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ith the fast paced, hectic lives we lead, it can be hard for anyone to find time to exercise. Many years ago, people walked nearly 24,000 steps a day. Today we are lucky to hit 3,000. This lack of motion in our lives can lead to health conditions that we deal with on a daily basis. It has been shown that physical inactivity is a large cause of chronic diseases, so let’s see what can be gained with activity. The Mayo Clinic lists seven benefits of regular exercise: 1. Exercise controls weight. 2. Exercise combats health conditions and disease. 3. Exercise improves mood. 4. Exercise boosts energy. 5. Exercise promotes better sleep. 6. Exercise puts the spark back into your sex life. 7. Exercise can be fun. Number seven is especially important. When most people hear the word exercise, they think of the gym and dealing with the people there. Whether you have never exercised before or are on

a break, it’s time to get back into it. Consider these things when trying to decided what type of exercise to do: find something you enjoy, find a workout partner to help keep you accountable, and take it in bitesized chunks. Even a few minutes each day can make big changes over time. Here are five exercises to perform with a partner to help get you on your way to a healthier life.


Alternating Box Jump • •

• • •

Face each other and place a 6 to 10 inch box between you. Take turns jumping on and off the box in a squat position, making sure to land lightly with each jump. After landing back on the ground, your partner completes the same move. If needed, lightly join hands with outstretched arms for balance. Each partner jumps 15 to 20 times for 2 to 3 sets. Make it harder: Add 3 to 5 pound dumbbells to each hand during jumps.

Remember, sneaking exercise into your day doesn’t have to be hard. It just takes a little creativity and planning. Plus, when you workout with a partner, you have the added benefit of spending time with someone you enjoy and getting in shape at the same time.

Venture Meridian Magazine March 2016


March 2016  

Venture Meridian's March 2016 Issue

March 2016  

Venture Meridian's March 2016 Issue