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staff Toni Osmundson Editor-In-Chief Toni is an avid photographer. She is married with three children, two boys and a girl. With her busy schedule, you will find her attending kids sports events throughout the city. She has lived in Meridian for over 20 years. Experiencing the growth first hand has made her aware that the Community is the key to success of the growth of our city. As a full time mother, while working and attending school, she has come to re-evaluate her priorities to focus more on projects that will improve the community where she is raising her children. Toni’s background is in Political Science and is working to finish her bachelor’s degree at Boise State. She can be reached at

Angela Pierce Student/Sports Writer

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Angela joins our team as our sports and student writer. Her passion is football and sports in general. You will usually find her at a Boise State Football game or volunteering at the optimist fields. She also pops her head into high school sports games when she is scouting future athletes and students for our spotlight section. You can email her at if you know of any athletes, students or teachers in the community who deserve the spotlight.

Mikaela Rencher Writer

Mikaela is mom to Myla and wife to Jeff. Although she resides in Twin Falls, her heart and most of her family are here in Meridian. She visits often and has so many ties within our community. That is why we chose her for our Mom-tage column. As a young mom she experiences everything a new mom goes through. Her column will not only entertain you, but give you hope that you’re not alone.

The Mom-tage will be featured monthly and if you have any questions you would like for her to address, please feel free to email her at

Debbie Shaner Photographer Debbie is a volunteer for the Rocky Mountain Football Association as the team photographer for both the Freshman and Varsity teams. Debbie’s passion for learning photography has lead her to volunteer her time for her local high school. Photography is her hobby and she loves it. Debbie is an outstanding community member volunteering her time when she can. She is a strong support of the boys/girls scouts. You can see more of Debbie’s work at You can contact Debbie at if you like her work and love to work with her.


Venture Meridian Magazine March 2016

March 2016  

Venture Meridian's March 2016 Issue

March 2016  

Venture Meridian's March 2016 Issue