Color Specialist practicing out of the Artisans Salon. Charleston’s go-to source for hair, makeup and beauty product knowledge. See ad, page 24.


Joe Lange 1000 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, #103-164 Mt Pleasant 843-608-1425 • GHSCharleston.com Joe.Lange@GreenHomeSolutions.com Nontoxic mold solutions that transform your living and work areas into healthy environments. We safely render mold non-allergenic. Even dead mold spores can be allergenic! See ad, page 44.


Charleston 845-802-6111 • AstrologySpirit@gmail.com AstrologySpirit.com Consultations, Spiritual Coaching and Counseling with a primary focus on a client’s gifts and talents, illuminating natural cycles and phases of growth for individuals and couples. Alexander’s training in Body Centered Gestalt Counseling and Art Therapy, coupled with his Astrological/ Intuitive training powerfully help clients achieve clarity of goal and purpose.


Jennifer Byrne, MPH, NAMA-Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor 232A Ashley Ave, Charleston • 843-743-8373 Jennifer@EarthenApothecary.com EarthenApothecary.com Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of health and longevity. An Ayurvedic consultation can help you understand your unique constitution and identify how your system manifests imbalances. Individualized dietary, lifestyle and herbal recommendations are tailored to address any current imbalances. Call/email for scheduling. See ad, page 3.


Melody Rogers, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and Educator 621 Wappoo Rd, Charleston • 843-343-6726 SeedOfLifeWellnessCollective@gmail.com SeedOfLifeCollective.com


Mt. Pleasant/Charleston 843-732-0293 • Paula@ireinst.com ireinst.com BioMagnetic Therapy can help create balance, restore vitality within the body and facilitate clearing of viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic infections; allergies; ADD; autism; autoimmune issues; heavy metal and other toxicity; chronic pain; infertility; herpes; MS; among other conditions.

bodywork Knight Wellness and Therapy Bethany Knight, LMT 225 S Cedar St, Summerville 843-518-0692 KnightWellnessAndTherapy.com

Busy lives require working bodies. Bethany will assess your aches and pains and help get you back in working order. Certified in Cupping, ART (lower extremity), Neuromuscular massage and more.

LOTUS HOLISTIC MASSAGE Abigail McClam, BA, LMBT 232A Ashley Ave, Charleston 843-724-9807 Abigail@LotusCharleston.com LotusCharleston.com

Licensed holistic massage and integrative bodywork practitioner offering massage, aromatherapy, energy healing and breathing techniques to help individuals nurture health, restore balance, manage pain, trauma and injury as they learn to embrace their own body/mind wisdom. See ad, page 3.

Ayurveda is the Science of Balance and Longevity in Life. Call today for your Free Consultation and learn how Ayurveda can help you!

natural awakenings

August 2017


DANICA TODD, CERTIFIED DOULA, MASSAGE THERAPIST 720 Magnolia Rd, Ste 15, Charleston 843-826-0660 CharlestonMassageTherapies.com

CHURCHES Unity Church of Charleston

Avondale’s premier massage therapy and advanced Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® practice. Learn more about my journey at DanicaTodd.com. See ad, page 11.

Rev. Ed Kosak, Minister 2535 Leeds Ave, Charleston 843-566-0600 • Unitychs.org

Sunday Services: 9:30 and 11:15am. Are you more spiritual than religious? Do you believe in many paths to God? Then please join us.



Grass Roots Health Care Since 1991 843-769-6848 • ACenterForWellbeing.com

Pam Olivier 3226 2B Maybank Hwy, Johns Island 843-708-8923 • PamOlivier.com A unique massage formulated specifically to meet your needs. Several different massage modalities are used, including sports, neuromuscular, trigger point, lomi lomi, Thai yoga massage and manual lymph drainage. Conditions addressed include migraines, sciatica, whiplash, stress, anxiety and good old tight shoulders.

Therapeutic Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Detox Foot Baths. Healthy Food Choice Coaching, NBCTH-certified and I-ACT members. Offering people a vehicle to help improve their quality of life. Specializing in probiotic education.


Neda Smith 250 Mathis Ferry Rd, Ste 101, Mt Pleasant 843-469-1001


990 Lake Hunter Cir, Ste 212, Mt Pleasant 844-BRAIN-ON (272-4666) BrainCore.Dianne@gmail.com Specializing in brain training, an effective, drug-free treatment for ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, memory, improving performance and more. No side effects. Permanent changes.



COACHING VibraSoul Art

Ellie Alasantra Summerville 843-696-4016 • VibraSoulArt@gmail.com VibraSoulArt.com Using the energy of colors and shapes found in Chakraenhancement tools, I help facilitate healing of your past emotional wounds to raise your vibration/ spirits.

Dr. Gina Colucci 1806 Trolley Rd, Summerville 843-875-5700 • ColucciChiropractic.com Serving the Summerville area for 29 years. Specializing in holistic care; weight loss and nutritional cleansing; pain management; bioidentical hormones; sugar detox; stress testing; chiropractic; peripheral neuropathy; detox footbaths; emotional (TBM/NET) and wellness care.

Dr. Ann Jenkins, Not Your Ordinary Chiropractor 1164 Northbridge Dr, Charleston (West Ashley) 843-270-9913 DrAnnJenkins.com

Exclusive to the area: Whole Body Magnetic Therapy. Mention Natural Awakenings for a free one-hour session. Holistic family care. Relief of neck, back and emotional pain. Homeopathy and essential oils. See ad, page 13.


NA Lowcountry Edition

Increase energy and concentration, improve digestion, eliminate constipation, jumpstart weight loss, detox and hydrate the body! If we take good care of the bowel, we can have better health. Call for more information and to schedule an


Angel Muehlenkamp, MA Professional Counseling Summerville 843-327-1440 • LivingAngel777@gmail.com UniquelyuNow.com We are here to live in the fullness of who and what we truly are. Angel uses her unique ability to Connect to Source to assist you in moving beyond daily limitations. Open to a brand new way of living. Talk, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy; Quantum-Touch; Reiki; Intuitive Counseling; Art of God; Life Coaching; and Spiritual Counseling.



Dr. Hayan Lee & Dr. Young Kim 320 Midland Pkwy, Ste A, Summerville 843-486-2022 • DeliteDental.net Stop being a cavity victim. Dental health is more than just brushing and flossing two times a day. See the dental revolution of a compassionate, holistic office. Call and ask for current promotion.

I SMILE MATHIS FERRY DENTISTRY Wendy S. Haefner, DDS 1571 Mathis Ferry Rd, Mt Pleasant 843-884-1215 • MathisFerryDentistry.com

Biological dentistry using IAOMT protocol. Natural products free of BPA and mercury. Mercury-safe filling removal. Now offering ozone therapy! See ad, page 4.


924 Tall Pine Rd, Mt Pleasant 843-884-0701 • PleasantSmilesCFD.com BPA and bis-GMA free dental fillings and BPA-free night guards. Mercury free, mercury safe. Accepting new patients and emergency appointments. Please call for consultation. See ad, page 8.

JAMES SEXTON, DMD, MAGD Please call for appointment: Mt Pleasant • 843-881-1418 Myrtle Beach • 843-293-6700

Holistic, preventive dentistry. Safe removal of mercury fillings since 1975, following IAOMT protocol. Offering anti-aging dentistry and biocompatible materials. See ad, page 23.

eco-cleaning ABOVE & BEYOND CLEANING LLC Kimberly Henderson • 843-901-4779 AboveAndBeyondCleaningllc.com

Healthy living starts with an ecoclean home or office. Health and wholeness are our top priorities by providing our clients with a “green” clean by using natural and botanical cleaning products.






Working with a life coach is an intimidating but rewarding personal experience that involves quality one-on-one time and deep, meaningful inquiry. Diana’s coaching process focuses on healing painful emotional wounds, resolving self-sabotaging patterns, and creating a gentler attitude toward self.

Vitamins and supplements, CBD oil, bulk herbs, Wyndmere and doTerra essential oils, alkaline ionized water, facial and body care. New Elixir Bar! Herbal elixirs, blended drinks and fresh raw juices. Open Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm. Saturdays 8am-7pm, Sundays, 11am-5pm.

Emotional Health Life Coaching 843-209-8869


Energy Healer and Soul Coach Artist, Author and Speaker Mt Pleasant • 843-514-2848 Jennifer@JEMichaels.com • JEMichaels.com Overcome emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues with Energy Healing and Soul Coaching. Remove blocks and move forward with grace and ease. Holy-land oils, John of God crystals, angel therapy, past-life regressions, inner-child wellness and more. Raise vibration and feel amazing!


Joyce Stech 125 S Main St, Summerville Summerville • 843-870-4462 ResourcesUnlimited1.com • RoyalGems.org Joyce Stech (maMJAH), founder of Royal Gems Matrix Healing System, Martial Artist (Kyoshi, 7th dan), author, Metaphysician, Spiritual CEO of Taoist-Yogi Christ Lineage International. Private sessions, classes, online programs.


Andrew Dean, ISFTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Exercise Therapist 621 Wappoo Rd, Charleston 843-475-2156 TransformUniversalFitness@yahoo.com HolisticHealthTrainer.com Specialized in the Fundamental Movements of the Body and the Natural Laws in Nutrition. Interested in the 8 Fundamental Movements of Exercise and the Natural Laws of Nutrition? Classes and Programs available now! Call Today!

280 W Coleman Blvd, Ste E Mt Pleasant • 843-388-4956 EucalyptusWellness.com



Charleston Holistic Center 2366 Ashley River Rd, Bldg 8, Charleston 843-225-2024 •CharlestonHolisticCenter.com Licensed, full-service counselor specializing in all aspects of anxiety. Certified in Hypnotherapy, EMDR, E F T, P a s t - L i f e R e g r e s s i o n , Mindfulness and Dream Analysis. Whatever you’re experiencing, we can help you find your way to a happier life. See ad, page 23.


1240-C Central Ave, Summerville 843-873-3953 GodsGreenAcreOnline.com Your doorway to total health. Serving Summerville for over 40 years. Natural and gluten-free products. Probiotics, organic oils, vitamins and supplements, essential oils and more.


Stewart Campbell N Charleston 843-872-1761 • StewCamp2@gmail.com Painting - Drywall - Carpentry. Master Painter and Handyman servicing the Charleston area. Accommodating clients with integrity, transparency and honesty. Call for a FREE estimate.


Herbs and Health Foods 119 N Goose Creek Blvd, Ste K Goose Creek • 843-797-3200 Best selection of herbs in South Carolina. Organic teas, spices, supplements, essential oils, wheat-free and gluten-free products. 10am-7pm Mon-Sat; closed Sunday.


By appointment only 815 Savannah Hwy, West Ashley 843-324-6460 • Carol@CCottrell.com CCottrell.com Connect with passed loved ones to experience healing, love and guidance. Individual or group readings available in person or via Skype. Mediumship classes also available.


Gerry Schmidt, PhD 843-588-9286 • HelpCirculation.com Gerry.Lee.Schmidt@gmail.com Reverse aging in just eight minutes, two times a day with BEMER—reduces inflammation, pain, digestive issues, improves sleep and energy/vitality, plus more. Used by NASA and Olympic teams in 42 countries for 15 years. Try it free.


Change your water, change your life! Thomas P Meletis, Distributor 843-729-7837 • TPM13@aol.com Water is the single most important element that goes in our body. Drinking the right type of water may be the single most important piece in achieving and maintaining optimal health. Visit KangenDemo. com to see a comparison. View all eight machines at TopShelfWater.net. Financing at zero interest.

life coach Victoria Hargis 843-284-6810 VictoriaHargis.com

Eliminate emotional barriers and live life free! PTSD intervention, anxiety and trauma release. Leadership Coach. Fast and permanent results. Master Coach Certified. NLP, brain retraining, PSTEC. Services pro-vided in HIPPA compliant platform online or in person.

Jennifer Iamele Savage, MEd Certified Life Coach 508-942-0402 InspirationAndBliss.com

A trained Montessori educator and intuitive life coach, specializing in transitions and soul purpose coaching. Eliminate blocks, work through transitions, and discover your purpose. Courses on the use of essential oils for healing, journaling and vision boards to manifest your dreams.

natural awakenings

August 2017





Joe Lange 1000 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, #103-164 Mt Pleasant 843-608-1425 • GHSCharleston.com Joe.Lange@GreenHomeSolutions.com Nontoxic mold solutions that transform your living and work areas into healthy environments. We safely render mold non-allergenic. Even dead mold spores can be allergenic! See ad, page 44.


Maureen Donohue, LMT #3231 772 St Andrews Blvd, Charleston 843-327-4761 • BodhiTreeCharleston.com Client-focused, heart-centered, therapeutic reiki and massage. Maureen Donohue is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, massage therapist and Medical Reiki Master, teaching reiki classes throughout the Southeast, approved by NCBTMB as a CEU provider.





Charleston Holistic Center 2366 Ashley River Rd, Bldg 8, Charleston 843-452-7996 • DrLaura.Coach@gmail.com CharlestonReikiAndTarot.com

Jana Davis, MS, RD, CDE 843-801-4686 CarolinaGreenLiving@gmail.com Jana.Davis.Norwex.biz

Transform your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary by understanding how the aspects of your being interact and block your progress. Together, we can heal your past and find your true future. See ad, page 27.

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are l i n k e d t o o b e s i t y, diabetes, reproductive health issues and more. Norwex is a global company that carries a full line of personal care and cleaning products free of toxic chemicals as well as many other eco-friendly products


2671 Ft Trenholm Rd, Johns Island 843-266-3619 • CottageAromaBella.com Relax and renew your mind, body and soul while enjoying our luxurious services. All treatments are tailored just for you using the finest all-natural products. See ad, page 9.


Jody Lemmon 615 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 101 Mt Pleasant 843-882-5015 • JodyLemmon.com


Dr. Wendy M. Perrell, Certified Soul Coach and Shaman 907-317-2483 • wperrell@wppec.com DrWendyEmpowers.com Meetup: Charleston~Align with Your Soul’s Purpose Your Soul speaks to me! I channel Archangel Raphael to help you heal fear, guilt, shame, unworthiness and unlovable energy that holds you back from your Soul’s purpose. We provide spiritual tools and practices that enlighten and empower you to enjoy love, wealth, health, joy and balance.


J Salon is passionate about healthy hair and overall wellness of the human body. We strive to give the best customer service and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. See ad, page 21.

Shanna Rivera 877-315-7226, ext 447 Shanna@FlowWell.org www.FlowWell.org


732 S Shelmore Blvd, Ste 100 Mt Pleasant (Shelmore Village) 843-991-6835 Our experienced team of hairstylists and skin care specialist use 100 percent-certified organic products. We specialize in haircutting, coloring and make-up application. We sell All Nutrient™, Moroccan Oils, Dr. Hauschka™, 100% Pure™, iLike™ and many other boutique items.


NA Lowcountry Edition


Early detection and alternative prevention. Thermography: radiationfree full body and breast cancer screening. See what you need to work on now to potentially avoid future health issues. See ad, page 11.


Mt Pleasant 843-852-9828 • GlennSCohen.com Glenn@GlennSCohen.com Strategic Growth Coaching: A dynamic and innovative experience that acts as a catalyst for change. Move beyond your fears, break negative patterns, and begin living and loving as your heart desires.

Transformational Coach GERRY SCHMIDT, PhD

Master Coach Central location • 843-478-4090 GerrySchmidt.com Awaken to who you really are. Get unstuck, empowered, implement your vision. Never let fear decide your fate. Get results. Individuals, families, group sessions. Complimentary intro session. See ad, page 7.

Transformational RELATIONSHIP Coach GLENN S. COHEN

845 Lowcountry Blvd, Ste C, Mt Pleasant 843-852-9828 • Glenn@GlennSCohen.com GlennSCohen.com Coaching both individuals and couples through an innovative process to challenge you to transform old programing, move beyond your fears, and step into living and loving as your heart desires.


Lime and Lotus LLC Healing Arts Center 925 Wappoo Rd, Ste F, Charleston 843-214-2997 • Hello@DrZgraggen.com HealYourHormonesNow.com Painful periods? Hot flashes? Fatigue? Weight gain? Let us help you balance your hormones naturally with the use of food and herbs.


communityresourceguide “The Lowcountry’s Holistic White Pages” Affordable prices. Call 843-821-7404 or email PublisherNALowcountry@gmail.com

Publish One of the Nation’s Leading Healthy Living Magazines Natural Awakenings Magazine

is ranked 5th Nationally in Cision’s® 2016 Top 10 Health & Fitness Magazines list 1. 2. 3. 4.

Spry Living – 8,907,303 Shape – 2,521,203 Men’s Health – 1,852,715 Prevention – 1,539,872

5. Natural Awakenings – 1,536,365

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Women’s Health – 1,511,791 Weight Watchers Magazine – 1,126,168 Dr. Oz The Good Life – 870,524 Vim & Vigor – 789,000 Experience Life – 700,000

Cision® is the world’s leading source of media research. For more information, visit www.cision.com or follow @Cision on Twitter.

Own a Natural Awakenings Magazine Turn Your Passion Into A Business

As a Natural Awakenings publisher, you can empower yourself and others to create a healthier world while working from your home earning an income doing something you love! No publishing experience is necessary. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a complete training and support system that allows you to successfully publish your own magazine.

• Meaningful New Career • Low Initial Investment • Proven Business System • Home-Based Business • Exceptional Franchise Support & Training

For more information, visit NaturalAwakeningsFranchise.com or call 239-530-1377

Contact us about acquiring an existing publication FOR SALE highlighted in RED* Natural Awakenings publishes in over 80 markets across the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic (listed below).

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Huntsville, AL Gulf Coast AL/MS Phoenix, AZ* Tucson, AZ East Bay Area, CA San Diego, CA Northern CO/Cheyenne, WY Denver, CO Fairfield County/ HousatonicValley, CT Hartford, CT New Haven/Middlesex, CT Washington, DC* Daytona/Volusia/Flagler, FL NW FL Emerald Coast Ft. Lauderdale, FL Jacksonville/St. Augustine, FL Miami & the Florida Keys Naples/Ft. Myers, FL North Central FL* Central Florida/Greater Orlando Palm Beach, FL Peace River, FL Sarasota, FL Space & Treasure Coast, FL Tampa/St. Pete., FL Atlanta, GA Hawaiian Islands Chicago, IL Chicago Western Suburbs, IL Indianapolis, IN Acadiana, LA Baton Rouge, LA New Orleans, LA Boston, MA Worcester, MA Ann Arbor, MI East Michigan Wayne County, MI Western MI Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN* Charlotte, NC Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC* Bergen/Passaic, NJ* Central, NJ Hudson County, NJ

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mercer County, NJ Monmouth/Ocean, NJ North Central NJ South NJ Santa Fe/Albuquerque, NM* Las Vegas, NV Albany, NY Long Island, NY Hudson Valley W., NY Manhattan, NY* Westchester/Putnam/ Dutchess Co’s., NY Central OH Toledo, OH* Oklahoma City, OK Portland, OR Bucks/Montgomery Counties, PA* Chester/Delaware Counties, PA South Central PA Lancaster/Berks, PA Lehigh Valley, PA Northeast, PA Philadelphia, PA Rhode Island Charleston, SC Columbia, SC Greenville, SC* Chattanooga, TN Austin, TX* Dallas, TX Houston, TX North Texas San Antonio, TX* South Houston/Galveston, TX Richmond, VA Seattle, WA* Madison, WI* Milwaukee, WI Dominican Republic Puerto Rico

*Existing magazines for sale

Start a magazine in an OPEN TERRITORY

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Los Angeles, CA Riverside or San Bernardino, CA Sacramento, CA Santa Barbara/Ventura, CA Santa Clara Co., CA Southern, MA Annapolis, MD Baltimore, MD Kansas City, MO Saint Louis, MO Bronx, NY Brooklyn/ Staten Island, NY Cincinnati, OH Cleveland, OH Pittsburgh, PA Nashville, TN Ft. Worth, TX Salt Lake City, UT Inquire about other open areas


Mold and Indoor Air Solutions Do you have potentially harmful mold hiding inside your home or office? We offer Mold Remediation and Indoor Air solutions that are safe, affordable, fast and effective! Our Plant Based, EPA Registered product kills mold and its suspected harmful effects, wherever it may hide.

Common Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Circulatory Damage

Allergy Symptoms


www.GHSCharleston.com Compromised Immunity

Respiratory Illness

Sick Building Syndrome


Bring Your Body Back In Balance. Nutrition Programs Migun Massage Infrared Sauna Therapy Alkaline Kangen Water Detox/Cleanse Programs Teaching Kitchen Personalized Consultations with Tiffany Jackson, ND 1051 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Ste. B Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 843-884-4466 info@ecohealthwellness.com ecohealthwellness.com

Profile for Natural Awakenings Lowcountry

Natural Awakenings Charleston SC 0817 for issuu  

Natural Awakenings Charleston SC 0817 for issuu  


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