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The Animal Art of Toni Hargreaves


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Toni Hargreaves ORIGINALS Every artist needs a new challenge to incite the enthusiasm, so a number of years ago after painting traditional wildlife subjects I decided to experiment on box canvas with a more contemporary approach to my animals. I've always been a huge fan of Gary Larson's cartoons depicted in “The Far Side” where he transposes his animals to t h e re a l i t y o f h u m a n situations and explores how they might react with humorous results. I suppose my mind follows similar thoughts about what my animals might be experiencing! Sometimes I have an idea for a painting based on a play on words; I'll have an idea of the sort of imagery that I want to use, so I'll look through my photos until I see something suitable or I go out to find the right subject. My animals are not cuddly toys so I don't seek to portray the cute factor in my work. I like the individualistic nature of them and whether that comes across as docile or plain bad tempered for example then that's what I paint. Whilst I do attend agricultural shows and the like for inspirations, very often the animals are just too pretty and don't have the lived in tatty edges I like! The following pages show the work I’ve been creating. Feel free to contact me about them. OFF THE WALL


LARGER ORIGINALS Dora the Explorer She’s a heifer who lives on a dairy farm close to me. Youngsters never seem to tire of finding new situations in which to gaze in wonder and cows are no different. I have learned just to keep out of range of the long tongue when I’m behind the camera! £1295 Dora the Explorer (Above) Oil on box canvas. 24” x 24” Hot Gossip I was interested in working with a textured canvas with an immediacy so that I was portraying the “feel” of the image. It’s looser than the style with which I am more usually associated but it is one I enjoyed immensely. I’m often asked if I find it difficult to let a picture go to a new home and generally it’s no but this is one which I will find difficult to part with.

Hot Gossip (Below) Oil on box canvas. 20” x 30”




LARGER ORIGINALS Two’s Company These beautiful calves are actually South Devon Reds and it’s the first time I’ve painted this breed. Again, these youngsters were at The Great Yorkshire Show and were too young to be apart from their mums who were being shown. Framed

Two’s Company (Above) Oil on box canvas. Framed in a contemporary float frame Framed size 24” x 34.5”

£1495 Framed Moohawk (Below) Oil on box canvas. Presented unframed. 24” x 24”

Moohawk I was inspired to paint this Jersey youngster as I was impressed by the fringe which was quite spectacular! £1295



LARGER ORIGINALS CONT Prima Donna A gorgeous Charolais heifer from the Royal Welsh Show a couple of years ago. I’ve used a textured background on this piece and complemented it with splashes of copper oil to make this a strong opulent painting. £1495

Prima Donna (Above) Oil on box canvas. Presented unframed. 30” x 30” Hattie Hot Rod (Below) Oil on box canvas. Presented unframed. 30” x 30”

Hattie Hot Rod I was interested in working with a strong colour for a background and to use strong shadows to form a base for the calf to stand on. I made a maquette in clay and lit it strongly to experiment with the shadows. It’s a very contemporary piece. £1295



YOUNGSTERS Heehaw A while ago I was driving through Cornwall on a sunny day and I noticed a few gorgeous donkeys in a field next to a barn so I turned the car round and went to see. The owners were with them and said they were all rescue donkeys who weren’t normally visible from the road. They could see I was smitten so they invited me in to have a closer look and they were so beautiful and enjoying their new life. £1295

Heehaw (Above) Oil on box canvas. 30” x 20” Mooster and Missus (Below) Oil on box canvas. 20” x 30” Mooster and Missus These are actually British Blues, a beef breed and were part of a small group living close to me. I spent quite a while watching these characters interact with other £1295



YOUNGSTERS Innocence of Moo’th I do like the way that beef calves in particular never quite look like they have the correct size body - almost as though they collected the wrong one from the dry cleaners! They always seem to have a childlike wonder in what’s around them such as the look this Limousin calf gave me when I was taking a short cut through his field. £1195 Innocence of Moo’th (Above) Oil on box canvas. Presented unframed. 30” x 30” Rufus (Below) Oil on box canvas. Presented unframed. 24” x 24” Rufus Rufus the Red. What’s not to love about a hairy tousled Highland calf? This photo does make it look a little more contrasty than the original which is quite soft. £695



OTHER ORIGINALS... Sweet Fanny Adams I spent some time with a herd of jersey cows as this young lady wanted to be photographed but wouldn’t quite cooperate fully with the process but I still wanted to paint her. She was probably at the bovine teenage age and just showing a bit of attitude but it was all bravado and she wasn’t really a trouble maker she just looks too kind in the eye which I hope I’ve been able to portray here. £625 Framed

Sweet Fanny Adams (Above) Oil on box canvas. Float Framed 18” x 18” Zorro (Below) Oil on cotton canvas. Image size 17” x 17”

Zorro The shadows cast on this young ones face made it an obvious title. Framed in a matte black frame with white slip. £495 Framed



OTHER ORIGINALS CONT... Moo West Or “come up and see me sometime”! What a coy look this young one had as she was trying to figure out what I was doing in her field. Framed in a matte black frame with white slip. £495 Framed

Moo West (Above) Oil on canvas. Framed 17” x 17” Welsh Black (study) (Below) Oil on cotton canvas. Image size 12” x 12”

Welsh Black This study of one of the show animals at quite appropriately The Royal welsh Show was completed so that I could see the possibility of a larger painting. I wasn’t sure whether such a dark image would work although I rather feel it will. £425 Unframed



PASTELS In the Dark A departure for me in that this piece has been created using pastels which give a nice soft feel. It isn’t yet framed and I feel that it might be better this way to post as it’s not risking a glazed piece through the postal system. I can of course have it framed if required. Currently unframed £395

In the Dark (Above) Pastel on Clairefontaine Pastelmat . Unframed. 15” x 15” Nae lang til’ Christmas (Below) Pastel on Clairefontaine Pastelmat . Unframed. 19” x 19”

Nae Lang til’ Christmas Another piece which has been created using pastels. This does have the texture of white “snow” which isn’t possible to see from this small photo. I used this is the image for my Christmas card for 2012. Currently unframed £495



DOGS Curiosity We’ve all seen this look in our dogs as they do their very best to understand you and are so eager to please. It’s also the same searching look when they are deciphering the possibility of an impending walk or favourite treat! £395 Framed

Curiosity (Above) Oil on canvas. Framed. 17” x 17” approx In the Eye of the Beholder I have painted this gorgeous pug a couple of times and it wasn’t a breed that I’d particularly been interested in as I tend to be more familiar with the working breeds. However, there is something strangely beguiling about her expression and whilst this breed might not necessarily appeal to everyone I do think, certainly in this case that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

In the Eye of the Beholder (Below) Oil on box canvas. Float Framed. 28.5” x 28.5”

£895 Framed



DOGS Jack the Lad What a character this little lad was and such a joy to paint! I say little as he was only six months old but already quite solidly built! £695 Framed

Jack the Lad (Above) Oil on box canvas. 20” x 20”

Faithful Companion (Below) Oil on board. Framed. 16.75” x 15.5” approx Faithful Companion Ah the appealing look of the labrador puppy. Who can resist? Certainly not me. Framed in a matte black frame with white slip. £295 Framed



ODDITIES Turn Back Time Unusual for me perhaps although not really so when you consider I wanted to return to some techniques I’ve not used for a long time so that I could work on a new, larger cow painting. Watch this space! £475 Framed

Turn Back Time (Above) Oil on linen board. 12.5” x 16.5” Futile Resistance (Below) Oil on box canvas. 30” x 20” approx

Futile Resistance I painted this a while ago as I wanted to paint something which was moving but not too much! Certainly an impressive animal! £795 Framed



ODDS & SHEEP Jock I wanted to paint a Highland with a rough immediacy, much like they are really so I worked a textured background avoiding where the animal was to stand added rough strokes of background colour which emphasises the brushwork. £350 Unframed Jock (Above) Oil on canvas. 14” x 18” Hero Worsheep (Below) Oil on box canvas. 16” x 16” approx Hero Worsheep All of the ewes from my cousin’s pet flock adore her and follow her around especially if she has special treats in the feed bucket! This is Meg, who looks on in total adoration. £595 Framed



BETTER TOGETHER This isn't a contrived image - it actually happened. At a local show the experienced ewes were taking it all in their stride and suddenly this lamb appeared on mum's back. This little lamb confident from being with his mum and she was probably happier that she knew where he was. It's true that it's always better together. Float framed in black (Detail on right) 16.5” x 28.25” £650



WET BEHIND THE EARS 14” x 18” Oil on canvas. Currently unframed, this painting will require framing. £495 This painting depicts two of my cousin’s Derbyshire Gritstone pet flock.



ENTRANCED I don’t continue the painting around the sides of the canvas very often but I think it works well on this little fella as he lay mesmerised in the lambing shed with the others. 12” x 12” £375



BUGSY BAA..LONE 14” x 10” Oil on box canvas. Ready to hang, presented unframed. £395



LARRY LANKY SHANKS 14” x 10” Oil on box canvas. Ready to hang, presented unframed. £395



IN IT TOGETHER 10” x 14” As with all things in life, everything is better when you’re “in it together” Oil on box canvas. Ready to hang, presented unframed. £395 Keep in touch...see, I miss you already! If you like what you see here today then you can always stay in touch with me by hopping on over to Facebook and “liking” my art page and do remember to actually click the “like” button. I also do write a blog from time to time and it would be nice to know that someone..anyone..was actually reading it - there’s pictures too and cake..ok, so no cake but there’s definitely pictures. Twitter: @redcowbluecow Blog:



DELIVERY AND PAYMENT INFORMATION If you are interested in a particular painting then in the first instance, please e mail or call using the contact information below to check that it is still available. The price here includes all postage/courier and packing charges to UK addresses. Overseas on request. There are no hidden extras - the price you see is the price you pay. Originals All work is an original painting completed in oil on canvas and comes with fixings ready to hang. If it is a box canvas then the sides are also painted (usually) in white and as it is designed to be presented that way a frame is not necessary although can be added if required. Framed pieces are stated as such in the catalogue and more detail is available on request. Each painting is signed on the front and also on the stretcher bars at the back. There are personal handwritten notes on the stretcher bars explaining the thoughts and inspiration about each piece. My signature is also “branded” into the wooden stretcher bar. Delivery This will be arranged with you for your convenience and can be delivered to a home or work address as it will need a signature. In some cases it may be possible for me to deliver personally. Payment This can be made using cheques, postal orders, by card using the paypal service or by direct transfer. Details on request. You may use cash if it’s a personal delivery. Guarantee All work comes with a complete money back guarantee if you are not delighted with your purchase for complete peace of mind. The work must be returned undamaged using a secure courier or insured postal service. Commissions If you can’t find something suitable then you may wish to consider commissioning a painting - please just ask.

6 Welbeck Crescent, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancs, PR5 6ST Home & Studio: 01772 620682 Mobile: 07762 575430 Website: E Mail:



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