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All aboard the Boise Brews Cruise. If you are picturing a ship, consider four wheels instead. If you are picturing days away from home, how about four hours. If you are picturing thousands of people, think fourteen or less. If you enjoy brew, this is the cruise for you.


he Boise Brews Cruise is locally owned and operated here in the Treasure Valley. The business is owned by Noah and Laura Nesbitt of Meridian. When Venture Meridian approached the owners about writing a story on their business they not only welcomed the idea, but invited our Editor-in-Chief Toni and me to taste the tour. What we found is that the Boise Brews Cruise offers much more than a tour to its guests; it offers an educational experience. Our tour started at Edge Brewing Company in Boise, Idaho. There, we met Noah and the guests who booked the cruise for that afternoon. The Brews Cruise can be booked for any occasion, but this particular group was celebrating friendship and someone’s new job. Noah explained to the group that they


could choose four different beers off the drink menu to sample. Within minutes, each guest was served a flight of beer. I sat there listening and watching each person’s individual experience. I heard the words bitter, spicy, crisp and clean to describe the different beers. I also listened to Noah explain how certain flavors can be achieved in the brewing process.

the bus. As we boarded the Brews Cruise, Noah announced that each of us would have a gift bag sitting on our seat from the business. The swag in these bags was much more than we anticipated. Everyone took their seat and immediately began complimenting the setup inside the bus. Noah began driving away from stop number one and turned on the microphone.

Once the group finished sampling, the first brew tour began. We were escorted through a glass door that dropped us into a warehouse setting. We lined up in between rows of brewing tanks. Our appointed guide began explaining the brewing process and how all the necessary equipment operates. There is definitely a science to brewing. Following the tour, we all headed to

The tour began with Noah talking about how Boise Brews Cruise got its start. He also talked about how he and his wife, Laura, patiently waited for an opportunity to enter the beer scene in Boise. “A friend recommended a brew guide in Bend, Oregon, I did market research and fell in love with the idea,” explained Noah.

Venture Meridian Magazine March 2016

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March 2016  

Venture Meridian's March 2016 Issue

March 2016  

Venture Meridian's March 2016 Issue