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A family owned Australian business


We are a family owned Australian business that specialises in the manufacture of high quality automotive, industrial and ancillary paint products. As a forward thinking company who prides itself on the strength of our R&D capabilities, we have successfully introduced a number of new products, specifically designed for the automotive refinish industry.



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Innovation, Research & Development Colour

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Technical Support and Training

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OUR STORY Concept Paints is a proud Australian family owned business that began with humble beginnings in 1994. On the outskirts of Sydney in a small factory in St Marys, Western Sydney, Australia, we began with a simple idea, to make great quality automotive refinish paints that were innovative & competitive to service the Australian automotive refinish market. That idea soon grew and today, Concept Paints is a leader in the field of automotive refinish and industrial coatings, exporting quality, state-of-the-art products across the globe to Canada, North, Central and South America, New Zealand, Russia, the Middle East and the Pacific.


A family owned Australian business

FACILITIES Although we continue to expand, we still manufacture and operate from our original site in St Marys, now occupying some 1.5 hectares. Employing specialists in the area of manufacturing, product development and customer service, our facilities include: - Research and Development Laboratory (R&D) – Western Sydney 

- Quality Control Laboratory (QC) – Western Sydney 

- Colour Laboratory – Western Sydney, USA and South America 

- Full Training Centre (including spray booth) – Western Sydney 

We also have an office and warehouse facilities in the Gold Coast, Queensland and we have recently acquired a distribution warehouse in Emu Plains, Western Sydney.


INNOVATION, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Concept Paints are proud to have serviced the automotive refinish & industrial industry for many years. As we are committed to our customers immediate and longterm success, we pride ourselves on our research and development so we can continue to provide state-of-the-art products, ahead of the market’s needs. Quality, competitive pricing, innovative and time saving products are factors that drive most people and businesses today. As we at Concept Paints are constantly driven by innovation, our chemists are committed to on-going research & development to deliver you the cutting-edge products that can drive your business further.

Already successful across the globe for producing world-first innovative products such as our legendary No Mix refinish system, our products use the best quality raw materials and are manufactured on-site, in Australia using the latest in technology. As the world moves towards more environmental and sustainable solutions, Concept Paints is committed to this cause and have already developed many environmentally friendly products including our signature product, No Mix LOW VOC Automotive Refinish System.

We have been accredited with the third level of the MTA NSW Green Stamp program in industry recognition of our environmental efforts. As we embark along the environmentally friendly journey, we do so without compromising our quality.


COLOUR With more than 100,000 colour formulations in automotive and industrial coating systems, at Concept Paints - ‘We Are Colour’ Specialising in the area of colour development, our professional colour team can provide customers with advice on: - Product information -

 Colour formulations 

- Technical advice 
 - Customer specific, colour development projects

Additionally, we have a fully integrated, current Colour Retrieval System.

Because we take colour seriously, we keep all colour records, including samples from our very first colour to our most recent match.

The Unicote Capsure Spectro is a handheld colour matching instrument which provides a powerful, versatile way to quickly capture exact colour metrics from any inspiration source, even patterned and textured surfaces. - Ideal for the industrial market sector in colour matching trucks, trailers, metals, etc

- Contains a vast database of industrial colours - Standards and RAL Classic Colours - Quickly, easily and accurately specify and confirm colours with customers, sales staff and buyers

- Reads colours as small as 2mm in diameter

The No Mix Eyenstein is a calibrated instrument that accurately transforms sample colour into digital information while taking into consideration colour, particle size and effect.

Our Chromatic Colour Box contains more than 5,513 colours which are organised in colour groups.


TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND TRAINING Concept Paints supports ongoing education and training and views this as an important step in further assisting our industry. We offer a number of comprehensive practical and theoretical seminars, which are either technical or product related. On-going support in training and education also enables the use of our products to their full potential. Our premises offer a purpose
built spray booth including training facilities equipped with the latest in quality, innovative training technology, ensuring all participants receive the best technical support and learning experience. Courses are held on-site in our
St Marys office in Western Sydney. If you are located in Metropolitan Sydney or Melbourne, let us come to you with one of our fully equipped, demonstration trailers offering live demonstrations and technical advice.

A globally recognized organization, I-CAR Australia launched in 2006 and brought with it a program focused on providing quality education, training, skills enhancement and information to the industry.

We here at Concept Paints are proud to announce that we have become a member of the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance. This will allow us to provide greater services with more experienced and skilled staff strengthening our business and making sure our customers are given the greatest possible service.


QUALITY CONTROL Concept Paints and our team of highly qualified on-site chemists, are proud
to be committed to quality control, offering you a diverse range of high performing, quality products that you can trust. Designed to withstand
the varying harsh, global weather conditions, we are committed to product assurance so that you can use our products with confidence and security. Our Quality Control Team offers: - Tolerance levels of only + or - 2% - The retention of liquid samples kept on site for three years 

- Testing using only high grade, -

quality materials 
 Most tinters being filtered through a series of 5 Micron bags 

- The assurance of following strict, Australian & New Zealand
testing methods

OUR PRODUCTS Ancillary Products

Equipment Enamel Series 200

Concrete Sealers

No Mix

No Mix_E 

No Mix_LV

Spray Chief

Timber Coatings

Unicolour 600-IND 2K Solid

UniCryl 3000

Unicolour 600 2K System 

Unicolour 900 2K C.O.B.

UNICOTE 300 Industrial-Multileg System 


OUR TEAM & COMMITMENT We are a family owned Australian business with more than 70 employees in Australia alone. We offer you service with industry experienced staff and a highly qualified and dedicated team. Our commitment to you is to provide high quality and innovative products that have been researched, developed & manufactured in Australia to withstand the test of time. Our products are competitively priced, offering a versatile range to provide you with a one-stop-shop in automotive refinish and industrial coating solutions. Our Concept team are proud to provide you with superior service, including pre-sales service and advice, after sales customer service and on-going training and technical support.


“We are an innovative and dynamic, family owned Australian business creating world-class, automotive and industrial coating solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.” Just as we are proud of our country, Australia, we are proud of our company - Concept Paints



26 - 30 Charles St, St Marys, NSW, 2760, Australia  P: +6 12 96732555 F: +6 12 96231918 @conceptpaints

A family owned Australian business

Concept paints company profile  
Concept paints company profile